14 minutes of new gameplay for Horizon Forbidden West

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14 minutes of new gameplay for Horizon Forbidden West

An action-packed look at Aloy’s upcoming adventure, featuring new gameplay mechanics, machines, and more.

We’re excited to share the very first gameplay reveal of Horizon Forbidden West with you on State of Play. This unique episode features 14 minutes of never-before-seen gameplay footage captured directly on the PlayStation 5 console, as well as a quick recap with Horizon’s Game Director Mathijs de Jonge and myself.

Horizon Forbidden West continues six months after the events of Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy, a machine hunter, has travelled west to investigate a mysterious and deadly blight. In these uncharted lands, she will meet strange new tribes and encounter ever more deadly machines. Together with old friends and new companions, she must brave this dangerous frontier to find the answers she needs to save life on Earth.

14 minutes of new gameplay for Horizon Forbidden West

In the State of Play gameplay footage, Aloy has sent her loyal friend Erend into the remains of San Francisco to recover an important artifact. But he quickly runs into trouble, encountering a rebel faction of the Tenakth tribe – vicious fighters who have somehow acquired the power to override machines. Aloy must cross the ruins and fight multiple enemies to rescue her friend and continue her journey. 

Horizon Forbidden West

This dangerous and unfamiliar land is full of challenges and threats, but Aloy will have new tools to help her on her way. The Pullcaster speeds up climbing, getting her quickly out of trouble; the Shieldwing allows her to safely descend from great heights (or surprise enemies from above); and with the Diving Mask, a whole new underwater world is open for exploration. Not to mention big upgrades to her Focus, which now shows areas that allow free-climbing and gives her the ability to override more machines for mounts or combat.

Horizon Forbidden West

Speaking of combat, Horizon Forbidden West puts the emphasis on tactics and choice by giving the player a huge variety of weapons. Aloy’s trusty Spear is good for close combat and enables a new set of combos. Bows with specialized ammo types strip armor off machines to expose their weak spots. Adhesive grenades can be fired from slingshots, temporarily stalling foes. Plus many more, and all of them can be upgraded at a workbench.

Horizon Forbidden West

Aloy won’t just be dealing with human enemies. The game also features a big new selection of deadly machines: Sunwings in the sky, Clawstriders and Tremortusks on land, Snapmaws and the smaller (yet not to be underestimated) Burrowers in the water. That’s only the beginning, as many more will be revealed throughout the massive open world of Horizon Forbidden West. You’ll have to be smart and creative to take them all down.

Thanks for watching our Horizon Forbidden West gameplay reveal! We don’t have an exact release date yet, but development is on track and we’ll have an update for you very soon. 

Thank you as always for your ongoing support, and we can’t wait to hear about your favourite moments. 

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  • Are you gonna publish 4K screenshots and 4K gameplay?

    • It’s already on youtube :)

    • iamtylerdurden1

      Easily the best looking visuals I have ever seen on console.

      The Fidelity and the hair effects, particularly underwater, were astonishing. This looks more next-gen than anything out there. Sony is bringing it. GG are the wizards of Waverly, out naughty dogging Naughty Dog. That decima engine is pristine.

    • You know nothing about tech as you so proudly makes it clear in pretty much every comment you make throwing accolades to this weak next-gen.Having said that yes Horizon 2 looks impressive of course but underwhelming for a next-gen.

    • that was meant to be a reply to iamtylerdurden1.

    • @Welmosca Definitely underwhelming, and I think due to the fact that it also releases on PS4. Apart from that, it certainly looks stunning again.

    • @Welmosca lol SMH.

    • Dangisuckatgamin

      You say it’s underwhelming trying to sound like you know a lot… yet won’t give examples.

      ???????? why??????????????

    • @Welmosca

      Too bad I didn’t see this earlier, but this guy is salty because he doesn’t have a PS5. Check his profile. He calls PS5 weak next gen yet he doesn’t even have one. How exactly do u know? How exactly are u a PlayStation graphics aficionado when you don’t even have a next generation PlayStation? Obviously he’s downplaying the system and Forbidden West (PS5) by association.

