Days Gone PC gameplay revealed, launches May 18

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Days Gone PC gameplay revealed, launches May 18

Bend Studio provides the first look at Days Gone on PC and gives details about the new PC features.

Days Gone is coming to PC! We cannot wait to see more players experience the epic journey of Deacon St. John, a former outlaw biker now drifter and bounty hunter trying to survive in a post- apocalyptic open world where danger lurks around every corner. Explore the sprawling Pacific Northwest high-desert on your trusty Drifter bike as you try to maneuver around collapsed bridges, abandoned vehicles, ambush traps and blocked tunnels. Scavenge supplies from abandoned buildings to craft assorted items, barter with local camps and gear up for the ride through an infested ever-changing environment.

We are very excited to share our first look of Days Gone on PC with our features trailer. Catch a glimpse on what PC features you can expect to see when booting up Days Gone for the first time on May 18, 2021. Days Gone is available now for Pre-Purchase from a range of digital retailers, including Steam and Epic Games Store.

Days Gone PC gameplay revealed, launches May 18

Our team has been hard at work to deliver our new and returning players a unique experience with Days Gone on PC. Here are the added features that can be seen from the trailer:

This World Comes For You

Take on the relentless Old Sawmill horde with 21:9 ultra-wide monitor support. Come across various enemies in this harsh open world including humans, wildlife and feral creatures known as Freakers, with unlocked framerate. Fighting hordes that range up to 500 Freakers at one time has never felt so real.

Be in Control

Traverse the vast Farewell Wilderness with our new display customization options that include increased level of detail, foliage draw distances and graphical customization. Play Days Gone the way you want to play. Use 1st and 3rd party controllers, or ride the Broken Road with input support for mouse and keyboard.

 Photo Mode

Capture the realistic and detailed world of Days Gone through the new super resolution photo mode. Share your photos with us across our Bend Studio social channels; Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We can’t wait to see what shots you come up with!

Captured on PC using ultra-wide monitor support.

Days Gone on PC will release May 18, 2021 on a range of digital retailers, including Steam and Epic Games Store.

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  • Any reason why these games don’t offer any sort of PSN connectivity (friends list, cross save, trophies, etc)?

    • Well trophies is probably not happening since it probably has its own set of Steam Achievements or whatever EGS has as an equivalent, same with Friends Lists since Steam has their own independent one. The only one that could probably allow connectivity between PS4 and the PC version is likely cross saving

    • I’d like to know this as well. The holy grail for me is PSN Trophies while I play on PC through Steam. I have a PS5 and think this would be great still.
      For the other responder on this message, Microsoft Games like Halo, Forza and others that are on Steam support both Steam Achievements AND xbox Achievements… So it’s do-able.

    • Why would it do that when Steam and EGS already has their own things setup? The only way that will happen is if Sony opens up a launcher themselves.

  • Buy this game, I will. Support Days Gone on PC I must.

    Care about console I do not.

  • good don’t need to buy ps5 I will switch to pc, Perfect combo pc and switch :)

    • You didn’t need a PS5 to NOT play Days Gone regardless so…….. well done with whatever this toddler tantrum was. 🤣

    • u rly dont know nothing about PC first u need a real monitor that tv u play on it its useless + cpu alone cost over 300$ + gpu over 500$ +ram 100$-150$ and ssd over 100$ + mobo 100-160$ etc tell how u can waste ur money on that ? keep in ur mind u have to buy to every game new GPU + CPU + mobo + ram lol

    • @dusty_earth
      always the same whining about pc prices. yes, more expensive to build one, but good thing you can actually do a lot more with a pc than just play, you can all the previous pc games no problem and games are way cheaper. be more creative please, that price story is getting old

    • i mean even without a console u could still get psnow on pc and play it through there if u truly wanted to without even touching a console

    • Wait…can we go back to the original comment where the guys suggesting he was only going to buy a PS5 for Days Gone? That’s some hilarious BS

  • I’m sure Sony won’t forget the PS5 update, right?
    Still looking forward to Days Gone 2, I was late to the party as I had to put my beloved PS4 in storage for almost a year due to building a new home and moving twice but I loved every single second of this game.
    Men those hordes gave me severe the creeps but it looked so awesome and overwhelming.
    Make it happen PlayStation.

