Meet Rivet, the mysterious new protagonist in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

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Meet Rivet, the mysterious new protagonist in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

New gameplay and story details, plus your first peek at the soundtrack.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is now less than two months away! Coming exclusively to the PlayStation 5 console on June 11, 2021, this brand-new full-length standalone Ratchet & Clank adventure will be a blast for returning fans and newcomers alike.

We’ve been hard at work on the game, and we know you’ve been craving an update. Let’s start with a new trailer, shall we?

Meet Rivet, the mysterious new protagonist in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Yes! We finally revealed her name… you guessed it! Right?! Rivet is a Lombax resistance fighter from another dimension, where the evil Emperor Nefarious hunts all those who oppose him. You saw brand-new locations like Nefarious City, and alternate-dimension twists on old favorites like Sargasso and Torren IV along with a sneak-peak at some new weapons and gameplay mechanics.

The song we chose for the trailer has special meaning beyond just being a great, exciting track. It is from the (Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame nominated) band DEVO, a personal favorite of mine, but, some would say more importantly, the band that the incomparable Mark Mothersbaugh co-founded. I’m excited to announce that Mark is the Composer of the Rift Apart soundtrack! Beyond his work in DEVO, you’ve likely heard his compositions across the years whether it was in the original three Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter games, as well as animated series like Rugrats, and the blockbuster film: Thor Ragnarok. We are so thrilled to be collaborating with Mark and cannot wait for you to hear the incredible score he’s come up with.

Here is an early listen!

Many of you have been patiently waiting to see the five armor suits we’re including in the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game. These five looks for Ratchet and Rivet were designed and developed particularly for the  Digital Deluxe Edition. Here’s a preview:

The Imperial, Scavenger, Android, Rebel, and Hacker suits all give you some distinct cosmetic looks to play with and mix-and-match as you play and take photos in Ratchet & Clank’s first ever photo mode.

Want to see more? We’re pleased to announce that Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is the focus of PlayStation’s next State of Play. And it’s just three days away. Tune in to the PlayStation Twitch and YouTube channels this Thursday, April 29 at 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern to see more than 15 minutes of fresh gameplay.

Still haven’t pre-ordered yet? No worries, you can check out all of the details here.

Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you on State of Play this Thursday.

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  • For those of us who want a physical disc copy, is there a way to “upgrade” the disk to get the Deluxe edition items above?

    • Yes, it was announced in the February blog post.

      “For those of you who like physical discs, don’t fear, as there is an upgrade option for owners of the Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Standard Edition to allow you to purchase the content included in the Digital Deluxe at an additional cost of $10 USD / $10 CAD. For both physical and digital versions of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, there will be an in-game menu prompt guiding players to make the upgrade through PlayStation Store.”

    • They confirmed that you can upgrade to the deluxe version through the game’s main menu, even if you buy physical.

    • Well, that’s gonna be fun. The account I play with doesn’t match the region where I buy games, so the upgrade is probably not going to work…

  • I was already very excited about Rift Apart but this post has taken it to another level. Thank you Insomniac and Sony. Looking forward to getting my hands on the game in June.

  • This is great, I love the name!

  • The soundtrack sounds amazing! Can’t wait :)

  • Game of the year!

  • Please give us a “Future” collection remaster!!

    • I’d play that!

    • Yeah, been pining for that since 2017, the 10th anniversary of Tools of Destruction much like the way we got the original trilogy remaster around a decade after the original game launched.

      It would be 4 games, the first 2 never had trophies in their original releases and because PS4 launched right around the time Nexus did, I never got too far into it, so I would love a remaster by a studio like Idol Minds or something.
      No point in wasting Insomniac’s busy schedule on such a distraction though.

    • THIS!

    • So long as it doesn’t count out Nexus, I’m game.

  • Long time ratchet fan here (since the beginning!) Absolutely love the look of this game! But I need to know, will we finally be getting a physical art book to go along with this release??? The art for the ratchet series has always been amazing (creaturebox, gotta love those guys!) But I would LOVE to see a physical art book (especially since there’s a digital one!)

