Get ready for PlayStation’s Celebration of the community with Days of Play 2021

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Get ready for PlayStation’s Celebration of the community with Days of Play 2021

Play together in the PlayStation Player Celebration, free online multiplayer weekend and more.

We’re excited to announce that Days of Play is back for 2021 to celebrate the passionate PlayStation community around the globe!

Get ready for PlayStation’s Celebration of the community with Days of Play 2021

We wanted to make this year’s event even more special and engaging for our gamers. That’s why this year’s Days of Play will feature various activities across a few weeks to celebrate the power of play and the vibrancy of our community by connecting gamers together.

PlayStation Player Celebration*

PlayStation Player Celebration is back! This special event calls on our player community to join together to achieve a shared set of goals and earn exclusive PSN avatars and PS4 themes in the process.**

Registration starts today and will remain open until May 31. Stage One kicks off on May 18 –  here are steps to participate:

Get ready for PlayStation’s Celebration of the community with Days of Play 2021

1. Sign Up

Register with your PSN Sign-In ID here.  Once you sign up, you’re automatically entered into all future Stages of the program.

The event is open to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users in the following locations: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, and the United States.

2. Start playing on May 18

There are three Stages throughout the event, with the first Stage kicking off on May 18. Each Stage will have the following Community Goals:

Games Goal

●       Play PS4/PS5 games — the Community must play a target number of games each week. Every PS4/PS5 game that each entrant plays for at least an hour (across as many sessions as you’d like during the week) will count towards the Games Goal. You’ll earn double points towards the goal if you play games with users on your Friends List (who have also signed up to participate).

Trophies Goal

●       Earn Trophies — the Community must earn a target number of Trophies each week. Each entrant can have a maximum of six PS4/PS5 Trophies count towards the Trophies Goal.

Bonus Goal

●       If the first set of goals are reached before the end of each Stage, there will be a new set of Bonus Goals the Community can work towards.

3. Earn exclusive PSN Avatars and PS4 Themes

Everyone who signs up before a Stage begins can earn exclusive PSN avatars as well as PS4 dynamic themes (with custom music and icons) when the Community achieves the Games and Trophies Goals for that Stage.

If the Community also achieves the Stage’s Bonus goals, players who signed up prior to the start of that Stage will receive additional PSN avatars.

Finally, if the Community Goals for all Stages are met (excluding the Bonus goals), players who signed up and participated in all three Stages will receive a cumulative prize featuring an exclusive PSN avatar and PS4 theme set!

The rewards will be delivered directly to your PS4 or PS5 via Notifications approximately 1-2 days after each Stage ends. Please note that the PS4 themes will only be downloadable on PS4, and not PS5.  

Check out the chart below to see the goals for each Stage. The goals reset at each Stage.

Stage OneMay 18, 12:00am PDT – May 24, 11:59pm PDT
May 18, 8:00am BST – May 25, 7:59am BST

Community Goal:
2.4M Games played
7.2M Trophies earned 

Bonus Goal:
3.0M Games played
8.8M Trophies earned 
An exclusive PS4 dynamic theme
An exclusive PSN avatar 

Bonus Prize:
3 exclusive PSN avatars

Stage TwoMay 25, 12:00am PDT – May 31, 11:59pm PDT
May 25, 8:00am BST – June 1, 7:59am BST

Community Goal:
2.9M Games played
8.5M Trophies earned

Bonus Goal:
3.6M Games played
10.4M Trophies earned
Five exclusive PSN avatars

Bonus Prize:
3 exclusive PSN avatars

Stage ThreeJune 1, 12:00am PDT – June 7, 11:59pm PDT
June 1, 8:00am BST – June 8, 7:59am BST

Community Goal:
3.0M Games played
9.0M Trophies earned

Bonus Goal:
3.7M Games played
11.0M Trophies earned 
An exclusive PS4 dynamic theme
An exclusive PSN avatar

Bonus Prize:
3 exclusive PSN avatars

Cumulative Prize:

If all goals (excluding bonus goals) are reached, entrants who participated every week will receive an additional PSN avatar and PS4 dynamic theme.

Click here to learn more about the PlayStation Player Celebration and track the latest progress on goals and see Official Rules here. Make sure to check back often to see how the Community is doing, when each goal has been met, and when the next Stage begins.

