Flip, grind, and bust tricks through your own adventure in OlliOlli World this winter

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Flip, grind, and bust tricks through your own adventure in OlliOlli World this winter

Roll7 unveils the next title in the hit skateboarding action-platforming series for PS4 and PS5.

Hey PlayStation friends, Simon here from the Roll7 team. It is great to be back to talk about our new game OlliOlli World. Some of you may remember us back when we launched OlliOlli and OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood on the PS Vita, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. It was amazing to see the reception to our games, and, not going to lie, it wasn’t bad winning a few awards along the way. 

While we’ve released other games, we’ve always wanted to return to our roots with another OlliOlli. One that really nails that feeling of laying down a perfect line of seemingly endless tricks while lofi tracks beat in the background creating a harmony of euphoria and endorphins. We knew if we were to make a new OlliOlli, it would have to be bigger, better, and stronger, err I mean brighter than before. We’ve been working on OlliOlli World now secretly for years, and it is so great to finally be able to show it off. 

Real quick recap for everyone: OlliOlli World is an action platforming game in which you bust tricks with both sticks through a bizarre and whimsical world attempting to achieve high scores, unlock various customizations options, meet wacky and peculiar friends, and ultimately search for the skate gods of Gnarvana. You will need coordination, timing, and some practice to lay down monster combos. Skateboarding can be difficult and while we didn’t want to shy away from that, we wanted to make sure that it is approachable, and you are comfortable cruising around. There is this exhilarating feeling that comes when you stick a hardflip over an especially massive stair set and we want everyone to enjoy that. We hope you get that same feeling in OlliOlli World; the only difference is here those stairs might be over a gushing rainbow river that is home to a colossal squid. Because of course it is…

If you are a fan of our previous games, one of the first things you will notice is the big shift in the art. We loved the retro-pixel feeling of our previous titles, but we knew with OlliOlli World we wanted to pursue a bolder, more vivid, animated style. The world is a bit quirky, and we wanted to take the game in a new visual direction that really allowed us to show it off while also emphasizing this is not a sequel, but a totally new game. A major inspiration was to pull in skate culture, street art, and all the unique crossroads that develop around skating. There is a fascinating intersection of psychedelic elements and trippy influences across these communities. We wanted to create a world in which embodies and shares that essence, yet also feels purposeful despite all its oddity. You’ll see walking ice cream people, business frogs, Milk Shake pools, tubing Grizzly Bears, and other bizarre inhabitants. The locations have some real-world influences but then we injected a heavy dose of offbeat humor that we hope brings a chuckle. 

Another big addition to OlliOlli World is the ability to take multiple different paths through levels. We wanted to provide a new level of freedom to explore this weird and wonderful world so now certain paths will branch off into separate directions. This means you’ll be able to cruise down different paths discovering new side quests and more epic trick opportunities really adding to both the variety and replayability of the game. There are hidden ramps, sneaky jumps, quarter pipes, and other spots in which you can just take a moment to carve as you build up your score or practice your moves. We wanted to emulate that feeling of finding a secret skate spot and figuring out what is the best trick to land there. 

One major requested feature in previous games was the ability to personalize your character, and we are super stoked to see what you will come up with in OlliOlli World. We’ve designed a ton of customization options: you can wear a bunch of gear and wild accessories, select from different skateboards, and can even change your physical appearance. Over your journey, you will face some wicked challenges which can net you that sweet, sweet swag. You can also alter your characters tricks and gain new moves. Are you more of a method grab kinda dude? We got you. Do you like 360 flips over varial heelflips? Do it up. We always wanted our game to be about how you can really express yourself both visually and how you skate. 

OlliOlli World will feature a full single-player campaign with multiple locations, tons of levels, side quests, challenges, and more. Then after you’ve trekked across Radland, there are still plenty of spots to master as OlliOlli World features the ability to create and share procedurally generated levels in sandbox mode. We are also packing on high score leaderboards, and if you are truly one of the baddest skaters in the lands check out Leagues, a global competition to decide who is the most gnarly of them all. 

We hope that with this whole new world we built, ridiculous new art style, creating branching paths and hidden spots to skate, all new mechanics to combine and master as well as other new features, to really make this next iteration in the series extra special. Be sure to take a trip with us this winter when OlliOlli World launches for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. 

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  • Holy Sh*t, this came out of nowhere! I love OLLI OLLI and I cant believe my eyes! This is awesome, kudos guys youve outdone yourselves! Cant wait.

  • What about the soundtrack? Are you having the same artist(s) and chill electronic vibes?

  • Day 1 – big fan of the first two OlliOlli games and glad to see it come back in a big way!

  • Very nice. Congrats on the new game to you and the rest of the team Simon. Looking forward to getting my hands on it.
    Off topic: I would be very interested to see what Bunnylord looks like in this art style.


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    • It’s a good idea, they could even sell little characters related to the games; like chibi versions of the mechs from horizon or SD gundams

  • Loved the first two games can’t wait for this!.. Seems like they kinda changed a lot though hopefully it still feels the same

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