Verdansk ‘84 live now in Warzone Season 3: Three big map changes

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Verdansk ‘84 live now in Warzone Season 3: Three big map changes

The blast radius of Season 3’s updates for Warzone and Black Ops Cold War is wide.

Verdansk as you’ve come to know it is gone. A nuclear blast has wiped out a zombie outbreak that recently corrupted the land. In its cleansing wake, Activision has rewound Verdansk back to its 1984 version to explore how the Cold War events affected that city. Warzone Season Three rises from these ashes, and with it comes a host of exciting map updates, including reimagined retro interpretations of iconic locations.

The throwback blast of Warzone is just one piece of the Season 3 picture. New Operator Wraith joins the fight – a stone-cold killer featured in the narrative cinematics around the destruction of Mt. Yamantau. Yamantau is a new snowy Multiplayer map that takes place in and around buildings after a devastating avalanche, Sticks and Stones mode returns for a more laid-back MP experience, and will challenge your tomahawk-throwing precision. Diesel is a new 2v2 Gunfight map that doubles as a tight-quarters 6v6 map. The Strafe Run scorestreak rakes the battlefield with airplane machine gun fire. That’s just a sample.

Verdansk ‘84 live now in Warzone Season 3: Three big map changes

Welcome to Verdansk ‘84

Every building, surface, and object on the Warzone map has been revisited and retouched to create a fresh Warzone environment. For starters, It’s now springtime in Verdansk. Cherry blossoms line the streets, and vivid green flora makes the map a newly vibrant destination.

Seven existing locations return with new points of interest, including the Airport which was destroyed in modern-day Verdansk. In Verdansk ‘84, the Airport is fully furnished, sun shines through intact windows, and has an entirely different mood than before. The Airport control tower still stands tall in the location, creating a power position for players who want to control the area. However, the new layout of the airport allows players additional cover to counter-snipe anyone camped out in the tower.

The Verdansk Stadium is still under construction in 1984, complete with a crane towering over the location. The dome, previously blasted open, is completely absent in 1984, creating an open-air battleground.

We had a chance to chat about three of the most high-profile Verdansk map changes with Miles Leslie, Creative Specialist at Treyarch, and Amos Hodge, Associate Creative Director at Raven Software. Read on to learn about what these locations were like previously, how they’ve been updated in Verdansk ‘84, and tips for success.

(Northwest on map)

Gora Summit

What it was

Amos Hodge: “…the biggest change is that before it was the Dam. It was a solid wall. A lot of times you’d try to get up there and you just couldn’t because solid walls are hard to traverse. You could go inside, but it was a little bit maze-y, a little bit dark. So it was really hard to transition up to the top [of the Dam].”

What it is now

Amos Hodge: “Now there’s a truck path [up Gora Summit]. It’s kind of steep, but you can run up it, you can drive a truck up it. We also have what I think is the coolest part: the cable cars that go from summit down to buildings below to provide a little cover.”

Tips for success

Amos Hodge: “[Gora] Summit is really great for its lines of sight and sniping. If you get to Summit and climb on the roofs, you can snipe. There are the gondolas that go up and down and you can get people who aren’t paying attention, getting on and off the gondolas.”

(Slightly west of map center)

Airplane Factory

What it was

Amos Hodge: “Airplane Factory was one of those in-between locations. There were these big, rusted cylinders that stood straight up. There were some ladders. There were six of these structures. This area was kind of an intermediary location. It was just enough to pass through, but wasn’t really a destination.”

What it is now

Amos Hodge: “Now it’s a full destination. There are interiors where people are actually assembling the planes.”

Tips for success

Miles Leslie: “I like driving a truck around the outside just to get people really excited and come out from the inside, thinking they’re going to kill me. And then I’m just driving around in a cargo truck. And it’s doomsday for them.”

(Northeast on map)

Radar Array

What it was

Amos Hodge: “There really wasn’t much there before! This is one of the most interesting new locations because you see it from anywhere in the map.”