Days of Play Celebration Sale

A Days of Play sale will kick off later this month, and the sale will feature PS4 and PS5 software titles, other select products, and more. Products on offer and prices will vary by region. We’ll have more details to share soon, so stay tuned!

Free Online Multiplayer Weekend

If you haven’t tried the online multiplayer benefit for PlayStation Plus yet, later this month, we’re hosting a free online multiplayer weekend where you’ll be able to access the online multiplayer modes in PS4 and PS5 games that you own. (Online multiplayer game sold separately. Requires internet connection and PlayStation Network account.)

Get ready for PlayStation’s Celebration of the community with Days of Play 2021

Share of the Week

In celebration of Days of Play, PlayStation Blog will also host a specially themed Share of the Week. The first theme will be announced on May 14, so make sure to keep an eye out for that.

We hope you’ll enjoy this year’s Days of Play and we’re looking forward to playing together. Happy Gaming!

*Sign-ups May 11 – May 31. Competition ends June 7. The PlayStation player community may earn rewards by contributing to and meeting the Community Goals set each week. If you play with PSN friends, your contribution counts twice towards Games Goal. PlayStation Plus membership not required to enter or earn rewards. See Official Rules: Participants must be 18+. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.

**Entrants who are PS5 users will not be able to download the dynamic PS4 themes.

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  • Awesomeness :)

    • iamtylerdurden1

      Awesome indeed.

      I love the custom avatars and I enjoyed changing them frequently. This should be fun. I’m also excited that they are incorporating share of the week.

      Little things like this are great to get the community involved and of course the play at home initiative has given us so many free games already and it will continue to do so for the next few months so obviously you would have to be a complete idiot to complain about only getting avatars and themes. Either you would have to be a moron or just uninformed because play at home initiative is a thing use Google if you don’t know.

      Btw, if you don’t know, Returnal is a banger. Worth every penny. Hopefully we can get some more Selene avatars.

    • personausermike

      Sony…I have over 120 Plats and you reward me with an Astro avatar? XB is rewarding with store credit and NS rewards store credit for buying anything on their estore…this whole thing is pathetic

    • personausermike

      133 platinums on psnprofiles

      iamtylerdurden1 77 plats

      someone is way behind and a loud american on every blog post.

      why so insecure durdy?

    • Porque Colombia no está en los países donde está el evento si se supone que es un evento de aniversario y debería ser para la mayoría no para unos cuantos.

  • If only there was some kind of community based feature on playstation consoles.

    • Agreed. Sony now sucks since they removed communities. Was probably their means to kill off the PS4 since it relied a lot on communities. This is still pretty sad for Sony’s future. Honestly I think Sony should have developed towards focusing on PC and console and bringing about as much community to influence for their games. You know those Avatars are even more lame now that there isn’t a community. There pointless pretty much now. Get rid of the avatar feature and trophies. There kind of a pointless waste. They had more point with communities but were less important to have then the communities.

    • iamtylerdurden1

      Discord is coming.

    • Facts. We need some type of social aspect in the ecosystem if we want to find other people. The ps4/5 is isolated right now and the only way to communicate with people is through discord which won’t be coming out in another year or so.

  • Best celebration news would be that prices go back to normal instead of 80 euro for a PS5 game.
    #fortheplayers #notonlyfortherichcorporation

    • Or at least down to the same level as NA prices…

      Even if you want to include the “sales tax” nonsense €70 is the same as $70 + 20% sales tax.. 😁

    • I’m sure they felt those mellow Returnal sales. Game looks cool but I am simply not spending that kind of money on a small indie scope game.

      And the ironic thing is, Backwards Compatibility has sort of hurt new next gen sales.

      When people have over 4500 other games to be playing on their PS5 consoles, older games that are still brand new with updates like COD Warzone, they aren’t as thirsty for new games like they are with past console releases.

      Maybe they will learn their lesson with the terrible price hike if other games start under performing because of sales that should have been so much higher

    • Yeah, Sony setting a bad example spearheading this. We’ll have to respond in kind by purchasing less games at launch/full price. Games were plenty expensive already.

    • iamtylerdurden1


      I normally agree with you, but not on this one.

