Brew your perfect beer in new sim Brewmaster

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Brew your perfect beer in new sim Brewmaster

A new homebrewing simulator game comes to PlayStation in 2022.

Hello, PlayStation players! We here at Auroch Digital and Sold Out are excited to announce that our homebrewing simulator game, Brewmaster, will be coming to PlayStation in 2022. 

Brew your perfect beer in new sim Brewmaster

This is the first look at our new game, where you’ll be able to take control of the science behind the beer, and perfect authentic brewing techniques in the ultimate celebration of craft beer. 

At Auroch we specialise in games that connect to the real world. Lots of people on the Auroch team are foodies and craft beer fans, and our studio is based in Bristol which has a vibrant craft beer scene with amazing breweries to go with it. We’d been exploring brewing in our spare time, so making this game made so much sense to us.

Brewmaster is for anyone with an interest in brewing, from complete beginners who wouldn’t know a hydrometer if it was sitting in their saucepan of wort, to seasoned beer aficionados who want to build their dream brewing space.

This is the kind of game even non beer drinkers will enjoy. Brewmaster is about the process, not just the end result. Beer brewing is a fascinating subject and there’s so much that goes into making great beer. The real chemistry is quite nerdy but we really wanted to focus on making our game accessible to everyone, so while the simulation under the hood is complex, the way you interact with it is easily understandable, and as you play the game you’ll gradually be taught the more detailed elements of brewing. 

Something extra special about Brewmaster is that it’s an authentic game, built on a solid chemistry simulation, and our team’s deep understanding of real-life fermentation processes. Brewmaster takes care of the hard formulas behind the scenes, so you can focus on the fun aspects of making your own beer. Our chemistry simulation allows a lot of flexibility and creativity so you can make all kinds of beer. Brewmaster will have you playing around with the fundamental hops, grains, and yeasts as well as a range of other real-world ingredients for you to add into your brew.

The game will include story-led Brewmaster mode which will teach you brewing techniques and a growing suite of beer styles as you become acquainted with an ever-expanding array of equipment. You’ll enter friendly competitions where you’ll build your prestige, reputation, and buy new items for your brewing space, creating your own relaxing hobby haven. You’ll progress from equipment that would fit on a kitchen table, to a luxurious brewer’s paradise. Or you can throw caution to the wind with the sandbox Creative mode, where everything is unlocked and you’re free to create whatever beers you can come up with from the get go.

By playing through Brewmaster you’ll end up with a great understanding of brewing beer and knowing how to make your own dream beers. You can start off having never had a beer in your life, and by the end know how to brew a chocolatey Imperial Stout with a specific ABV, a gently hazy wheat beer, a malt-led traditional best, salty gose beer, or fruity lambic. In short, you’ll end up a Brewmaster.

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