Days of Play comes to PlayStation Store

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Days of Play comes to PlayStation Store

Big discounts on a huge range of PlayStation games.

The Days of Play promotion comes to PlayStation Store on Wednesday, May 26! For two weeks* there are discounts on a huge range of PlayStation titles, including The Last of Us Part II Standard Edition, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Standard Edition and NBA 2K21 Standard Edition.

June 1 update: PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscriptions join the Days of Play promotion**! Check out the percentage discounts you can save below, then head to PlayStation Store to enjoy some savings!

*Days of Play promotion finishes Wednesday, June 9 at 23.59pm (local time). 

**Days of Play deals may differ per region. Please check your local PlayStation Store for info.

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  • Oh Damn, that’s a lot of games on sale! Cheers, PlayStation!

  • What’s the point of putting a blog post up when you don’t even list the deals

    • they appeared for me until I added a comment.

    • It’s the scripting in the page. The web designer is using code that works in some browsers but not in others. My desktop browser (Waterfox) doesn’t show the list, but my phone browser (Chrome) does.

      You’re not missing anything, anyway, all the same stuff that’s been on sale dozens of times before.

    • Guys do you know what time the sale starts (Uk)

    • If you click the link it’s already started

  • Got my eyes on DQ11 and Demon’s Souls!

  • This looks really good, but I was hoping for The Forest

    • The Forest, decent game. They need to flesh it out more. The area is too small no other maps. Can’t dig can only place on the surface. Imo ark is the same game with more fleshed out things to do

  • Where is Death Stranding???, please put it I want to play it for the first time.

  • i thought Plus was on sale this time of the year?

  • Una locura, que bien Playstation!!

  • As much as I love how many games are on sale, is it really necessary to list EVERY single DLC and microtransaction that’s on sale for each game? It makes it so much more difficult to find games in interested in that might be on sale.

    Especially since if the base game is on sale, in almost every case here so is every DLC, MTX or deluxe edition of the games. I mean Sims 4 alone takes up 38 bullet points!

  • Does anyone know what time the sale starts? (UK time)

  • I follow the link and see zero sale prices for the US. Everything is priced the same as it was yesterday.

  • Red dead redemption 2 – story mode is not something you can buy on the store. Not in Ireland anyway. You can on xbox but not ps4. Hopes, dashed!

  • Just checked discounts for Sackboy, Demon’s and Spiderman on PS5. I think your definition of “big discounts” may be different to everyone else’s …

  • Where’s PS Plus discount?

  • Adds a huge list but doesn’t include prices or how much they are discounted by. Will stick to the Xbox sale for the reward points.

    • To many places to list the prices for and the discounts change country to country

      Not even xbox can list the prices for every country it covers. To be honest I don’t think any company could list every price for every country they sell their products in.
      Don’t forget this blog is almost covering all countries in the world not just USA and EU

  • No Uncharted 4 and God of War(2018), welp. Time to wait for the summer sale I guess.

  • Hopefully this sale is affordable price. I want to see if far cry new Dawn is on special for standard edition.

  • Where are the discounts on Plus and Now that are a yearly Days of Play staple?

  • Why isn’t the Nioh 2 PS4 season pass on fifty percent off for the USA PS store? The UK and EU PS store has this deal on their regions.

  • So no PS Plus discount like every other year at Days of Play? No problem, I will not renew my subscription this year, after being a customer since 2015.
    Sony is turning into something shameful.

  • Much discount of games that don’t I want! Where is the discount of season pass 2 of soul calibur and many others that never discount?

  • The DAYSOFPLAY21 code doesn’t work on the PlayStation Gear store. They also have countless sale items listed in the Days Of Play section of the website as well, despite the fact that this promo can’t be combined with other promotions…

  • The “sale” prices on some of these games is not great. Not even $10 off of Demon Soul . There is a good ammount of good sales on PS4 and PS5 games that are both included. Fantastic sales on PS4 games. I feel like Demon Souls isn’t even worth the savings when so many other games are on sale on multiple other platforms for memorial day.

  • So the PS Now membership isn’t being discounted this month? I was really counting on renewing this year. Guess I’ll have to cancel and wait for Black Friday :(

  • So does anyone know if they’re actually discounting ps plus or not? It said in another post they were, but now it’s nowhere to be seen. Because if not, imma just get this month for the free games

  • Waiting for subscription disccount.

  • Hey, I really want to get The Outer Worlds, but even though it’s on this list, the price hasn’t decreased at all yet. It’s weird, because the Expansion Pass price is discounted, but the base game isn’t (even though, again, both are listed here). Please let me know if this is just on my end, or fix it if not. I really want to get it, but don’t want to pay $60 + $20 for an expansion pass for a 2 year old game.

  • When will ps plus subscriptions get discounts?

  • Where is my playstation plus subscription 30% discount offer!?

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  • It would be good to see at least one time full-blown PS3 discounts.

  • How many of these games are actually new? Not many. Darksiders 3, it came out in 2018. The Sims 4 came out in 2014. Tom Clancy’s The Division and The Division 2… those came out in 2016 and 2019, respectively. Yakuza… most of that series is free on Xbox Gamepass.

    Holy crap, Skyrim? Really? A game that launched 2 console generations ago?

    Sorry, but Sony really needs to step up the ante on their sales. This is garbage.

    • Oh yeah, FF14, it’s a great game, but don’t forget to spend an aditional $40 (minimal) on Endwalker that comes out this November.

      Really, Sony?


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