      Returnal is a fresh, exciting next gen exclusive built from the ground up to showcase every unique feature on the PS5. It’s not an indie game, it’s a beautiful AAA title that feels more next gen than anything else out there.

      I understood the trepidation over a $10 increase to next gen exclusives, but Returnal earns that money. It’s not and indie roguelike with no narrative. This is a gorgeous and intriguing game with a wonderful narrative woven beautifully into the game. It’s not short, it’s not dinky, it’s not lacking. Returnal is simply the first game that feels like it was built for next-gen. Worth every penny.

    • You guys are living in a fantasy land. It’s crazy that it’s even taken them this long to raise the prices. They used to charge this much or more for 16-bit games with a fraction of the budget and technology back in the day, and that was at 90’s money value before 30 years of inflation. It’s only going to go up from here. Better dry those tears and get used to it because it’s not going back. It’s only going to go up more over time.

      Returnal seems to be up at the top of the sales charts in second place by the way. Pretty sure they’ll be fine.

    • those 500€ consoles don’t pay for themselves.

    • @ Ralstonizer

      You’re ignoring the obvious massive other thing that happened between the “16 bit” era and now. Gaming has gotten considerably more popular.

      Everyone seems to only know of “inflation” (which isn’t a flat increase, and sometimes goes downwards). But ignore “economies of scale”.
      That is the reason why PCs in the 80s/early 90s cost more than a decent car but are cheap now.

      To compare how ridiculous the claim that “games should be more expensive based on inflation” actually is, let’s compare the two eras. 16 bit games were on expensive ROM chips, so that’s a difficult comparison, so we’ll move to the PS1 era (cheaper CDs).

      Now, a good selling PS1 game sold 100,000 copies at 30 (3 million total). A good selling PS4 game sells 5-10 million at 60 (so 300 to 600 million total, or 100-200x more).

      “Inflation” is more than covered by a 100-200x increase in income. If anything, games should be around 1/3rd of the current price or lower. That’s before we factor in that games are easier to make with many more tools, ready made everything and other factors.

  • Just signed up! 👍🏽

  • Please give us amazing deals. I do not care about trophies, themes, or avatars. Just really great deals. Like having ghost of tsushima at 50% off.

    • Pay the full price for Ghost ffs…if there’s a game that is worth it it’s it and you probably know since you want it.

  • LordEddardStark7

    Why Sony why would you leave out India from the event? No restocks for PS5, not enough PS4 stocks and now you’re restricting a few themes and avatars that we would like to have because we’re not from your favorite countries? Why?

    • I think you still can get the rewards. Last time I got the rewards even though my country isn’t included…. I could be mistaken!!

      Or you could make another sub account and make the location one of these countries and play. You can share the theme but not the avatars!!

  • This is great! 😁 let’s do this guys! And get that bonus prizes too.

  • Lame -_-
    Themes and avatars are trash.
    Would be better if they gave one free game, plus website doesnt even work for me and cant register.

    • The same thing I was saying, themes and avatar? not even the kids want that, they should’ve just given a good discount on game titles. I tried to register and only being redirected to a new tab with an error.

    • Lol, whatever you say.

    • TheQueenOfHurts_

      They just gave us TEN free games!

    • iamtylerdurden1

      In a week you will get several free games when the Play at Home titles for May are announced. We just got ten or so free games last month. Relax. Stop being greedy. Smh.

  • So, we can play online games without ps plus just (Saturday, Sunday)?

  • As a ps4 user, I cant wait to get those dynamic themes and some of those avatars.👌

    • Why do you keep reposting your junk? We’d rather hear real people’s opinions on how Sony is performing then someone advertising them.

    • iamtylerdurden1

      I agree with Herikzoon, I’m a real person and I’d love some custom PlayStation avatars.

      And btw, Sony is performing wonderfully. I’m happy. PS+ is always good, the Play at Home Initiative is literally giving dozens of games away for free, we have consistent next gen exclusives coming in, Returnal is magic, and R&C looks spectacular. Discord is coming, the new VR controllers look superb. Consider me a happy customer. New games, new tech. I’m pleased.

  • HeavensB1ueprint

    PlayStation should really just offer it’s services to all the regions
    We’d like to participate and also be PS Now subscribers

    • Couldn’t agree more, I want those old games on psnow too, Australia shafted hard for no legitimate reason

    • iamtylerdurden1

      I agree that their services should be worldwide but they don’t have the cloud infrastructure or the network to achieve that as quickly as you’d like. It’s coming, believe me I know. It’s just going to take a little time.

