PS5 April Update brings new storage options and social features

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PS5 April Update brings new storage options and social features

First major PS5 console update lets you store PS5 games on USB extended storage, share gameplay across PS5 and PS4 consoles, and more.

The first major system software update for the PS5 console is rolling out globally tomorrow, and it’s packed with new features and improvements. Our team is passionate about enhancing your experience on PlayStation in every possible way, so here’s a glimpse at what’s coming for PS5, PS4, and PlayStation App:

PS5 Storage Expansion and Management

  • Store PS5 Games on Compatible External USB Drives.* With this feature, you can now transfer your PS5 games to USB extended storage from your console’s internal storage. It’s a great way to extend the storage capabilities of your PS5 console, and you can seamlessly copy your PS5 games back to the console’s internal storage when you’re ready to play. It is faster to reinstall PS5 games from USB extended storage than to re-download or copy them from a disc.
  • Because PS5 games are designed to take advantage of the console’s ultra high-speed SSD, PS5 titles can’t be played from USB extended storage. PS5 titles also cannot be directly downloaded to USB extended storage. However, games that you transfer or copy back to internal storage will automatically update when applicable. In addition, you can select which game modes you want to install (such as campaign or multiplayer) for select titles that support the option.

As previously announced, the PS5 console will support storage expansion via M.2 drives in the future. We’re currently working on this feature and will keep you posted with any updates on PlayStation Blog.

New Social Features for PS4 and PS5 Consoles

  • Cross-generation Share Play. PS4 and PS5 players can now Share Play together while chatting in parties. This means PS5 console users can let their friends on PS4 consoles view their game screen, or even try out the PS5 games through Share Play, and vice versa. Options include the ability to share your screen with a friend, pass your controller virtually to a friend, or pass a second controller virtually to play co-op games together.
  • Request to Join Game Session. A selection of your friends’ joinable game sessions will now appear on both PS5 and PS4 consoles, allowing for more gameplay opportunities together. The “Request to Join” option also serves as a shortcut to sending a game invite, reducing the time it takes for you to get into games with friends. Through the Privacy Settings menu, you can modify who can interact with you through parties, games and messages.

Enhanced Control and Personalization Options for PS5 Consoles

  • Improved Game Base. The Game Base menu has been improved for quicker access to important content and features. You can now easily switch between Parties and Friends to start chatting with your existing parties or see what each of your online friends is up to. In addition, you can turn notifications on or off for each of the parties you’re in.

  • Disable Game Chat or Adjust Players’ Volume. You can now quickly disable in-game chat, which turns off your mic audio and the voice audio of other players. Additionally, you can easily adjust the individual voice chat volume of other players in the same chat so you don’t have to ask your friends to lower or increase their mic volume each time.
  • Game Update Pre-download. Once it’s enabled by developers, title updates for games will pre-download to your console if the “automatic updates” setting is enabled and your console is on or in rest mode. This will let you start playing the latest version of a game immediately after the update’s release.
  • Customize Game Library. With the ability to hide games from view, it’s now easier to find content and personalize your view of your game library.
  • Screen Zoom. You can now adjust the magnification of the screen to suit your preference from the Settings menu.
  • New Trophy Settings and Stats Screen. The level of trophies that results in automatic capture of a screenshot or video clip can now be customized — so you can now choose to only capture and save images/videos of moments when you earn higher-grade trophies, like Gold or Platinum. We’re also introducing a new player Trophy Stats screen, where you can check out the summary of your trophy level and status at a glance.

Image cropped to showcase new Trophy Stats screen

New Features for PlayStation App

We’re also introducing a myriad of new features for PlayStation App to make it easier than ever to connect with your console experience remotely. Recently, we introduced the ability to save products in a wishlist, get notifications when your friends are online, and change your console online status. In the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out even more, including the ability to join a multiplayer session on PS5 from the app, manage your PS5 console storage, compare trophy collections with friends, and sort and filter products shown in the PlayStation Store. You can download PlayStation App for free from Google Play and the App Store.

We’re only scratching the surface of the many updates and improvements we’ve made across PS5, PS4, and PS App, so check them out and let us know what you think!

*For external USB drive compatibility requirements, visit:

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  • Nice to see the storage options and overall console experience improving.

    • Amazon, Mediamarkt, … storage options would be great so that someone could go there and get one of those d… consoles.

