The Spring Sale comes to PlayStation Store

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The Spring Sale comes to PlayStation Store

The second wave of games are now live in the promotion.

Update: Part 2 of The Spring Sale has arrived! It brings with it promotions on a multitude of games, add-ons and more.

The Spring Sale arrives on PlayStation Store Wednesday, March 31. It brings with it promotions on a multitude of games, add-ons and more, including the likes of Ghost of Tsushima, Fortnite: The Last Laugh Bundle, FIFA 21 and GTAV. 

While the Spring Sale runs for the next four weeks*, it’s so big, we’ve had to split in two. Part 1 starts Wednesday, March 31 and be sure to check back here on Wednesday, April 14 when we announce the next wave of titles joining the promotion.

*Spring Sale starts Wednesday March 31 and finishes on Wednesday, April 28, 11.59pm local time. Some titles will leave the promotion early, so please check a title’s PlayStation Store product page for their end date. 

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  • Ps3 stores are shutting down in July and you make some month sale for games like dashball.

    God almighty Sony.

    I get it vita and ps3 are never going to have a sale, but it begs the question why anyone would want to buy digital games after you give a bare minimum 3 month notice for the store shutdown.

    I was hopeful maybe you would do a blowout sale for games that will be delisted forever and be unavailable (all dlc for every ps3 game across all regions and games as well as vita) forever.

    Its just like consumers must be the biggest jokes on the planet to you as you clearly don’t care about any of the ones that have spent thousands for your games.

    Sad times Sony, no flash sales no love for legacy games and no preservation for games that will never be released again. The least you can do is put Something on sale.

    And to think you guys condemn emulation….

    • I hope you still play games on your PS3 maybe check the store there to see if the games are on sale, those stores are 13 years old and not a lot of people are using those consoles I get the nostalgia part but you have to look ahead not back

    • nice

    • They stopped doing sales for PS3 in 2019.

    • +1

      Why would they discount things when we are forced to buy them now or never be able to get them again? :p

      The worst thing of all was how much I loved the vita and how it only failed because they forced proprietary memory cards that cost a fortune and because they just didn’t care about it.

      Hate to say it but Xbox is getting a lot of free head starts this gen.

    • Will we still be able to download the games that we already paid for on the Ps3 store? I have around 30 games I bought and clearly can’t fit them all on the console….

    • @Space-Unit Yes you will be able to!

      -You will still be able to re-download and play previously purchased game titles.
      -You will still be able to access previously purchased video/media content.
      -You will still be able to redeem game and PlayStation®Plus vouchers.
      -You will still be able to re-download and play claimed game titles through PlayStation®Plus as long as you remain a member of the service.

      More info here (top tab “PS3, PS Vita and PSP PlayStation Store closure”) :

    • Couldnt agree more.

    • @NekoRave, spot-on. Sony wants us to play PS3 games on PS Now, nothing but subpar streaming.

      For people not getting PS3, I see friends in my list not touching PS3 for 2+years, BUT I see plenty of gamers still active on PS3, including those like myself who are active on PS4 and PS5. It’s a bad business driven by incompetent management. Sony’s social media specialists must have been gag orders on PS3, but they haven’t dared mentioned PS3 for years, not that they engaged with anyone anymore.

  • No love for legacy games when you can buy remakes and remasters of those games…

  • If Sony had a Good sale for PS3 and the store worked properly people would still buy PS3 games. There are good games and DLC that came out toward end of the PS3 era that never when on sale and are hard to find a physical copy of. It’s not nostalgia for me wanting a 8 year game to go sale for the first time before the store closes

  • lol well i’s skipping this, no Miles Morales. basically rehashing sales already been done.

  • With the news of Sony abandoning PS3 and Vita digital purchases, I will never buy a digital product from Sony again.

  • Waiting for playstation plus games.
    I want House Flipper free 😩

  • With Sony absolutely ditching PS Vita users I really hope you guys are planning to have a massive PS.Vita Games sale, at try and put a bandaid on that deep cut.

