New Resident Evil Village demo comes to PS4 and PS5 April 17

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New Resident Evil Village demo comes to PS4 and PS5 April 17

PlayStation users get early Resident Evil Village Demo access.

Resident Evil has always had a home on PlayStation platforms, and we’re happy to announce that the PlayStation Nation is going to be the first to get access to a new demo for Resident Evil Village on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4! This was just one of the many announcements at today’s Resident Evil Showcase, so read on for more info on the demo, the return of the ever-popular The Mercenaries game mode, and more.

Miss today’s Resident Evil Showcase stream? Catch up now:

New Resident Evil Village demo comes to PS4 and PS5 April 17

Ethan Winters’s journey takes shape in a new Resident Evil Village trailer

Resident Evil Village is less than a month away, so we’re once again entering the world of survival horror to bring you a brand-new trailer that debuted earlier today. The creeping dead of the village is the least of Ethan Winters’ worries as he plunges further into the unknown in order to rescue his kidnapped daughter and seek answers to haunting questions about why the heroic Chris Redfield has taken such a dark turn. Who, or what, will Ethan find waiting for him at the end of his journey, and what terrifying foes will he encounter along the way? The latest trailer provides a few clues, so be sure to check it out.

New Resident Evil Village demo comes to PS4 and PS5 April 17

Resident Evil Village gameplay demo + pre-download

We know you’ve been waiting for this one – a new demo is on the way for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, with a special structure that gives you a limited opportunity to explore the world of Resident Evil Village in the weeks leading up to the game’s launch across three different windows of availability. The demo only needs to be downloaded once, and will only be available during specific dates and times. Check out the schedule below for more info:

30-Minute demos


North America: April 17 @ 5pm to April 18 @ 1am (Pacific Time)

Europe: April 18 @ 7pm to April 19 @ 3am CEST 

Asia: April 18 @ 5pm – April 19 @ 1am HKT


North America: April 24 @ 5pm to April 25 @ 1am (Pacific Time)

Europe: April 25 @ 7pm to April 26 @ 3am CEST

Asia: April 25 @ 5pm to April 26 @ 1am HKT

60-Minute demo

Village & Castle: 

North America: May 1 @ 5pm to May 2 @ 5pm (Pacific Time)

Europe: May 2 @ 2am to May 3 @ 2am CEST

Asia: May 2 @ 8am to May 3 @ 8am HKT

The first demo period allows you to check out the snow-covered remnants of the titular village for 30 minutes, giving you a glimpse into the frost-capped remains of what once was, and perhaps giving you a taste of what the game’s combat has to offer. Better keeps your wits about you. The second demo period will drop you into the halls of Castle Dimitrescu where you’ll be given a separate 30 minute experience that is sure to be a bloody good time. Unlike the expansive village, the castle is full of narrow hallways and cramped corridors that make it difficult to tell what could be around each corner.

The final demo period will give you a total of 60 minutes to explore both the village and castle, and you’re free to use those 60 minutes however you wish. How much time will you spend seeking answers in the village, and how long will you brave the castle’s corridors to uncover its dark secrets? That part’s up to you, but we encourage you to share your experience playing and speculate on what secrets the full game holds.

Pre-download Demo on PS4 and PS5

Prepare to enter the world of survival horror by pre-downloading the Village demo today on PS4 and PS5.

The Mercenaries mode explodes in to Resident Evil Village

Survival horror meets high-stakes combat in the return of The Mercenaries game mode! This fan-favorite mode has appeared in multiple Resident Evil games since its introduction in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis on the original PlayStation, and now makes an action-packed return in Resident Evil Village. As with previous versions of The Mercenaries, this arcade-style mode tasks you with racking up points and finishing stages quickly, changing the game’s focus to a fight against time to achieve a high score rather than the fight for survival of the main campaign. Just keep an eye on the ticking timer – running out the clock means your time is up.

Some new additions have been made to this mode compared to previous games, as well. As you fight your way through locales filled with enemies, you’ll be able to acquire useful bonus skills that can increase firepower, boost your move speed, or provide other beneficial effects. Each skill you add will help you take down enemies and rack up a high score for your current attempt, and will carry over between stages. Once a stage is completed, you’ll be given the opportunity to spend your hard-earned coin with The Duke – a mysterious merchant from the main game – to buy supplies and upgrade your weapons before moving on to the next stage.

The Mercenaries is an endlessly replayable mode that you’re sure to want to try again and again. Learn each stage and discover new ways to take down waves of enemies as you chase down the highest rank possible.

The Mercenaries will be included as a bonus mode for Resident Evil Village, and you’ll need to complete the game’s story before you can unlock it. We hope you enjoy this exciting twist on what the main campaign has to offer!