    • Barrow, well i had 4 consoles from mediamarkt haha returned 3, i dont return the 4th cause i guess will wait for s revision. All of them are noisy coil whine fan rattling its a mess and the media doesn’t talk much about it for some reason that i dont know. Never had problem with a console and in 2 months had 4 of these. The 4th is actually the worst in noise but well, the 2nd didnt run ps4 games always had an error xD

    • Excellent suite of changes, but as someone who is privy to the basic system software roadmap, this is merely the beginning. Be patient, it’s all coming.

      And I just want to say, other than a few issues on launch day, my PS5 experience has been exceptional. Yes, there are certain features that are absent atm, and some that need tweaking, but as far as gaming experience goes I’ve been blown away. And that’s what counts the most.

      The game’s lineup has been superb. The gaming experience has been spectacular through the DualSense and SSD. We already have big next gen exclusives here or around the corner. Demon’s Souls, Returnal, R&C, Horizon. PS+ has been giving PS5 games away like Bugsnax, Destruction All-Stars, Oddworld, Maquette.

      Personally, my experience has been great. Astro was incredible and free, we have 11 free games for Play at Home and 20 something for the PS+ Collection. Free upgrades like Tsushima, God of War, R&C, Days Gone, Mortal Shell, FFVII (if u own it physical), Nioh 2, etc. Back compat has been solid.

      I know ppl get carried away with PR but PlayStation irl has been phenomenal. It has for me anyway. 2020-21 have been loaded. Tsushima receiving free DLC, Genshin Impact on PS5, with the upgrade. PSVR2 announced. Ppl need to stop reading hype jobs and look at what’s in front of them in real life. Oh, and performance on PS5 has been fantastic. I would say it’s performed as if it had at least 12 Teraflops..

    • @JarlOfRivia That rattling is caused by a piece of lose tape being hit by the fan. Mine did that for a month before the fan knocked it out of the way. It is silent now. There are youtube vidoes that show how to open the PS5 and remove the tape fairly quickly (might need a torx screwdriver).

    • *loose tape*

    • And here i thought something was wrong with my system cuz it NEVER downloaded updates in the background. But wasnt this a feature said to be on the PS4? So this whole time it was a lie??

    • Great feature update! I hope it includes the long awaited Samsung 120hz hdr fix plus VRR. Please please fingers crossed.

    • @DUTTIRASS – the PS5 does download updates in the background – either when you’re on the console or if you have it in rest mode with that function turned on.

      The above info just says devs can now allow consoles to download updates early, then install them at a set time – like the COD updates. This is so you don’t have to wait for them to download if it’s a game where the patch is done but they’re waiting for other platforms to still get it approved.

    • It doesn’t cost “the earth”, I got the disc version on January 5 from Offer Up for $700 . Either spend the extra cost if you want one that badly or stop worrying about it.

    • Is this update going to fix the constant system crashing too?
      If there is already a solution for this please lmk.

    • There’s still a lot of things they gotta do

    • The new update today , has ruined my Camera and the PS5 can,t find the Camera . Great work Sony. Anyone has the same problem??

    • Its definitely a downgrade compared to the ps4. This storage update is on par with how the storage worked for the ps3.

    • “Because PS5 games are designed to take advantage of the console’s ultra high-speed SSD, PS5 titles can’t be played from USB extended storage. PS5 titles also cannot be directly downloaded to USB extended storage. However, games that you transfer or copy back to internal storage will automatically update when applicable. In addition, you can select which game modes you want to install (such as campaign or multiplayer) for select titles that support the option.”

      Yeesh. Hopefully by the time I get a PS5, the internal storage will be well into the terabytes. Constantly managing which games are on internal for the SSD does not sound very fun.

    • @Zanfear

      first World problems…..

      it sounds easy to me, you sound like a brat tho

    • @Zanfear. Unfortunately Sony still hasn’t activated the expansion slot. Having to tear off the sides to add SDD is ridiculous. The sides are thin plastic and anyone who has dissembled PS3s and PS4s knows that in the past the tabs were very fragile and prone to breaking. I’m not looking forward to eventually adding internal SSD on my PS5. By contrast on my Xbox Series X adding 1 TB SSD was just plugging in a card in the back, easy peasy.

      Transferring PS5 games onto an ONE external is still problematic. Many of us who have large game libraries have already filled the 8 TB limit. I don’t understand why Sony can’t allow multiple storage devices on PS4 and PS5 like Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X.

      @Desperado_XYBA, attacking Zanfear for a completely benign comment is uncalled for.