      And Forbidden West is stunning. I stand by everything I said, yet u fail to give any reasons why u believe the game is not visually impressive. I’m just giving my personal opinion on what I saw. I didn’t read anything extensively or parrot someone else’s opinion. I believe what we saw from Forbidden West is arguably the most impressive console visuals to date. TLOU2 and GoW are the two best looking last gen games and absolute stunners, but this looked superior in overall presentation. Godfall and Demon’s Souls are two fantastic looking next gen titles, but Forbidden West trumps them. It also trumps Miles Morales.

      The fidelity/poly counts appear to be very impressive/high. Lighting is magnificent and clearly improved over HZD. Even the god rays were stunning. The volumetric fog or haze, the particles within this precipitous dew, the haze/density/particles within the light beams. The way the light reacted to her hair and her character model and cascaded off her in certain angles and silhouettes.

      Textures are improved over HZD, the assets appear to have more complexity/layers. Things just pop more and it looks cleaner than HZD. The tress fx seems more dynamic and superior. And the underwater hair effect was probably very simple, but effective and beautiful. The hair looked more detailed, less locked into segments and more natural, and it appeared to be flowing and bouncing more.

      Her underwater animations were so smooth and fluid. The schools of fish were gorgeous and natural. The underwater plants reacted to Aloy dynamically.

      It’s not the best animation work I’ve seen, but it was solid at times. Pausing/slow mo-ing during the elephant fight revealed an impressive stretch/pull technique for the rockets being expunged from the side. The destructive cover was handled well. From the high texture bits as the wall crumbled to the individual wood pylons breaking away as she destroyed the opponent’s carriage atop the elephant.

      I’d love to engage in a small debate publicly. It’s quite sad that u are salty because u couldn’t acquire a PS5 and taking it out on the software/hardware is pathetic.

  • Was hoping for a date or a 60FPS upgrade for the first game. Hopefully we get that date in the next month or two. It looks incredible. GOTY incoming

    • I really hope we get a 60 fps PS5 patch

    • Come a long way with lighting. However motion physics lag way behind and in this game, when she’s running through vegetation, it barely moves, when walking through water, nary a ripple, when she gets out of water, no slashing, she’s not wet or anything. That is now astonishingly distracting

    • Zero Dawn is overdue for a 60 FPS Patch indeed! Still no official word on this, that’s disappointing.

    • @lochybear She was plenty wet and dripping over 10 seconds later after getting out of the water. Open your eyes before saying such nonsense.

  • Nice
    Thank you


  • Was hoping to get a 60fps patch for the first one today. Ohh well, I’ll hold out on finishing a bit longer to see. If it’s within a month of the second game I’ll just give up and finish the game lol

  • The gameplay was awesome, I can’t wait to play this masterpiece. I hope Horizon Forbidden West will come with a Collector Edition.

  • As a huge Horizon fan, overall I’m VERY pleased. The game (especially the character models) look great. I love that Erend is back! I don’t need all of the old characters to return, but I really hope Talanah is in HFW. I’m excited for all of the various traversal options. And once again the bow and other ranged weapons are stealing the show. The melee only looks a little better, but I’ll probably have to play it to really tell. I wish they mentioned if your would actually get to fight underwater or not.

    I’m surprised there was no release date and honestly I’m concerned you didn’t even have a vague “2021” at the end. I’m buying this game Day 1 no matter what, but I guess I better start coming around to the idea that it’s going to slip into 2022.

    Good job Guerrilla Games! I can’t wait to see more! :D

    • They said before it was 2021. Above they said it was still on track but they didn’t have an exact date. Sony usually waits until 3-4 months before launch now to give dates. They can reveal it in June or July and launch in September, October, or November still.

    • iamtylerdurden1

      Yeah I actually agree with Mercenary here. I was concerned at first, but everything I’m hearing says the game is still listed for 2021 and on track. I believe we will get the announcement in July for release November 5th.

  • We still need you to update Horizon Zero Dawn to support 4K 60 FPS on PS5. Also, we need PS5 to support 2K 120hz monitors.

  • I’ve never seen something so detailed! I hope more PlayStation Studios teams use the Decima engine this generation!

  • That was impressive! The music is brilliant again and used very effectively throughout the entire footage. Hope it’s that consistently good and present in the game! Still love how cinematic it feels for an open world game. Guerrilla Games is one of the best developers out there, loved them since the first Killzone. With love and proud from neighbor Belgium!;)

  • Can’t wait!! Looks awesome.

