PS5 named official console of the NBA 2K League

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PS5 named official console of the NBA 2K League

Get ready to watch NBA 2K League teams compete on PS5, and take part in online fan tournaments.

We are excited to announce a new partnership with the NBA 2K League that makes PS5 the official console of the NBA 2K League. Starting this month and into the league’s fourth season tipping off this May, you will see all 23 NBA 2K League teams and 138 players in the league compete on PS5 during games and events.

And the partnership doesn’t stop there! The multiyear deal with the NBA 2K League will also give you, our global community of fans, the opportunity to take part in online fan tournaments hosted by us throughout the year, featuring NBA 2K League‑related prizing. 

We are happy to announce that the first online fan tournament is taking place just next week! Starting now, PS5 players based in the United States can sign up to net a spot in an online Three for All Showdown Qualifier tournament, taking place on Monday, April 5 – Tuesday, April 6*.

The winner of our online qualifier tournament will go on to compete in a 3-on-3 team with influencers Troydan and PoorBoySin in the second annual NBA 2KL Three for All Showdown competition from Friday, April 9 – Saturday, April 10 at 5:00pm Pacific Time / 8:00pm Eastern Time on the NBA 2K League’s Twitch and YouTube channels. This is a super exciting opportunity to be a part of the NBA 2KL Three for All Showdown event, which will feature NBA 2K League players, fans, WNBA players, and social media influencers, all competing in NBA 2K21’s “The City” game mode for a share of a $25,000 USD prize pool!

Whilst the PlayStation Three for All Showdown Qualifier online tournament is for PS5 players in the United States only, we have a lot of NBA 2K21 online tournaments coming to PS4 and PS5 very soon which will be open to our community of fans in regions all around the world. We can’t wait to share more on this soon!

You can also expect to see us collaborating with NBA 2K League on an exclusive custom content series that will run during NBA 2K League broadcasts and on the league’s social and digital channels: Twitter (NBA2KLeague), Instagram (nba2kleague), Facebook (NBA 2K League), TikTok (nba2kleague), Twitch (NBA2KLeague), YouTube (NBA 2K League) and

Are you excited about our new partnership with NBA 2K League? Let us know in the comments! 

 *PS Plus membership required. Must be 16+ and resident of US. [4/2-4/10]. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. See full rules here.  

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  • And xbox has become the official console for mlb the show. Good job sony…………………………………………………….. :/

  • MLB: The Show costs $ 70 on PS5 while on Xbox it is on the Gamepass …. “play has no limits”

    • Don’t fall for it. Microsoft will be quite happy to see the games industry end up like the music industry. A Netflix of games is not sustainable and bad for games and gamers. This is not a Sony fanboy telling you this, it’s someone who followed the destruction of the music industry over the last 25 years.

    • Maybe the will give it away on PS Plus.

    • Dainn-Valhalla You’re going to learn a fun lesson about limits in a few years from now after you’ve dumped hundreds of dollars into game pass and you arbitrarily lose access to half or more of the games you’re really just paying high rental costs for.

    • It’s a rental, dimwit.

    • You guys really defend everything Sony does, unbelievable. Some here are pretending that it’s a wonderful thing PS players paying $70 for a game made by Sony, meanwhile Xbox gamers get the game for cheap with Game Pass. Probably also defend Sony shutting down Japan Studio, releasing games on PC, erasing classic titles by shutting down the PSN store.

      Wow, PS is really becoming the casual platform.

    • @Diegoctba911:

      Releasing older PS exclusive IPs on PC *IS* a good thing.

      Helps make money off older games, gets these games to a wider audience, let’s *me* replay them with better graphics at 60fps, plus PC players who played -for example – Horizon may be enticed to buy a ps5 for the sequel when it comes out.
      Releasing old games on PC will move consoles which is a very good thing

    • Any new Xbox or PS exclusive will be $70 and plus Sony is a Japanese company

    • And what, you say Xbox has no limits instead?
      How do you buy or play Forza Horizon 3 on Xbox Live right now? Give me an answer. You can’t because they killed it, which means its gone from your precious garbage gamepass too and Forza 7 is next in September.

      You can choose to ignore the things you want with Xbox all you want, specifically its lack of games
      4500 games on PS4 since 2013
      2300 games on Xbone since 2013
      This trend is already starting off this gen with games like Forspoken COMPLETELY avoiding Xbox so the game doesn’t get compromised by the awful series s console.

    • @ Axecution

      A game made in 2019 is “old” now? This is good for PC and that’s it. Why buy a PS5 if all the games are coming to another platform eventually? It’s really naive to think that PC gamers will buy a console without exclusives. That’s basic logic.