    • Ayyy I too am a long time fan! Been playing this franchise since I was little! And HELL YES Ratchet has some of the best concept art! Would LOVE to see a physical release for this game aswell!

    • Another life-long fan here! If you love the series art-style, you should definitely take a look to Dark Horse’s “The Art of Ratchet and Clank”, such an amazing huge artbook that explore the entire series!

  • Thanks to Insomniac and Sony for keeping PS5 owners well fed. This looks like an amazing use of the new hardware, and the perfect dessert after a month of Returnal.

  • Day one for me, also I want a remake of the previous games in the series with this kind of graphics.

  • why i bought a ps5!

  • This looks so good! Can’t wait for the State of Play on Thursday!

  • It’s cool to have Mark onboard, but I’m still holding out hope for a new collaboration with Stewart Copeland someday.

    • Hopefully Activision will get Steward Copeland on board for whatever Spyro 4 game they have brewing. They BETTER.

  • Very excited for this, and for the change in direction with the soundtrack! As much as I enjoy the more epic and theatrical sounds of the Future series and beyond, I often find myself missing the more exciting sounds of some of the songs from Ratchet and Clank 2 and 3 (examples like the Thug Snivelak Boss Fight and the Assault on Kovu Island). I hope this soundtrack can expertly blend those two styles together! Big fan since the first Ratchet and beyond!

  • Getting the guy involved with Jak and Daxter’s music??? Oh please tell me you took on all the feedback last year, of people saying the future city looks like Haven City and you had time to work in a teaser at the end of the game that Jak and Daxter shows up in or just Daxter lol.
    And then you have it open that a sequel could be a game that features them. I’m sure Sony would green light it, if there is any studio out there outside of Naughty Dog that can take the torch for Jak and Daxter or feature them in your own universe, its Insomniac Games. :)

    • I personally think that before a new J&D sequel, there needs to be a remaster/remake of the first three games (kinda like N. Sane Trilogy), especially for the first one which sadly hasn’t aged well by today’s standards imo.

    • I don’t think there will ever be a new game. But if there is something that can happen, Insomniac could approach Sony and propose that in the next Ratchet and Clank game, they do something where they meet Jak and Daxter in some shape or form. I would love something during the events between Jak 2 and 3 where Haven City is still untouched.

  • This game just keeps looking better and better!

  • I hope this new character doesn’t take up more than 20% of game time. No one asked for this side kick to come in and we are forced to play as a third character. This is Ratchet and Clank, not Rivet and Clank. Hopefully she is kept to this game only moving forward.

    • I wouldn’t mind in there is a female Clank that goes with Rachet for a time …but totally agree that she will be a great 20% addition and any more than that is lame.

    • Wholeheartedly agree. The more time they spend on everybody’s favorite duo, the better!

    • Hoping for a lot of her, she seems pretty cool. And she’s obviously not a sidekick.

  • I really hope Kerwan is included in this with a remix on the original theme from the PS2 games!

  • As long as she supplements Rachet and is not the main character that is ok. An attempt to gender swap Rachet will be the death. If so please stop catering to crazy people who dont play your games and make games for the people who play them. I actually was hoping there would be a female Clank to go with male Rachet. But not buying any game that replaces Rachet with a girl. Gag.


    • Well we have a black spider man and a female hawk eye now. Looney tunes and Simpsons characters are being killed off. I dont particularly care for these changes. To be honest I find some of these changes to be very harmful. Miles Morales is ok but it makes Peter Parker seem less special. I wouldve preferred Miles to become a variant or something else entirely. Something that makes him truely special. Messing with a characters origin is like handing it a death sentence.

      I see Rivet playing her own role on this and I dont see Insomniac giving either Ratchet or Clank the boot. I think she can handle herself with needing Ratchets title.