  • Great video – nice to see some new gameplay options and new machines, but not abandoning what worked before, either. If all the machines can tear up your cover, though, then things are going to be interesting.

    I’m less worried about an upgrade to the first game for the PS5. Though that would be nice, I’d rather they focus on the new game for now. I am disappointed in missing a release date, but I’d rather they wait and announce when they’re sure than change the date over and over (or release before it’s ready).

    Now, I want the videos you had running for hours today before the State of Play, to use as wallpaper or screen saver. Saw a couple tallnecks in there, and at least one swimming machine with a bright blue light like a watcher – Lock Ness Watcher? Couldn’t tell how big it was. But there were a lot of different environments shown in that teaser loop. Will those clips be available anywhere?

  • The music, the visuals and the new mechanics…I can not wait. This looks amazing.

  • Not even a release date window, no way this game comes out in 2021.

    • Its sony they never give a release date at first

    • Sony said last year it was 2021. They’ve said many times this year it was still on track including in this blog post that you’re commentating on. If you haven’t noticed they don’t give dates that ahead of time. Go look at when Ratchet and Returnal got their dates vs. when they came out.

  • Is it 60fps on ps5? Looks amazing by the way!!!

  • Loved the first game (still need to finish frozen wilds) this game is a must buy

  • Thank you! You crazy technical wizards. I tip my cap to you. Day ONE purchase for me!

  • Although I never doubted the quality that GG would bring to the next installment of Horizon Zero Dawn – I was absolutely stunned by what was showcased in this video.
    Can’t wait for this to be released.
    (Now just need to find a PS5)

  • Ugh. Same dull protagonist with the same sad puppy expression constantly.

    Maybe add an option to make your own, and (preferably) entirely skip “character story”?

    • iamtylerdurden1

      We found the one person who doesn’t like the protagonist in Horizon. There had to be one jealous female..

      “I hope there’s an option to skip the story”

      Huh? You mean an option to skip the game? I mean I know your name is misery and cynicism is your thing but you sound silly. How many people want to replace the protagonist and skip the story in Horizon? Try harder if you want to troll or whatever it is you do with your pessimism shtick.

    • Quit being miserable…add option to make your own for what?…to lose all possible character traces and play as a soulless doll?…had to be a Sony games hater like you.

    • BlackCatLucifer

      How about you just dont play it?

    • I’m glad to see there’s a PS4 version since I’m not planning to move to PS5 anytime soon as I’m still waiting to see how the Elder Scrolls 6 exclusivity situation plays out. Looking forward to Horizon Forbidden West anyway.

    • @BlindSonyfan1031319b

      If you step outside the Sony fan echo chamber, there’s loads of people who don’t care for the main protagonist. I mean, she’s not exactly interesting or original in any way. So a whole game devoted to the story of her isn’t really appealing.

      Are you suggesting there’s zero gameplay? Because if all there is to the game is blahblah and cutscenes, then they should make a film instead. Some people play games for gameplay. So giving options so those people and a wider audience can play too is surely a good thing?

      And no, it’s not “cynicism” or “pessimism” it’s trying to get Sony to do more than repeating the same formula over and over and over and over and over. If defended Sony loads when they deserved it, and offer criticism when needed. Problem is, recently they seem to be doing no end of criticism needing things. Bleating praise blindy doesn’t fix anything.


      It’s not that I dislike Sony games. It’s just when a companies games are basically all the same formula, it’s hard to find ones that appeal.

      Pretty much, if you can make your own character (which can be just as soulful), then you’re always going to have one that appeals. You think if Monster Hunter deleted the character and randomly remade it at launch people wouldn’t notice or care?

      It also generally makes the game more about the world than the individual. We’ve had loads of generic characters with generic struggles before, but not many robot dinosaur games. I’d prefer the focus be on the original element and gameplay. “Character games” generally struggle with that. Badly.

  • Wow, this is so manipulative. There’s so little actual gameplay here, it’s all tailored so exactly to present a version of the game that I am absolutely, 100% sure does not reflect the kind of gameplay experience you’ll have when playing yourself. It might as well be a trailer for how fake it is.

    That being said, I loved the original and the sequel looks even better. I’m looking forward to finding out how the moment to moment gameplay actually plays out, and I’m sure I’ll find reason to grind for that platinum.

    • iamtylerdurden1

      They showed 14 minutes of straight gameplay and virtually every mechanic it offers.