    • ^ Your comment didn’t add anything useful to the conversation.

      It says above for users not to be a jerk. And yet, here you are in your full glory.

  • Exellent ! Merci playstation !

    • @Jisatsu_Kiddo no one said anything about 1440p being the golden standard, I just want to play my games without them looking blurry because they render at 1440p but the console messed that up due to the lack of support

  • still no 1440p support what in the hell are y’all waiting for?

  • That’s all well and good, but can you change the Platinum ping so it’s a bit less naff?

  • When are you going to add VRR support to PS5? Xbox Series X/S has had this since Autumn and it’s getting ridiculous that PS5 can’t manage.

    • I’m also waiting for this

    • This is also all I’m waiting for. I upgraded my TV ahead of the PS5 launch based on this feature being advertised. The long gaps in talking about it and the implementation of social features ahead of it (probably different teams/resources, but it’s still a bad look), are making this more and more frustrating. Hopefully they get it together soon.

    • It’s on the box – VRR and internal storage expansion. Neither is available yet, both are overdue. Last time they took away a feature that was on the box, they had to pay to settle a big class-action lawsuit – now, they aren’t providing a feature in the first place. C’mon, guys!

      It’s not quite like I bought a PlayStation 2077, but it feels a little like that.

    • and why do you need vrr? You are not a difference. don’t do nonsense.

  • That’s great news!

    If possible, please take a look at these features that could be integrated in a later update:

    Support 3D Audio for headphones connected via HDMI
    UAC2 USB DAC support
    Fix volume issues for audio devices connected via USB


    • Also please look into:
      – Increasing external storage limit beyond 8TB (thanks to ps+ that fills in rapidly)
      – VRR support
      – 12bit 444 output via hdmi (or at least 10 bit 444)
      – Dolby vision support (game and blu-ray UHD)
      – Deploy 3D audio technology for home theaters (7.1.4 support).

    • Could we get a little animation instead of a card when we get a trophy like the one that’s in the trophy capture videos? That would be appreciated by us trophy hunters!

    • Yeah, I would love to get the full use of my 9.2.4 speakers. It is silly that they targeted $20 headphones as their only audience.

    • They won’t be doing 8tb storage that would most likely be from a 3rd party

  • Be nice if the ps5 hadn’t bricked my external drive, won’t work on anything now!!!

    • It’s not bricked, it just has a very peculiar set of partitions. You can easily wipe it on a Mac. On windows it takes a bit more time, as you have to manually erase each partition on the dskmngmt tool.

      It’s happened to me 3 times already. Your drive is not bricked, it’s just that windows sucks at dealing with unknown file systems

  • So when will we get support for 120hz HDR compatibility with Samsung TVs ? Still can’t get a good image at all when 120hz is on?

  • “As previously announced, the PS5 console will support storage expansion via M.2 drives in the future.”


    • I would guess that they are developing their own M.2 and since there is a chip shortage they are behind. All other platforms including cameras have always had Sony’s own memory and I don’t expect this to be different. It will cost at least twice as much as it should too.

    • Mark Cerny already confirmed they will allow 3rd party M2 SSD’s, they just need to test them first before they approve them.

    • hopefully in the summer?

  • Can I use two HDDs? One for PS4 games and other for PS5 would be nice

  • Are they forgot about VRR? When are we get that promised feature? Come on, it’s available on the XS from launch, it’s not a rocket science.

  • Hope we get more regular updates. The baseline is good but it could be improved a lot

  • What about issues with samsung TVs? My still looses hdr and reverts to 1080p with 60hz after boot up. So only way to fix this is to restart the tv pr the console.

  • The ONLY direction is up PlayStation. Weight lift those haters!!! 🥳👍

  • Is there a chance the Wi-Fi issues will be addressed too? Everytime I turn my console on I have to either wait 10mins for it to connect or disconnect/connect for anything to work

    • Wifi Issues ? Thats your Network Bra my PS5 is great no fix needed never heard anyone else either !!

    • I have no problems with wi-fi … I also have a perfectly quiet console. None of the games even makes a sound, compared to my $ 3000 PC with cooling from “By quite” it seems to be running on passive cooling. I don’t know how they did it, but this is the perfect gaming device for me.

  • This is actually a very good update but i would like to see that m.2 drive be available as quick as possible.

    • Same for me, I don’t want an external USB drive dangling. I’ll want to get an m.2 drive that is fast enough to be a meaningful expansion of the Internal Storage.