  • May I suggest going outside for a walk ?
    Breath some fresh air.

    It will do you good.

  • move along troll account.

  • Dude

    They literally have like 3 PS5 exclusives coming this year from first party

    PC is just them extending their audience and getting more people invested in their IP since it obviously worked for Microsoft. PC isn’t in direct competition with any one platform, and it’s already gotten a bunch of second party PS4 games like Nioh, Detroit, Heavy Rain and Death Stranding

  • Lmao in that trailer they thought they could get away with hiding the Xbox and Switch Pro Controllers by removing their labels

    “No sir, this is…umm…the Swatch Pre Converter! Completely different!”

  • I’m out, lol.


    • Lol, what do you need a series x for when literally EVERY game on the console is playable elsewhere? Even Age of Empires 4, an “Xbox studios” game, isn’t coming to Xbox consoles but PC only.

      Tell Sony what they needs to be said but don’t do so using useless threats. An empty threat accomplishes nothing for any of us.

    • u rly dont know nothing about PC first u need a real monitor that tv u play on it its useless + cpu alone cost over 300$ + gpu over 500$ +ram 100$-150$ and ssd over 100$ + mobo 100-160$ etc tell how u can waste ur money on that ? keep in ur mind u have to buy to every game new GPU + CPU + mobo

  • Goodbye, Sony. I have no reason to buy PlayStation

    • …hardware. It seems you will still be buying their software.

      Also, are you only interested in Horizon, Death Stranding and Days Gone?

      Furthermore, if you can afford a powerful gaming PC and don’t mind dealing with the obstacles and minutiae that come along with getting your games to run optimally, then you definitely should be playing on PC.

      In my personal experience with PC gaming, I’ve spent more time trying to get my games to run optimally than actually playing them. And if you check the Steam forums you will see that this is the norm.

    • u rly dont know nothing about PC first u need a real monitor that tv u play on it its useless + cpu alone cost over 300$ + gpu over 500$ +ram 100$-150$ and ssd over 100$ + mobo 100-160$ etc tell how u can waste ur money on that ? keep in ur mind u have to buy to every game new GPU + CPU + mobo

  • The ultimate insult, now it even gets a trailer before the PS5 version and most of these stupid playstation fans put on likes.
    You’ll get the service you deserve.
    Farewell sony,It was a great adventure, too bad you decided to kill yourself.

  • Instead of making unasked ports to others platforms you guys should be fixing problem on PS consoles, for example: Get rid of the CMOS batery issue on PS4.

    • Right, Bend Studio should be working on PS4/5 firmware updates instead of making games. That makes total sense.

    • Considering the PS3 and Vita fiasco, we can conclude the kill switch is a feature.
      “Just stop playing old games and buy the new ones!”

  • Devastating for the Playstation gamer who effectively loses exclusives.

    Indifferent for the PC gamer who could get a Playstation if wanted to.

    A big win for Microsoft that doesn’t have much exclusives of its own.

    • At this point I’m starting to wonder if Sony is being run by Xbots in disguise :D; first they start charging for online too, then their controller design is more and more inspired by the competition (to the point it’s actually bigger than theirs) and now they give up their biggest trump card, exclusives, in favor of the competition and more in line with it.

      You guys do realize you were on the market first, right? If anything, Microsoft should be ‘inspired’ by what you do, not the other way around.

    • A big win for Microsoft??? It won’t even come to the Windows store but the opposite and completely avoid it. This whole thing is a mess but, like the past 2 decades, there still isn’t a single reason to buy an Xbox console, even less reasons the past 5 years.

    • Just think, Sony gives up on the concept of exclusives right about the time Microsoft is aggressively acquiring studios for that purpose. It’s too crazy for words.

    • @andrewsqual Well it certainly won’t hurt them :) Also, Xbox and PC have that solidarity thing going on.

    • All true but we need to go outside LOL. I am convinced that Jim Ryan is a M$ plant.

      Notice how Sony was not porting games to PC when PS3 was failing and we were there to save them.

      The only reason I bought a PS3 was, because I knew the exclusives were actually exclusive. They even took the “Only On PlayStation” off the box now.