  • Can’t wait for this to come out. Tools of Destruction was my first PS3 game and my first Ratchet game and it’s made me a loyal fan of the series.

  • My most anticipated game of the year :-) Why I bought a PS5, it keeps good company with the uncertain releases like Horizon and GoW. Going to love hoping on this after Returnal and putting off playing FF7R again because of this release.

    If we could get a collection of the PS3 games on PS4/5 that would be awesome. Doesn’t have to include All 4 One or Full Frontal Assault, though it would be much appreciated in a later collection if Nexus can’t be included with the Future games.

    Also Resistance? I miss this series and its MP and CP play. Resistance and KZ on PS3 were some of the best FPS titles (nudge nudge to any GG dev’s out there in addition to our friends at Insomniac reading this comment).

    • I would love a Ratchet and Clank Anthology to include all the Ratchet games. And also same for Resistance and Sly Cooper.

  • It would be nice too see the game release on ps4 also

    • So does everyone else. Except the 5 people who actually own a PS5 lol. Something to look forward to i guess.

    • Yeah that’s not happening they have been very clear the game was designed from ground up to take advantage of ps5 and would not be possible on ps4. I mean look at the graphics improvements from ratchet and clank 2016 alone before you touch on the rifts and how quickly stuff must be loading… I mean I thought ratchet abd clank looked incredible back on ps3 in terms of graphics and yet with each subsequent release they have shown me it coukd still get better and now basically looks like pinar cgi… :o

    • I don’t know how but this new trailer blows the old trailer out of the water… So immersive! Each environment definitely feels alive!!

    • There won’t be a PS4 version, but if they had known how few PS5’s are around in mid-2021, then they would’ve made a PS4 version for sure. Such an expensive production can never pay off for such a small number of players.

    • I don’t have a PS5 yet (still trying to get it), but at this point Sony should just concentrate on taking full advantage of PS5 capabilities and not limit the game potential by having it work on PS4. Time to move on from PS4 to PS5 and just make games for PS5.

    • I agree it would have been nice to see the game on PS4 where it would have reached more players in 2021, I guess I’ll have to wait a while to play it on PS5 then.

  • I will absolutely be pre-ordering this… is what I would say if I could actually buy a PS5 at retail price!!!
    Between the stock shortages and scalper bots, why is this not coming to PS4!?!?

    • Because it wouldn’t run… they’ve said this several times. The game would have to be fundamentally changed compromising their vision.

    • Just a little off topic, but similar to this question, has anyone noticed that ‘Returnal’ is listed both for PS4 & PS5 on the PlayStation Store for the game’s Digital Deluxe Edition?

  • Wow, there’re so many great things in that trailer! I’m excited. I just pray that we won’t have to spend TOO MUCH time with the new female lombax. We, the fans, love our intergalactic, classic duo. Let us spend as much time with them as possible without being forced to play as somebody else for a prolonged amount of time.

  • delay it a week and give returnal some breathing room

    • Just a little off topic, but similar to this post, has anyone noticed that ‘Returnal’ is listed both for PS4 & PS5 on the PlayStation Store for the game’s Digital Deluxe Edition?

  • This is the sole reason I continue to buy PS products. Haven’t been able to get a PS5, but this will be the first game I get.

  • Could have Ratchet and Rivet met her after he found Clank.

  • So either Nefarious got his face fixed, or we’re still in reboot land.

    • The reboot was a sequel to nexus it was captain quark telling the story of ratchet and clank first adventure to some prison inmates he is imprisoned with. I cannot remember if he was imprisoned because he disabled the defences at start of the first game in the ‘future series’ back on ps3 or if it was because he was framed in full frontal assault?

    • You know you’re contradicting yourself by describing the reboot as not a reboot, right? I’d love to see some official sources confirming what you’re saying. Otherwise, nah.

    • @extermin8or: It was confirmed last year that Rift Apart is a direct sequel to Nexus.

  • OMG, can’t wait!!! Loving the soundtrack too!!! Been a huge R&C fan since PS2!