What it is now

Miles Leslie: “For some of the fans that remember back to the original Black Ops, we had a map called Grid, and it was based right next to the Dugo. This also made an appearance in the Black Ops Cold War campaign as well, so there’s some deep connection and a lot of tie ins to the Black Ops world, overall.

It was also a real thing used during the Cold War, so now that we’re going back in time to ‘84, it just made sense. On top of that, it’s just really fun to play. Radar Array is deceiving – you immediately want to land on it, but there’s a sense of mastery that comes with how you use it, how you run on it, and how you play around it. I think that’s what players are going to enjoy.”

Tips for success

Amos Hodge: “On Radar Array I love carrying a launcher secondary [weapon] and taking down helicopters. It’s the perfect vantage point. You can see so many helicopters up there and can lock on with your launcher at a pretty long distance. So it’s a great place to clear out the helicopters. You can also get up there and [destroy] vehicles down on the ground.”

Miles Leslie: “You want epic moments? Try jumping off [Radar Array], parachuting, and wiping people out. There you go, it’s fantastic.”

Season 3 of Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War is live now, and ready to transport you to Verdansk ‘84. Be sure to jump into Black Ops Cold War and dig into all the updates for Zombies and Multiplayer as well. More is on the way from the teams at Treyarch and Raven Software, but for now jump in and get to work learning the exciting new map so you can fight your way to victory.

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  • That’s nice and all, but I’m not touching this before it gets a native PS5 version. After playing Cold War at 120fps, with an fov slider and Dualsense enhancements, there’s no way I’m going back.

    • Exactly. I think devs are just lazy. Reskinned map and ps5 upgrade not here after 5months of console release. While it is on Xbox. I know it is easier there but where the hell is parity in this…

    • They’re definitely working on something in this regard, but I believe they’re waiting for Battlefield to show their next-gen technology 1st 🤔

    • you do realize pass 60 you get no benefit right? it could actually do the opposite.

  • @Majk_SVK There isn’t an Xbox Series X version either, just a patch for the Xbox One version, that ups the frame rate. A patch and a version are two different things. The reason the PS4 version can’t be patched the same way, is apparently due to the way PS4 games are coded, whereas on Xbox it can be done with the flick of a switch. Notice how no PS4 game has been patched to run at higher than 60fps on PS5.

    • I completely understand Xbox’s advantage in terms of patch/version that is required on Sony’s side.
      Nevertheless, the point here is that whether its is patch or version, it still puts PS5 into disadvantage versus Xbox or PC players.
      Especially I play with a friend that is on Xbox.

      It’s just that devs are putting us into disadvantage and should have resolved it faster than 5 months (or even longer – who knows when they release the ps5 version)

  • Soooo, what are you guys doing with your PS5 as you wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and also wait… for something interesting to happen with it?

    I currently have mine standing in as a skyscraper in the model city I’m building. I’m thinking about painting it black and putting the Xbox logo on it so I can at least pretend to be happy with it.

  • Nice update…not. Why would you uninstall my multiplayer to make room for Warzone update? Warzone is free and I don’t play it. Multiplayer I paid for and now spending my day re-downloading all of it, after I had to wait for the warzone update. Good grief , and if there isn’t enough room for it I’ll have to delete another game so it’ll fit. I have 0 interest in a ps5 till that thing comes with at least 3 t-bites , or Sony builds a external plug and play hard drive.

  • Way to little.. way to late. You final now just thought about making seasons. How about instead of a lame time jump to 1984, you just blow up the dam and flood the place… as some boats. But nope. There is no material change outside of adding furniture and moving boxes. I will never spend another penny on this game again.

  • From experience, it’s hard to create a game, then with the security hacks that’s another headache. As for me, I have enjoyed the games from the beginning. You only can get better at anything if your doing it everyday. I watched the company like millions grow. I personally look forward to more projects. At this point, I have no complaints but to say Thank You for allowing to play. it’s inspiring and Keep up the Good Work …

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