Predator: Hunting Grounds comes to Steam with April update

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Predator: Hunting Grounds comes to Steam with April update

IllFonic celebrates one year by releasing on a new platform, the new Airstirp map, and more updates.

One year! It’s been one year since we jumped out of the chopper onto the jungle floor. One year since we slid among the trees using infrared to spot our next trophy spine. It’s been one wild year of hunting and being hunted. 

When the hunt began last April, we promised it was just the beginning. Since then: Dutch has arrived, filling you in on lost time with tapes of his whereabouts; five different Predators (Viking, Samurai, Valkyrie, Jungle Hunter, and City Hunter) have watched your every move; new classes for the Predator and Fireteam have made the game more challenging; a new mode was introduced allowing friends (4v4) to CLASH, literally; countless guns, skins, loot, easter-eggs, and trophies have been found/dropped/won; you can host private matches that give you the capability to modify how you want to play; and there are four, actually now…5 maps to test your skills on. You could say IllFonic’s quarantine has been a productive one. 

Before we jump into what’s next, we want to thank everyone who has played, wrote, vlogged, and supported our team. We do this for you. Keep the comments and feedback coming.

NOW… We have BIG NEWS and lots to cover: New platform play, a new map, and lots of additions/updates. And all are available to enjoy from today.

New platform play

We are on Steam! You can purchase Predator: Hunting Grounds on Steam today. To get all Steam players caught up, we will be offering a DLC Predator Package – all four Predator DLC skins and abilities: Viking, Samurai, Valkyrie, and City Hunter; plus early access* to three additional masks and six war paints. (This DLC package is available on all platforms starting today as well, if you have been waiting to add to your Predator collection.) Lastly, good news, Steam players do not fret; our game is crossplay friendly and allows for crossplay invites. One thing to note, all progress in-game is stored on a per-platform basis and is non-transferable. 

New Airstrip Map

Deep in the jungle, the Stargazer mercenary fleet has an airstrip they use to smuggle goods in and out of the area. The Airstrip map will challenge the player’s skills once again; not only will it push your vertical limits fighting on hangar roofs and run-down radio towers, its open areas will leave you feeling vulnerable. Guerilla snipers wait to pick you off one-by-one, and broken sight lines leave you easy prey as Fireteam. The Predator is forced to calculate its every move as entering this space forces you into hand-to-hand combat without an easy escape to the trees. There are places to hide, but if you seek shelter in a plane and the Predator sees you, just know you’re not getting past it unless it wants you to. 

The Airstrip map took our team about seven months to develop from concept to creation. It will offer 12 different missions that will have you dodging bullets as you weave through homes, radio towers, multiple Stargazer encampments, airplane hangars, and an airstrip littered with planes and choppers, all scattered throughout the thick jungle. 

The new map also brings a killer fight to CLASH. Multiple points within the map make for merciless battles. Our QA team points to the radio tower as an exciting place to defend. With multiple choke points, it’s a calculated yet claustrophobic race to secure the location while your enemies are emerging from all directions making this an incredibly intense battle. 

QA Play Tip – if you want a ridiculously fun CLASH, try the following in a private modified match. Use bottomless mags, crank up explosion range, greatly increase speed, and slightly decrease gravity. Have everyone use rocket or grenade launchers and watch the absurdity. It’s a Pyromaniac’s delight. For extra hilarity, add in Big Head Mode; just be sure to record your play; we want to see the show.

New Updates

We have given the Fireteam new toys and a lot of specializations this past year. Now it’s the Predator’s turn. Found in field lockers, a massive amount of cosmetics are coming, including armor and weapon skins. And let’s not forget the trophies coming, including some easter-eggs. We will only give one away right now; you’ll have to find it yourself or look to our social for hints for the rest. The pauldron on Dutch is now finally a mask for the Predator, you asked, and we delivered; this mask is part of the early access release when you purchase this month’s Predator Package DLC.

Specializations have been a hit, so there is a long list of Predator specializations coming your way with perks correlating to each Predator. To see the complete list, check out our detailed patch notes, but we will highlight a few: 

  • Hunter/Jungle Hunter: Tracker – Target isolation ignores mud. 
  • Scout: Ghost – Melee attacking from cloak deals additional damage. 
  • Berserker: Savage – Claiming restores health. 
  • Alpha: Wrathful – After receiving enemy fireteam damage from behind, your next melee attack deals increased damage. 
  • Elder: Vicious – Opponents, you bleed out faster while downed and take longer to revive. 

What’s Next

As we successfully hit the one-year mark, it doesn’t mean we are done. We have a lot left to bring you. Maybe we will release new Predators, characters, maps, and more. Who knows?! I guess you’ll just have to keep looking at our socials, forums, and here to find out more.  

Internet connection and PlayStation®Plus membership (sold separately) required for online multiplayer.

*Additional masks and war paints unlockable to all via gameplay by December 2021.

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