Dominate in Super Bomberman R Online with 6 Battle Royale tips

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Dominate in Super Bomberman R Online with 6 Battle Royale tips

Bomberman makes a fiery comeback with free online Battle 64, coming to PS4 May 27.

Hi everyone, Super Bomberman R Online and its unique Battle 64 mode launches on PS4 and PS5 as a free to play game on May 27! We’re thrilled for players of all ages to be able to jump into Bomberman for fun battles online with friends and family.

Before you blast off, we wanted to pass on a few tips and tricks straight from the game’s development team. Bomberman battles are quick and easy to pick up and play, but the game has hidden tricks and some surprising character and power-up abilities. To get a head start and increase your odds of becoming Bomber One, check out the following tips:

1. Safety first

A bomb exploding will trigger other close-by bombs to go off immediately and can cause chain reactions. If you try to place bombs in a row you could end up getting blasted by your own bombs, so focus on controlling and predicting the areas of explosion at first.

2. Clever bomb placement

Some soft blocks have power-ups hidden inside them, so use your bombs to release them.  Be careful though, you can trap yourself between a block and your own bomb. You can destroy up to three brown soft blocks with one bomb though, so keep that in mind and place your bombs in the best spots possible instead of placing too many. 

3. Keep calm and blast on

The game may feel fast-paced at the beginning, but stay calm. You can avoid other players and their bombs early on and focus on finding power-ups and getting used to the flow of the action. Do you need a break from the heat? Look out for Green Louie eggs to pick up: they hatch a trusty and speedy ally for you to ride on, assisting and protecting your Bomber.

4. Piercing action

The special Pierce Bombs have a large radius. It’s great for finding other power-ups or surprising enemies who think they’re safe. If you’re in a rush, Aqua is a great character to learn with because she starts with Pierce Bomb equipped. That can be a big advantage while you are learning to play and trying to grab a lot of power-ups. Aqua will make you a force to be reckoned with: because Pierce Bombs are very powerful, they’re extremely dangerous in the final stage once the area begins to shrink.

5. Too many is not enough

You do have an upper limit on how many power-ups you can hold, and that will vary per Bomber. So pick your Bomber carefully after checking if their abilities match with your play style, but don’t stop grabbing power-ups. If you grab a power-up and your Bomber isn’t able to use it,  it gets destroyed so your enemies can’t use it against you.

6. Strategic power-ups

Prioritize grabbing the Bomb Kick and Bomb Punch power-ups as soon as you can. They are more versatile than other power-ups and can be used for attack or defense. The Bomb Kick will shove bombs away from you until they hit another object. The Bomb Punch will launch bombs over obstacles three squares away and can even be used at the map edge to wrap a bomb around to the other side. Practice makes perfect to make good use of the lesser-known tricks you can pull off with those abilities.

Now that you’re ready, let’s see how you can hold your own in a quick Battle 64. Super Bomberman R Online will be available from May 27 on PlayStation 4 and playable on PlayStation 5 via backwards compatibility. Get it for free from PlayStation Store.

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