PlayStation Store on PS3 and PS Vita Will Continue Operations

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PlayStation Store on PS3 and PS Vita Will Continue Operations

Players will be able to continue to purchase games on PS3 and PS Vita.

Recently, we notified players that PlayStation Store for PS3 and PS Vita devices was planned to end this summer. 

Upon further reflection, however, it’s clear that we made the wrong decision here. So today I’m happy to say that we will be keeping the PlayStation Store operational for PS3 and PS Vita devices. PSP commerce functionality will retire on July 2, 2021 as planned. 

When we initially came to the decision to end purchasing support for PS3 and PS Vita, it was born out of a number of factors, including commerce support challenges for older devices and the ability for us to focus more of our resources on newer devices where a majority of our gamers are playing on. We see now that many of you are incredibly passionate about being able to continue purchasing classic games on PS3 and PS Vita for the foreseeable future, so I’m glad we were able to find a solution to continue operations.

I’m glad that we can keep this piece of our history alive for gamers to enjoy, while we continue to create cutting-edge new game worlds for PS4, PS5, and the next generation of VR.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us – we’re always listening and appreciate the support from our PlayStation community. 

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  • Thank you, Jim!

    • I suspect this is Jim being forced to backtrack.

    • Thank you Jim so very much.

      I was already buying games early January when the website store front was closing.

      I bought a bunch of them recently but last Friday I got laid off due to Covid19 and was wondering how the heck I was going to buy those other games.

      Which I will eventually but this buys me some time to figure everything out with my budget.

      Thank You so very much.

      There’s a bunch of games that are obviously missing, some of them I believe there’s a better PS4 version which I will probably be getting instead.

    • For what ?
      For lying to his customers ?

      Or for putting his mlb game on gamepass?

      Or for cut funding japan studio
      And abandon Japanese games ?

    • Yeah, fast im going to agree with you in that, abandoning Japense games and JPN studio is awful.

    • Oh The real ghost.

      Jim ryan is stupid to realise that Japanese games is more creative and fun to PLAY then his Western Cinematic games (interactive movies)

    • There’s nothing to “thank” here either than to acknowledge the fact that Jim shows he’s not always as stubborn as he usually is. He can still listen and think after all. Also, the least said about Herman Hulst or whatever, the better.

      It’s been a blessing in disguise not being able to get a PS5 and having to be content with my PS4 Pro, however I had already decided that I’ll be getting a Xbox Series X as games on the Xbox Store not only go for dirt cheap sometimes, but more so because of that CMOS battery issue. Face it, we’ve been duped by Sony and now more than ever I fear for my PS3 & PS4 lifespan after learning about that. PS2 I’m ok as it still works, sadly my PS1 not anymore.

      Nevertheless my message to you Jimmy is that not only keep those stores open, but give out sales on PS3 and Vita games. Heck, Microsoft is still dishing out sales on Xbox 360 games. You mean to tell me you can’t do the same? And lastly, as a final request to you Jimmy, you put the games MGS4 & Remember Me up for sale and I MAY (a big fat one at that), consider remaining with Sony as I and everyone else has over the years.

      Oh, and very very lastly (pardon me), any chance of TLOU2 going on Playstation Hits sooner than later as there’s no way I’m getting for anything higher than the price of the ‘Playstation Hits’ price.

      Bye… (not thank you)

    • We won, Mr. Stark!!!

    • Fast_fabulous0: MLB The Show had to go multiplatform for Sony to keep the license, and it was MLB that dictated that it go on Xbox Game Pass.

    • @Fast_fabulous0

      It wasn’t Jim Ryan’s decision to put MLB The Show on other platforms let alone Game Pass. That was entirely MLB and a deal they signed as the publisher.

      I thought well even if they go to other platforms, then continue making them and make more money, but since MLB is the publisher and they stabbed PlayStation in the back, I’m not sure if we should even make these games but let’s not make hasty decisions.

      I would make sure that it won’t happen a second time for sure.

      The thing I want the most from Japan Studios is a new Legend of Dragoon or a Remake. I don’t care if it’s a 4 game compilation, so long as they last 30 hours per game, like Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

      First Sony told them not to make AAA games like Legend of Dragoon because they cost too much, now they are saying that the lower cost games don’t sell well.

      Just make a Legend of Dragoon Remake already

    • @Chomza85

      The DRM is just as bad on the Xbox Series of consoles. Your game won’t even launch if it can’t connect to a server. It’s not better at all.

      Game Pass is a subscription, you stop paying, you stop playing these games. You don’t own anything there either.

