Days Gone is available on PC today, get started with survival tips

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Days Gone is available on PC today, get started with survival tips

Launch trailer, new screenshots, and insights from Bend Studio to help you survive the world of Days Gone.

Welcome to Farewell, Oregon. A beautiful place surrounded by mountains, lush forests, and snowy terrain. Two years later, the world has turned upside down consumed by ravenous and infected creatures known as Freakers. Deacon St. John, a drifter and bounty hunter must fight to survive against other survivors, wildlife, and hordes of Freakers. Ride the Broken Road on your invaluable Drifter bike as you traverse the unique environment of the post-apocalyptic Pacific Northwest. Experience a journey of redemption, hope and searching for a reason to live in an epic open world adventure available on PC now.

Explore a breathing and living world filled with beauty and chaos. Witness the dynamic weather of the high desert and how it affects your surroundings. Come across random encounters and traps as you travel the vast land filled with danger. Prepare to ride off the beaten path and utilize your whole arsenal to survive one more day. This world will come for you.

Days Gone is available on PC today, get started with survival tips

When you begin your Days Gone journey on PC, you will have immediate access to Survival Mode, Challenge Mode and Bike Skins – once you have completed the main story, you can access New Game Plus.

Survival Mode

Try your hand in Survival I and Survival II difficulty modes with harder enemies, removed enemy awareness indicators, no fast travel and immersive gameplay with no HUD on screen. However, players can temporarily turn on the HUD with the use of Survival Vision to catch your bearings. Can you survive the brutal world of Days Gone?

Challenge Mode

Test your skills on 12 various challenges from fighting unlimited hordes to timed trial bike races as you climb up the leaderboards. Earn credits to unlock new bike skins and more playable characters. The higher scores you achieve the better stat boosts you receive from the patches you earn. Carry those added stat boosts to story mode and watch Deacon’s vest pile up with new patches as you acquire them. 

Bike Skins

Customize your Drifter bike with multiple bike skins featuring God of War, Death Stranding, Horizon Zero Dawn, Concrete Genie, and more! Ride on over to the Mechanics in-game to apply any one of these bike skins and begin riding the Broken Road in style.

New Game Plus

Jump back onto your bike and play the story all over again with New Game Plus with your previously earned bike upgrades, weapons, skills, upgrades, crafting recipes, encampment credits and trust, collectibles, and Achievement progress. All of this will be unlocked at the beginning of your new playthrough making Deacon’s job just a little bit easier. Plus, you receive a brand-new weapon to use!

Playing Days Gone for the first time? Have no fear, Bend Studio has you covered with some developer insights to help you get started.

Drifter Bike

You must maintain your bike by scavenging for scrap, searching for fuel, and upgrading it at encampments. Early on, you want to invest in your bike as much as possible. Whether you need to flee from an unexpected horde, chase down a bounty or escape an ambush, your bike is crucial for survival. To help limit maintenance with your bike, focus on upgrading your fuel tank to ride longer distances before having to stop. If you run out of fuel, you will need to walk your bike and explore the Freaker infested land by foot. Take good care of it, and it will take care of you. 

Tip: Look out for tow trucks and believe it or not gas stations for fuel.


Hordes are a formidable foe in Days Gone. They can range from 25 Freakers to 500 Freakers. To take down a horde, you need to strategize, come prepared with ammo, traps and plan an escape route. It will not be easy, but to increase your chances at succeeding follow these couple of tips to begin your path at creating a safer world. 

Tip 1: Force the Freakers down narrow pathways to jumble them up creating a better line of fire. Use attractors to throw at nearby flammable crates and barrels to lure a group of them to that spot, then blow it up. 

Tip 2: Park your bike close in case you need to run back to it to fill up your ammo from your saddlebags (can be equipped as an upgrade).

Days Gone (PC)

NERO Locations

Keep your eye out during your travels for NERO locations. NERO checkpoints have valuable items for you to upgrade Deacon, gather crafting supplies, access your gun locker and fuel to top off your tank. You can find NERO injectors at these locations to upgrade your Stamina, Focus or Health. Each upgrade provides a significant boost and can be the difference between life and death. 

Tip: Upgrade your Stamina first… You can always run away if you are not prepared.

Days Gone (PC)


Each encampment uses the trust and credits system, but what you get at each one differs. Complete jobs, clear infestation zones, hand in bounties and eliminate hordes to increase your trust levels with encampments and earn credits to buy weapons and bike upgrades. A couple camps you will run into early on are Copeland’s Camp and Hot Springs. Copeland’s Camp includes a Mechanic that will upgrade your bike to improve performance and give you customizations options that include decals, paints, bike skins and visual parts. Hot Springs specializes in selling weapons to help you fight the relentless danger outside of the gates.

