Latest update for Share Factory Studio on PS5 is available today

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Latest update for Share Factory Studio on PS5 is available today

Increase to clip, transition and music track counts, improved integration with Media Gallery and more.

Hello PlayStation fans! Since launching our free editing app Share Factory Studio for PS5 with the console’s launch, we’ve been hard at work to continue to enhance the on-console editing experience – so players can creatively bring to life and share their epic gameplay moments. We are pleased to announce some new updates we’ve made to Share Factory for PS5, which will be available starting today.

Latest update for Share Factory Studio on PS5 is available today

First up is a feature our community has asked for – an increase in the number of clips for your tracks. Below is the new clip count you can expect to see for your Share Factory Studio projects:

  • Track 1 clips increased from 50 to 100
  • Track 1 transitions increased from 49 to 99
  • Music tracks increased from 12 to 24
  • Track 2 clips increased from 10 to 20

We’ve also improved the overall editing experience – here’s a roundup of updates launching today for Share Factory Studio on PS5:

  • A fresh new look for Track 2 with tapestry now available as well as added support for Layouts and Frames.
  • Support for HDR screenshots.
  • Improved track visualization with Track 1 and Track 2 now featuring icons indicating if your clip is in HD, 4K and/or HDR.
  • Improved Clip and Screenshot Management and integration with the Media Gallery, allowing you to sort your videos and screenshots by Favorites that you have marked.

These new updates will enhance the current features already available on the Share Factory Studio app for PS5 – for example, you can now create videos up to 4K resolution at 60fps with HDR support. such as 4K/HDR 60fps support for video clips high-quality Creator Packs, music tracks, transitions and stickers, as well as the support of Sound FX.

It has been seven years since we first introduced SHAREfactory for PS4 in April 2014, and we are so pleased to see the engagement and support from the PlayStation community for this feature. The idea for SHAREfactory came together when we first learned about the video recording feature that was launching on PS4, as well as the industry-first innovative Share button on the DualShock 4 wireless controller. 

Many of our team members have had previous experiences in game development, and a few of us also had experience with video editing and multimedia design. As gamers ourselves, we believed the PlayStation community would have fun creating personalized videos to share with their friends, so we thought it would be pretty neat if we could create a video editing app that players could use right from their PS4. Once the idea was formed, it wasn’t too long after that SHAREfactory was born, and we have been blown away by the creativity and how players were using the app ever since. Since then, we’ve listened to the PlayStation community’s feedback and incorporated ongoing improvements and enhancements to SHAREfactory over the years to make the editing experience a smooth one for gamers.

We hope you enjoy the new updates for Share Factory Studio on PS5 and we look forward to seeing even more creative gameplay moments from the community. Happy editing!

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2 Author Replies

  • Thank you for the update ! Where is it that we leave feedback and suggestions for Share Factory Studio ?

    I would personally like to see the ability to create 9:16 or 1:1 videos. Then we have the ability to create TikTok, Youtube Shorts, Twitter Fleets, Instagram stories etc. Through Share Factroy which I think would be pretty cool.

    • Thanks for the feedback and the support! We appreciate your suggestions. We hope you are enjoying the new update.

  • Thanks for the update, I’m using this as it’s a great piece of software that gives me excellent results.

    When will there be more themes, not necessarily based on games but just more general themes? Thanks once again.

    • Thanks for the kind words. We love hearing this type of feedback. We do have plans to add additional Creator Packs in the future. Stay tuned!

  • I love share factory. Any chance of being able to create Gifs like the ps4 version?

  • Please reverse the blanket policy to block Dualshock 4 controllers on PS5 “games”. I was playing a PS4 game on my PS5 with a DS4, saved a cool clip, so I fired this up to edit and share, and was greeted with a message that I can’t use a Dualshock 4 controller to play PS5 games. Really? for this? Yet I can log in to remote play on my phone and open this up and control it with my phone’s touchscreen. It’s really quite ridiculous. There’s no technical reason why I shouldn’t be able to use this with a DS4 (or any PS5 game for that matter). Your DS4 policy is incredibly frustrating and inconsistent and is a bad experience for your customers. Frankly, I have decided to buy any non-exclusives on other platforms that don’t have such silly restrictions on currently supported 1st party controllers. I’m not buying any extra $70 Dualsenses either just so family and friends can quickly jump into a PS5 game session when I have perfectly compatible DS4s already that are just being blocked to sell more Dualsenses. You can do better by your customers than this.

    • I agree. I understand that there’s differences between the controllers, and if a game on one system uses the unique features it won’t work when using the other. But I still feel that developers should have the option to support DS4 controllers on PS5, especially for local multiplayer games.

  • Is anyone else having an issue with using the “green screen” option in share factory. Made a video before the update and my green screen worked fine and now it is unusable

    • Exactly it is terrible, even for me also before update it was working well. Now while editing if you choose green screen option it is not working at all and at the top right corner it shows Chroma Key ReD. Now I am not able to make any gameplay videos 😢 😕 it is of no use.

      Can anyone help on this

  • This update broke exporting. Now when I export a project, then try to go back into the project, the application crashes. Can y’all fix that?

  • I absolutely Love this feature, but I think there should be an easier option to import videos, images,etc
    Thanks for updating it and I hope the support stays the same

  • After this update, I realised that Green screen feature is not working at all. It is terrible. I did my whole gameplay recording with green screen, while editing I got to know that the green screen feature for track 2 is not working 😕 . Instead it shows chroma color key RED at top.

    I found this of no use. 😪😪😪😪

  • I believe that a good youtube tutorial of how to use and utilize all the tools offered by sharefactory will be a good move and will help more users to hub in and widen the user base of the app

  • i Love! ShareFactory. Over These Past Years it’s Come A Long! Way Since 2017(When i Got Mine)
    These Very Additions Were Just Some, Of What i’d Recommended in The What’s New Messaging Section On PS4, Amongst Others. Nice To See Some Being Adressed.
    But is This Update Only For PS5. i Mean i Welcome it To The PS5 Also, But PS4 Could Use it Too=)

    There’s Other Stuff On My Mind To, A Filing System (Similar To PC) For Music Tracks.

    Also, in Add Music,Choose Music, A L1=PgUp & R1=PgDn.(Quicker Selection)
    A Counter For How Many Splits You’ve Made Thus Far.
    Reverse Effects For Stickers.(Right Thumb Up,Left Thumb Up)
    i Have More,But i’ll Refrain For Now, But Remember,
    These Were Suppose To Be For PS4(i Don’t Have PS5 Yet)

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