Dreams Community convention DreamsCom returns for 2021

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Dreams Community convention DreamsCom returns for 2021

Walk the show floor in-game, tune into Media Molecule’s Dreams developer interviews, and submit your own booths to be featured at the expo.

Hello, CoMmunity! Last year, we held the first-ever DreamsCom, a community convention dedicated to showing off a ton of the brilliant creators and creations in the Dreamiverse. We thought it turned out to be a pretty fun experience – and you seemed to agree. Classic us, being on the same page with stuff.

So, yes: DreamsCom returns this year. We’re thrilled to be doing this again, and we’re determined to make this year’s show even better than the last. You can expect even more to play, watch, read, create and get involved in.

“But wise people of Media Molecule!,” we hear you cry. “How will I know where to start when browsing the show floor and in-game playlists?” It’s an excellent (and flattering) question, and one that we’ve anticipated. This year, we’ll be bringing you multiple days of official DreamsCom coverage live on stream, courtesy of our new editorial brand The Impsider. We’ll be kicking off proceedings with a livestream, in which we’ll give you an advance look at the week of DreamsCom broadcasts ahead, on Tuesday July 27 at 5PM BST / 9am PST via our Twitch channel.

The very next day, on Wednesday July 28, we’ll open up the DreamsCom ‘21 show floor, which is – you guessed it – entirely #MadeInDreams! Like last year, you’ll be able to wander about the halls and visit creators’ booths to check out all the amazing stuff you’ve seen on stream for yourself. The expo will run until Monday 2nd August to give you plenty of time to look around, admire everybody’s handiwork, and snap a bunch of photos.

From Wednesday July 28 until Friday July 30, you can tune in to our Twitch channel to catch us playing and chatting about some of the DreamsCom creations we’re most excited about, as part of The Impsider’s extended DreamsCom coverage. We’ll also be running developer sessions in which we interview dreamers about their work, their creative inspirations, and possibly even their favorite type of biscuit if we start running out of grown-up questions. Hopefully this should give DreamsCom visitors a few ideas for what they might like to check out first at the expo.

After all, we’re hoping that – like last year – it’s going to be packed to the rafters with bright, brilliant booths… made by YOU! This is your open invitation to exhibit at DreamsCom 2021 by customising a booth to represent your in-development projects or in-Dreams studios on the show floor.

Fancy becoming an exhibitor? We’ve made it simple for you: we’ve released a remixable booth template into the Dreamiverse, and it’s available right now. You can also find the template in Dreams by searching “DreamsCom 21 Booth Template.” You’ll be able to customise it to your liking to really represent what kind of creator you are. We’ve also provided an Mm-created collection of fun and conventional – get it? – props to include, if you’d like something to get your creative juices flowing.

There’s a handy guide to follow, too, so that together we can ensure we create the best possible experience for all our DreamsCom visitors. Head here for more info if you’re planning to submit a booth!

You’ve got until Friday June 18 to submit your finished booth – you can do so using our special submissions tool: indreams.me/challenges

Who’s hype for DreamsCom ‘21? We’re hype for DreamsCom ‘21, and we hope you are too. We can’t wait to see you all there!

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