  • Ps5 has been out for like 5 months nearly, this is extremely underwhelming in terms of what’s being “added”.

  • what about 1440p and VRR support? Any plans to add that?

  • Add ability to search either just my library or just the store. Seeing everything in one view is mostly annoying. Also if I am on a PS5, make the default download version for games the PS5 version. Its a pain to make a game purchase, hit download and not be given the chance to select the PS5 version. Its a very cumbersome process, more than it needs to be.

    • Didn’t have an issue with the search but more options is better so that’s a great idea.

      But I’m not sure what’s going wrong on your end but when I hit to download a game with a PS4 and ps5 version it literally asks me which version I want to download. This was since the last update. Not sure if you tried recently or a specific game has the issue. But it definitely asks me 100%

  • As small as it is, I really miss the activities page for seeing what trophies you and your friends have unlocked etc. That was a huge part of PS4 and it’s a shame it hasn’t been adopted on PS5 from the start. Hopefully it’s an upcoming feature.

    More profile customisation would be great too. Bar the cover photo (which in itself needs a little work) there’s not much to the profiles themselves at all.

    Love the storage update though. May need to invest in an external USB now.


    • +1 This is the feature I miss most from PS4. The ‘What’s New’ section was the first place I checked when logging in to my PS4.

    • I’d like that for the ps5 and to see in the playstation app as well to like what people been up to. 👍

    • The fact that PS5 launched without a proper activity feed is a joke.It’s the PS3-PS4 pathetic situation all over again,releasing a new PS that does less than the previous one lol.Not only was/is too soon for a PS5 but the damn system itself wasn’t ready for release…wonder how long and how many updates it will take for it to actually be a PS5 and have at least most of the features PS4 has.

  • I agree with most of the suggestions from the people above me. I would also like folders to be added as well, it’s way faster to have the installed games in a folder than having to go to the library for other games. It would be specially useful with the future M.2 drive update.

    • Hopefully this update also fixes all the wifi issues, I get disconnected often and can’t scan for other wifi unless I restart.

    • +1 Jason! Folders, please!! I don’t get why such a basic function hasn’t been present from the start on both PS4 and PS5 either…

    • @paveman Double +1 here. It’s nuts that they dropped this on launch of the PS4, learned their lesson (I thought), and then did the same on the launch of the PS5. C’mon, Sony!!!

      Give us folders or tags or something that let US organize our games OUR way.

    • +1
      Yes it was a really dumb decision to not include such a basic feature from the start, especially when it was so requested on PS4!

    • This is the major feature that I miss the most, since I have all my games sorted by VR, and player-count. It’s just too much of a hassle to look through the whole list of 300+ games that I have to see which VR game I want to play, or which game supports 4 players and so on.
      Other than this, the issue with external hard drives causing sluggishness and having to wait over a half hour for the database to be indexed (or whatever it’s doing) before the system gets responsive is my reason for changing my external hard drive and VR back to my PS4 Pro. I’ll wait until the PSVR 2 is out before trying again on the PS5 and stay console specific for most titles.

  • It’s great that we’ll be able to cold store PS5 games.

    I just wish they’d fix the remote play issue where you have to disconnect the HDMI cable otherwise video stutters.

    • Never had this issue at all, and I remote to my PC constantly when I’m reviewing games in the other room.

  • Any word on whether party audio will be available through the TV when you remove the 3.5mm audio jack from the controller, like it did on the PS4? I hate the controller audio, it’s so quiet for this.

    • It is literally the worst, multiplayer on ps5 is trash compared to last gen

    • Yeah this is the 1 thing I really miss. I used to use the PlayStation camera as a mic and new and the mrs could chat with my mate. Can’t hear a thing through the controller speaker when there’s multiple people in the same room

  • Why is there no browser on the ps5?

    • there is it just doesn’t have its own start app. it can open from things like links in games then u can do what ever with it

  • While I appreciate it that the wishlist is back on the web version, Sony you need to incorporate it into the PS app. You should try and allow both the app and web version to do the same actually things, don’t limit either of them. It’s only us as gamers have to really tell you guys this to improve the services and the way we feel comfortable using your services. Also when viewing a game that have more than one edition, we can click the other/s from right within the page rather than coming out back to click on another edition of the same game.

    • I didn’t see the wishlist is on the web site – but it’s already on the app, I saw it there a couple days ago. If you don’t see it, try checking for an update to your app.

