Games Under promotion returns to PlayStation Store

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Games Under promotion returns to PlayStation Store

Starting Wednesday, April 28 for a limited time.

The Games Under promotion returns to PlayStation Store. Starting Wednesday, April 28 and ending May 12 at 11.59pm (local time), it offers numerous PlayStation games at a discount. That includes the likes of Star Wars: Squadrons, Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Zombies Chronicles Edition and Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. 

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  • Nice to see a bunch of Lovetimes You games on sale

  • There is no dark souls 2 :(

  • How about putting some PS3 and Vita games on sale again.

    • Save your breath, friend. Waste of time asking at this point. Sony has proven it’s falling on deaf ears.

    • @yentair Save your keyboard, we’ll never stop requesting discounts for those even given the current circumstances.

  • Thanks for the full list, much appreciated! Definitely easier than scrolling through the store tabs.
    And now can we find out which of these games will be free on PS+ in the next couple of months?
    Asking for a friend. Lol

  • Why is this blog still worse than how the EU blog was a couple years ago. The EU blog had lots of cool features, mostly in the comments section. Sort order, like button… Etc

  • How about restoring our wishlists, so I can see when games I am interested in are actually on sale?
    How about making the STORE useful again for determining if a game is even something I wanna play?

    • The wishlist has already been restored. It’s accessable in the mobile app and on the web store. I believe it’s supported on PS5 as well, but not on PS4.

    • On the webstore there’s a little heart in the top right which links to the wishlist.

      It was added in March or something.

      But yes, no screenshots/videos/DLC on game pages/etc/etc/etc means it’s still a massively inferior store to how it was pre PS4.

    • Oh but, they deleted the old wishlist, so you have to remake the entire thing.

    • Is it now? Missed that update. Still, the fact that it was even removed… I have lost all confidence in Sony in recent months. Every time I turn around it seems they are removing features from my expensive toys. Its getting annoying.

  • So the Payday 2 Crimewave Collection is here but it’s only a collection of DLC and not the game…kind of seems like false advertising?

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