Returnal gameplay: Dev details and more in nearly 30 minutes of new footage

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Returnal gameplay: Dev details and more in nearly 30 minutes of new footage

Housemarque devs walk, talk, and blast their way through Atropos in this lengthy deep dive.

In less than 24 hours, PlayStation 5 players will be able to step into the hostile and mysterious world of Returnal. From unsettling alien creatures to haunting musical themes, Selene’s journey through Atropos is one you won’t soon forget.

But what exactly is the flow to this cyclical adventure? You may have seen trailers and other gameplay clips that show a hectic run and gun, arcade-style adventure, while other footage looks a bit slower-paced and focused on exploration. The short answer is, Returnal is all of the above – and hopefully today’s deep dive from developer Housemarque helps drive this point home.

Returnal gameplay: Dev details and more in nearly 30 minutes of new footage

Mikael Haveri, along with narrative director Gregory Louden, and game director Harry Krueger narrate a handful of typical “runs” through Atropos, where modular aspects of the levels change but certain progress persists. This video picks up still fairly early in the process, where Selene has unlocked a melee weapon and made some initial inroads into the ruins. From there we get a glimpse of the first real “boss,” and then onto the Crimson Wastes, the second region of the game.

As you’ll see in the video, you can get back to certain areas even after dying and starting a new cycle – but given how tough some of the enemies can be, do you want to rush back, or take your time powering up your weapons and consumables? The choice is yours, which helps reinforce the whole “is it a shooter or is it an adventure?” question above. Take your time, or rely on fast reflexes to survive… up to you!

Returnal lands on PS5 April 30, which may very well be “today” for many of you!

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  • Already pre ordered and pre downloaded!

  • Congrats to Housemarque on the launch and all the positive attention the game is getting. Will be playing it tomorrow, can’t wait!

  • I’m sorta on the fence about this one. It looks like a lonely Mass Effect.

  • This game is blowing my mind,worth every penny!

  • Great game but I’ve hit a run breaking bug twice, with Day 1 patch installed.

    Both issues are related to picking up story related items.
    First for the obelisk at the beginning – picked up the artefact then the doors didn’t open. Had to restart the cycle.
    The second after the 2nd House run – where the music box spawns – cannot scan it, cannot open any doors. I can only restart cycle..

    Encountering this at random destroys the fun in playing the game. If it had at least an autosave system that you can reload at specific points [kept until death] it would have been better for these scenarios.


  • Just did my first run of the game and got to the second biome. What an amazing game this is, bravo Housemarque!

    But please consider adding a ‘save and quit’ ability to the game, like other similar games have, it would help people who can’t stick with a long run in a single session and it wouldn’t hurt the game really.

  • I’m happy for Housemarque, the game really deserves all the positive attention.

  • Better footage than before. Not a fan of the environments and would’ve preferred a more sci-fi atmosphere over horror, but I’ll pick it up eventually.

  • Hope this game sells well, despite Ps5 console shortage. Looks really fun to play!

  • This game gives me the creeps, in a good way. Great spooky atmosphere and SFX. I always hold my breath when the next door opens. A bit frustrating at first, but after several runs thru it starts to make more sense… use the 3D maps a lot. The first (and 2nd) time you stumble into the long tentacles of a huge squid thingy and get pulled up to the ceiling… you won’t forget that!!

  • This game is completely broken and I’m not joking. Crashed well over 6-7 times. The first couple times it was the glitch that wouldn’t allow me to open doors. Every run I prayed that it wouldn’t happen again but the last time I was on a run that was perfect and the game crashed……. Words can’t even explain it man. Well over an hour 1/2 gone….. not playing it anymore.
    You’ve been warned

  • not convinced it’s worth 70, especially since they doubled down on the difficulty in the second half for no other reason then stretching out game length, because it sure wasn’t to keep the game challenging, since 80% of the gamne are traversing open spaces filled with trash mobs u can kill with your eyes closed inside a clip.

    certainly seems like many reviews are just over-hyping this game for very little reason.

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