  • Would be nice to have enough space on my SSD to actually download a new game🙄

    • You can delete any games you are not playing without deleting any saved files. Then redownload whenever you want to play them again. Also you can get an external hard drive. Though its not necessary.

  • This has the potential to be the best Ratchet & Clank game of all time 🤔🙌🏽

  • If I were Insomniac I would have flipped off Sony the moment they said PS53 only. I get they want to drive up sales for the PS5 by using R&C. But all of that lost revenue towards the PS4 will surely sting the developer. Then again Rift Apart may not drop in price within the next gen. So maybe patience is key.

    • I don’t have a PS5 yet (still trying to get it), but at this point Sony should just concentrate on taking full advantage of PS5 capabilities and not limit the game potential by having it work on PS4. Time to move on from PS4 to PS5 and just make games for PS5.

  • Limited edition PS5 console with this game or a legendary exclusive franchise like Ratchet and Clank isn’t worthy of one? It’s been about 20 years right? Give the people a new color PS5 with this game!

  • Will female Clank be Clink?

  • This, this alone is reason enough to get a PS5, so excited!!!

  • I hope there will be gyro/motion sensor aiming.

  • Bring back David Bergeaud! The music is soulless trash!

  • The beginning of Road to PS5. Impressive can’t wait.

  • Rivet looks really cute, hope she’s here to stay! Been waiting for a real sequel since A Crack In Time, which luckily was one of my favorites- so at least it went cold on a high. This looks like a proper contender to bring back the series in full glory :) Was disappointed that it wasn’t a launch game, but at least I still get to play it now :p

  • Whenever “photo mode” is mentioned, I instantly switch off.

  • Just a little off topic, but has anyone noticed that ‘Returnal’ is listed both for PS4 & PS5 on the PlayStation Store for the game’s Digital Deluxe Edition?

  • They really really need to stop putting women protagonist on everything. it’s getting so boring and overrated to the point they’re ruining everything we love.

    • Don’t use “we” in such a generic way. You’re definitely not speaking for everyone.

    • And male protagonists aren’t? I never got why some males don’t want to play females. I’d rather be watching their backs myself :p Also prefer hearing female voices over males.

      In any case, I wouldn’t worry about Ratchet getting replaced. She looks more like an add-on to the team rather than a replacement.

    • “It’s boring and overrated to represent half of the worlds population in a video game”. 😂

      Right, we need another bearded man like every game ever to be exciting and original.

      It’s always amusing in games you can make your own character like Monster Hunter/Dark Souls/Nioh 2 how few people seem to choose to play with as a male character (I’d guess it’s around 20-30% or something).

    • Speak for yourself akamii_killz. You are in a very small minority with those sorts of views so enough with the “we”.

      More female protagonists in gaming is a good thing, a white dude (or male lombax) doesn’t need to be the main character in every single game or for 100% of a game. Nearly every game ever made having a male protagonist or male character select option isn’t enough for you?

  • Finally secured a PS5 last weekend 3am in the morning lol. My suffering is over! Looking forward to this.

  • Jennifer Hale <33

  • Wait what? She is voiced by Jennifer Hale??? I didn’t really listen that carefully.

    • Oh yeah, it sure is. It doesn’t sound like her at all when she first speaks in this trailer but throughout the rest of it, the Haleyness certainly comes through.

  • Bring back David Bergeaud!!!

  • Please please launch this game also for PS4 players I am huge fan of this game but I don’t have enough money for purchasing PS5. Its my humble request.

  • NinjaRemoteplay

    Am I the only one surprised good on how good this game looks good job Insomniac

  • NinjaRemoteplay

    Am I the only one surprised on how good this game looks good job Insomniac

  • Ratchet and clank rift apart digital deluxe edition pre ordered one of Sony’s best studios

  • earth_inheritor

    I want it either way but is this a sequel to the main franchise or the remake? I dont think they were much different just curious how the story folds in

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