      Yet they needed that when 360 was kicking their rear. They are being very reckless right now and taking us for granted.Next time we won’t be there to save you Sony.

      Once you slip, I will dip.

  • There is no “PS5 version” of Days Gone. Try and make sense before asking a question.

  • Seriously, you don’t green light a Days Gone 2, cause all kinds of unrest with your developers forcing them to work on projects they don’t want to and then not giving praise to others where they work on games for other studios……… and then you still waste this studio’s time, when they they should be making me a new PS5 game…….. but you put them to work on, what you claim is a failed game, Days Gone and bringing it to PC.
    It wasn’t a failure by the way, I would take Days Gone over both Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima any day, they were both great games too but I preferred Days Gone out of those 3 games.
    Just give it to some port studio to bring it to PC and let Sony Bend make what they want to.

    NONE OF THIS MAKES SENSE. Get your crap together Sony. It’s even too late to make a Days Gone 2 now because you already WASTED time and they could have been already over 60% making the sequel by now.

    • It makes perfect sense if you live in reality and don’t try to pretend that making a port of a pre-existing game and creating a whole new next gen game require anywhere near the same level of work and budget. But if you don’t understand that you liking something =/= financial success then I guess I can see how this would be confusing to you.

  • I see a lot of upset people here. I dont blame them for not liking this

  • So true. At this rate they will need to bring Kevin Butler back to set things right lol.

  • PlayStation something is about to happen to yall real soon yall bent the knee to MLB for Xbox yall bent the knee for PC Gaming knowing damn well PC platform does not benefit playstation don’t give me that excuse more people get to play BS that’s not a good excuse Nintendo proves that if people want games they will go to that platform to play them Spiderman sold over 20 million on ps4 god of war sold over 20 million only on playstation most multiplats don’t even reach 5 million let alone 10 million but i knew the new sony leadership doesn’t care no more they became full blown vampire one thing about me is i don’t like lying pieces of scum money is goal of companies but trust is just as important and once you forsake that for greed you will pay dearly. PC Gamers are know port begging everything.

    • Is the something that’s going to happen: a bunch of random people on the internet cry every day like they always do? Cuz man I don’t know how they’ll survive that.

  • A post by a Sony subsidiary is, I’ll deem, close enough to drop my tired diatribe:

    Make an official PS.Blog post announcing the closure of legacy PlayStation Store services for PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita, including PSOne Classics, PS2 Classics, and PlayStation minis content.

    Own up to this company’s direction and be upfront with your erstwhile community regarding this severely anti-consumer, anti-developer, and anti-legacy decision with no disclosed plans for decades of experiences beyond the insufficient premise of PlayStation Now rotation.

    We deserve to know beyond a one-off e-mail, and Sony deserves direct feedback from its providers.

  • Dead freakers would disappear after a while on PS4. Will their bodies stick around in PS5 and PC versions? Also, I hope that rumors are not true about a cancelled sequel. Days Gone is my favorite PS4 game. I would love to see what PS5 could do with a follow up.

  • As they want to launch all Playstation games on the PC, then create a service (monthly fee) that all Playstation games come out day one on PS4 and PS5. We bought expensive games on the PS5, and on the cheaper, upgraded PC. We need Urgent news about the future of Playstation !!!

  • I see getting rid of the “Only on PlayStation” tagline is doing wonders. Last gen Quantic Dream even managed to take their IPs onto PC. Now we have Horizon Zero Dawn on PC, Days Gone coming to PC in May, and MLB The Show on GamePass (MLB wanted that to happen though). Sony claims the majority of individuals don’t mind PS exclusives going to PC. I’m unsure about that, but there are plenty of voices against the practice. I get it, software sales help make money. But Sony, you’re going against your own legacy. What would Kaz Hirai or other previous Presidents think?

    We have the closure of Japan Studio, the studio that took a lot of risks and brought out a lot of gems during the PS1-PS4 years.

    Sony doesn’t make an official announcement about PSP, Vita, and PS3 store closures. They were first rumors and then later confirmed by looking at PlayStation information areas online.

    Sony also had the tagline about believing in generations, but that hasn’t been true. As others mentioned, look at Nintendo. Their consoles still consistently sell a LOT of units (Wii was cheaper and beat out PS3) and gamers know they can ONLY (legally) play Nintendo games on their console. So you know what I did? I got a Switch and I LOVE it. Just as I love my PS3, Vita, and PS4.