      Even if the stores were to close, the fact remains that we still would have had the ability to connect and re-download those games down the line, unlike Nintendo that just removes the store without any options to re-download the purchased games.

      I will be thanking good business decisions and I’m sure Jim will find a way to counter those CBombs, or I should say will tell Marc Cerny to find another way not to loose your entire library, granted, you can always re-download them.

    • @fastfabulous

      Sorry where did he lie? He didn’t put MLB on gamespass mobile did. They ate the publisher on xbox and Sony have no choice in that after a court case last year. Get your facts right. As for Japan studio it is and always has been a support studio they have created a new studio effectively out of team asobi the creators of astrobot. Otherwise Japan studio will be operating as a support studio. The studio has not released many of its own titles in recent year anyway I think ignoring the astrobot titles it’s released two games in a decade… the last guardian which was plagued by development issues and the puppeteer which was a tiny indie game. It supported development of titles like bloodborne and will continue to fulfil that role so not sure wtf you are on about there… my guess is you don’t actually know what you are on about either. Sony haven’t abandoned Japanese games… given their work eith lorica studios to date and final fantasy titles as exclusives support for a range of other Japanese titles recently and in the near future thst is clearly and patently incorrect. Again you simply demonstrate that you don’t have a clue what you are on about. If the reports are true Sony have simple expressed a wish to not fund games that will only sell in Japan and have a tiny niche of market viability which is totally reasonable considering how much the console market appears to have shrunk in Japan. Did you buy every Japanese made PlayStation title on relesse for full price? If you did my hat off to you, if as I suspect you didn’t and passed on many such games which is normal if a title doesn’t appeal to you; however leaves you without a leg to stand on when a business decides to stop producing content that doesn’t make them profit… to concentrate on vastly more profitable ventures. Also it’s worth noting Japanese players and Japanese gaming has consistently moved in the direction of mobile ganing away from console gaming. So unless you want them to fund a whole load of mobile game titles I’d suggest shutting up because I suspect no one here wants that.

    • *mlb not mobile abd *kojima studios not lorka.

    • @extermin8or_

      No one here is clueless other then you

      1- he decided to renew mlb deal by knowing he will lose the control for the ip & will making it for his main rival console

      2- Japan studio is been a supporting team because they want them to be like that from the very beginning

      3- Japanese market is not a niche market.
      not because some Japanese games is only selling in japan have no bright future to sell in the rest of the world
      ( persona 5 is good example)

      Honey just look at Nintendo how they are selling the switch like a hot cake out there

      You know why ? Because they make great games that fit the Japanese taste and the globe.

    • Please don’t believe this is all a we heard you and have gave you what you want. When they told everyone that they were closing them they made a point to highlight you can still download what you own. Not long after they removed the line about that because the publisher of said games shut down updates and where ready to remove the licenses that we rent for a one off payment and in turn you lose the game. That would have led to class action law suits and so on

    • It’s the competition that forced Jim’s backtrack.

    • CommandingTiger

      I think it needs to be said.
      The PS5 needs access to the PS3, PSP and Vita Store and able to play these games.

      There are ways to recompile games to make them compatible without using an emulator.

      An emulator can also be used, there are some on PC that do work.

      Sony can hire a small team to just work on recompiling them, there are softwares that exists that recompile PS3 and PS2 games, so why not have a software like that and get them ported over with better resolutions and frame rate without going all out for a “Remaster”

    • Look why you said the psp is closing on july 2 and we have to keep purushing

  • First off, thank you for listening, Jim. This is the right decision, because there are WAY too many games on this service that are unavailable on other platforms, and it’d be unwise to have them disappear forever. With that said, I still think Sony should consider bringing PSone Classics and PS2 Classics over to the PS4/PS5. I know some of these games look dated, but people still love to buy and play them! And some of those games cost TONS of money if you’re trying to hunt for a physical copy somewhere. I’d much rather give that money to the publishers putting those classic games out there, rather than some Joe Shmoe on eBay. Please consider bridging the gap and establishing a PS1/PS2 program for PS4/PS5. Thanks.

    • Totally agree

    • Well said.

    • I couldn’t have put it better.

    • PS2 classics on PS4 was woefully underutilised. Some OG Xbox games look great on One/Series consoles. I’m sure a similar up scaling solution and anti-aliaising would make them look great and there are so many good games that I’m sure people would happily replay.

