PlayStation and Firewalk Studios announce publishing partnership for a new, original multiplayer IP

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PlayStation and Firewalk Studios announce publishing partnership for a new, original multiplayer IP

Firewalk’s AAA team sets its sights on creating memorable multiplayer moments for players.

There’s a moment that happens almost every day in our multiplayer playtests – where someone jolts out of their seat, laughs, and says to no one in particular, “Did you just see that happen?” These amazing and unpredictable moments in gaming are the sparks that occur when playing with others; future memories ready to be replayed and retold.

We started Firewalk Studios in 2018 with this kind of spark at the heart of our games.

It’s why I used to stay up until 2 AM playing Phantasy Star Online night after night with the same group from Server 9. Or how the neighbors who showed up at my NYC apartment to complain about the noise, ended up jamming with us in Rock Band instead.

For others on our team, it was spending nights with their crew searching and finding the perfect last armor set piece in Diablo II, making the online qualifiers in competitive Halo tournaments, or skipping studying for a math final to play in a Left 4 Dead 2 LAN party.

As a next-generation AAA studio and part of the ProbablyMonsters family, we’ve carefully assembled an amazing and diverse team of best-in-class talent who are focused on creating these moments. Everyone here brings a deep passion for games and the art of making them. We have a saying at Firewalk: build a great team, build a great game. One leads directly to the other. The ProbablyMonsters’ world-class operations teams and infrastructure has allowed us to focus on doing both better: fostering a sustainable development culture where people come first and delivering great games.

Our collective leadership team is no stranger to building memorable multiplayer experiences. Ryan Ellis, our Game Director, was a Creative Director on Destiny. Elena Siegman, our Executive Producer, was a producer on Guitar Hero II, Bioshock Infinite, and multiple Destiny releases. Our deeply talented team has helped bring to life franchises like Mass Effect and Apex Legends. Combined with my own experience (and, er, thousands of hours played) on Call of Duty and Destiny, we’ve had the opportunity to deliver some of the decade’s biggest experiences to gamers – and we’ve loved it.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce a partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment for our new, original multiplayer game. For our team, the opportunity to create new worlds and inspire more amazing moments for players around the world is the fire and ambition that keeps us going. The PlayStation team has a deep love and respect for the medium of games, and some of the best expertise and capabilities in the world to help make big ambitions a reality.

We’re already hard at work on development and have been having a ton of fun playing our game as a team. In fact, while we continued to grow our team during this challenging last year, it was our daily online playtests that provided the most consistent point of joy and connection for our crew. The fun and laughter of playing together brought us closer, even if we were physically apart. Our goal is to be able to deliver that same joy to gamers and we can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on when the time is right.

We’re very fortunate to love what we do – making games. There’s more game-making in front of us, but in the meantime, we’ll keep playing the incredible games this industry creates and generating a few more sparks of our own.

See you out there.

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  • This sounds so exciting! Looking forward to whatever your team is up to!

    • I’m betting it’s SOCOM.

    • They said new IP. Can’t be SOCOM.

      Where is the rumored SOCOM game though? Guerrilla’s second team was supposedly working on it for years.

      This is great news though. Sony doesn’t have the liquid to buy every studio, but I like these partnerships. That’s how acquisitions used to work. You build a relationship over years and then acquire the studio. Like Insomniac or Suckerpunch. Microsoft is throwing money around creating an arms race, or a faux-monopoly if Sony can’t keep up. Good news though.

    • Mo one was working on SOCOM it has been dead for decades. People kept spreading rumors it was coming but that was just that a rumor.

  • This is good news, but Sony has a really odd strategy recently of announcing that projects are in the works. Give us a blow out e3 style press conference and bring back the excitement of those amazing shows!

    • Oh they will, this summer surely we’ll see another show like we did last June.

      They said after June that they had more in the cupboard. I just think they’ve been forced into this type of news with all the Microsoft press and hype regarding studios.

      It’s not customary to highly publicize these behind the scenes activities, but we’re at a time when Microsoft literally is flooding all forms of media with studio acquisition ads. Not game or product ads, but literally Bethesda ads. It’s bonkers. They need the positive hype, so I’m ok with Sony doing this. Jade Raymond, now Firewalk. Is Konami next?

    • id rather see announcements of partnerships and that they have something in the works in a blog than on an E3-like presentations/State of Play. like did you really want these set of logos to appear in a presentation?

