New Resident Evil Village demo invites you to Castle Dimitrescu tomorrow

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New Resident Evil Village demo invites you to Castle Dimitrescu tomorrow

Set the horror mood with a remixed trailer featuring music by Giveon.

My name is Tsuyoshi Kanda, Producer on Resident Evil Village. At this point, I hope many of you have had the chance to experience the village area of Resident Evil Village through the Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo. For those of you who missed out on the early access period last weekend, you have nothing to worry about. It’ll be available to try out again on May 1 as well. At that time, both the village and the castle sections of the game will be available to play for a full hour, so you’ll have more time to venture into the village if that’s the brand of horror you’re looking for. 

Get ready by pre-downloading the Gameplay Demo on PS5 and PS4.

New Resident Evil Village demo invites you to Castle Dimitrescu tomorrow

A Haunting Collaboration

To set the mood for tomorrow’s demo, watch the new remixed trailer above to refamiliarize yourself with the known story beats of Resident Evil Village. The goal for this trailer is to present Ethan Winter’s tale in a psychological and thought-provoking style. Of course the music track had to perfectly capture the strong emotional pull of Ethan to his daughter Rose. The song “Vanish” from Grammy-nominated artist Giveon fit seamlessly. Giveon’s music and lyrics immediately evoke the game’s themes of loss and loneliness, from the moment you hear the haunting bells at the beginning of the trailer.

Welcome to Castle Dimitrescu

If you’re looking to step into the halls of Castle Dimitrescu, you’re in for a treat this weekend. PlayStation players will get early access to the terrifying yet beautiful inner workings of the castle, the stronghold of the illustrious Alcina Dimitrescu and her bloodthirsty daughters. It’s not available to play just yet, but you can go to the PlayStation Store to pre-download the Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo in anticipation. To clear up any confusion, you just have to download that one demo. Everything will be automatically available to play through the Gameplay Demo during the designated times.

When you first step into the castle, you may immediately feel the contrast between the decrepit village of the first early access experience to its regal interior. One of the major motifs of this area, and the game in general, was creating environments filled with beauty. When players aren’t running for their lives, we wanted to create a setting that they could enjoy by venturing through and slowly taking in all the sights and scenes. Of course, every picture of beauty hides a face of terror. Players may also find themselves beneath the splendor in an underground prison, tiptoeing past cold cellar bars that offer a sharp juxtaposition to the warmth found up above.

In Resident Evil 7 biohazard, our main focus was creating something claustrophobic with a lot of depth. With Resident Evil Village, we wanted to use what we learned as a foundation to build upon and create something expansive with more variety. The juxtaposition within Castle Dimitrescu, between the well-lit halls of the upper floors and the cold dark chambers down below, is just a small example of the different kinds of environment Ethan Winters will find himself in as he desperately searches for his daughter Rose. Not only will he find himself in a wider variety of environments this time around, but he’ll also have a bigger arsenal of weaponry at his disposal as well. It’s all up to you to strategize and figure out what works best in every new environment and situation that you find yourself in.

A World of Immersive Horror

For those of you who have the pleasure of trying out our game on PS5, I’d also like to draw attention to some additional features. On PS5, you’ll have an extra level of immersion as you walk through the environments with 3D audio surrounding them, high-fidelity graphics using ray tracing, and adaptive triggers to help you feel the extra weight of the weapons as well.

PlayStation 4 players will feel the same thrill as they journey through the village. We’ve worked hard to make sure that the next evolution in survival horror is just as terrifying and immersive on PS4 as it is on PS5. No matter which platform you’re playing on, the world of survival horror and the doors to Castle Dimitrescu are right around the corner this weekend on April 24 at 5:00PM PT and April 25 at 6:00PM BST. I know it will whet your appetite for Resident Evil Village, coming to both PS5 and PS4 on May 7, 2021.

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  • I can’t believe they put Giveon in a trailer!! I can’t wait for the Castle demo this weekend!! SHEEEEEEEEEEEESH

  • You expect us to go slowly and take in all the sights and scenes in a 30 minute 1-shot demo? C’mon guys, get a clue.

  • Waiting for Deep Down capcom…

    Still this looks great

  • BTW is this gonna be only FPS or will it give us the option of TPS like RE4 5 6?

  • I hope they let you shoot her hat off her head like MR.X

  • Can y’all tell us about the infinte ammo details?

  • These date locked demos are frankly an awful idea…. you’re likely loosing out on potential buyers because of how inaccessible and poorly thought out they are.

    • There basically anti consumer demos. Just wait for trusted reviews, then buy the full game, like I’m going to do.

    • I could have sworn it was counting down to last night last time I checked, and now it’s counting down another 6 days.
      So frustrating

    • @Strangeheaven, I’ll do one better. I’ll take out my displeasure on feeling a company is trying to manipulate me so I just won’t buy the thing, or maybe wait until I can get a used copy in a discount bin at Gamestop or something. I literally have a backlog of over a hundred or more games I can work through and my wife is buying me Returnal next week as a birthday gift. I don’t have the time, patience, or inclination to play hard to get psychological mind games with Capcom just to check out a stupid demo. I LIKED RE7 alright, I wouldn’t mind giving this a go, but instead of Capcom turning a “maybe” into a “yes” with me they turned it into a “go take a 30 minute timed walk off a 30 second long pier” the way I feel about this ludicrous crud. I’m not going to let Capcom dictate to me when I’ll peruse their marketing material for their product. They don’t want to make their demo available to me at MY convenience when I can give it a look to see if THEY can convince ME that their game is worth my dime? Fine, then I don’t have the time or inclination to buy it.

  • Ng bs d main kan krn cm bs online terbatas, CAPCOM ud Suck, ng Niat kasih Demo ny, beda sm Demo RE7!!! 👎


  • Why is there a R&B love song over a horror game? It ruined the trailer. I couldn’t quit laughin.

    • Why is R&B still a thing?

      Every song sounds exactly the same. Isn’t everyone bored of it by now?

  • These Timed Demos is Anti Consumer and dictates your time schedule just to play a bloody demo. I do not support this kind of practice at all 👎

    Why on earth would you download a 10gb Demo, that is available at a certain time and date, that let’s you play for one time only for 30 mins🤪🤬

    I like to take my time when playing a Demo at my own pace, without any dumb restrictions, absolutely petty Capcom. It makes me wonder if they want you to rush through the demo to avoid prying eyes from noticing bugs and glitches 🤔

    Anyone know when the review Embargo lifts?

  • The demo is not on the PSStore itself.

    I try logging in through the PS Store online, and it doesn’t specify what the demo is. Is it listed as Castle Demo? Or just REVillage demo?

    Why are you making us jump through all these hoops for this? This is beyond ridiculous.

  • How long are these stupid demos on for? Went to play last week, was counting down to last night. Go to play now and it’s counting down another 6 days. Are they only on for like 6 hours at a time or something? Frustrating

  • Hey Sony. Can you make a feature to turn off Family Sharing. It’s crazy how there isn’t even an option for that yet.

  • This double whammy of time limited play is just anti-consumer nonsense. If you want to build hype, make a product worthy of the hype instead of gating the access to create some illusion of “exclusivity”.

    Whether Capcom or Sony is to blame, I don’t know, but I’m not wasting my time with this, as long as you are being so restrictive. I reckon this decision will backfire as a whole, and personally, I am no longer interested in the game until it hits the bargain bin.

  • Lost me as a customer capcom deciding when i can play a demo…

  • Love Resident Evil and the game, but come on Capcom a 30min demo one time?!…🤦‍♂️…it’s the definition of trash. Sorry not sorry…

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