    • I totally agree
      I’ll gladly pay to play Soul Reaver again

    • I also agree this was a great decision, but I don’t think we will see PSone or PS2 classics anytime soon on modern systems. The reason these are still stuck on PS3 is technical; PS3 originally had full backwards compatibility with PS1 and PS2 by including the full chipsets in the console (so, like literally there was a PS3 CPU and GPU and memory and everything inside the console). Later on, Sony moved to partial software emulation by only including the PS2’s GPU, but emulating the CPU (and using the PS3’s own RAM). That is still the solution today in PS3, and is how the PS1 and PS2 classics work on that system. It’s why only certain games ever made it into the PS Store on PS3: some PS1/2 games didn’t work correctly using Sony’s partial software emulation, so those are not sold in the PS Store. For Sony to bring any of these titles, or PS3 titles as well, to PS4 or PS5, they would have to hire developers and come up with a full software emulation program for them. I *highly* doubt that will happen. FYI, full software emulation is how MS has achieved their backwards-compatibility with Xbox/Xbox 360/Xbox One titles, and it works beautifully there.

    • Hey Jim, I’m still buying PS Video TV Shows and Movies.

      Is that still planned to get closed?

      I think it would be wise to at the very least keep it open with what you have even if you don’t add newer content on it although some of us would appreciate.

      Rather than having a dedicated team, how about you do like Steam does and Movie publishers themselves can add their own content and pricing on the PS store.

      They only have access to their content and it would open the store up for more Indy publishers.

      I totally get the cost of running a store, but when you look at Steam, the store runs itself and it’s the publishers absorbing the cost of posting the content and managing their sales.

      Just something to think about.

    • @Amazing – Every PS3 can play PSone games. There’s zero reason it can’t be done on PS4 or PS5 other than Sony being cheap and not wanting to pay the few cents to license CD playback.

    • Finally a wise decision from Sony.
      Also bring back the FLASH SALES!! for these hardwares. And lower the prices for all dlcs please ;)

    • Exactly what I have on my mind.

    • I would never play PS2 games on a PS4. The PS4 can’t play PS2 games correctly because the Dualshock 4 has no pressure-sensitive buttons at all. I played GTA3 and it was a wreck. Besides not having good control over vehicles due to lack of pressure-sensiive buttons, there were oddly many performance issues like dropping framerates, graphical flaws and game crashing that would NEVER happen on PS2. Why?? PS4 is a more powerful console but it can’t run PS2 games correctly?! They couldn’t even bother to map the gas/brakes to the triggers so you’d at least have some sort of decent control.

  • Let Us Download and Play PS2/3 Games on PS5 via backwards Compatibility like PS4

    • This would be amazing, I’d love to pop in my discs of PS2 games and PS3 games with no problem

    • you know that isn’t backwards compatibility right?

    • Could not agree more.

    • The PS3 Would Ve A Good Idea But The Problem Is The CELL Architecture In which is extremely difficult to program

      But PS2 Backwards That Would Be Fine If They Use Fully License PS2 Emulator

    • The issue is that emulating PS3 is nearly impossible even on top end pcs with the way the Cell Architecture was designed. Heck even on the most top end PCs PS3 games via Emulation only 39% of games work without glaring issues or flaws. This is why alot of games had to be “Remastered” for the PS4 from the PS3 Era. This sucks cause PS3 is the ONLY way you can play landmark titles like Metal Gear Solid 4, Gran Turismo games, and more.

      The best we can really hope for is Cloud streaming via PS Now and more Ps3 games being uploaded to the service permanently.

      Now PS1 and PS2 are 100% possible on the PS5 and I hope they add a system like Microsoft has in which you can insert a game, and it will download the game onto your hard drive and run it from there with the disc acting as “DRM” all while the emulator upscales the game. Heck I even saw Sony had a patent for AI detection for TROPHIES for the games. That would be big incentive for me to replay some old titles.

    • Would be awesome

    • Agree with this so much.

      This coming from someone who pre-ordered the original PS1, camped over night for launch of PS2 and enjoyed gaming on a fat 60gb PS3 with a lot of digital content locked to it. Backwards compatibility always was a crucial part of the PlayStation ecosystem.

      Why did I not mention owning a PS4, because it had zero forms of backwards compatibility and I chose to wait it out until it did which never came. This lead to skipping the generation.

      Sony, make backwards compatibility happen, PS5 would look very interesting if it became a reality.

    • Yes agreed.

    • AlisonPrime speaking of landmark games, unfortunately Infamous 1, 2, Festival of Blood are stuck on PS3 when Infamous Second Son is on both 4 and 5.

