Liked Yakuza: Like a Dragon? Here’s why Judgment’s PS5 remaster may be for you

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Liked Yakuza: Like a Dragon? Here’s why Judgment’s PS5 remaster may be for you

Solve crimes and get into fights in a hard-boiled drama full of intrigue and larger-than-life characters, out on PS5 April 23.

Hey guys! Kaydie from Sega here reminding you that Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s mystery thriller, Judgment remastered, hits the PlayStation 5 this Friday, April 23. From the creators of Yakuza, Judgment is a free-roam action brawler that puts you in the shoes of Takayuki Yagami, a street-fighting private eye that defends those that the law fails to protect.

If you’re coming from Yakuza: Like a Dragon and want more hard-boiled drama full of intrigue and larger-than-life characters packed into a single experience that only Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio can deliver – sleuth no further. Here’s why you’re bound to dig Judgment if you loved Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

Judgment is a cinematic crime drama

You’ve seen through the eyes of Ichiban Kasuga how his former clan, the Tojo Clan, runs Kamurocho. Law enforcement turns a blind eye to corruption out of fear or a wad of cash in the pocket. In comes Detective Yagami. Caught up in solving a serial murder case with evidence against a Tojo Clan branch family stacking up, Yagami must hunt down the truth while the forces of Kamurocho try to cover it up – otherwise, no one else will.

Camaraderie between eccentric characters

…But he can’t do it alone. If character interactions that oscillate between absurd and sincere in Yakuza gripped you by the heart, you’ll appreciate the brotherhood Yagami forms with those he meets through the investigation. Yagami is capable but still depends on those around him, especially Kaito, his best friend and “brawn” half of the Yagami Detective Agency, when it feels like the entire town is out to get them.

Freestyle city exploration

Like in Yakuza, every inch of Kamurocho’s neon-lit streets is yours to roam. Yagami has his own tastes, so there are plenty of restaurants, activities and even games in Club Sega to check out that Ichiban and company didn’t see. (Hot tip: L’Amant has free drinks!) Don’t forget to make the rounds at your Yakuza favorites like Smile Burger and Gindaco for old time’s sake.

Over-the-top martial arts combat

Judgment’s action is up there with your favorite martial arts flick and within the vein of Yakuza’s flashy, brutal, veering into absurd combat. While not turn-based like Yakuza: Like a Dragon, you can level up Yagami’s skill trees much like you would job classes.

If brawlers aren’t your thing, no sweat. There are several difficulties to choose from that let you enjoy the combat at your own pace without missing any of the flashy moves.

Tokyo Drone (Kamurocho Boyz)

If Dragon Kart was a big hit with you, sign-ups for Kamurocho’s high-speed drone circuit are in the Millennium Tower lobby. When you’re not using Yagami’s drone to collect evidence, take flight in the Drone League Kamurocho and soar through the ranks – but not before souping it up with mods and a fresh dip of paint, of course.

Judgment remastered is available for PS5 on April 23! 

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  • Really enjoyed it on PS4. Wish it would’ve had some kind of upgrade path for the PS5 version.

    • Unbelievable that these guys have turned into money hogs and screwed loyal fans.

      No free upgrade? No upgrade path? Not a chance I support this after the Yakuza 7 debacle.

      Sega should’ve made this Series X timed exclusive again. Maybe I’ll buy it used? Thanks for turning me off. Oh, and I’m not alone. Let em know, Kaydie Hanson.

      Btw, Kiwami was mediocre.

    • jezzacorbyn1983

      That was always my concern when the series got big in the west. Western gamers are weak and unlike Japanese gamers they buy into the sorta shady microtransactions and economics of western developers. Always knew Japan would play catchup eventually. I’m not paying £40 for a remaster of a game I may or may not enjoy (Big Yak fan since 2013, but burned out in recent years). Sell it for 20 and we’ll have a deal because it will be in line with current used and new prices for the ps4 version. Sad to see what a Western mindset is doing to a series I once adored.

  • Got the PS4 version already…thanks for not providing a free PS5 upgrade option.

  • Nope, I don’t know if I like it because I never bought it. Do I love being screwed over, a gamer who bought every one of your games day one at full price? Its people like me that put your franchise back on the map in the west, when you did the smart thing and started bringing the entire series over here again back in late 2016.

    But screwing me out of my PS5 version of Yakuza Like a Dragon in 2020 was a big big mistake. I’m never touching your franchise ever again. I hope the Xbot fans, that we all know never bought games even before game pass, have a change of heart and start supporting your games going forward………. because I won’t be. We all saw what happened 20 years ago when the Oddworld devs dropped PlayStation support in favour of Xbox and, lol, EA. Thanks for nothing.

