Genshin Impact comes to PS5 on April 28, taking the open-world experience next-gen

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Genshin Impact comes to PS5 on April 28, taking the open-world experience next-gen

Explore a more vivid, detailed, and immersive Teyvat with enhanced visual and game performance.

Greetings, Travelers! Genshin Impact’s dev team here, eager to announce that the PlayStation 5 version of Genshin Impact will be arriving on April 28! We would like to share some details about the PS5 version of the game with all of you — we just couldn’t wait any longer!

For anyone new to the game, Genshin Impact is an open-world action RPG that takes place in the vast magical land of Teyvat. You play as a Traveler from another world who has been separated from their twin. You embark on a journey to find them, and along the way you gradually discover the secrets and fate of this exotic world.

Genshin Impact comes to PS5 on April 28, taking the open-world experience next-gen

The PlayStation 5 hardware provides an ideal platform to experience Genshin Impact, making the world of Teyvat even more detailed, more vivid, and more immersive. That’s why we wanted to bring the PS5 version to players as soon as we could. At the same time, we’ve been working to develop various functions to fully utilize this next-gen console in the long run: we created a graphics library completely from the ground up, and we built a customized file-loading system to take advantage of the powerful SSD of the PS5. So in future updates, we will have much more potential to elevate the visual quality and game performance – we are only scratching the surface.

With Genshin Impact, we want to transport you into a visually stunning and culturally diverse world. The all-new graphics library allows us to pack even more details into the game world. Look closely at your surroundings, and the high-res texture will tell you a unique story in every tiny detail; raise your eyes to the horizon, and the enhanced Level of Detail distance will bring you an impressive view of landmarks near and far. Even better, the PlayStation 5 allows you to run all these details in native 4K resolution. If you have an HDR display, with our HDR support, you can enjoy an even more vibrant look at the world

Genshin Impact features massive and changing landscapes. So when you traverse the open-world and domains, faster loading will make your adventure so much smoother. With the PlayStation 5’s SSD and our tailor-made file-loading system, teleporting from one place to another now takes just seconds. You can jump right into domains almost instantaneously, ready to explore and fight!

But to truly approach the next-gen experience, we realize the DualSense controller will be a game-changer by showing how the game world responds to your actions within. The DualSense controller adopts very different technologies, and we’re still redesigning the controller support from scratch to explore it’s full potential. You may notice that the controller vibration feels different from that in the backward-compatible version of the game. We can’t wait to integrate even more of the controller’s features to better reflect your immersive experience in Teyvat.

We’ve also prepared an exclusive version of Qingyun Peak only for PlayStation 5 players! This mountain peak has been one of the most popular places in the game among both our players and team. So we’ve given this location a bit of a makeover. We hope you like the surprise!

Genshin Impact comes to PS5 on April 28, taking the open-world experience next-gen

The release of Genshin Impact on the PlayStation 5 is just the beginning of the new console experience. We’ve only been to two of the seven major cities in Teyvat so far, so there is so much more content to look forward to. Okay, Travelers, that’s it for now! Don’t forget to come check us out on April 28!

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  • Sounds exciting, thx por upgrading the game.

  • What about the framerate?

    • What about it? The PS4 version already ran at 60fps if you played it on the PS5. Seems pretty clear that the PS5 version will be 60fps as well.

    • The question here is not wether it will have 60fps but rather it will support 120fps.

  • I would love to play on my PS5, but not until I can use the same account as I do on my phone. So much of the appeal of this game is that I can literally play it at any time, I just can’t give up that convenience. I really hope one day I can use that account on my PS5.

  • CROSS SAVE! Come on Sony stop being so far behind.

    • That has nothing to do with Sony. This isn’t their game. If you want Cross-Save then ask the developer for it.

  • Can’t wait to experience the enchanced texture and faster loading time. I’m okay with native 2K (rather than 4K) if its means even better better graphics and faster loading time though.

  • Will the PS5 version have a platinum trophy?

    • I wish but I doubt it. Most of the time they stick with the same list. I do wonder if all the trophies will auto-pop though for those of us who have them all on the PS4 version already.

  • Nice! I’ve been curious about playing this on my PS5 finally; thus, I’ve more reasons to do so.

  • This game needs to have cross-region party, we’re in 2021 and I can’t play with friends from different regions? This is straight up from 2005!

  • Sony, for the love of god, please allow cross save. I’m not willing to go through leveling and grinding on two separate accounts. I want to play this on my PS5, but until you allow cross save I will continue to use PC and mobile exclusively. It makes no sense for you to have a PlayStation exclusive version of Genshin Impact, when the whole point of the game is to be a pick-up and play gacha experience.

    • Dude this isn’t Sony’s game. Ask the developer for it. They are the ones dragging their feet on it along with things like 2FA for security.

  • Could you guys make an option to change the colors of the clothes of the heroe?

  • it would be nice if the controls for the menus were a bit better.

    Seriously who thought that having the stick be used over the pad was a good idea?

  • Cross-save please. Will be sad that i have the PS5 but cannot experience it due to Sony/Genshin doesn’t provide cross-save from other devices. ;(

  • Im playing the PS4 version on my PS5, will this new build simply layer over the top, ie. Upgrade to my exiting PS4 version? Keep saved games in tact?

  • Please add more trophies and a platinum Mihoyo!
    New trophy sets with major updates would be welcome as well, just like how we get new achievements with the updates.

  • Has the PS store been updated or is there a delay? It still only shows the PS4 version :*-(

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