  • Great news. Now announce that PS5 will be backward compatible with PS3, 2 and 1 and we will all be happy.

  • We’re also incredibly passionate about buying/playing these games on the PlayStation 5, Jim. Just sayin. :D

  • JIM you finally listen to the community so thank you for listening

  • You would better allow also to buy 1 Month Subscriptions (Plus, Now, EA Play etc.) in the Store also from Wallet Funds (without added credit cart). And adding more Denominations in Stores.

  • Thank you, Jim!

  • Thanks for listening! This is the right choice for all! PlayStation and their fans

  • Please enable sales for those platform, especially for PSP that will be closing soon.

    • I’d recommend you get a Vita. It’ll play all the PSP digital titles ans is absolutely GORGEOUS. Worth buying again now the Store is staying open!

    • Great decision. Also this is great for indie developers who were working on new Vita games.

      Maybe have some sales every now and then?

    • PSP Storefront was closed years ago. Thing being shut down is access through games to DLC purchases and some search workaround.

    • I’m so confused right now, but if I wasn’t I’d be grinning from ear to ear already.

      If they re-enabled sales, after the initial shock I’d be grinning so wide my brains’d fall out.

  • Will the closure of the PSP store extend to the Vita? In other words, after July 2nd, will I be unable to purchase PSP games through my Vita system?

    • In the original announcement they mentioned that the PSP is still able to purchase some DLC through games. It’s other store functionality has been disabled for years. It hasn’t effected our ability to buy PSP games for Vita.

  • glad you made the right decision Jim/sony

    • Honestly PlayStation would’ve collapsed if the storefronts closed along with Japan Studio. But the correct decision was made not to close the things that made PlayStation’s legacy.
      Thank you, Jim.

  • That’s awesome!

    I just really hope the people who pushed for this actually support those platforms going forward. If not, we’re not near as likely to see moves like this.

  • I’m glad for the decision and I thank you guys so much. Hopefully I can get my hands on some PSN Points Cards to get what I need.

  • lmaooo now just get rid of Jim Ryan and put in someone who is competent to listen to their consumers and we’ll be fine

    • …you didn’t read the by-line, did you?

    • ^You didn’t read where Jim Ryan said, “When we’ve dabbled with backwards compatibility, I can say it is one of those features that is much requested, but not actually used much. That, and I was at a Gran Turismo event recently where they had PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 games, and the PS1 and the PS2 games, they looked ancient, like why would anybody play this?”

  • Thanks, and I hope sometime in the future we can buy ps1/ps2/ps3, and psp/psvita games on ps5.

    • I don’t know how ps vita games will work on ps5. It has two touch pads, a camera, so that won’t work normally.

  • This is how you do it!

  • Should have been set to go down to begin with. Glad people got riled up enough for them to let Sony see they needed to reverse course.

  • Congrats to the 2 people still buying PS3/Vita games. lmfao

    • You obviously have no clue what youre talking about and if this was a joke it was pretty lame one

    • Haha, you absolutely have no idea, don’t you. I was just playing on my ps3 last night. Even though i have a ps5, there are some special games that i can only play on the ps3.

    • And you are the 2 people. ROFL

    • *cough cough* actually now there’s 3…

    • Psyche, here comes 4.

      I’ve spent more time last week playing my PS3 than my PS5.

      Cause let’s be honest, what’s there to play on it right now besides PS4 games?

      Spent that time playing the original Nier, Rune Factory, the old Ratchet and Clank titles leading up to the new one, and Tokyo Jungle.

    • *cough* Four! *cough*

    • I am still playing on the PS3 acutally. I also have PS TV and I am planning to buy a bigger memory card to store more games. Those are great systems with a lot of great, exclusive games.

    • Guess I’m number five! lol

    • Number Six right here!

    • aaaaaanddddd I’m number 4.

    • lmao it took me so much time to type this comment out 2 more people commented. Guess I’m number 7 now

    • I also still buy PS Vita games. Including the one releasing this month.

    • The PS3 sold 87 million units. There will be quite a lot of people still buying PS3 games in 2021. Consoles that are far older are still regularly used by some people.

      One of the PS3 Call of Duty games still had around 50,000 players online recently, in a series that has had many more entries since then.

      If you can’t appreciate games that are more than one console generation old then that’s your loss.

    • #5 reporting in :)

    • #7 here!

    • D-Squad3 Your comment is bad, you should feel bad, and you’re clearly not a real PlayStation fan.

      Run along to your Call of Battlefield and leave us real gamers to enjoy all of PlayStation both past and present.