Infestation Zones

Speaking of infestation zones, you want to burn out these nests as fast as possible. Make sure you have enough molotovs crafted or use the incendiary bolts with your crossbow to set the nests ablaze. Freakers use these nests to hibernate during the day, giving you a slight edge on their whereabouts. Be aware, if you are brave enough to tackle these zones at night, you will have more Freakers roaming around the wilderness. By successfully clearing out an infestation zone, you will be awarded with a new fast travel route to move around the map more efficiently. 

Tip: The day/night cycle and weather changes the behavior of the Freakers.

Days Gone (PC)


Days Gone provides three skill trees including melee combat, ranged combat and survival to invest your skill points in. Each player has their own unique playstyle, but we recommend unlocking these skills first to help you during the initial stages of the story.

Ranged: Focused Shot. This skill gives you the ability to activate Focus while aiming a ranged weapon. Focus slows down time and helps to increase accuracy, which is beneficial when going up against a horde. You can upgrade this ability with the NERO injectors found across the map.

Ranged: Fight And Flight. This skill helps you to move and aim a ranged weapon with more precision. Days Gone will keep you on your toes and the Freakers will not allow you to stay stationary. Get used to running! 

Melee: Field Repairs. This skill gives you the ability to repair melee weapons with scrap. You can scavenge for scrap underneath hoods of vehicles, abandoned buildings, and scattered around the world. Once you have crafted a weapon, you can repair that weapon to continue using it. Trust us, you will be using your melee weapon a lot. Without this skill, the durability of the weapon will diminish and break leaving you left with only your boot knife.

Days Gone (PC)

Buy Days Gone on PC now from a range of digital retailers, including Steam and Epic Games Store.

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  • WTF are yall Doing this is not PlayStation im convinced PlayStation is being Sabotaged from the inside out yall really crossed the line now Stop making playstation consoles just become third party company stop thinking yall at SIE can have everything without sacrificing your consumers No one should like this post i hope true playstation fans roast yall to no end as a PlayStation gamer fan i see no benefit the PC Could could bring besides devaluing the playstation platform name and brand down look at the state of xbox failure yall following in those same footsteps then yall lied about not every game yall throwing a whole slate to PC knowing damn well this is gonna destroy why playstation even exist Nintendo is laughing at how stupid SIE became only Sony can Destroy Sony yall gave me all the evidence i need. Funny how Nintendo been making games longer than playstation not once have they put first party games on pc knowing full well what the damage porting games to pc will do to their platform. Yall at SIE gave me the ultimate reason to want a clean slate a new SIE Only on PlayStation.

  • Jim Ryan Liar Traitor.

    Only On PlayStation ????

  • You’re making your platform irrelevant. This is one less reason to buy a PS5.
    Seems like only Nintendo value his IPs.

    • seems like it

    • It becomes a problem when Japan is now all red. No PS5, just the
      japanese only buying Switches. Not to mention that handhelds are at an all-time high in Japan. They could even make another handheld, if they wanted to, but that’s a challenge in of itself. They definitely don’t seem to care about it’s core consumers anymore. It should be a for-profit charity at this point!

    • It only makes matters worse now than they raise the price for their first party titles. When they see those titles don’t sell as much as they were expecting, they are probably gonna release it on PC half the price off to try to recoup the loss, and will eventually stop making consoles and become a third party publisher. People at Sony should be embarrassed right now.

    • Sony doesn’t care about Japan or Europe.

      They charge more, barely gave Japan/Europe any PS5s, and constantly close EU/JP studios while buying NA ones.

      SIE needs to move out of NA before it’s too late.

    • Nintendo values it’s ips is the biggest laugh i needed next to xbox exclusives.

    • WoodchuxChukwood

      Say what?

      Before Microsoft made their games available on PC, I had never touched an Xbox exclusive. Not a single gaming dollar I spent went to them.

      Ever since they came out with Game Pass, I’ve plowed through the entire Halo & Gears of War series.

      Making Sony games available to a wider audience means more fans of their IPs. How you can twist this into a bad thing is beyond me.

  • You guys should call this the playstation and pc blog. The most stupid thing to post down here

  • How much the Sony executives are being paid by MS and Steam to release games on another platform?Now the studio will focus on patches, etc instead of a new game for PS5.

    There is no such a thing as “Only on PlayStation” anymore, everything will go to PC eventually.
    Can’t forget that Bethesda games will not be released on PS anymore, now PS is also a platform without exclusives.

    Bunch of liars.