    • Its on the web browser since in march, haven’t seen it yet on my PS app, my time zone is different, ill try updating it, if not ill wait till the stipulated time of a new day. Thanks for the heads up though

  • Awesome! keep up the good work.. cannot wait for the M.2 support

  • I really hope they have fixed downloading the PS4 along with the PS5 version. I also hope they’ve fixed deleted games showing an option to download again on the Home screen to the left of the Store (why was this ever programmed in???). Great that we will finally be able to hide demo’s and games we no longer want shown in our library.

    • This is an annoying bug and needs a proper fix. for now though, go to:

      Settings > Users and Accounts > Other > Restore Licences

      This should clear the blank icons from the Home Screen.

  • Not impressed. The whole UI is not intuitive in navigation and convoluted.

    The Control Center should be on the main screen along with Friends, Messages and Parties tabs.

    Also are gonna get Party Chat the way it used to work before 8.00?

    • I hope this☝️ never happens , if it does it better be option . Some of us dont like useless clutter

    • Naw u prefer the way it is. The main menus just to launch. With everything in the control center being how it is. It means you have all your options but deep settings at all times. It was weird at first and confusing. But can’t go back now. It’s so much better. Only thing is the friends list is still a bit inconvenient. Also they need a mini trophy display menu

  • This will gonna be the best software update ever but honestly if you would add also themes feature on PS5 it will be much better to use our PS4 Themes and New PS5 Themes

  • Still waiting on 1440p support

  • I know there is more to add, but I do think think this is a GREAT first major update. There are some incredible quality of life things that I think a lot of people could benefit from regardless of what type of games you play.

    Per-party muting is something I’ve been wishing for a long time, the ability to adjust per-player audio levels in party, update pre-loading, game library customizations… I feel like I”ve heard these all be requested in one way or another at some point. Plus, per-trophy-level control for media capture is awesome and something I didn’t even think of, but something I will most certainly use!

    And of course, the the ability to archive PS5 games to USB drive is the headliner here and I think several folks will appreciate that. Like I said, there’s certainly more ways in the PS5 can and needs to evolve, but I think hitting a lot of QoL items is a good start. Cheers!

    (Now PLEASE add the ability to copy PS5 game saves to USB drives!!)

    • Screen Zoom. Cross-gen share play. USB storage for PS5 games. Improvement to game base and system level game invites. 👍🏽👍🏽

      PS5 finally moves out of public beta testing.

    • I’m sorry Dead-Sync my comment was meant to be a general post not a reply to yours. Not sure how that happened

    • PS4 saves can be modified for unlocking trophies and cheating that will likely be the reason why PS5 saves can’t be copied to USB.

  • Can you add PS App into Apple store Kyrgyzstan.

  • Now develop an application to run PS3 disc games & have all digital games in PSNOW as apart of PS+ worldwide (inc Australia)

    • That will never happen unless Sony release a PS5 Pro with PS3 hardware to run PS3 discs that will cost a fortune.

  • Does this fix the appaulign speeds over USB. I have a WD P50 on my PC it gets near it’s full 20Gbps which is 2.5GBps, however on PS5 it only gets 333MBps. It also fo rsoem reason needs formatting if I plug it into a PC, and then back into a PS5 and it won’t let me put videos ont he drive either. USB transfer speeds are SHOCKINGLY BAD PS4 level bad.

  • Sharefactory needs an update. Hardly any themes

    • I think ShareFactory has become too bloated for console that is always short on Internal Storage. It would be nice if different parts of it could be add-ons so you only install the parts you use.

  • Hello, great news!
    I’m still having an issue about PS4 version of disc-based games begin to install automatically when I power on the console. For example, No Man’s Sky and Marvel Avengers. I’m playing the PS5 upgraded version, but it always try to install the PS4 version.
    This issue will be addressed on the future?

    • Check the options. Since the last update my atelier Ryza 2 doesn’t download the PS4 version no more so maybe it’s a setting

  • Excellent, great updates. Can’t wait for the m.2 drive update.

  • I’d like to be able to purchase game codes or at least have an option to buy digital as a gift for friends. Also if a game has already been purchased you should still be able to see the current sale price. Wanted to get a friend on ghost of tsushima but I couldn’t figure out what the sale price was without Google.

  • Share Play being added to PS5 is great. That was a feature on PS4 that I would often use to play variety of co-op games with online friends when game only supports local co-op.

  • Still can’t get a console.