    • Exactly. Here’s an article about…. nothing – this article tells me nothing.

  • Mr Jim Ryan please stop taking PlayStation games for PC, fans are not enjoying it, you forgot that the success of PlayStation is good exclusive games.

    Only On PlayStation

    • Speak for yourself lol

    • At the very least, when they release a PS4 game on PC also release a PS5 version at the same time, then basically no one would complain.

    • completly agree

    • You do realize that they’re quite old at the time the PC version is released? 🤣

      I love PlayStation but I also own a gaming PC; it’s the best combo possible for the ultimate gaming experience.

    • “fans are not enjoying it” aren’t we? I’ve a huge PS fan and I dont care. To me it just allows more people to enjoy good games.

    • ZFG actually Tew-SP-BR. If PC players get to play some of the best PS games a year or more afterwards, what’s so bad about that?

    • I mean what’s the trouble with releasing PS4 games on pc, I mean their not gonna release ALL the PS4 games on pc even if it is a huge success and if it is a huge success they’re not gonna do it until the game is real old and I just won’t sell that much on PS4/5 anymore

    • If PC players want to play a PlayStation game, they should either get PlayStation Now, or buy a PS4/PS5.

      I thought the point of having exclusive games was to sell consoles. What’s the point if you can play them somewhere else on better specs (ignore the poor launch of Horizon Zero Dawn on Steam)?

      Nintendo sure has a sense of their gaming identity. However, Sony should strive to find other ways to support their FULL library on PlayStation consoles.

    • This dude trolls the same nonsense every post.

      This is a positive story, don’t ruin it. And I’m happy Days Gone is going to PC, great game that deserves another chance at the positive reviews it never received on PS4. We already have a 4K/60 upgrade, the game is years old. Enjoy PC gamers. Heck, the only chance at a sequel is if it’s a hit on PC.

    • Its toxic fans like you that will kill playstation. letting them put 3-5 year old games on PC doesnt affect their console sale, only garner interest from the PC diehards. You have already played those games, let others who dont have access to PS4/PS5 play them. Again, these are old games, not day-one releases. Jesus Christ.

    • They effectively made it more attractive to switch to a competitive platform… Not my idea of great business sense (other than the profits, which they’ve gotten enough of forcing online gaming into PS+)

    • You’ve guys haven’t realized that without Playstation exclusives the brand would be nothing right now and xbox would’ve easily won this generation with their game pass services. Alot of people are already switching platforms due to Sony’s recent moves and without their exclusives holding them up, Playstation would be behind Microsoft. Like go ahead and look at horizon zero dawn. That game still haven’t gotten patched out yet, yet it made it’s way onto PC. Could you believe prioritizing another platform except for your own where your fanbase mostly resonates with you? Truly despicable marketing, I believe Sony is just giving us the bad eye to switch platforms at this point.

    • PS game on PC will kill PS like it has hindered(even if people wont admit it) Xbox. While Xbox is holding on it’s have a slow bleed like Dreamcast.

  • Definitely getting some type of MMO shooter vibes. 👌

  • Looking forward to seeing how this develops!

  • Yes, we need fresh new MP IP, please!

  • Sony tends to abandon MPs very quickly… lets see how it gs.

    • Kind of weird how with everyone allegedly “paying for online” with Plus Sony still shuts down all the multiplayer games quickly…

    • That’s not just Sony, it’s every publisher of an unsuccessful mp game. What did Microsoft do with their shiny new studio’s abysmal flop, (not so) Bleeding Edge? Less than a year later, poof.

      Sony has given Destruction All-Stars every chance at success, hopefully it works out. But what can u do if ppl don’t support it?

    • Destruction All-Stars is only available for PS5 and almost no one owns such a console. And of those who own a PS5, not everyone is playing this game. So how successful can this game be?

  • It would be cool to see this launch for free for PlayStation Plus members like Destruction AllStars and Rocket League since it’s a multiplayer game!

  • Just hoping it’s not another BR game.

  • Perfect!!!! Sony you are the best!!! But we want to unlock NVMe M.2 support on PS5!!! Also I’m waiting for new exclusives. Make your fans happy Sony!!!

  • Jim, let PS5 consoles be available at physical retail stores restricting one per person so this annoying online hunting ends. More PS5s would be on players hands right now than in scalper’s warehouses if they were freely available at retail stores.

  • And now we are celebrating an announcement – where we don’t know what game they announced?