    • I wasn’t even going to bother logging in to comment, but your comment changed my mind. So you can go ahead & add me to that list of “2” people still buying/playing Vita/PS3 games.

      Also, who are you, Jim Ryan? xD

    • Congratz, you actually bothered me to log in and let you know I’m the 9th

    • Still buying and playing PS3 games, Streaming Darksiders currently on Twitch. My Vita is still very much loved, and the PSTV too…so um…what are we at like 20 or so? 21…

    • The PS3/VITA “buy before close” videos popping up on YT have gone very well.
      Many are getting a few hundreds to tens of thousands of views with a couple here and there getting hundreds of thousands.

      Though the new games sphere is huge, there is a respectable number of us who don’t really mind whether a release date shows up as 2021 or 1991.

    • Count me in! Judging from previous comments though, the joke’s on you lmfao

    • 10th. You see our point. There are still people who play those games. Maybe for broke people, retrospective-wise, etc.

    • Aaaww there’s always someone like you D-Squad3…glad to see so many people still play PS3 and Vita.

      Anyone who’s active on PS3 and Vita add me,I’m in need of fellow PS3/Vita friends.Cheers.

    • OMG congrats to the 10 people buying PS3 games! Yall enjoy your old games while I play my PS5 games. LMFAO

    • Congrats patsy hunter kid, you are the laughing stock of a whole generation.

    • Another one ppl who plays ps3 games, even i got last weak 2 platinums

    • good luck with ur ps5 kiddo

    • D-Squad3 You’re just ig’nant-yes ig’nant-and you don’t deserve a PlayStation. I play PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5 on a daily basis. You owe the games you play today to what came before.

    • I looove my PS5, but it would be so much better if all the PS3 games I bought could be played on it :)

  • Well, since you’re listening, would you be so kind as to change your stance on the censorship of Japanese games that started in 2019? PS has always been a diverse brand with different fanbases being catered to, and that decision really hurt fans of Japanese games, both fans and devs alike. Plus, I’d like to point out how unfair it is that Western games like Red Dead Redemption 2, The Last of Us II, etc. aren’t being censored when the things that appear in those game would be censored by you in a Japanese game. Let’s be fair, and go back to letting everyone play whatever game they want without censorship involved. ESRB, Cero, etc. ratings board exist for a reason. The only thing you’re doing with this is moving your long-time gamers to other platforms that aren’t censoring Japanese games.

    • Ditto.

    • I’d kind of prefer they went back to a much more diverse cast of first party studios. Japanese/European studios are constantly closed, whereas US studios keep being bought.

      So we’re down to 1 Japanese (who just make Gran Turismo), 2 European (not counting those that make mobile/mini games), and that’s basically it. But 9 NA studios.

      Which is probably why the PS4 generation had first party studios doing endless third person action games. Generally with generic main characters and plots about trauma. Where’s the variety and innovation?

    • Aye!
      Who’ll care about the Sony brand if it’s just a monoculture of US developed blockbusters that could just as easily be release on rival consoles and PC?

    • they only started censoring in light of #metoo, and now its being improperly levied agasint japanese devs. the japanese playebase already voiced concerned of feeling like second class citizans, this continued divide in treatment will just kill the brand down there.

    • I’m afraid it will fall on deaf ears. Sony is stubborn u-turn on PS3 and vita is one thing.

      But censorship by them is here to stay so my money will be saved by not purchasing a Ps5.

      But then I found out that Jim Ryan is lying to us.

      Sony told Devs they don’t want any more Vita games on the store, the deadline is July and not August.

  • I never thought it was such a big deal. I figure people overreacted but I’m a bit surprised Sony reversed their decision. Yet I’m pleasantly surprised they decided to do this in the end.

  • This would have been a huge hit to Playstation brand reputation, not unlike what happened to Xbox at the beginning of the Xbox One cycle. I’m glad you reversed course.

  • A consumer friendly decision. I’m impressed!

  • My PS Vita not dying just yet

  • Now please add backwards compatibility for PS2 games. Would remove a great hassle of having own the actual PS2 console. Also, please add the “Liked Songs” default playlist for Spotify as an option for selection under the Music tab on PS5.

    • Agreed. I ended up buying an actual PS2 when it became clear Sony weren’t going to make more than 50 or so PS2 games available on PlayStation Store for PS4. That’s actually fewer than what they managed on the PS3 PlayStation Store.

      I get that licensing is an issue with some games, but Microsoft managed to get several hundred Xbox 360 games onto their newer consoles not just 50. Not just that but also key original Xbox games like Morrowind and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic as well.

