How Foreclosed utilizes PS5’s unique DualSense controller features

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How Foreclosed utilizes PS5’s unique DualSense controller features

Creating an immersive cybernetic storytelling and gameplay experience.

Hey everyone! We’re very excited to be bringing Foreclosed, a slick, cyberpunk action-adventure to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on August 12. This is our first next-gen console release and we’re especially thrilled to take advantage of the features the PS5’s DualSense wireless controller.  

How Foreclosed utilizes PS5’s unique DualSense controller features

To set the stage, Foreclosed is set in a dystopian cyberpunk future where your very identity is a commodity. The game stars Evan Kapnos, an everyman whose day goes from bad to worse – fast. Kapnos’ story is delivered in a stylish comic book aesthetic to pull you into the narrative. 

Haptics & Adaptive Triggers

The ability to leverage next-gen tech to elevate the experience was really cool, as it’s very much in theme with the futuristic cyberpunk setting of the game. For example, the Symbiotic Pistol is a multifunctional weapon with various upgrades available. To really give you a sense of the unique properties of the weapon, the haptics and adaptive triggers on the DualSense controller deliver different feedback and resistances depending on the modifications you have equipped. 

Wielding the Symbiotic Pistol, you’ll feel the difference from one weapon skill to the next through the controller. You’ll experience the simulated kickback of an explosive round, the air displacement of rounds leaving the pistol, and more to pull you into the experience.


Evan will receive calls from his one ally in his battle to liberate his Identity from foreclosure. We deliver these private communications through the DualSense controllers’ speaker to give these dialogues an ‘in world’ feel. 

DualSense controller lights

A key system at play in Foreclosed is Evan’s experimental implants. They enable him to unleash a range of special abilities, and link directly to his weapon enabling several different weapon power ups. The risk-reward mechanic here is that the more you use Evan’s various abilities, the more his implants begin to overheat. If you allow this to happen, Evan is completely vulnerable for a brief period whilst the implants cool down. To help visualize this, the light on the DualSense controller will change to match the heat level of Evan’s implants, giving you a constant visual to keep you in the moment during a fight. Will you play it safe, or push your limits?

It’s been so much fun to work with the DualSense controller, whether it’s creating the futuristic flexibility of the Symbiotic Pistol, or the added audio and visual implementations. We’re so excited to put the world of Foreclosed right into your hands and invite you deeper into our story.

Stay tuned for more on Foreclosed and we’re excited to share this world with you when the game hits PS4 and PS5 on August 12.

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  • This sounds really cool, but I feel like you’re missing one of the most underrated Dualsense features for shooters: gyro aiming!

    • iamtylerdurden1

      Gyro aiming is such an underappreciated feature. It works wonderfully in games like Days Gone and Rogue Company. I hear The Last of Us 2 has it as well, among others. However, this game seems to have a bunch of aim assist or auto aim in place and I’m not really sure it would be conducive for gyro aiming.

      But I will say that gyro aiming is awesome. It was even useful on Vita. Golden Abyss was far more enjoyable due to gyro aiming.

      I actually didn’t even realize that Xbox controllers have never had a gyroscope. That’s wild to me. When comparing the lack of features on Xbox controllers it’s shocking. Especially considering that they have always been a comparable price. It took Xbox One controllers forever just to get a headphone jack.

      I will say that this game looks interesting and I have had my eye on it. It’s wonderful to see all the hype and attention that the dual sense controller is getting from smaller third-party devs.

    • I say this all the time and seriously wonder why so many PS developers refuse to use a major feature they’ve now had for 3 generations of PlayStation controllers. I’m not the greatest, fastest, or most accurate when using the sticks to aim in a FPS, but I do love to play them.

      It’s partly the reason why I have been enjoying playing shooters on the Nintendo Switch so much, because they’ve done a terrific job at encouraging developers to take advantage of gyro aiming on a majority of their 3rd/fps games. Even older games that have had Switch versions ported over have added gyro to their game’s controls, so I really don’t understand why Sony can’t encourage their developers to do the exact same thing.

  • I love how the PS5 immersive features are not reserved for huge budget spectacle AAA studios, every game that arrives in the PlayStation Store can utilize these features to enhance their game and make it more memorable!!

    • Great point!

    • iamtylerdurden1

      That was the initial criticism, third party developers would not widely utilize the dual sense features.

      And oh boy has this turned out to be false. The best use of the dual sense features outside of Astro have been via third party devs. Returnal, WRC 9, Mortal Shell, Destruction All-Stars, etc.

      This controller clearly is a game changer and it has single-handedly made third party games more appealing on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. And I find this fact particularly amusing considering all the hype before launch was that multiplatform, next gen games would be superior on Series X due to the teraflop advantage. Then reality hit and people realized this was a marketing ploy and there is almost no difference in performance between the two consoles while there is a huge difference with the input devices.

    • two of the four games you mentioned are not third party you FB

  • iamtylerdurden1

    More appealing on PlayStation 5 THAN Xbox series*

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