Tools Up! announces Garden Party, a trio of DLC episodes

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Tools Up! announces Garden Party, a trio of DLC episodes

Episode 1: The Tree House launches on PS4 today.

Spring has finally arrived and Tools Up! is back with an all-new DLC, Tools Up! Garden Party. Gather your friends or play it yourself on PlayStation 4, but hop to it because these gardens need your help!

Tools Up! announces Garden Party, a trio of DLC episodes

The DLC consists of three, separately-released episodes, each with 15 unique levels, new tools, and mechanics, as well as a challenging opponent. While episodes 2 and 3 are coming soon, Episode 1: The Tree House is ready to play now.

What is waiting for you in Episode 1?

What is one of the most important things in any garden? Beautiful and lush green grass of course! It’s so nice to lie on it and look at the blue sky, right? Tools Up! Co. love it too, but there’s lots of work to be done before anyone can rest.

In Tools Up! Garden Party you’ll grow grass from seed. To get the best results though, you’ll have to first pull up any old grass and prepare the soil well for planting. And of course you’ll have to water your seedlings too.

Have you been getting a lot of rain? Because it looks like your lawn is completely out of control! No big deal, just start the lawn mower and give the grass a trim. Wait—we said no big deal, but you know to not run over your friends right? Right

If you find a lawn mower to be too difficult a tool, get back to the basics and use scissors or even your hands. Experiment to discover all the ways different tasks can be completed.

Not only does Tools Up! Garden Party introduces a lot of new mechanics and tools to the game, now, some tasks can be completed in more than one way. Anything goes when you’re in the wilderness of the great outdoors! On top of all your gardening duties, you’ll have to solve the mystery of the tree house before you can call the job done. Work your way through all three episodes and uncover the truth hidden in the treetops on PS4.

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