Share of the Week: Changing Seasons

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Share of the Week: Changing Seasons

A glimpse through gaming’s spring, summer, winter and fall.

Last week, we asked you to move through the changing seasons of your favorite games and share landscapes highlighting summer, fall, winter, and spring using #PSshare #PSBlog. From snowy hills to sun-beaten deserts, grassy fields to fallen leaf piles, here are this week’s seasonal highlights: 

Spring has sprung in the lush and colorful world of Immortals Fenyx Rising, shared by jpvp_1

Yarny emerges from some fallen autumn leaves in this Unravel share by Nu_Lupo.

A Sawtooth lurks in the snowy hills of Horizon Zero Dawn, shared by ameeba37.

The sun sets on this scorching summer scene from Red Dead Redemption 2, shared by Candy__Spice.

Ellie enjoys the winter landscape of Jackson in this The Last of Us Part II share by lilactric_.

Flowers fill the island across Ghost of Tsushima, shared by dead_end_fufufu.

Search #PSshare #PSBlog on Twitter or Instagram to see more entries to this week’s theme. Want to be featured in the next Share of the Week? 

THEME: Expressions

SUBMIT BY: Wednesday 9 AM PT on March 31

Next week, we’re taking a closer look at the expressions of our favorite characters in gaming. From angered grimaces to cheerful smiles, share expressive portraits from the game of your choice using #PSshare #PSBlog for a chance to be featured. 

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  • Would’ve loved to have entered but lost all screenshots when my Pro bricked and just lost all new screenshots when I had to reset my PS5 to factory settings. Shame.

    The Last of Us II shot is a cutscene btw. Congrats to all.

    • You had to reset your PS5 as well? Mine did an update and fried it during the night. Wouldnt do anything but boot to safe mode and had to be factory reset.

    • My PS4 Pro had that issue before too and had lingering affects like corrupt database error it gets annoying.

  • Sigh, yet again Days Gone is left out, its as if you are embarrassed with the game at this point Sony. One of the greatest technically advanced Unreal Engine 4 open worlds out there, still 2 years after release. And it has changing weather where snow falls, covers a landscape and then visibly thaws out.

    Nearly 2 years later and you never gave us any update on how it did sales wise, again, you must be embarrassed even though we all know it didn’t do God of War or Spiderman numbers but you could give some kind of recognition or praise to Sony Bend at least.

    And what do we get after nearly 2 years? Not a new game announcement at least, no, that Sony Bend are bringing it to PC now and will be wasting the next 6 months of their lives, at least, with the release and then patching afterwards for months, just like Guerilla’s time was wasted on Horizon 1 for 7 months after it came to PC.

  • Is there a prize to this or is this just random

    Trying to figure out if this is worth the effort

  • Pretty pictures

  • This is great, but let’s get to the more prescient topic that came out this week – the fact that PS3, PSP, and Vita stores are confirmed as closing in a couple months.

    Sony has a golden opportunity to celebrate these platforms with the sale to end all sales – literally.

    Slash every game, every piece of DLC, every theme and avatar. You name it, make it all as cheap as you can and let gamers gather once more around these phenomenal PlayStation experiences. A blowout sale isn’t a novel idea, there is a reason why every retailer does it whenever there is a similar closure.

    So be the hero that softens to blow to many gamers looking for one last epic hurrah before the legacy hardware sails off into the distance for good.

    The Sale to End All Sales. The copy practically writes itself.

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