How Doom 3’s combat experience has been sharpened up for PS VR

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How Doom 3’s combat experience has been sharpened up for PS VR

Developer Archiact explains how Doom’s iconic weapons and more have been maxed out for VR, out March 29.

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  • Chainsaw with the AIM all day let’s get it! 🤘🏻

  • Sooo, you need the AIM controller?

    • No. I just tried both and both work great. I set my turn to smooth – don’t like snap – and its a lot of fun.

  • Also, any chance of adapting to PSVR 2?

  • Im not sure I like the reworked or rather removal of the HUD. That should be an option.

  • I just picked up AIM controller. Can’t wait to try shotgun in VR. Lets Go!

  • Just re set up my vr again but can’t find old move controllers. So can this be played with a ds4 or duelsense controller.

    • PSVR only works with Dual Shock or AIM Supported games. No Dual Sense support for PSVR on PS5. As noted above I tried both Dual Shock and Aim and its a lot of fun. I own versions of this going all the way back to 2004 on PC up to the PS4 version I have on PS5 and this is my favorite iteration of the game.

    • Yes, either aim or ds4, no move support as far as I know, so you’re not not missing out.

  • I love how the response rate here is like 1.5%

  • Will we be Able to to turn off the Laser Sights in the options Menu? I would personally like to have the option to not have it there and make the shooting more challenging. Other than that this looks perfect and i was mind blown when this was announced earlier this month, i couldn’t even believe it! I always wanted to play Doom 3 in VR and i finally get to do it! I’m definitely buying this day one!

  • I wanna play doom! I’m gonna make the demon’s go boom.

  • Question how do you play vr in doom 3

  • Just had a play and really disappointed with the movement controls. They are tied to the headset not the aim controller. For anyone that’s played firewall this is going to feel really rough. It’s a subtle but important thing on firewall, you might not have noticed but the movement controls (forward, back side to side) are tied to where the gun is pointing. This works great since the thumb stick is on the controller so feels totally natural. Unfortunately doom has the movement direction tied to your head. So a glance to the side while walking throws you in the wrong direction 🤮 please please feed this back to the devs, get them to add the option to switch it.

    • