The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced comes to PS5 on June 8

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced comes to PS5 on June 8

Bringing massive visual and performance improvements, Tamriel comes to life on PlayStation 5.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced is a new version of ESO designed to make full use of the native power of the PlayStation 5 console. Even better, Console Enhanced is completely free for all ESO players. All you need to do to get it is simply own the game and a PlayStation 5.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced comes to PS5 on June 8

What kind of improvements can you expect to see with this new version? For starters, when running the game in Performance mode, you’ll experience Tamriel at a crisp 60 frames per second—a first for ESO on consoles. In addition to this, Console Enhanced introduces a host of visual improvements for PS5 players, including increased draw distance, fully unlocked high-resolution textures, improved reflections, improved ambient occlusion, improved shadows, and greater depth of field.

Experience Solitude with improved reflections and draw distance

Phew! All of these additions and improvements will create an even more visually stunning and immersive experience for you when exploring Tamriel on the PS5, and with the option to switch between Performance mode and Fidelity mode, you can tailor how your machine prioritizes the game’s performance and graphics. Did we mention this new version is completely free? You can download it on your PS5 when Update 30 and the Blackwood Chapter launches on June 8.

Explore Skyrim like you’ve never seen it before on PlayStation 5

Free play, sale, & Blackwood Prologue live

If you’re looking for an excuse to try or jump back into The Elder Scrolls Online, now is the perfect time with our Free Play Event, sale, and introduction of the new Blackwood Prologue. 

Now live, the Free Play Event allows you to download and try ESO for free, giving you access to the base game and Vvardenfell zone until April 13. Once you’ve begun your adventures in Tamriel, you can then pick up the ESO base game or last year’s Greymoor Chapter (part of the Dark Heart of Skyrim saga) at up to 67% off with our sale also running during the Free Play Event period.

A new adventure awaits in the Blackwood Prologue

Finally, the Blackwood Prologue questline is now live and part of the ESO base game, kicking off a story that takes you to the upcoming chapter and beyond. In this free questline (available for all ESO players including free play players), you team up with Eveli Sharp-Arrow and Lyranth to investigate the emergence of a new Daedric cult. As part of the Gates of Oblivion year-long adventure, what you discover in these new quests will have dire consequences for all of Tamriel.

Big changes are coming for ESO on PlayStation, and we can’t wait to share more about Console Enhanced and the massive leap forward the new generation offers. Don’t forget, this new version will be available as a free download on June 8 for everybody who owns the game on the PlayStation 5. We can’t wait to see how the community reacts to the future of ESO on PlayStation.

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  • What’s the file size? 1TB? The base game itself is over 100GB.

    • Games on PS5 are generally smaller then the previous gen version so far.
      Of course they will have issues with PlayStation hardware, especially since Microsoft own them.

      These are the same morons that had size restrictions on mods in Fallout 4 on PlayStation, yet there have never been size limits on anything on PSN. Even Unreal Tournament 3 mods on PS3 are bigger then the ones on Fallout 4.

      There will probably be no Dualsense support either.

    • Probably 200 to 300 GB. Somehow they compress games like crazy idk lol

  • no 120fps? .. pfff…

  • Is it going to be another separate app with a separate trophy list?

  • 😂 upset the xbox Fans

  • Hahaha sorry this is funny and I had to comment what’s the point of recycling your game for PS5 if it has tech from the early days of PS3?…LMAO this sounds like something the pc beggar race would enjoy…they always think performance changes the tech in the game ha.

  • “Don’t forget, this new version will be available as a free download on June 8 for everybody who owns the game on the PlayStation 5.”

    I just…… am I missing something here? So anybody who owns the game can play it on the console they own it on, which in this case is the PS5??? So like every game ever made then?

    • AbandonedTrolley

      Yes you are missing something, I own the game on PS4, I have a PS5 and can currently play the PS4 version of it. On June 8th I can play this updated NATIVE PS5 version for free due to having purchased the game long before the PS5 was released.

      Unlike Wreckfest which is coming out with a native PS5 version but they are charging for it. Bethesda/Zenimax are giving this to owners of the older version for free.

    • The word PS4 is never mentioned once in the article. If you “own it” on PC then the same thing could apply by your logic because it never specifically states otherwise.

      Maybe if you have a TESO online account, if there is such a thing, then you own the PS5 version automatically.

      And usually when a game does an upgrade from PS4 to PS5 they go into detail about how that works on physical and digital versions of the game, again, not a single mention of PS4 in the article.

      And like I quoted, they literally said, IF YOU OWN THE GAME ON PS5, you get it for free on PS5.
      Was it a typo and meant to say, if you own it on PS4? Maybe.

      But what you said adds nothing to what was actually detailed in this article.

    • Poor wording in the article

      They probably meant to say, if you own the PS4 version, you can download the native PS5 version.

  • Lolps4.. hope to acquire a ps5.. but most of all ESO.. online. This was the first online experience I had. Now all I play is 0nlie games..

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