Play at Home Update – Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition free starting today

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Play at Home Update – Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition free starting today

Download your copy starting later today through May 14.

Hi again! Back in March, we shared the news that PlayStation fans can get 10 free games this Spring to help make time spent at home a bit more fun. We were really excited to highlight some of our favorite indie partners and I really hope you had a chance to download these amazing games (and I’d love to hear what your favorite is so far, if you want to drop a note in the comments).

Did you forget to download your free games for PS4 and PS VR? No worries, we have you covered. This amazing selection of PS4 games and PS VR games will be available for free download until April 22 8:00pm PT / April 23 04:00 BST / 05:00 CEST.

I also mentioned that Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition is coming to PlayStation fans for free as part of Play at Home 2021. Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition is available to download free between April 19 8:00pm PT / April 20 04:00 BST / 05:00 CEST and May 14 8:00pm Pacific Time / May 15 04:00 BST / 05:00 CEST.

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition

In an era where machines roam the land and mankind is no longer the dominant species, a young hunter named Aloy embarks on a journey to discover her destiny. In a lush, post-apocalyptic world where nature has reclaimed the ruins of a forgotten civilization, pockets of humanity live on in primitive hunter-gatherer tribes. Their dominion over the new wilderness has been usurped by the machines – fearsome mechanical creatures of unknown origin.

Plus, expand the vibrant, post-apocalyptic world of Horizon Zero Dawn with this stunning new add-on included in the Complete Edition.

In The Frozen Wilds, Aloy travels to the borderlands of the survivalist Banuk tribe to investigate a mysterious new machine threat. Only by enduring the harsh landscape and earning the respect of the Banuk, will Aloy gain the allies, abilities and knowledge she needs to uncover a secret from the past – and stop a threat to the future… 

Funimation / Wakanim 

Don’t forget: in participating countries, we’re also offering an extended trial of Funimation (or Wakanim, depending on region), a joint venture of Sony Pictures Entertainment and Aniplex of Japan. The anime-focused subscription service includes shows such as My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Attack on Titan, and Fruits Basket. This extended trial is available through April 22****.  

Thank you again to everyone who has taken the time to check out the Play at Home content drops this Spring. There is more to come, so please stay tuned and check out the Play at Home page. And remember: stay safe, stay socially distanced and wear a mask!

Thanks again to the community — and stay tuned, we’ll have another Play at Home update to share soon.

****FUNIMATION — On top of the standard 14-day trial, new users can get an additional three months. WAKANIM — New users will get 90 days. Unless you cancel your subscription before the end of the period, your subscription will automatically roll into a paid-for, ongoing subscription with a recurring monthly fee. Age restrictions apply. Offer available from March 25 8pm PDT – April 22 11:59 PDT.

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  • Teşekkür ederiz

  • 60 FPS please.

    • It’s a free game. Simmer down.

    • Hells yeah, I would replay this in a heartbeat at 60fps.

    • @Edgrr YOU simmer down.

      What does the current price have to do with anything? I own the disk from the first release, and bought the DLC separately, and I second the request – 60fps on PS5, please!

      Awesome game, worth paying for, you should definitely pick it up if you haven’t yet. I would probably give it some more play if they improved performance on the PS5, while I wait for the next one.

    • As much as the original comment didn’t even vaguely prompt the reponse of “Simmer down”, if GamesEbanks is asking for 60 FPS on the PS4 version, then it’s an unrealistic request. As much as it seems like a no-brainer that they are indeed asking for it on the PS5, the vagueness of their comment, as well as the fact that the PS5 isn’t mentioned at all in the (extremely short) article leaves us in a limbo of sorts.

    • I platinized this game on PS4, so the only thing that would make me play it all over again on PS5 would be a 60 fps patch. I don’t think unlocking the frame rate would be this hard, so please Guerrilla make it happen! :-D

  • So glad for anybody who will be experiencing Aloy’s journey for the first time.

    I’m waiting to hear if we’ll be getting a 60fps patch anytime soon for PS5 :D

  • My favorite PS4 game and one of my favorite games of all-time! People literally have no excuse not to play this now!