  • It’s a shame that Sony is making these enhanced versions of their games for PC but not making PS5 versions of these games. We only get the same PS4 game at a higher frame-rate on PS5.

    • EXACTLY.

    • Exactly.. What’s the point of having a ps5 now? Everything is on pc and everything looks and runs better there. Shame

    • I wouldn’t go that far to say ”what’s the point of PS5?”, because there are plenty of reasons to own a PS5. Not everything is on PC, not even close. These are just a couple of examples of older games coming to PC. I was just saying that it would’ve been nice if they had also brought some of these improvements to PS5 as well.

    • inter_philspence

      PC PC PC,Playstation become the second Sega? Developing games for Microsoft?

    • Totally agree. I don’t think they should be releasing PC versions before PS5 enhancements. Their priority is obviously what makes money, but they should be thinking of the console owners first. I don’t agree with these people who think Sony shouldn’t release games on PC, I think it’s a great idea and will ensure they stay relevant and make more money, but they should patch this for PS5 asap… If they are even planning a patch, which I doubt

  • It would feel as if PlayStation has lost its roots. And it now feels too westernized nowadays where it comes off as unrecognizable to what it once was 20-25 years ago. Where’s your grip? Your edge? Your weirdness? Your original games and developers, your origins? Losing both your home base and a home studio, it certainly feels like abandonment to a key audience that supported you all these times. It’s not even Japanese anymore. And it sounds like a two-front war, becuase both red and green seem to be overtaking your image of a deep blue Japan. It’s a concern not many notice.

    What has happened to you? Becuase it’s going down a path to the point of no return.

    • The main problem Sony has is the 10 NA studios doing generic boring NA studio things rather than any variety.

      Some are new, but most spent the PS4 generation basically doing the same 3rd person action adventures (mostly sequels) with optional stealth and similar “serious” plots and generic characters. Other than the one that made a sports game. Exciting stuff. They basically dumped all of the other studios in EU/JP too. So unless you really, reeeally love generic third person action games with mope plots, you’re kind of screwed.

      So really Sony needs to have a clear out of all the boring studios with zero ideas. Or at least replace half of them, or even let them do more than boring things. The PS3 had some new things, but the PS4 didn’t. Other than some tech demos for a headset basically no one bought. Yay.

  • This is unrelated to Bend’s studios but why would Sony make a pc port for hzd and gets patches regularly but can’t get a simple 60 fps patch for the PS5? Are you guys expecting us to spend $70 for a bundle remaster? Also, what happen with the “Only on Playstation” moto? It’s literally on the box cover on every Playstation exclusive, does that not matter to you anymore? I don’t hate any Playstation studios and I understand you guys need money, but I thought the point of exclusives were to push hardware sales and to try to make up the loss with your consoles. What’s the point of that if every exclusive is coming to PC now? This only makes matters worst now that Microsoft is starting to hit you guys with fire with buying studios and keeping them as exclusives. I don’t understand this move at all.

    • Don’t forget Nintendo. They’re eating good thanks to the large handheld market around the globe, people like portability. I’d buy a new Sony handheld day one, if it ever happened.

      And also are they maybe trying to recoup after losses during the pandemic? Or are they trying to entice people on PC to buy a PS5 for the games? But both of these don’t make much sense, as this is their best quarter yet, and most third-party exclusives are going to PC anyway.

      I don’t want them to become another Dreamcast. They have potential. They have resources. They have ideas. Sega couldn’t keep up with the PS2, its all software from them now. It starting to ring true a second time around if things keep going like this.

      And I get it, more people can play the game, but in a long-term grand scheme of things, wouldn’t this hurt business? No one is going to buy a PS5 if there are no games you made in the first place, correct? Everything will go PC at that point if there’s no competition. That’s sounds like a plausible nightmare that’s waiting to come true.

    • @LF0194 I believe Sony is just milking their audience at this point. We aren’t their “players” anymore, we’re their money machines. This is why they are trying to raise the price with everything they have so that they can milk money from us while the PC players get to enjoy everything at a low cost. And sooner or later, when they realize that there’s no incentive into buying a ps5 anymore, they’ll eventually just stop making consoles and xbox will probably do the same thing but push cloud gaming that they have high hopes for. Nintendo will probably continue being a hybrid console and keep their exclusives at value since they know that pushes hardware sales. It’s unfortunate because with the hype the PS5 had, even switch, pc, xbox players were thinking about switching or owning one for this gen. Now it’s all gone due to Sony’s scummy practices.