  • Seriously? So you want me to waste time earning pointless, meaningless trophies for a chance to win worthless “themes” and “avatars”? I’ve purchased almost 500 games on just the PS4 alone. Let’s hope this sale isn’t as insulting.

    • bobbysanders420

      God, cry us a river. Everybody looking for free stuff is so annoying. There’s always decent sales in the store. Re-play one of those 500 titles if you can’t buy a new game.

    • @bobbysanders420
      Yes, some FREE stuff. That would be nice. That would be a show of appreciation to the legion of gamers that has made Playstation so successful and earned Sony billions. Expecting them to jump through hoops for the POSSIBILITY of winning some worthless decorations isn’t “celebrating the passionate PlayStation community” -it’s DISrespecting them.

    • Waste time?…stop being pathetic,all you gotta do is play your damn games.

    • @Welmosca
      Pathetic? Maybe you’re ESL and don’t really know what the word means…
      Holding a multi-stage, multi-tiered contest with registration and rules and goals in which participants don’t really control whether or not they have any chance of winning anything at any stage and not one prize has ANY value… and then framing the whole event as a “celebration” of the players. THAT’s pathetic.

  • This is great and all, but — PlayStation/Sony — can we get some avatars from DAYS GONE (Deacon, Boozer, Sarah, Rikki, etc), KILLZONE SHADOW FALL (Maya Vasari, Lucas aka a Shadow Marshal, the “White Hooded Helghast”, etc), UNTIL DAWN (Sam, Josh, Mike, etc). At the very least Deacon, Sarah, Maya, and Sam should have already been default avatars on the platform. These aren’t some side or forgettable characters; they’re main characters. Would absolutely love Maya, Sarah, and Sam especially.

    With other represented series getting more avatars, like Ghost of Tsushima which desperately needed some (thanks), it’d be nice if certain ones could received new avatars too. JAK AND DAXTER should have Keira and Samos at the very least. Honestly, Ashelin and Light Jak should be there as well. Another series would be GRAVITY RUSH: Crow (bird), Syd, Cyanea, and Gade. As opposed to games like The Last of Us 2 that doesn’t warrant new avatars for already have a good and varied selection.

    Please, PlayStation. These type of IPs need more attention and representation.

  • Avatars and themes? What a load of garbage, not to mention ps5 doesn’t even have themes, way to support your new console that completely replaces any reason to still have a PS4, if no one else has said it yet I’d love to be the first, this is both completely pointless and completely worthless lmao not even worth signing up for.

    • unemployedteen19

      Are…are you complaining about backwards compatibility?

    • iamtylerdurden1

      Themes aren’t the reason we buy new consoles. We buy new consoles for innovative new tech and new gaming experiences that could only be made on that specific hardware. Returnal and Ratchet & Clank say hello. Now goodbye.

    • I’m with you, not worth signing up for a few avatars. The PS5 is great and I like that you effectively get a different theme for each different game you select on the home screen, it would be nice if they were a bit more dynamic…

  • No, thank u!!! don’t even care about psn avatar or themes , i see this one wasting of time
    anyway!!! you are no #1 in the world how easy manipulating with us
    not fair there is no Croatia PS NOW
    there is 23 million poplulation in ex Yugoslavia, do you know how many gamers use CROATIA account
    and u still did not give us ps now!!! PLUS we dont even care about streaming only about DOWNLOADING GAMES
    STREAMING UR SERVICE SO POOR!! even have 100mbp/s internet connection with LAN not WIFI xD .-.

    Please bring to everyone PS NOW EVERY REGION THAT USE PLAYSTATION, U really treating us like idiots!!!

    • My country isn’t even on PlayStation region list, so I used USA instead -_-

    • I dream of the day we get our own language support, subtitles and PSNow(Slovenian here :D)

      Seems like Balkans are always forgotten by everyone :(

  • Why is Italy not in the list of available countries if the subscription page is fully translated in Italian, there’s the Italian URL with “it-it” and it’s possible to subscribe, and you even get a confirmation for it? Please fix the issue, thank you.

