Temtem welcomes you to Cipanku Island in new update, live tomorrow

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Temtem welcomes you to Cipanku Island in new update, live tomorrow

Capture new Tems, and explore the first Mythical Lair with four of your friends.

Hello again, tamers, and welcome back to the Archipelago. The wait is over, and the eagerly awaited island of Cipanku opens its doors tomorrow for all tamers to discover and enjoy.

In case you missed it, Temtem is a colorful creature-collecting MMO where you’ll explore the Airborne Archipelago alongside your Temtem squad. From tomorrow onwards, you’ll have one more island to discover. Oh! We’ll also be implementing Activity Cards for all in-game quests — we can’t wait to see what you think.

The rise of digital Temtem

Cipanku is an Electric/Digital themed island, where tradition and technology converge and meld together. Cipanku is the first island to house Digital Temtem, a rare Temtem type that humans created in the Nanto laboratories. Digital Tems come with their own new and exclusive Traits and Techniques; they’re the first type to be weak to themselves. Digital Tems are strong against Mental, Melee and Digital types, and are weak to Water, Electric and Digital types. They’re also resistant to the Toxic type.

Notable Digital Tems you might already have registered in your Tempedia include Oree, Zaobian and the Digital variant of Koish. We’ve also leaked a new Digital tem called Molgu, and a couple of Electric Tems like Raignet and the Sparzy line.

Catch a mythical Temtem together

Cipanku also brings with it one of the most significant features in the game’s history. Mythical Temtem. And the way to reach them, Lairs.

Lairs are a group activity, ranging from three to five players (having five is strongly recommended), where you and your teammates will be able to progress through your own paths to get a chance at capturing the Mythical Temtem. In Lairs, even though each player receives a different randomly generated path, all resources are shared and resource management is the true key to success in reaching the Mythical. To prove your skills as a tamer, instead of traversing the Lair with your usual squad you must form your Temtem team and inventory during the Lair, and think strategically about when and what to bring along with you.

Fast travel across the Islands

The technology advancement in Cipanku will allow you to unlock one of the most requested features so far: teleportation. By completing a side quest in the city of Neoedo, you’ll unlock a nifty teleport system that, in exchange for a fee, will let you travel instantly from many different hotspots across the Archipelago. Teleports to any Narwhal airport are free, though.

Top tips for success in Cipanku

For this update, we recommend having your team leveled up to at least level 50, but as usual, the higher the better! For team suggestions, Mudrid and Grumper are valuable allies, and a Nessla with Electric Synthesize should carry you far, too. You can find these in Tucma, Kisiwa and Deniz, respectively. On Lairs, keep in mind that they can be re-done as many times as needed until you complete, but they’re challenging. Do your best to save the key resources to unlock the Mythical battle, or it will all be for naught.

We really hope you enjoy Cipanku, and the first update of Temtem on PlayStation 5. Temtem up.

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  • ill care when he full version is released.. dont wanna play an early access “incomplete” game that when the full version is finally released , Ive already experienced 90% of it from the “beta” and now Im just getting a 100% polished/fixed version with 10% new features lol

    • Definitely understandable but I’d suggest you buy it from now. Save some only buying Earl as the price will keep raising

  • I honestly can’t wait for the full version of the game to release so I can snag it on PS4!

    • Crema canceled the ps4 version. So you’ll need to upgrade to a pS5. You can alternatively choose to get it on on pc, switch or Xbox series x/s when it releases

    • cancelled Ps4 version? when did they even ANNOUNCE there WAS gonna be a PS4 version? I only knew bout ps5 lol

    • Well the temtem kickstarter always intended a ps4 version as far as back in 2018, as opposed to the PS5 version which was a relatively new announcement. They only announced the cancelation of the ps4/Xbox version in August last year

  • My question is do we get back the skates, does that one side quest with the kid disappearing get fixed and do we get a level cap increase and if so. To what? Lol

  • Really wished there was trophies. Maybe would have kept my attention longer.

  • If Sony was really smart they would acquire this dev and have their own Pokemon-like competitor. If they ever relaunched PS Home they could implement live events that could lead to shiny temtem and rewards for the game. The possibilities are endless if Sony executives actually thought outside the box about how they could continue to expand their business and open new job positions to manage these mergers and acquisitions. There is a reason why companies cannot always rely on “organic growth” and need to continue to invest heavily in M&A. Better do it now because it is only getting more expensive by the year as the industry continues to boom.

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