    • Tusiczz
      could see ur second comment happening

    • I agree Tusiczz. There used to be a mutual respect, now they’ve become increasingly “business-like”. For me this started with them charging for online (exclusively via PS+ to make matters worse, and bump up the price further). Before that I was borderline fanboy of this brand, since then I’ve lost a bunch of trust in them, and the latest move of losing our exclusives certainly won’t help.
      I suspect the people minimizing this are predominantly PC players…

  • “Buy Days Gone on PC now from a range of digital retailers, including Steam and Epic Games Store.” Why I should buy this? The game is cracked and uploaded on torrents.

  • lol what about ps5?

  • Exclusive games is one of the reason I bought ps5, if sony release most of their games to pc maybe I should upgrade my pc instead?

    • Yeah, I don’t know what they’re thinking. It doesn’t make any sense. So they’re porting their own games to PC? If they keep doing this with all their games, people will realize which toy is the better one to play on, run on, game on. It’ll just be thrown in the trash if you don’t have something they do. They have no incentive to do so, they’re making record profits. If you have nothing to show for it, you’ll be damn useless, in the dust. You’re hurting yourself, not helping it. Who needs a PS5, then? They’ll wind up like Sega at this rate, just a figment of the past. Get a grip, SIE. Be like the PS2 days, unstoppable, unbendable, unbreakable to anyone and anything.

    • You definitely should upgrade your PC instead.

      Sony games with better graphics only on PC.
      You can still play Bethesda games (TES, Fallout, The Evil Within, Wolfenstein, Doom, Dishonored, Prey, etc) That’s not possible on PlayStation anymore.
      Also all Microsoft games and PC exclusives that will never reach PS.

      A platform without exclusive is pointless. This new Sony is a joke and Jim Ryan a liar.

  • I have never seen so many but hurt babies in my life, you seriously are mad because other people get to play a game that only you could up till now…
    Your precious game is still only on Playstation (in terms of consoles) It being on PC is not going to devalue your experience or self worth, calm down.

    • It kinda does matter. Think about it, if the PS5 has nothing to show themselves, then people will only realize as time goes on what’s the better toy to play on (PC). PlayStation as a brand will end up as a figment in the past, just like the Dreamcast, a failure to consumers, dead and buried. Xbox is only doing thanks to Game Pass, and Nintendo is successful becuase of the Switch. What does PlayStation have? Exclusives. They lose that, and it’ll just be a husk of a machine. Why need a PS5, it’ll just play better on PC? Who needs the PS Store, just make it all available on Steam? Why bother making first-party games? Why bother with PSVR? Who needs a console? Who needs hardware sales? Who needs PlayStation?

      C’mon. Business wise, it’s only going to them if there goal is to sell hardware. If it’s just a showcase of games to entice people to buy a PS5, it’s justified. But if not, well, it’s a sinking ship waiting to happen by the PC iceberg.

    • It isn’t just because “mOrE pEoPle gEt tO pLaY tHe gAmE” if that was the case then every publisher would become multiplatform and exclusives wouldn’t even be a thing. It what gets them the more money right? Wrong. This is a industry at the end of the day and the industry needs competition and innovation. Having every game from every platform going to PC will just make everyone switch to PC. PC is the objectively better platform at the end of the day and I don’t see how people don’t realize that this is just more then more people getting to play games.

    • well can u explain why Guerilla Games prioritised a pc version of hzd over a ps5 one? Yeah it does affect my experience especially if they are focusing more on pc than ps5.

  • Umm where the hell is days gone 2 oh need to buy games at full price

    • strange-postbox

      Only On PlayStation maybe on PC,So I can play it on PC now.Days Gone it is very a good shoot game.

    • Good luck with that after the price hike. As much as I love Sony and wish them success, I sincerely hope this price hike has the reversed effect and ends up in less profits. If that means less sequels, so be it. New IP’s are probably more interesting anyways.

  • We can see that Sony have already dropped 6 games on the PC store: Days Gone, Predator Hunting Grounds, Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition, Guns Up!, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and Helldivers Dive Herder Edition.
    One might say that it’s only fair that Sony decides to unlock its blockbuster exclusives on PC because they won’t make much money on PS4 and PS5 now anyway, whereas they have great potential on the PC market. We could also say that Sony has to impose itself on PC because its competitor Xbox is working on this front line, that it’s also a good way to make PC users come back on PS5 (if they don’t want to wait 2 or 3 years to play Horizon Forbidden West). If you look at it from a PC gamer’s point of view, that’s fine… But if you look at it from Sony’s point of view, it may seem surprising that the brand decides to let go of its exclusivities because, as we know, PlayStation’s strength lies mainly in its exclusivities! If First party games are coming to PC at some point… then you might as well buy a PC, play games on Steam and wait patiently for PlayStation licenses to come one day… I wonder if Sony are shooting themselves in the foot here! I hope it’s a deal to exchange 6 First Party PlayStation games for 6 Solid PC games to come on PS5…

    • I’ve been wondering for a while if PS is releasing “exclusives” on Steam as part of a deal to persuade Valve to release games on PS5 or more specifically “Half Life: Alyx” on PSVR2.