    Moving forward though, what’s the point of getting a PS5? For the unique hardware features? For Sony’s version of VR? Maybe it’s a silver lining that PS5s are hard to come by currently.

    If I have the patience, I can just wait to see what other games Sony sends to PC. We know PC users are already clamoring for more, more, more! I can stick with my backlog on consoles I already have, invest my hard earned finances into a PC a few years from now, and then play the PS games on PC. If I need a PS5 to play other games by that point, imagine how much cheaper they’ll be.

    And I have patience.

    • I’m starting to think that with all the recent moves recently that they’ve been doing, that they’re trying to get players to switch platforms instead since they don’t want their legacy to be heard anymore.

    • The main thing stopping me getting a PS5 is the complete list of 0 games for it. Other than a remake of a game I played too much years ago, a tech demo and a mini game there isn’t a single PS5 title.

      The PS4 launch was kind of bad, but had 2 exclusives. If I can play the games on a PS4 I might as well just do that. Seems pointless buying a whole console for games I can already play today. The PS5 just feels like the PS4 Pro 2 until it gets a list of PS5 games.

  • Yessss finally but we need that pitch for the sequel days gone 2 to happen if anything that needs I mean needs to happen so pleasssssse let that pitch be a yes Sony !!!!<3:)

  • Take a chill pill dude, console wars are stupid. Some of us have multiple systems and have different reasons to use others. What are you even doing with your life whining about something like this.

  • Sony California killed PlayStation.

    • I still wish SIE would move back to Japan or even Europe. All that has happened since SIE moved to the US has been online fees, closure of non US studios and not really anything good.

      All it feels Sony makes now is a long list of third person action games with similar crycry feelings and generic main characters.

    • Agreed. they has gone into the woke route killing even Jap games which was the main reason to even be a PlayStation Fan.

      PS1 and PS2 era was glorious and hell even ps3 and PS4 werent thaaaat bad in the JRPG front…. now its all gone to hell.

  • Can’t wait for Returnal and all Sony games released on PC.

    There is no need of a PS5 anymore, Sony games will always play better on PC, better price and no need to pay for multiplayer subscription.

    Sony wants us to buy a PC and not a PS5.

  • If you go on Amazon the “Only On PlayStation” text has been removed from the Days Gone cover lmao.

  • We want a sequel!

  • You are of course completely right. There is no more Only on PlayStation. No more hey you want to play this game? Get a PS5 and you can. Only reason they are doing this is for more dollars. Now there is only Nintendo left who will still make their games for their console only and not PC.

  • dont know why people insist that relasing games years later on pc hurts ps4 sales. if you didnt get a ps4 by now, then you never wanted one

    and sony porting a game to pc is hardly holding them back from coding original games on ps5. its not like sony only has a couple of programers and they have to manage workload. please, release more games on pc

    • Way to go dismissing all the other factors. Of course it takes time to port games to another platform. Why PlayStation owners should pay for a monthly subscription just to play online if PC is for free? Who in the right mind will want to invest in a platform without exclusives? Nintendo and PC have tons of exclusives that PS will never had.

      Sony again lied that Horizon would be the only case, more games including Days Gone are being ported. In the end, PC receives the best version for a better price, meanwhile Sony gamers pay $70 and keep paying for PS Plus.

      This new Sony is a complete joke.

    • You are missing the point here of brand identity here this is totally about greed and an insult to the fans as they advertised it as “only on PlayStation” we pay for our online they do not why is that fair ? We pay for these consoles and online gaming they in return show us they value our business by giving us exclusive content since they aren’t doing that anymore I take that as I am no longer valued and so will take my business elsewhere

    • Well that’s the thing though. Normal people don’t buy consoles or gaming PCs for their brand identity. They buy them to play games on and have fun. You should try it sometime instead of thinking your choice of corporate brand makes you special somehow instead of just being a other dime a dozen console war fanboy that everyone thinks is unpleasant and weird.

    • Hey Ralstonizer, less exclusives means less console sales. Less consoles sales mean less third party games (as seen on N64, GameCube, WiiU).