  • Just wonder… Hmmm my id is in Saudi Arabia but now im stayed in Vietnam so what time i can download it ?

  • Thank you, Sony & Guerrilla Games!

  • I can’t download it. It just says ” Included in PS Now”. I’m in Portugal, what time should it be available?

  • Gravity Rush series should be on the next Play at Home content drops alongside a PC release would be perfect just the recognition this series deserves

    • I just re-downloaded gravity rush 2 becuz I still haven’t finished it lol such a great game, I played the original on vita and was hooked…idk if they will there’s a good amount of hidden gems on Playstation that remain exclusive to the platform but indeed a PC release would bring new attention and hopefully that would make gravity rush 3 possible becuz as things stand things ain’t looking so well for a gravity rush 3 anytime soon on ps5.

    • Gravity rush, shadow of the colossus, dreams, spyro, all good games to come to play at home.

    • How exactly would a PC release bring attention to a game that has been out since 2017?

      Did a PC release bring attention to other old games that were ported? The answer is no.

      HZD and Death Stranding on PC both sold poorly and have a low completion percentage on Steam.

      PC ports are pointless. If Sony wanted a part 3 then they would male it since the game went platinum.

      Better promotion would ring more attention to the game and Sony sucks at promoting most of their games.

    • @RubyDiamondINK PS4 has over 110 million owners, which is more than the registered users of Steam.

      PC would add nothing to recognition as it would just be another game that does not get bought on Steam like most games.

      Again PC would not bring any recognition as PayStation is bigger than PC and sells more copies of games.

  • Loved this game back in 2017 I remeber it was the same time I was going on a trip to Portland had to play as much of it as I could before I left.

  • Horizon zero dawn is not free you still have to pay for it on play at home

    • It’s not live yet mate. 6hours to go

    • Your obviously not a PS store owner otherwise you would know that it is free. Play at home is not a service, it’s just a section that free games are available…so no, you don’t have to pay for it. Stop spreading lies

    • I think he means ‘Playstation NOW’. It’s free from 5am 20/04/21 in his time zone.

  • Awesome. Loves me some free games.

  • I love the 60fps complaining. Like that really makes the game impossible to play.

    • It makes the game better to play, and it’s 60 fps on PC, so it should be 60 on a PS5.
      It’s an embarrassment to the brand for not having it 60 fps already.

  • “Not available for purchase”, seemingly because I already purchased the base game without DLC. If so that makes no reasonable sense.

    • I’m having the same problem. You’d think they’d at least do us a favor in allowing us to download the DLC for free at the very least seeing as we actually PAID for the game back in 2017 when it released, but NOOOOO!!!

      Sony, Sony, Sony… 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • It’s not live yet in your time zone. Try now it should be available.

  • Are we getting a PS5 patch this time..? I mean, last time you announced the patch after people had been playing ratchet for three months.


  • Vou compra um ps4 pra me joga ele

  • Odd time for it to go live, but just in time for 4/20 lol

  • Lol its deffinitly not free. I just checked and they want you to biy it unless cough cough you pay for PSNow but guess what thats not free. Fake news lets move on.

  • What’s the point? I can’t get it as I already own the base game without the DLC.

    Does nobody, or is there anybody in Sony that plans for these things???

  • Coincidentally, I am currently playing Horizon for the first time (purchased years ago, but backlog) and the game is incredible. I don’t want to put the controller down.

    While the graphics are already stunning, it really deserves a 60fps boost on PS5 if Guerilla/PlayStation can make it happen.

  • Wakanim is not giving service in Iceland for some reason… Not cool.

  • No, not stay at home. It’s time to open the country back up. Get kids back to school.

  • *Update* 10am Australia – Not available to download yet

  • Does this come with a ps5 update for higher frames?

  • How big is the file? I can’t wait to play it can’t wait for the sequel.

  • why horizon zero dawn complete edition is not include philippines and asia?

  • why horizon zero dawn complete edition is not include philippines and asia? im just asking :L

  • I had bought the game when it first came out but lost it before I could finish it and so Im super happy i can get it again without having to pay for it twice

  • I have the PC version, I can play it at 60fps–I find it really annoying that Sony won’t make sure that at least their games play as well as they could on their own platform. We already have few actual PS5 games, unlocking the frame rate (or limiting it to 60 instead of 30) in many of their own games should be a no brainer.