    …. and now we announced… a multiplayer game! What?!?…

    • Maybe soon we can preorder the announcements.

      Or get a season pass of all the announcements preorders!!


    • Blame Xbox for leading E3 with studio announcements and having ads strictly for Bethesda. They forced this celebrated behavior.

  • Sony needs to fix the whole state of play experience. Sorry, but it sucks. What you are showing us is fine, but it amounts to; “here’s a game trailer, and another game trailer…see you next time”. Take a look at what Apple is doing. They have really great polished presentations with presenters with great transitions between each item they are presenting. I can watch trailers on my own. What I want is the Sony E3 experience. Give us that please because I’m not feeling the hype. You need something to get the majority of PS4 owners that want a PS5 and can’t get one a reason to still want one.

  • So what was the announcement exactly? Just that a multiplayer game is coming without ANY details?

    • Probably setting things up for their E3 style event in the summer.

    • That a new mp exclusive is in production and will probably be announced soon.

      Microsoft ads are all about studios now, why is this bad for Sony to do?

  • 💯🔥🔥🔥KILLZONE 2&3 Remake 4K UHD 60fps with Full Multiplayer ASAP. SONY IS LITERALLY SITTING ON A GOLD MINE AND THEY CANT EVEN SEE IT. I Would pay $80 for that game, Many PlayStation owners would.

    After almost 9 years, Sony is finally making Online Games again. Happy they finally caught up to current trends. Took them awhile.

    • They are always behind trends. They haven’t even hopped on the 1st party RPG bandwagon and Microsoft is already ahead of them in that regard. Sony keeps relying on making 3rd party deals. Step up and spend some money. And billions not millions.

    • No more killzone please.

    • @AdonisIsBeast

      Sony made first party RPG’s in the PS1 era, 2 generations before the Xbox was a thing. You’ve not heard of Legend of Dragoon?

      I really wish Sony go back to making a VARIETY of games, like they did in the PS3 era and earlier rather than just the horde of copy paste crycry US made action adventures we have now.

    • Did I seriously just read a guy saying “no more killzone please”? Oo

  • This sounds incredible exciting, and the team behind it sounds like they are so passionate about this project. Can’t wait to see more!

  • Where is the Sony Square Enix acquisition? You need a steady lineup of Jrpg’s on rotation annually. Come on.

    • As much as I’d like more JRPGs, or at least a Sony game that wasn’t a crycry third person action adventure with optional stealth, made in the US, it’s unlikely. Extremely.

      The entirety of Sony is worth around 45 billion. Square Enix would cost at least 14 billion to buy.

      Sony can’t really afford to risk 1/3rd of it’s total value on another publisher. Especially one who’s gaming division makes net losses almost yearly. It would take forever to make the money back.

  • Not good enough you are still talking about putting games on PC and the stuff you scrapped like Days gone 2 and Kojima has still not been addressed as a PS5 owner I don’t feel valued by you my statement still stands I am leaving you in September you have lost my trust completely what’s the point if I can play Xbox games on PC and PlayStation games with free online why would I pay YOU to play online and miss out on games ?

  • Not interested even if it was free but hopefully it’s good for those that are.

    But hey, at least the next time an Xbot claims more nonsense yet again like “Sony doesn’t do online games ever”, even though they do multiplayer in some of their biggest GOTY winning games…… then I can say, shut your mouth “no games” for the 500th time the past decade.

  • Completely pointless blog post, I’m sure that many other developers have also PS5 games in development. Next time write when you actually have something to tell. LOL

  • I hope its not pvp or a shooting game. Would love to see a good mmorpg on playstation tho, but doubt it.

  • No thanks.

    You lost me at multiplayer.

  • This is amazing news
    I hope it will be worth waiting for
    I always believe Sony offered the best online experience over the years but something did not click with people or media. I believe this maybe a marketing issue?!
    I have played killzone, uncharted, mag and many more and they offered a great online multiplayer experience. I believe more emphasis by marketing on this aspect of upcoming games that will offer online is really needed
    Looking for this game and ur 1st party games

  • Glad to see Sony expanding into the multiplayer space a bit more. Now that the single player experience is top notch, I hope they can do the same in the Multiplayer aspect.

  • This was the best news I’ve heard this week

  • Bitte ein neues MAG! Mit genauso viele Spieler mindestens!… Thank you

  • Socom, you can do it …

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