    • I hope Sony lets go of some exclusives following a deal to get HALF LIFE ALYX on the PSVR2… Because if not, it won’t bring anything! Except gamers who won’t get PS5 but go to PC! And when it’s done, Sony won’t be able to make them come back so easily… It’s a bit crazy !

  • What is the point of communicating about a Days Gone release on PC on the official PlayStation blog? PlayStation players don’t care about the release of old titles on PC… They won’t buy the game a second time on PC if they already bought it on PS4… Besides, Days Gone was offered in the PS Plus last month!

  • So now what’s the point of ps5? Days Gone is looking better on PC, also Horizon. While on new shiny ps5 there isn’t even 60 fps patch for Horizon…Ps5 owners are second class citizens now?

  • What interests PlayStation players are the PC titles (Valve) that are coming to PS5! Not the other way around!

  • All I want is Days Gone 2. I enjoyed Days Gone as much as I did with Last of Us. I couldn’t leave my PS4.
    Soundtrack in Days Gone was awesome. I need a good sequel to Days Gone in my life.

  • I am very disappointed by Sony’s strategy. We have PlayStation for the exclusives, this is the main reason for someone to buy a PlayStation. If this strategy continues I will not buy a PS5. Also, right now days gone costs 50 euros on steam this is totally unfair for PlayStation users while they pay 70 or 80 euros for a game. Finally, Sony should stop using the PS5 Exclusive label because we all know every game will be released on PC in 2 or 3 years they should use the term Timed Exclusive.

  • Console exclusive not full exclusive right

  • Sony will see how far they will get with their new strategy (closing studios, selling their exclusives on other plattforms, …). In the long run, they’ll probably hit the wall with the playstation-cart. Jimmy, turn on your common sense!

  • Keep kicking your own audience in the shins in favor of other platforms and petty profits. And while you’re at it, charge us more for it!

  • You are killing the brand and destroying your identity doing this the return on the price is not worth it you are angering your most loyal fans STOP IT

  • They simply don’t care about us no more…

  • All I’ll say is ps is in a better position then Xbox wait till E3

  • inter_philspence

    Continue to buy first party games on PS? No, I’ll wait for their PC version, because there’s a better game experience, rather than playing 30 fps of horizon on PS5. Jim Ryan out!

    • Crazy to think that if you want a better PlayStation experience, then you need to buy a PC. It’s frickin hilarious.

      PS games on PC are cheaper, have better specs and there is no need to pay for playing online.

      Jim Ryan and Hulst are liars that are sinking PlayStation.

  • so let me understand, playstation players have to support developers by paying 80 euros for a game that will then be released in a better version on a better platform (the pc) at a reduced price?

    Brilliant move, why hasn’t Nintendo thought about it yet?

  • Well you guys have done it I’m switching to pc no point in buying a ps5 cause a I can’t get one b all exclusives will come to pc eventually

  • Guys, are you nuts to post it here?

    • That’s the first thing I thought when I read this article? Who is the marketing madman at SONY who authorized such a publication on the Official PlayStation Blog? PC gamers will read this information on Steam but won’t come here … Here, it’s a bit like telling PlayStation users that they should go to PC today… I don’t understand this publication here!

  • PC master race PC elitists

  • I’m happy to see more PS games coming to PC, but the fact this isn’t getting a PS5 patch (at least not that I’m aware of) is shameful!

  • I love video games but something should not change! Standards should go higher not lower! The only reason I have PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox One etc is because of exclusive games! That is the only reason! Why would I buy PS5 if I can play all fps, strategies, horror games on PC??? What is the point of consoles? They run better on PC, they look better on PC, they are more accurate to play on PC! This greedy, move by Sony is going to achieve only one thing, they are going to loose many true hard core fans who pays a lot of money for their consoles, games and accessories! Microsoft has all first party titles on PC, well that is why Microsoft is third selling console, way behind Sony and Nintendo! Huge mistake! I am truly disappointed by Sony’s decision to putt exclusive games on PC! First Jim Ryan announced closing PS3 store, than he says who wants to play old games and now exclusive games goes to PC! That’s what happens when you put businessman into a gamers position! I have decided not to buy Sony PlayStation games, consoles or anything else! PC is the best option! I am very disappointed!

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