Upgrade your weapons to increase firepower and more in Mercenaries 

That’s a lot to unpack from the Resident Evil Showcase! There’s only a few weeks left until fear surrounds you. Resident Evil Village launches on May 7, 2021 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 (with a free digital upgrade to PlayStation 5 in North America). Your purchase of Resident Evil Village also grants you access to download the online multiplayer game Resident Evil Re:Verse for free once it’s available.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the demo once it’s live, and get ready to once again enter the world of survival horror with Resident Evil Village on May 7.

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  • Kinda confusing way to roll out the demo. And having it be timed both in when you can play it and how long you get to play. I wish they would have focused on increasing features and content in the Maiden demo instead.

    • It’s honestly ridiculous. I don’t understand why these Japanese developers have been feeling the need in recent years to be so extra when it comes to demo releases. Just put out a damn demo and be done with it!!

    • There’s no need to focus on features or content in the Maiden Demo, it’s not part of the final game.

  • From that event I was excited for:
    RE: infinite darkness
    RE: 4 oculus
    RE: mercenaries

  • Weird demo release aside, holy crap you guys are seriously gonna not give us VR on RE8 but will do an Oculus exclusive RE4 VR? That’s messed up.

  • Hi all , is possible to play on psvr this demo ? thanks

  • Ok cool yeah…

    Sooooo when can i get my PS5??? Its out of stock everywhere.

  • “Resident Evil Village launches on May 7, 2021 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 (with a free digital upgrade to PlayStation 5 in North America).”

    Ok so Europe buyers can’t upgrade or need to pay for a ps4 to ps5 resi?

  • I still wish you added back the mercenaries mode for the RE3 remake. That was the most played bit of the original for me..

  • This whole practice of timed Demos is Wrong.

    All Demos should be free to play as long as you like. It’s a sampler after all.

    Absolutely petty and controlling business practice, they can Shove there demo.

  • “R Resident Evil has always had a home on PlayStation platforms,”
    …until the abrupt shutdown of the PS Store on legacy systems wipes out accessibility to, what, a third to half of the back catalogue? PS3, PS Vita/PSTV, even PSP could handle the PSOne Classics. But, nah, Sony’s content to slash and burn with no word as to preservation beyond the big “maybe” of PS Now rotation.

    • All PlayStation 1, 2 and 3 consoles can literally play PS1 games natively. Do you even know what you are complaining about?

      And PS4 never could play them, on disc or the “PlayStation Classics” format of PS1 games……… so nothing has changed there either.

  • Question

    In the final game when using Photo Mode, I assume we get to see Ethan. Will be strange if he’s not present in Photo Mode.

    Why Capcom can’t make a Resident Evil game in Third and First Person is beyond me. I think it should be standard nowadays to switch perspectives at a press of a button.

    For Resident Evil 9 please give the option to play in Third Person.

    • First person games and third person games use different control schemes generally. You usually “steer” with the camera in first person, which would be weird in third. So switching perspectives would need 2 control schemes, and then 2 sets of camera programming and often different level layouts (3rd person games generally need more ceiling height and space for cameras). So it’s not always a simple thing. Though there are a few titles that do it.

      Though I would prefer a proper third person RE game.
      I couldn’t get into REVII, but have got into basically every RE game since the series started. Though part of that could have been the setting.

      If they want to make first person titles, they could always just reboot the first person spinoff RE survivor series from the PS1/2 era.

  • A double timed demo is ridiculous not to mention they only gave two days notice before the first demo time. So if anybody normally works the days the demo is active they missed the first two if their job requires one week advance notice of days off. I myself am one of those people I start work at 5 p.m. so the only demo I could actually play without calling off work is the 60-minute one between the 1st and 2nd of May which at that point why even bother when the game launches a week later. Bad schedule in my opinion and that leaves no room between the launch date and the PS4 / 5 exclusive demo for any other system to get a demo before the release of the full game.

  • I’m not a fan of timed demos. As a disabled gamer who plays with his mouth. It takes me longer to get through things. I’ll try to play this tomorrow anyways and I guess we’ll see how far I get. I wonder if they’re letting us stream the demo?

    • They are. They mentioned during the demo part of the showcase that they would love for people to stream it when playing it.

  • Looking forward to new Mercs but this whole timed demo thing is confusing. From the Showcase I thought it was unlocking for like 8 hours only on separate days and that you’d get to play the demo for 30 mins. It’s a bit convoluted when they could always do what they did for the RE VII demo and tack on a gun or two and some enemies in a new room to the already available demo.

  • Played the first Demo last night. Incredibly underwhelmed. Looks very poor on the original PS4. I am sure the game gets better, but I found it mind numbingly boring. Glad I tried the demo, so I did not waste my money on this game.

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