    • What an embarrassing meltdown this is. All because people got to play the game before you, yikes. Grow up and join us in adulthood.

    • What a loser

    • It definitely sucks that they treated us loyal playstation fans so badly, but the thing I took most offense to was making Yakuza 7 turn based :)

    • I agree with Andrew.

      Not embarrassing at all. This guy is a huge supporter of the IP. He’s not some casual. They screwed loyal fans with Like a Dragon, now, no upgrade? Screw these guys. I agree. U lost me, but luckily I was never huge into Yakuza anyway. Tbh, it all feels a bit budget and 🧀.

      I know ppl love these games but I Kiwami was weak imo. It’s more a cult, Japanese gangster fascination because I don’t see the quality.

  • Seriously? No upgrade path?! Xbox gives upgrades to their games but you just can’t be bothered?

  • Extremely disappointed/upset that there is no free PS5 upgrade for those of us who supported you by buying the game full price on PS4 when it came out. Anti-customer behavior like this is what makes people just sit back and pick your game up a few months after release when it ends up on sale for 50% off. It’s not too late to change this and give those who already own the game a free upgrade like the overwhelming majority of other developers/publishers have been doing…

    • It doesn’t even need to be a free upgrade. They did extra work for this version, so I would be happy to pay a small fee. I would have liked them to fully voice the game as an improvement on the original release.

    • Yep. I would, as well, even pay a small upgrade fee if that was an option.

  • Is that first screenshot in this article a mistake or is Pierre Taki in the PS5 port again? He wasn’t in the announcement trailer…

  • Like everyone else, I am extremely disappointed there is no free upgrade from the PS4 version, like 99% of the other games out there offer. I purchased the PS4 version on release and it is still sitting here sealed on my shelf, waiting for me to get through all the other 100+ hour games that are in my backlog before it. It would have been great to pop it in my PS5 and play through the new PS5 version, but you’d rather I just toss my PS4 copy in the trash so that I re-buy the game all over again? Thanks, but no thanks. All good will is lost now, and we’ll see if I ever pay full price for a Sega game on launch again.

  • I’ll pass on this one. I would’ve been fine with paying a small fee to upgrade to the PS5 version, but having to buy the game again at full retail price is a bad move. Especially when Japan can buy a new copy of the game on PS5 for 20$/14£, while we have to pay double that.

  • This is a great game with a great story and combat. It’s a shame that they cheaped out and didn’t go with full voice acting. Games like this need to be fully voiced as standard, it really adds to the experience.

  • Remaster my foot. Game is 2 yrs old.

  • Can’t even transfer PS4 progress to the PS5 version… ridiculous. I bet the only difference between the save files is an arbitrary partition in the system or a folder.

  • Great game, unfortunate to see this release being bogged down by bad anti-consumer practices trying to charge people a second time for the same game we already purchased.

  • U guys expect for every ps4 game a free upgrade?

    U kinda live in a fantasy world, right :)

  • Not seeing it in the Store as of this post (6:30am EDT). Only the PS4 version. Or do we have to engage in some sort of trickery at purchase?

  • Not seeing the game on the store…it’s 4/23. What gives? 7:23am EDT

  • I don’t see the PS5 version of Judgment Remastered this morning did they cancel it ??

    • The disc version is for sale on Amazon, so I guess there’s that. I guess if you got the digital edition of the ps5 you’re SOL.

  • Bought a game in a sale for 24€ two weeks before the announcement of the remaster. Can’t return it and don’t want to play it anymore. SEGA discounted it 2-3 times before the announcement to get the suckers like me and then trying do double dip with the sale of a remaster. I would happily pay a fee to upgrade, but i guess SEGA is to gready.
    So screw SEGA with it`s anti consumer practises, won’t ever buy games from them without a HEAVY discount or better yet will buy used.

  • Why no demo like for the original game?

  • Ah Sega, continuing to bite the hand that fed you for so long.

  • I think I’ll pass on jugement

  • I never expect the game graphic on PS5 will be this damn good! Nice graphic and new color tune.

    Combat need some improvement, overall it’s a good game with awesome reality Tokyo street graphic!

    Hope the sequel will be this awesome! Kudos dragon team!

  • NinjaRemoteplay

    Best Yakuza

    1.) Yakuza 0

    2.) Yakuza kiwi

    3:) Yakuza like a dragon

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