  • lo mejor que paso hasta la fecha, felicitaciones playstation por la cantidad de cosas que estan logrando :)

  • Nice 😍😍😍😍😍😍
    Thank you
    I was excited 🌟🌟🌟

  • How about instead of avatars and themes working on something that can compete with game pass or some good discounts on games. Or like a free game at each tier of days of play. I feel like Sony is phoning it while Microsoft is pointing and laughing at Sony as they flail around while trying to play catch up with Microsoft.

    • iamtylerdurden1


      What are you worried about you don’t even play on PlayStation. This guy is like a 100 trophy level with zero platinums and a couple hundred trophies overall. I could achieve that in a weekend at a friend’s house.

      Why are you so concerned or should I say concern trolling when you really don’t game on the system? I think it’s obvious that you have a really high gamer score on Xbox and you’re just trying to Big up your brand right now.

      These avatars and themes are here if people want them literally all you have to do is sign in and play games. The play at home initiative will continue giving us dozens of free games so worry not. Returnal is amazing and Ratchet & Clank is about to be amazing. Try playing on PlayStation consoles rather than trolling them you’ll have more fun.

    • Ahh getting crap because I have a life outside of gaming. I don’t spend every waking moment on my PS4,5 and Xbox. Life, Work, Wife and 3 kids will do that to you.

    • Totally agree although @iamtylerdurden1 is a super cheerleader, this “contest” plain sux. Trophies – worthless, themes you can’t use on the PS5 – worthless, avatars – seriously?

      Sony does pick up Microsoft’s scraps – see Discord – which is totally worthless since Sony doesn’t want crossplay….you can already talk to people through the Playstation while you game, no need to talk to people on other platforms as you can’t play the game with them anyway.

      I am not worried about the free games as I think they will have some decent ones….or at least 1 decent one… that isn’t a big deal to me. If people really think this is a great thing for Sony to do with the “amazing” awards/prizes then Sony has nothing left to do as it has achieved the level of it’s fanbois and can sit idly by and rake in money.

    • Ms pointing and laughing at Sony while they try to play catch up with ms?…LMAO numb skull PS5 is the fastest selling gaming machine ever.PS4 was more than 60 million sold ahead of lame box 1…in fact Sony was destroying ms so hard they gave up competing,only now with next-gen they’re trying again.Get your facts straight before spilling bs.


    So any Avatars from your Classic Playstation franchises or just stuff from the last few years? No Wild Arms, Hot Shots Golf or Legend of Legaia?

    You guys are getting bad as Nintendo when it comes to ignoring Classic IPs.

    • Thought it was obvious by now that Sony doesn’t give a damn about their old fans or games all they care about is to cater to their new audience.

    • I have problem with the times because I live in Indiana and getting the times is going to be really hard

  • Who the heck care about avatars and themes?? I’m not a kiddo sry… I just want to play games. These prices looks like a joke to me, you don’t give a single cheap game or something to the community…. sad.

  • unemployedteen19

    Very cute but… can’t you guys give us more free shiet(games) ?

    • Bro the gave some really good games, not everything goes away can be a Playstation Hit title

    • iamtylerdurden1

      Were you not around last month for the play at home initiative? And do you realize that we will continue to get free games over the next few months? It’s unbelievable to me how greedy and ignorant people can be.

      I mean honestly, do you not remember the play at home initiative games we just got? Do you not realize that we are going to get more free games because of covid and Sony’s efforts to ease people’s minds?

      These themes and avatars are just for fun and all you have to do is sign in and play games to get them. Or literally just sign in and you’ll still get them. There’s absolutely no harm in this. Why on Earth would people complain? It truly disgusts to me to see the legion of fools in here complaining or trolling. It’s sad.

    • unemployedteen19

      Oh mah god sony is so kool with their lousy backwards compatibility system their horrible refund policy and their AMAZING answer to gamepas : psnow that barely works and is not present in half of the globe. We gotta to buy their AAA games at full price boys even if in a lot of countries they cost almost as half a console, sony need our help

  • PuppetShoJustice

    Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person who actually enjoys getting cool themes.

    Too bad I have a PS5 now and can’t use any of the neat ones I’ve collected. Also kind of renders a lot of these promotional things silly. I just got a RE:Village theme that I’ll never be able to use. Yay?