  • Awesome news! Really excited about this and what’s to come!

    So, do I understand it correctly? Can I let a friend on a PS4 co-op a PS5/PS4 game with me on my PS5? Do they need PS Plus?

  • The feature I want, more than any other, is for my phone to be able to view/save screenshots and videos from my PS5. The longwinded way we have to go through to simply get screenshots off of our PS5 is archaic! Ideally, these things would automatically be stored online (for PS+ members?) to help save huge amounts of space locally on the console and give even easier access from mobile/PC.

  • So where is the obstacle regarding unlocking the M.2 slot? According to the specs it couldn’t be hardware related, so I assume the storage system is that complex or not ready yet to support these features? Would be nice to have an answer telling us what’s causing the delay.

    • The resources for the Chips themselves can’t be made, supply chain issue, NOT a Sony thing. It’s the same reason the video cards for pc were unavailable. COVID did this !

  • Please look into the Rest Mode Bug issue. I can’t put my PS5 into rest mode as it will crash.

    • YES THIS!! Why the heck isn’t this the first comment. 1440p blah blah… Who cares about that since this is a much bigger issue. Theres like a 40% chance my ps5 will enter rest mode and the rest of the time it doesn’t, and it thinks I unplugged it this having to do a repair boot.

      Really hope a fix is in this update.

    • I have no issue with this

    • Lucky you tparsons, sadly me and all 4 friends of mine suffer from this. It’s a real annoyance coming from the ps4 and loving that feature to now going back to ps3.

    • same thing I said, should be their top priority with the product especially considering how rampant it is .. that’s like a car manufacturer releasing a vehicle where you have to unplug the battery every night to keep it running

    • Are you using an external drive? If so, that’s the issue – not the fact you’re using one, but the one you’re using.

      Some of them turn themselves off to save power if you’re not using them.

      So, as the console rests, the external drive turns off and the PS5 does the same as it thinks you disconnected it.

      Get a powered USB drive or one that doesn’t have any energy-saving function built into it.

    • turniplord yes Im using a non external drive. You’re probably right on this solution. I may have to look into that and thank you for finding out the cause. Really hope sony though can fix that issue still though since that drive is 4tb and hate to lose it.

      Thanks again!

    • If you are using an external drive you MUST go into power settings and tell it to leave the USB and Network ALWAYS ON, if the usb sleeps it stops the external HD and **this** will crash the system.

    • my power setting are set to power the usb as always and network is on and i still have this issue i posted this issue earlier but it got deleted some how as i can’t find it

  • it would be nice to see a monthly leaderboard with friends of trophies earned like on xbox. in the store of it is hard to find the games just released it would take a ps5 optimized news section coming up based on the date etc.

  • About time. I was wondering when the update was going to happen for this month. It took them so long to allow PS5 gaems to be stored on external USB drives. Hopefully normal HDDs will work too.

    I was hoping that voice assistant will come with this update, after what they promised even before the PS5 reveal, especially that the PS5 DualSense has a built-in mic and strangely that the PS4 had this day one but not the PS5.

    Also hopefully this udpate will bring some tweaking to the controller too and make it run fine and not have that clicking noises from the triggers’ mechanism when the funtion is even disabled.

  • Can we get retro game support brought back to the ps store?

    • I think that we may start hoping for that again when PS CEO changes :P

    • Yes please sony already has a great emulators for PS1, PS2, and PSP they would just need to Port them PS5 and or PS4. As for PS3 and PS Vita they have all the BIOS code and source code for each operating system and they designed the chips for the PS3 so if anybody can make a good emulator for it and then they should be able to. I mean come on if people who don’t have access to all the schematics and all the source code of the PS3 cam make an emulator for pc that runs great on high end quad core 8 thread processors and up then surely Sony can get one working on the 8 core 16 thread PS5. It’s got plenty of CPU and GPU power.

  • Some UI updates would be very helpful too. The screenshot UI background is way too dark and a lot of times it blocks the view of the image itself you just took or want to take. The process of screenshooting is also often delayed and most of the times if you want to capture an action scene, it takes several split seconds to process the button press. A lot of times it also turns off some of the lighting in the game for some reason. The bottom tiles should have some other options too, sometimes the screen feels so cluttered with useless info since a lot of the games don’t even feature the multi level access

    • You do realise, that there are shortcuts to the Create funcionalities? Like holding the Create button to take a screenshot. Instead of going to the Create menu each time.

  • Fix dualsense version !

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