  • Very happy to hear this… but what about the issues we’ve had downloading (and in some cases playing) games from the PS Store? Specifically, the error issues popping up with error codes 80029509 and 80029721? I did talk to Support about this issue, and they knew of it… but no solution has yet been offered.

  • finally well done sony we realy want to keep our ps3 and ps vita active even if we have ps4 and ps5 thank for not shutting down the store and keeping ur support

    • Exactly this. Most of my money goes to PS4/5 stuff but I still play the heck out of my Vita and purchase games for it regularly.

  • Shouldn’t have been a thing in the first place but glad to see they changed course on this.

    It’s almost as if this was intentionally announced to gauge how many people would severely shun them for this decision

  • Now can we have a big sale on PS3? That would be great.

  • WOW MR RYAN. Good choice.

  • Now support them properly with actual sales, and clean them up already. The two store platforms are messes.

    And while we’re talking about stores, get the functionality back into the Store that used to exist prior to the PS5 launch. The app & PS5 quality of life features that were removed need to be reinstalled immediately. You literally made the shopping experience the worst in console gaming, which is saying something.

    Today’s announcement is a good first step, but Jim… Get your act together and give your fans what they want before you lose them to your growing competition.

    • The PS4’s console store needs work too. It constantly doesn’t load images and often crashes randomly.

      It’s kind of like how the PS3’s store went from fairly functional to terrible.

    • Agreed,, I was not a fan at all with the new app and layouts,, totally understand the reasoning behind it, there are certain positives, however, it is quite slow, buggy, and half the times I tap the GUI buttons, I don’t know if I even press it as nothing happens,, scrolling works fabulously then it finally kicks in and the action of tapping the GUI link finally goes through haha, not to mention the sheer agony of using the party system on consoles, but it is what it is, Sony makes an incredible console, and what they have brought to the market is quite amazing, but like most things,, it can’t be all good,, and they’ll hopefully learn from the mistakes and move forward, one can hope anyways

  • Thanks for listening. Lets keep the dialog open.

  • I love this but there are additional things I would like too…

    1. Free up the 10% internal HDD reserve for future OS update on the PS3
    2. Enable plug and play for external HDD on the PS3
    3. Allow PS1 and PS2 games that were bought on PS3 be playable on PS4
    4. Allow PS2 games that were bought on PS3 be playable on PSV
    5. Remove (or expand) the PSV and PS3 device activation limit
    6. Allow traditional SD to be used on PSV


    • yeah let them just come to your house and mod your vita to take a different memory card what the hell

    • You’re the reason companies generally ignore fans wants.

      You want them to remove PS3 reserved space. But you want an update that uses the reserve. You want games that arent’ programmed for PS4’s x86 to just magically work because you bought it on PS3. You want PS2 games that were emulated and modified to work on the CELL architecture to magically work on Vita lol. You really said remove the PS3 and Vita device limitations, which would make keeping the store open a big mistake because everyone would just share accounts lol. You also want a SD card that doesn’t fit in vita to magically work? Okay lol

    • 1. Why?

      2. Would be nice, but admittedly is not really worth the time and effort. Since you can still upgrade the drive you should just do that.

      3. And PS5, otherwise this one is reasonable and I agree.

      4. Would be nice, but attach-rate wise not realistic.

      5. Fair enough. It did used to be 5 in the past. I could go either way on this.

      6. Would be nice, unfortunately not possible without them releasing their own official SD card adapter, which is probably incredibly low on their priority list.

      All in all let’s just enjoy the win we have for now and ask for other stuff later.

      But number 3 should definitely happen without question. At least issue a PS1/2 emulator to the PS5 even if it can’t read the original discs.

    • iKickBullies

      “You’re the reason companies generally ignore fans wants.”

      -You have a point, somewhat agreed.

      “You want them to remove PS3 reserved space. But you want an update that uses the reserve.”


      “You want games that arent’ programmed for PS4’s x86 to just magically work because you bought it on PS3. You want PS2 games that were emulated and modified to work on the CELL architecture to magically work on Vita lol.”

      -To be fair, he could mean the PS4 should have a PS1 emulator (which is already does through MediEvil Remastered) which is a fair point. The PS2 games are a little more dodgy since they had to be converted, but in the spirit of what he’s asking for I agree with this. The Vita thing is asking too much though.

      “You really said remove the PS3 and Vita device limitations, which would make keeping the store open a big mistake because everyone would just share accounts lol.”