      It’s not rocket science. I’m sure even you can get it if you think hard enough, you should try that some time.

  • I hope with the success of days gone pc edition it gives Sony the confidence to green light a sequel

  • Can we please get ultra-wide monitor support on PS5? Along with 1440p for some of our less well-off gamer brothers and sisters?

  • PC getting a hand-me-down years later doesn’t remove any incentive to get PS4/PS5 though. People who care about exclusives won’t wait. And console gamers don’t want a PC.

  • Because Sony is starting to become a third party publisher now. They don’t care about their consoles anymore and only is prioritizing the PC platform now. The playstation brand is slowly becoming an isolation platform. Removing communities dividing the playerbase more instead of improving the feature, changing the party system that was perfectly fine to begin with, removing stores without no bc support on either latest gen systems. And to top it off, porting exclusives onto PC without giving an incentive for the ps5. What good is a console gonna do if Sony is monitoring me or limiting on how I want to find other players? The point of a console is for ease of use and social aspects are one of the key features to console gaming. Everyone in the Playstation community from all fronts is mad right now, even for the casuals. Everyone is switching platforms left and right because of Sony’s latest moves.

  • Well the timing for this could not of been any worse now there is no excuse for this as I was told the strategy was to entice PC Gamers to buy a PS5 for the sequels which was never going to work but way more acceptable then the complete greed since you rejected a sequel….I am so done with this company as someone who owns every single PlayStation console and handheld and buys most your games day 1 you’ve lost me now especially if the Kojima rumour is true I will be leaving you once plus ends in September and finding a new platform you proved the last few months you don’t care about us which is fine but my money which seems to be all you care about will be leaving with me.Goodbye PlayStation

  • It’s a great game on PS4/5 and looks very nice on PC as well.

    I wish the PS5 supported 21:9 ultra wide though 😢. My Acer Nitro is sad playing PS5 at 1920×1080 😭😭😭

  • I would love to play a game so that I can have an experience with android mobile app

  • Are we ever getting PS5 graphics upgrade?

  • Serious question to Sony. Hopefully a staff member who actually reads the comments can ask the higher ups. Why is this on the PSblog? It says “PlayStation Blog”, not PlayStation and PC blog. Why even make a PS5 if you want to be a multi-platform game developer now? Just put the games on PC day one so I can have the option of going to PC if I want to. Its real crappy to force people to buy a PS just to play your games early if you want to to continue with putting games on PC. Sony is lucky that Xbox sucks, or I would have switched a few years ago after Jim Ryan took over. Jim Ryan has not made a single GOOD decision yet.

  • @ phantom_sees

    That makes absolutely no sense and Sony is not M$, which is why they actually have success with their console.

    M$ games are not selling no better being on PC and the Xbox has flopped since making that decision.

    PC is a bigger competitor for Sony than Xbox since they sell third party games and have an online network (a free one at that).

    Also people talking about console or system wars are missing the point. This is about preserving what we have put our money and time into for decades.

    Anyone telling someone to go outside looks ridiculous, because you are on here replying to his comment LOL. We all care or else we would not be here.

  • I keep scratching my head and asking those questions myself. They have ruined JapanStudio too and still no Horizon 2 or Ragnarok updates. Still no PS5 to even buy, yet Jim Ryan keeps talking about pointless PC points. That money should be used for more PS games, which is their business.

  • Oh nice! It looks promising. Since I already have it on ps4/ps5, I’ll wait until it goes on sale on Steam. Hope it gets the support it deserves and that it is a good port.

    Anyway, thanks you Sony for giving this opportunity to the pc community.

    See ya around!

  • Dude, nobody but you and a small minority care about this. It’s like piracy. If someone pirates a piece of media, they were likely never going to pay for that piece of media anyway. If someone decides to wait for a PlayStation game to come out for PC, they were more than likely never planning on getting a PlayStation in the first place. Take it from someone on the other side of the coin. I never thought “Whoa, better run out and grab me an Xbox so I can play Halo.” I thought “Huh, Halo is on PC. I can get it on PC and not have to get an Xbox.”

    Because I was never going to buy an Xbox anyway.

  • Bringing your games to PC only makes u weaker. u will lose ground

  • I love days gone. I really enjoy playing it!

  • Days gone on PC

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