    • You misunderstand. What I mean is that it’s so carefully choreographed, and presented in a way that unreasonably cinematic, to the point where it’s useless as a comparison to what it would be like to play it, beyond the purely visual. I really don’t think the huge elephant went down with only a couple of stray shots. The health has in all likelihood been adjusted to be more cinematic, so I’m left to speculate what it’ll be like to use any of these mechanics. The only mechanic that can be trusted is the movement mechanics.

    • Lol man why you act as if you had watched some Battlefield trailer?…what you see is what you get with Guerrilla/Sony games.While yes the health of the tremortusk must’ve been reduced I don’t see your point for the rest of the gameplay.

    • How would you know? I’m sure it accurately reflects what the gameplay is going to be like. What good would it serve them to show a scenario that wasn’t in the game. I think you are wrong. The game will look and play exactly like this.

    • The only way it’s choreographed is the way Aloy is commenting throughout it. It will not be like that in the final game.

      For example, that bit where she encountered the first enemies and ran away and said “there is too many of them” or something like that, what if you stopped turned around and took them on again, will she then say “on second thought you’re going down”? No, of course not.

      Those parts with her speaking are exactly like like the original game’s reveal at E3 2015. But every bit of gameplay from that was raw player controlled movement and actions just like it was here in the sequel.

      I know its hard to believe but
      ALL raw gameplay from the first game.

    • Everything from her getting spotted to hiding in the underwater seaweed screams E3 trailer. Despite the fact that hundreds of gameplay variations are possible in this scenario, Aloy vocally responds to things as they happen as if it were a rigidly scripted action set-piece, or a cutscene. This won’t happen in-game because games that actually try that kind of reactive storytelling – like Hades – are usually narrow enough in scope that different choices can be taken into consideration, but I just don’t buy that the voice lines aren’t added specifically for this gameplay reveal. This isn’t just a minor complaint, this is trying to sell the game as more responsive to played choice than it should reasonably be assumed. If Watch_Dogs taught us anything, being sceptical about trailers is just prudent.

      If I am wrong, so much the better, but this whole video screams untrustworthy.

    • It’s probably a more cinematic main mission played by an experienced developer. I would love if they could manage to keep that cinematic feel and pacing (at times it reminded me of Uncharted) for the whole game, as open world tends to slow down pacing.

    • I also felt it was orchestrated and artificial, but they had to fit all the new stuff into 14 minutes, and they showed what is possible, it’s up to us to make it happen in our games.

      I like how Aloy is commenting to herself, it reminds me of the first game.

  • The environments are gorgeous, and THAT MUSIC…. WOW 😍

  • The music was absolutely incredible.

  • Looks amazing. The game play speaks for itself. Can’t wait!

  • I will definitely be getting this game but PLEASE tell me you’re gonna add a 60fps option in this game. This game DEMANDS it!

    • @Welmosca

      If you think 60fps is BS you are smoking something strong. Don’t speak on what you don’t know about.

  • Please tell me this game will have an option for gyro aim.

  • Just wow

  • Thank you. I might wait to purchase this with a new PlayStation 5 console, up until then, thanks to Play At Home, I have the first game to fully explore. Also, can’t wait to read more on exploration and the open world, crafting, and the story.

  • The game looks great! Glad to hear “development is on track,” I think we all had a moment of panic when the show ended without a release date. Hopefully we can get our hands on it this year still. Thanks for all the hard work!

    • Considering how much time they must’ve literally wasted on the pc port of the 1st game I’d say yeah glad to hear development is on track.

  • Very nice gameplay and impressive no doubt,that Guerrilla quality is tangible but I was expecting more tech wise was expecting to be blown away something truly insane and worthy of being called next-gen.It definitely looks better than Horizon 1 visually but that’s the least a sequel should do right?…I know it’s cross-gen but damn this next-gen is weak,games that barely look better than what we have on PS4 (most look worse) and still no game to top TLoU 2’s tech…that’s pathetic.Now it’s up to Santa Monica to do something truly impressive but I’m keeping ma hopes low…PS5 gen is by far the most weak,underwhelming and unnecessary yet.

    On another note I’m a fan of Horizon and 2 looks great,it was very cool to see some velociraptor machines.