      -This is true and that’s why I said I can go either way on this point.

      “You also want a SD card that doesn’t fit in vita to magically work? Okay lol”

      -I assume he means to make an SD card adapter for the Vita, which I really feel is unfortunately not feasible for Sony to do.

  • You made the right decision! Now I hope you make PS5 backwards compatible with PS3 games and add support for 2K 120hz monitors. If you do this, everyone is a winner including gamers, developers, and you, Sony. Keep up the good work!

    • PS1 and PS2 at the very least. I’m pretty sure the PS5 could technically read a PS2 disc since they’re DVDs for the most part.

    • Only 2K, which is 1080p? Dream bigger. 1080p isn’t impressive anymore. 1440p 120Hz should easily be within PS5’s reach.

    • “mjc0961
      April 20, 2021 at 8:55 AM GMT+8
      Only 2K, which is 1080p? Dream bigger. 1080p isn’t impressive anymore. 1440p 120Hz should easily be within PS5’s reach.”


      “2K resolution is a generic term for display devices or content having horizontal resolution of approximately 2,000 pixels.[1] In the movie projection industry, Digital Cinema Initiatives is the dominant standard for 2K output and defines 2K resolution as 2048 × 1080.[2][3]

      In media and display technology, 2560 × 1440 is the most common 2K resolution, but this is also referred to as 1440p.”

  • Jim, I could kiss you straight on the lips, you beautiful bastard.

  • We got more immediate problem worldwide. People are still unable to buy PS5 all the while those dirty scalpers hiking the price so high those who bought theirs from them wouldn’t get the same value as they should. I myself REFUSE to buy any game until I get my PS5 and I’m quite sure there are lots of people like me out there. Please have systems in place to discourage scalpers and let your new console find their ways to the hands of real PlayStation fans. 🙏

    • Sony has a huge queue made to discourage scalpers. It’s not Sony’s fault if Target and Walmart handle it wrong.

    • Well, refusing to buy games for something you don’t have is just healthy thinking with money lmao. Not sure what point you’re making but Scalper prices are dropping and it’s not as bad to get now as it was. Still hard but that’s not a more immediate problem. More immediate is a problem than some of the digital stores closing

    • As someone that got one, for right now you’ll have to follow Twitter accounts to get one. In my case I got incredibly lucky. I got mine from Kohl’s and I think the only reason I was able to get through on Kohl’s is the bots weren’t prepared for a store like Kohl’s to sell PS5 systems. The bots are all over stores like Walmart, Best Buy etc because you expect them to sell PS5.

  • Once you’ve decided to keep the store on PS3, I hope you’ll do promotions for games that are still sold on the PS Store.

  • Way to go! Hm this makes me want to get a Vita 🙂

  • Jim Ryan i’m not thanking you for this i actually despise you for lying about consoles generations exclusives. your selling us out for 30 pieces of silver for the PC platform i hope you read this because you are dragging PlayStation into the ground and abyss with your pivot to PC you sir are a compulsive liar. I’ve been gaming on PlayStation since PS1 Jim Ryan you ether get rid of Whole slate of games to PC or leave SIE get shawn layden or andrew house back you are too much of a business man that knows nothing about the passion of gaming and exclusives i can run SIE better than you. the failure of God of War Ascension allowed God of War 2018 to be created which sold over 20 million don’t let PC games get you pumped all they want is to see is PlayStation fail & sacrificing it’s exclusives.

    • What’s the issue with letting more people play their games? Anyone with a PC isn’t gonna buy a PlayStation.

    • ps games going to pc doesn’t affect u in any way. lol. sit down and be quiet.

    • Bruh it’s not that serious. Being a fan is great. Being a fanboy ain’t. I’m happy more people get to try some of the masterpieces. They’ll understand more why people choose playstation. Also Days gone aint’ anything to be a baby about being on PC. Horizon wasn’t a shock with knowing the engine was used for Death stranding.

    • @omegazio I’m with you 100%!!!

      I’d go as far as saying an illiterate can run SIE better Jimmy.

      Whatever happened to the Sony that changed, invented and innovated? All that’s left now is a bunch of guys who copy what the competition is doing.

      Nobody’s saying Sony shouldn’t go against the ‘norm’ or set their own lane. In the words of Kratos, “Just be better” is all that we’re asking for. What’s so hard for Jim and Herman to understand about that. Geez!!! 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Lied about generational exclusives?

      Can you show me the pre-order pages for Returnal and Ratchet & Clank on PS4?