      Also kinda obvious how you replied only this part of my original post, lol.

      Nintendo and PC have exclusives, why Sony shouldn’t have now?

    • @Aesthetic_Lemi

      Sony is a Japanese company but unfortunately SIE (the bit that runs the gaming stuff) has been moved to the US since the PS4 launch. Which is why they’ve closed basically all non US studios, added online fees and churned out safe, boring games the whole generation.

      But also, games aren’t $70 (or $96 if you live in Europe), just Sony games. Everyone else is keeping their games at the same price as they were on the PS4. It’s just Sony pushing up the price during a global downturn.

    • @andrewsqual

      I guess you didn’t know Sony paid for timed exclusivity with Forspoken? It’ll be on Xbox later. It’s what they’re doing with Square this gen apparently

  • Spot on @Harrisown

  • If y’all want AAA games to die then keep supporting game streaming services. I won’t be one those people though, I enjoy my AAA games.

  • That’s the power of PlayStation!

  • Nice, Sony already with the genius marketing. Get ready to see endless PS5 logos during those NBA games.

  • Make an official PS.Blog post announcing the closure of legacy PlayStation Store services for PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita, including PSOne Classics, PS2 Classics, and PlayStation minis content.

    Own up to this company’s direction and be upfront with your erstwhile community regarding this severely anti-consumer, anti-developer, and anti-legacy decision with no disclosed plans for decades of experiences beyond the insufficient premise of PlayStation Now rotation.

    We deserve to know beyond a one-off e-mail, and Somy deserves direct feedback from its providers.

  • Exactly, it’s like the company is afraid of the feedback.

  • Where is the Square Enix acquisition announcement? Don’t blow that opportunity.

    • Square Enix is worth about 7 billion, and typically buying a company outright costs considerably more.

      Sony probably doesn’t have that kind of money.

    • @MiseriaPrincesa

      don’t be so sure about that, Sony does have enough money to buy Square Enix

    • @MiseryPrincess For Sony to buy Square Enix would be so much less. They already have historical heritage with them, Square Enix flying their name looks right. The benefits that comes with making your games on one powerful unified console is a great bonus too, unlike Xbox where that horrible series s is stuck to a developer like an unwanted wart.

      Its like the Insomniac Games acquisition. If Microsoft wanted to buy them it would have been 4 times the amount because you would NOT be getting the same user base being bought by Xbox and it would have been insanely damaging to them, especially after the horrendous failure, that no Xbox fan bought, Sunset Overdrive.

    • But there’s a big difference between something like Insomniac which is just a single games studio, and something like Square Enix which is a publisher, general business and has more studios than Sony has.

      So, though it might help their games studios a bit, it’s not going to help their model making business, or their arcade business or magazine publishing and so on. It’s not really certain if Sony would want a magazine or an arcade chain, but they’d have to pay for it then manage it.

      SE also produce loads of games that US based SIE would likely just abandon entirely (Bravely Default, Dragonquest, Saga series, all their mobile games, etc. etc. etc.). Partially because Sony has no handheld system, and partially because Sony seem really exclusively obsessed with a certain type of game (story heavy third person action adventure). So it’s uncertain if Sony would want to buy a pile of studios they had little interest in.

      Plus, it’s not like SE really have a special Sony relationship. Maybe on the PS1 they did, but they produce a few exclusives on every console and handheld nowadays. I can’t really see them selling themselves cheap when they don’t really gain anything from the deal.

      Also “7 billion” is just their net market value. Which is basically the absolute minimum floor price, unless the owners really wanted to be sued by their stockholders. When all the business whatevers got their say you’d be lucky to get less than double that, regardless of how much SE wanted it.

      Sony (remember SIE is only part of Sony) is worth about 45 billion in the same system, compared to Microsoft which is 1000+. Microsoft have piles of money to throw around on stupid things (their net income yearly is more than Sony’s worth), whereas Sony, really don’t. Sony would need to pay around 1/4 of the cost of the entire company to buy SE. Probably not really the best investment.

    • @MiseryPrincess

      The 10 Biggest Video Games Companies in the World 2021 (at a glance)

      SONY. Gaming Revenue: $25.0 billion.

      TENCENT. Gaming Revenue: $13.9 billion.

      NINTENDO. Gaming Revenue: $12.1 billion.

      MICROSOFT. Gaming
      Revenue: $11.6 billion.

      MICROSOFT. Gaming Revenue: $11.6 billion.

      alltopeverything .com for more details

    • Those numbers don’t mean much in this instance though as they don’t just do gaming, and the companies are completely different sizes.