    • Yeah, there’s so few PS5 games I figured I can at least use it for my backlog, installed the game yesterday and thought it looked and played horrible on PS5 without the upgrade.
      So the idea of playing most my PS4 backlog on PS5 is gone now and it’s just more waiting for the select few that do get upgraded…
      I guess I figured most games would get a free upgrade but the list is very small at the moment.

  • Thanks for the free game my favorite is enter the gungeon i hope the next two is bloodborne and persona 5

  • So I’m kinda confused. I’ve never played this game, wanted to try it out today since I heard it was going to be free, but I look on the ps store and the game still has a price on it. I live in the US, east coast, and I heard it was supposed to come out free at 8:00 pm for the play at home event. What should I do?

  • It would be great if the store would update to show that its actually free instead of $20 still. Anyone else having this issue?

  • Looking forward to seeing what’s next!

  • I’ve been so anxious for this to drop all day. I can’t wait to play this game. Thank you Sony for adding the remote play. I’ve been off the grid from gaming for a looooong time (🥺 not by choice) that I’ve lost my gaming finger configuration’s lol I can’t remember what to press on my games. I know my memory will kick in ones I get in the games again lol I hope. Anyways #FirstTimeBack

  • Awesome! I played it with ps now a year ago and it was so great! I want to play te DLC.

  • *update* 1:20pm Australia EST is AVAILABLE to download

  • The next games I want to download for free during Play at Home are still Jump Force, My Hero One’s Justice 1 & 2, & Mortal Kombat XL and For the first two games should also have DLC being free during COVID-19 Pandemic as well either May or June of this year as a suggestion

  • Thank you PlayStation for making these games free.🙏🙏 I will now finally get my hands on the horizon zero dawn complete Edition for free.🙏🙏 excited for the game.

  • Maybe this is an excuse for me to run through the game again but on Ultra Hard difficulty? HZD is by far one of my favorite games on PS4 and ranks pretty highly on my top games ever! If you haven’t played it yet, go in without spoilers or expectations really. Just enjoy it at your own pace and discover the mysteries of the broken world that Aloy finds herself in

  • Playstation has become my favorite blog content and youtube content this past year

  • Sony thanks ……

  • I bought the base game when it first came out. Didn’t play much. Have it on my PS5.
    The free game is live now in UK. You cannot just DL the DLC. You have to DL the full game. I deleted the original game from my console. The complete edition is about 4GB larger than the base game.

  • Feedback/Request for help: The publisher which put V-Rally 4 on your platform is currently violating the technical requirements checklist for the PS4. Myself and many others are seeing the game crash when you boot up into the main menu, within ten seconds. It’s practically unplayable in a severe way. We’ve sent the studio many emails but they’re ignoring it, only caring about PC bugs and not console. I have little doubt that if this problem was caught during the approval process of putting a game on the PS store, V-Rally 4 would have been disallowed put their game on PS4.

    Could someone in a PlayStation department look into this and prompt them to act, please?

  • Děkujeme. (Thank you)

  • Is it only available in america and europe?? when is it gonna available in asia?

  • I m really excited, because I will be playing this game for the first time. First Uncharted Drake’s Legacy then Ratchet & Clank and now this.🙂

  • I already have the game wonder if you can just download the frozen wild part

  • Can i get the DLC even if I have the standard edition?

  • ابقه في بلاستشن

  • Hello, thank you for the games!

    While Horizon Zero Dawn and Ratchet and Clank are cool games, it felt like a waste to include them in the play at home initiative, since AAA Playstation exclusives are bound to be offered via ps plus sooner or later.

    What i would suggest is to offer more PSVR games, which wouldn’t be offered via Ps Plus normally. That way, people with Vr headsets will get to try new games, and those who don’t own it yet will be really tempted to buy it, due it the incredible backlog of games the would have received.

    Alternatively, you could offer well known indie games, like binding of Isaac or shovel knight, since a lot of people would be interested in trying these games, but aren’t sure if they want to spend money for them.

  • Thank you alot

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