    • Sonicfan1007 “Anyone with a PC isn’t gonna buy a PlayStation.”

      Exactly, I say this all the time. I don’t go “Whoa better get an Xbox so I can play Halo” I think “oh look, it’s available on the computer I already have.” I was never going to buy an Xbox so it makes me no difference if Halo is on PC. People who are primarily PC gamers more than likely weren’t going to buy a PlayStation to begin with.

    • @Spacerac Well now even more pc players will consider not buying a ps5. So well done

    • @progamer265446 Again, PC players who are already NOT going to buy a PlayStation. Assuming they were of age to buy their own systems since PS3, if they’ve already skipped PS3 and PS4 they’re not going to buy a PS5 and it makes no difference to them.

      It’s been 20 years and I still don’t own a single Xbox console. I imagine it’s the same for PC gamers.

  • So, now you’ll let developers and publishers put their games on sale again. Right?

  • I’m happy they made a smart decision not too shutdown ps3 & vita ps store thanks god! 😁✨🙌🏾✨

  • i hope ps3/vita sales comes back too…

  • Love this Jim. It’s reassuring to know that SIE is still listening to the players. This is great news for smaller devs as well.

  • Great call PlayStation. As an fan of PlayStation since 1999. I’m very happy you address about this.

  • Was never your biggest fan due to your “Who would place this?” stance on old games, but I have to say: thank you Jim Ryan for keeping the PS3/Vita stores alive.

    Now just leverage your legacy consoles to make your PS5 an even more attractive offering than it already is. You could make it a console with the BEST game library available if you put in the work.

    • Does the PSP store closure effect only the PSP, or will the PSP games available on Vita also vanish?

      I need to know if I should download those PSP games onto my Vita/PS3 or not. (64 gigs only goes so far lol)

    • PSP closure only affects the PSP platform. You can still buy PSP games on Vita.

    • Faenix1 – Also the PSP store has already been closed since 2016, no one was in an uproar about it since PSP games could still be purchased and downloaded to the system. What’s going away is in-game purchasing functionality.

  • You need to add backwards compatibility to the PS5. Surely a team of talented coders could get something running on your very powerful machine.

    As is, I’m considering abandoning your platform for other offerings that care about protecting the legacy of this industry, and work to maintain full support for legacy titles.

    Jim Ryan should also apologize to all the hard working legacy developers he insulted when he claimed their games looked terrible. Truly a shameful statement.

    • Yeah to absolutely kill off the PS3. Do your own research because if you did you would know that its not possible. They said they will keep the store and you immediately ask for more…

    • I see no issue with asking Sony to improve their backwards compatibility to match what Microsoft are already doing. If Sony want to remain competitive and avoid losing first place this generation, like with the PS3 in the 7th generation then they need to avoid becoming complacent. Keeping the store going on PS3 and PS Vita is just the bare minimum.

    • Emulating the PS3 is difficult, not impossible. Fans have been making good progress emulating it on PC with only reverse engineering. Sony could make a much better emulator much faster using all the internal knowledge and documentation they must have regarding the PS3.

      Sure, it has a very different architecture, which is why the PS4 could’ve never emulated it, but with the PS5 there’s enough raw power to make that difference irrelevant.

      I am thankful that Sony reversed this decision, but that doesn’t mean they are now immune to criticism for other things.

    • It would be nice if the x86 architecture going forward could be used to effectively 100% emulate PS1, PS2 and PS3 and allow people to keep bringing their games forward in a legal manner and with upgraded visuals and such.

    • @AdmiralSheetYT Interestingly enough it isn’t impossible now due to a new patent, it was actually super clever, emulating the CPU Core which made the software think it was real. The issue was the CPU so that solved that. The problem would be the cost to develop it and the time.
      It was a really great idea but financially it probably wouldn’t be worth them doing it.

      Even if it worked the drive wouldnt be able to read physical discs so then they would have to make those game available digitally. So possible…but not practical.

      Not me being an ass i just genuinely found it fascinating that they had an idea.

  • Thank you for the reconsideration and for listening to us! I do wish you could keep this up by always listening to our feedbacks and continue to never let us down!
    Having grown up with PlayStation and being a fan for life, I’d hate to see you to keep going for the wrong directions!
    Although it is still inevitable for the PS store to eventually shut down in the distant future, I still agree with the community that we should have all old games carried over to the newer consoles. Games are timeless and should never dissappear!

  • Thank you very much, I really appreciate this.

  • Finally this Jim does anything, he has been a zero as president, only sad news on my dear Sony :(

  • Thank you.

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