    Sale seems decent in regards to my ps5 though

  • Sony really does need to do one final massive sale for PS3/Vita/PSP stuff before those stores shut down. I mean why wouldn’t you? You’d get a lot of hardcore people to make a bunch of purchases through your store before that stuff disappears. That’s more money in your pocket Sony so just do it.

    • Wholeheartedly agree but when did they listen to the fans? Lol.

    • Answer this they do a blow out sale you spend let’s say £100/$160/€140

      8 months after store shuts forever the owners of the rights and license remove 75% of what you just paid for. You can no longer download any of it. Sony will say they have nothing to do with the games being removed so no refunds. The makers say they are sorry but game was removed due to the fact its not being sold anywhere on system.

      What do you do? Complain that Sony should never have sold you any of it

      And before you say but Sony have said that they will not remove your right to download what you own. Over the life span of the ps3/vita I have lost games due to them being removed from my account download list and when I asked was told sorry game was removed by owner of the license

  • Why not add Guilty Gear on sale? It was on sale for dirt cheap in other regions but why does it always skip US?

  • Before the PS3 and PSV store closure, please do these things…

    1. Free up the 10% internal HDD reserve for future OS update on the PS3
    2. Enable plug and play for external HDD on the PS3
    3. Allow PS1 and PS2 games that were bought on PS3 be playable on PS4
    4. Allow PS2 games that were bought on PS3 be playable on PSV
    5. Remove the PSV and PS3 device activation limit

    I have two PS3 with one with 1.5TB internal HDD and another with 1TB internal HDD combining almost 450 games and one PSV with seven 64GB memory card totaling 510 games and I need more space to download additional PSV and PS3 games and update current games. I can’t buy or download additional games due to lack of storage. Due to the X360, XB1, PS4, and Wii U supporting plug and play with external HDD and the N3DS and Switch supporting standard SD cards, I have hundreds of digital games.

    • Or they could stop overlooking their rich history of games and embrace BC and emulation like their competitor is. Sony has slowly yet completely lost the Japanese market and it at risk of losing the huge gains they made with the PS4 in NA to MS. The worst part of the email they send about the store closures was they tag line at the bottom saying “Play has no limits” oh? Umm, that’s the exact oosite of the messaging of the email you just sent

    • Cornbread78, thanks for your message. Yep, I would prefer BC too but I know that won’t happen so I did not list it.

      People claim it is because the PS3 is hard to develop for, but I think it is because Sony does not seen any financial benefit. Jim Ryan is against BC yet PS1 games were released for the PS3 and PSV, PSP for the PSV, and PS2 for the PS3 and PS4. Why? Because they can be re-sold.

  • Well the main thing I was hoping to see was the Watchdogs 2 season pass, as I only recently picked it up myself. It’s pretty frustrating to see a bunch of full games go on sale alongside their respective season passes, and there is Watchdogs 2 discounted but not the season pass? Oh well, maybe in the next sale…

    Also, gotta say (although I’m not surprised) I had hoped to see one last PS3 sale before the store is shutdown forever. There’s a couple of LBP DLC’s I’d like to grab and I never got around to buying R&C: A Crack in Time as well. Very disappointing.

  • Wanted to pick up Wildlands Ultimate edition but it’s showing full price. Was it listed incorrectly on this post?

  • Would be nice if they would add some Rock Band 4 songs to a sale.

  • Even if they come up with a massive sale for all closing stores (Press F to double-doubt) they won’t be able to redeem themselves at this point. First they killed of the PS3 Store sales back in 2019 and now look at how they massacred my boy. (First the desktop and app PS Store a while back and now the PS3/Vita/PSP stores)
    You guys are PRETTY incompetent for a gazillian dollar company IMHO.

  • This Spring sale is weak. Many of these games are available new in physical for cheaper. Of course for a month long sale discounts won’t be deep. Beyond that, Sony’s awful decision to bury PS3 and Vita is a good reminder to watch your digital investments with PS4 and PS5. If there’s a PS6, all they have to do is change the controller and say, “No backwards compatibility this gen.” It does seem that they only offered backwards compatibility on PS5 as a selling point because of Xbox, not as a real feature they want to promote. This is sad considering the original PS3 was 100% backwards compatible and did a great job at enhancing PS1-2 titles. Then they dropped backwards compatibility and Xbox took off with it.