      To show the difference in scale, Bethesda cost equivalent to under 1/133th of the value of Microsoft, but would be 1/6th of the value of Sony. So Sony still isn’t really in a position to comfortably buy a company the same way Microsoft can. Especially one as big as Square Enix, or Sega or even Capcom.

      It’s much more likely (and less risky) that they’d buy a normal studio. Or smaller multiple studios like Fromsoftware or something similar in scale.

  • That’s fine but how long will they be able to corner the market on basketball games? I ask this because EA is going to lose out on fighting revenue if ESBC is as advertised.

  • It’s good that Sony is now the official console of the NBA 2K League – but they already sellout Sony fans by making MLB 20 available for X-box Game Pass while Playstation users would have to pay full price (not to mention about the closure of the PSN store on the PS3, PSP and PS Vita with no way of arriving on the next-gen via backwards compatibility and that Sony hasn’t posted anything on the blog about that “yet”). I am pretty much wondering when older generations will get backwards compatibility via a patent – and no word yet on what’s going on – especially for when Sony will start to buy let’s say Square Enix or Sega (perhaps Capcom) to compete against the buyout of Bethesda.

  • This is great but what good is it if the average person can’t get a ps5 console to play the games on.

  • Next up. PS5 is the official console for Primark.

    I seem to be missing a point “for the gamers”.

    NBA2k isn’t my kind of game (more of an nba jam guy) but I wouldn’t touch 2k with a 6ft pole thanks to mtx that sit within.

  • So why does PlayStation still not have the NBA app so I can watch games on my PS5? I have XBOX one X and that does.
    My situation is different to a lot of people no doubt, but I like my ps5 better 100% and I bought the PS5 because of where game pass was taking Xbox live, I don’t want rentals to download. I want to open my games and play them when I want and not pay even more for the privilege.
    I just hope ps5 sticks with their model or I’ll be done with gaming (yeah I’m an older 30s gamer).
    And last generation taught me a little extra graphics power makes no difference. Horizon on my base PS4 looked as good as anything on my Xbox one x.

  • Why you telling us this? You guys are a joke!

  • Sony needs to talk to there fans and tell them something, they have been quiet for over a year, PS3 era Sony has returned. What happening with PS now, Plus? When the add on SSD update coming? What about the PS store on PS5 it’s navigation is awful? What about any big moves, new studios, games, timed exclusives, new color controllers, PS5 colored face plates, I could go on and on but that’s the point we have heard nothing about anything.

    • Also the “Tempest Audio” finally arriving at what it was advertised as. The whole thing was “3d audio through normal speakers”, but it’s still headphones only.

      It’s kind of like the PS5 generation hasn’t happened when almost 6 months after launch there’s basically 3 exclusives. 1 tech demo, 1 mini game, and 1 PS3 remaster. Even the lackluster PS4 launch had 2 exclusive full games on the first day.

      There still isn’t really any games to get a PS5 for. Everything coming out seems to be on PS4 or PC anyway..

  • So, there’s some value to those hyper-competitive pro-level gamers that have a chance of winning an online fan tournament. Regular Playstation consumers will see zero value in forcing the NBA 2K League teams to use a PS5, and will also see zero value in NBA marketing.

    Has anyone noticed that in these blog posts Microsoft and Xbox keep being brought up? It didn’t happen as much before. Sony should think long and hard as to why is that. Xbox customers get value, while we get propaganda.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for the Play At Home games, but how is burning a pile of cash sustainable? I’d rather be paying Sony and getting more value out of my subscription. PS Plus is a rental service, PS Now is a rental service, and they both pale in comparison to Game Pass.

    Sony waxes nostalgic in the sentimental trip that’s Astro’s Playroom while at the same time it stopped giving out free Plus games a year ago to the day, and closes the PS3, Vita, and PSP stores with no explanation. I dislike it, but I get it. They “believe in generations” and want a clean break. Well, they should know that a great number of their customers feel they’re losing value instead. Meanwhile, the other camp hasn’t stopped receiving previous gen games for free and their backcompat efforts are second to none. They’re walking the walk, and I’m a bit tired of just getting the talk here.

  • Oh really! cool.

    Ok so when can i get a PS5. Its out of stock everywhere.

  • xxpur3_c0br4xx-t

    Be nice if we could try this new thing called a ps5. Tf

  • Unfortunately PlayStation has management that can’t figure out how to make internal memory available after 5 months!!!!! I’ve only been deleting games and not buying any!!

  • Big step over competitors here. Great job Sony!

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