    • First of all this is a cross gem game so everything has to be scaled in a way to ensure the game runs on the lowest common denominator (PS4) console. The PS5 is literally leaps & bounds more powerful than PS4, calling the PS5 generation “the most weak, underwhelming and unnecessary yet” just seems foolish. Until you see & play games that are built for the ground up specifically for PS5 using this as a basis to condemn an entire console generation is ABSOLUTELY unnecessary & laughable!

      I personally can’t wait to play forbidden west! It looks fantastic & it looks like a worthy successor to zero dawn. I like that they kept what worked for the original game while adding some much needed verticality & traversal mechanics to the mix. Happy gaming EVERYONE! Long Live PlayStation!!

    • We are years away from next gen list of games… Unreal Engine 5 is going to change alot of what’s possible for indie dev studios they will make larger scoped projects and AAA studios will create AAAA games we’ve never had before. Ps5 will be around for many many years.

  • excellent
    Very nice GamePlay
    The environment was very attractive.
    Thank you guerrilla & PlayStation 💝

  • We need confirmation of 60 fps.

  • Game of the year contender it’s going to sell like crazy

  • This looks gorgeous!!!! Aloy and everything look amazing, but why did they make her face look so chubby? I compared to the first game and her head/face seem a bit more chiseled. In this it looks very round and kind of chubby, even though her body is still the same. Kinda felt like something was off about her face.

  • Nice improvements from the first Horizon. But 30fps is highly disappointing. The game on Pro was already looking incredible and I feel we have reached diminushing returns at 30fps. Sure there are more details, but the game was already incredibly detailed so there is no Wow factor here because everything is spoiled in motion. We sorely need a 60fps mode!

    • This is part of the problem since when have PlayStation guys been this obsessed with performance ?I played TLOU at 30 FPS it was amazing then it’s still amazing now same with infamous 2,Uncharted 1-4,God of war,Killzone 2 all amazing games

    • I never cared about performance much. On my previous Sony Full HD I always played graphics mode instead of performance because it looked and felt better. On my newer 4K LG CX and PS5 ,however, 60fps and performance mode seems to be a must for smooth gameplay and camera.

    • This looked smooth to me though, is it 30fps? The first one looked jittery on PS5 performance mode without an upgrade (on my tv at least).

  • Is Horizon Forbidden West going to be an add-on? I would hated if I have to start my character level over from the bottom.

  • Yaass! Amazing! Let’s get to gaming… Time machine anyone?

  • Whoops, seems my earlier comment ended up in the wrong place. An edit or delete function would be appreciated Sony, the old Europe blog had an edit function before it closed.

  • Why is her face model so much rounder?

  • In anticipation to the gameplay yesterday I went back to replay HZD… god I forgot what a great game it was!
    The gameplay was interesting and beautifully made! Can’t wait for the full adventure

  • But why they keep making Alloy uglier? She looks so weird on the close ups..

  • OMG FINALLY, im so exited, can’t wait. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏Horizon ir one of my FAVORITE games, thank you so much for continuing it (happydance)

  • This game and the previous one has not-so-aesthetically-pleasing faces.

  • I want to preorder this thats how satisfied i am.

  • Horizon Zero Dawn look

    • Horizon Zero Dawn look astonishing great, especially the graphics look superb. Hoping doesn’t change for the retail version release (Sorry for the previous post)

  • Seriously people are complaining about aloy’s face model really in 2021 ya can never please gamers it’s a fictional character oh btw I’m excited for this game

  • Glad to see a few comments here appreciating the music! It sounded awesome on my home theatre. I love how it changed so often throughout the gameplay to match the mood. We are often so blown away by the visual side of things, i guess we forget how the sound will be able to adapt and change so seamlessly on the ps5.

  • Underwhelmed but then I didn’t like the first game. Too much whimsical tribal nonsense. It made my eye roll.
    Braves and provings.

  • Can we PLEASE get Horizon: Zero Dawn at 60fps for PS5?

    • It’s far too difficult. Look at the problems the pc version had where the hair animated at 30fps while the frame rate with 60.

    • They maybe should ask Kojima how to make a 60fps game on Decima engine…

  • The game is more than perfect it can’t be described with words😭😭😭😭❤❤
    And did Aloy get older her face looks old in the video and erend also changed.

  • Please fix Alloy’s face before realease, she looks so weird.

  • Aloy’s face get over it

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