    In the past I would happily buy a discounted digital title that I owned physical copy of for convenience and sometimes vice-versa. (Anyone else snag the massive Destroy All Humans C.E. set that retails for $399 for around $120 for PS4. If a C.E. doesn’t sell out prior to launch that means supply is not limited and they will get discounted deeply, especially the larger sets.) Anyway, going forward I have zero confidence in how Sony will treat these purchases, so that’s stopping. I’ll prefer physical over digital from now on with Playstation.

    If you don’t own any PS3 and/or Vita/PSTV digital games, you probably don’t get it at the moment. However, plenty of us do. Sony abandoned PS3 and Vita and their customers. Last summer, for example, publishers wanted to keep releasing on Vita, but Sony said no. Think about that. Vitas and PSTVs were years out of being produced, and publishers (and Sony) were still making money off of new games. The writing is on the wall for how Sony will handle consoles that they retire and it’s not pretty.

  • Hmm, think I’ll pass now that I know how you guys are going to treat legacy consoles. We can still download our PS3/Vita purchases, but for how long? How long before you shut down the PS4 store, and then its download servers? No thanks. Let me know when you decide to take your history and your customers seriously.

  • Is the store ever going to get back common features that were removed, like filtering?

  • Sony has never cared, there shouldn’t even be a PS5. Eventually they’ll make a system update that’ll ruin the PS4 system, everytime I update I receive triple the daily errors anyway. They wanna make money then make sales towards Rock Band 4 or other games that strive on DLC alone.

  • please add ps3 and vita sale for the last time

  • can you pls add vita and ps3 sale for the very last time so i can purchase my favorite vita and ps3 games

  • “That, and I was at a Gran Turismo event recently where they had PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 games, and the PS1 and the PS2 games, they looked ancient, like why would anybody play this?”
    Jim Ryan, 2017

    This quote from the CEO, it’s clear what direction Sony is taking. Legacy consoles and games are «ancient» and should be removed.

    The arrogance shown towards their customers is shocking, when shutting down PS3/Vita/PSP with short notice even towards developers og Vita titles, this sure will hurt the brand.

    Give us, the paying customers more time to buy the digital titles we want, as a token of appreciation for supporting Sony thru all these years. One year notice should be minimum.

    Will not support digital purchases in the future, unless Sony backpedals on this horrid desicion.

  • To think that Microsoft is the larger company by a very large margin and still manages to listen to what their consumers want better than Sony is just baffling. I do wonder how many people will continue to buy your crappy digital games if this is how you treat them.

  • Make an official PS.Blog post announcing the closure of legacy PlayStation Store services for PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita, including PSOne Classics, PS2 Classics, and PlayStation minis content.

    Own up to this company’s direction and be upfront with your erstwhile community regarding this severely anti-consumer, anti-developer, and anti-legacy decision with no disclosed plans for decades of experiences beyond the insufficient premise of PlayStation Now rotation.

    We deserve to know beyond a one-off e-mail, and Somy deserves direct feedback from its providers.

    • I tried to reply to another comment on here that asked a question about whether you can still download games after the closure, with a link to their official page detailing the specifics, and they deleted it lol. Guess they don’t want people knowing what’s going on

  • There are very good offers, I’ll have a look at them!

    I think it would be interesting including in the store (Web and App versions) some options to customize the navigation such as different display modes. I also miss sorting and filters options (game genre, price, release date and other common filters).
    For web version it would also be great to get screenshots and videos at the game pages (including an option to expand them full screen).
    And it wouldn’t hurt to have a wishlist again. :) Thanks.

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  • I missed DOOM and the ghost of tsushima by only a few hours!! Does someone know when will be the next sale? Does someone know if I ask them to give me a discount will they accept?

  • Finally decided to purchase a couple games and they were removed. USUALLY when a sale has a end date then the damn games stay on sale until then.

  • The one game I wanted was taken off the sale before I could buy it

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