    Also, the sign up page doesn’t appear to be working.

  • Would’ve been nice if you included Vita and PS3 to the mix considering you were kind enough to keep their respective stores open.

    • they were FORCED to by the backlash from us to keep the stores open my dude. it had nothing to do with them being “kind”

  • Greece is out of Days Of Play once more… Can’t express the magnitude of my dissapointment…

  • Can we get more avatars for purchase? I’ve seen people with South park avatars that have never been available here in EU. I want Cyberpunk 2077 and MGS1 avatars -_-

  • There nothing awsom about this promotion avtars and themes died with ps3 (tho some of us still play ps3 and love it )

  • The biggest thing I don’t like about console gamer is paying for online.

  • yess

  • If you experience any issue Signing Up, you may need to sign out of and sign back in again, or at least that was my experience when I tried 🤷‍♂️.

  • can someone tell me if i need to be online throughout the event cause i probably cant

  • Let’s goooo, Balkan countries left out again as is tradition. Great for everyone else I guess :D

  • interesting…

  • Oh, goodie! Yet another fancy Sony thing that Balkan can’t participate in!

  • I don’t know how I could actually write someone in PS support or so about this “bug”/error, but:

    The rules of Days of Play at
    in the Finnish side of the page are in Danish, NOT Finnish.

  • Can’t wait for this one again

  • BiscuitBlocker19

    This will be fun!

  • Let us remove the profanity filter from sharing to social media. It never should’ve been on by default with no way to turn it off

  • Can’t wait! But I wish the PS5 could have a custom theme like the PS4.

  • gracias :p

  • Sony, this your excuse for not being at E3? and ur giving us avatars (mostly pointless) and themes which are COMPLETELY pointless for those on ps5 bc compared to ps4 you dont have integration for these things that you’re even giving away. i feel like the company has gotten lazy and has been phoning everything in since they dominated last gen.

    • Can I ask a question… If you paid a group of people let’s say $250,000 a year to allow you to go on stage and show your games and then due to world event you find out you can host one yourself for $100,000 and reach the same online numbers of people viewing would you go back to paying the higher price? Now I am not saying that is what happened with e3 and Sony but it looks that way

  • Another day, another event where Greece (where Playstation’s market share on videogames is enormous) is left out. But, hey, at least you acknowledge your audience here by giving us Greek voice overs and/or subtitles/text in your first-party games, which is more than what your competition offers, to be fair.

  • stateside_menace

    My PS5 made sure to notify me that this was happening.

    I can’t use themes on PS5.

    Other things I can’t do on PS5:

    -see my friends list (buried in menus)
    -turn the PS5 off easily (same)
    -organize my games or pin anything to the taskbar
    -mute my official PS5 headset with the convenient mute button on the PS5 controller (so WHY is it there? other than to be infuriating?)
    -create or join multiplayer sessions without clicking 85 things and having to deal with the nightmare that is PSN groups/messaging


    Oh, but it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t mention the stuff I CAN do:

    -record/stream in 1080p (I actually like this; I wish 4k recordings didn’t look like trash thanks to HDR conversion)
    -get ads pushed at me constantly for games I don’t want in a way that I have no control over

    Is it a nice machine? Sure.

    Worth the price + headache of upgrading? Nah. You’re not missing anything.

    For the love of gaming, please hire an outside UI design firm. And LISTEN to what they tell you.

    • I’m not really sure why they didn’t just use the PS4 UI with a few upgrades.

      Rather than ditching it entirely to do something worse..

  • TheQueenOfHurts_

    You guys should consider offering personal goals and prizes too in the future :)

  • There is a certain magic to playstation ads!!

  • Nice, but please fix the CMOS battery issue, that will be a celebration!
    Pretty please! With a cherry on top.

  • counts double if you play with friends who have also signed up? people, feel free to request me. I’m down! I just bought Hood: Outlaws & Legends and am always down for Ghost of Tsushima: Legends’ Survival… I’m doing daily challenges on Red Dead online… Resident Evil Resistance and Watch Dogs Legion.

  • “Don’t be a jerk” lol

  • Crypto-Killer31

    When we will get free ps plus by that i mean the date

  • This will be fun. I like the themes and avatars but I feel as if nobody would do this.

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