The official Drone Racing League Simulator launches today

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The official Drone Racing League Simulator launches today

Master all the drone skills you need to fly, build, and race drones like the pro pilots on PS4.

The Drone Racing League Simulator, the official game of the Drone Racing League (DRL), the #1 drone racing property in the world, is now on PlayStation 4. If you’ve ever dreamed about flying FPV (First Person View), DRL SIM is the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to get the drone skills you’ll need to soar while experiencing the most immersive, out-of-body sensations only FPV drones can provide.

DRL drone and simulation engineers built the simulator with true-to-life drone components, physics, and aerodynamics, enabling players to fly, build and race drones exactly the same as in real life (IRL). The world’s best pilots fly in DRL and train, compete and win professional contracts in the DRL SIM — as seen on NBC, Twitter, Facebook and other premier sports networks around the globe. 

The official Drone Racing League Simulator launches today

And now you can, too! Download the DRL SIM today to master these drone skills:

Learn to fly

The DRL SIM features 54 training missions that’ll teach you how to hover, pitch, yaw, and other skills you’ll need to learn to navigate a drone without crashing and breaking the bank on your new drone.

Each mission takes only a few minutes and you can hop around the training as you like, but be prepared: the challenges get harder as you advance. 

You’ll get real-time feedback to help you improve and once you complete the tutorial, you’ll be able to fly high-speed FPV drones IRL nice and smooth — because as DRL pilots know — slow is smooth and smooth is fast. 

Design a supercharged drone

With the game’s interactive workbench, you can choose from real DRL drones flown by the best pilots in the world or design your own supercharged drone through tens of thousands of different combinations, customizing everything from the drone’s size, weight, thrust, prop colors, and more. 

Choose from thousands of motors, batteries and props, licensed from top drone manufacturers, to control the air flow, set top speeds, and control launch-to-flight acceleration rates. Plus, you’ll get to unlock over 50 epic drone skins to cover your quad with a sleek canopy. 

Make your one-of-a-kind drones public to share with other players in the DRL SIM community too, or keep them private and hog that quad for yourself.  

Race like the pros

Race like the DRL pros through a real-time multiplayer mode, battling it out against friends and competitors across more than 20 unique maps — including 18 replicas of real DRL courses as seen on TV — like the sports and entertainment arena, Allianz Riviera in France, U.S. Air Force Boneyard map of a deserted airport, and Hard Rock Stadium, home to NFL’s Miami Dolphins in Miami Gardens, Florida. 

Navigate nonstop obstacles including diamond-shaped gates, tight corners and real-world forces like gravity and turbulence. Watch your performance in the advanced replay system and compare your times against players and pros on the leaderboard. And take your new drone skills for a spin offline to feel what it’s like to fly like a bird, soaring through the world from a drone’s eye view.

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  • Does anyone know if there is a way to contact some kind of PlayStation4 support? I’ve tried their phone numbers (both PS4 and regular Sony support) and they say they aren’t open even though it’s the middle of a weekday. Their facebook account is inactive so no one responds to messages, and their twitter doesn’t have a dm option. Maybe I’ll try making an instagram or twitch account and message them on those platforms, but it’s kind of frustrating that there isn’t an easy way to contact them. Do they have an email address?

  • so where can i download it at? its not showing up in any search.

    • Download the PS App & search Drone Simulator & you’ll see 2 different ones but the one that just came out today, is only $9.99 but it’s available in the ps store…

  • Does this have TX support?

    • Nope, very awfull controls and no transmitter support, would not reccoment buying this sim, it is nowhere near what they say it is. The DRL people are very hard to reach when you have any questions to ask them. in short, a very disappointing experience.

  • Dear people at DRL,

    I was very pleased to see the release of the DRL sim for Playstation.
    How big my disappointment was when i found out that there are no supported controllers exept the Playstation controller. This is really bad, i am flying for years and was hoping to improve my drone skillz, but the controls with the Playstation controller are horrible and nowhere near the control you have with your normal controller/transmitter (i use a Futaba, Frsky and a Radiomaster transmitter). My question is, can i get a refund or is there a possibility for a discound code for steam, then i can play the sim on a other platform (my pc) and use a propper controller/transmitter.

    Best regards,

    Martijn van den Ende

  • The Canadian store says not available to purchase. Any update on this?

  • Potentially the best sim on PS4, but no transmitter support. DCL supports a transmitter, so the tech is there. Not sure why they dont support it.

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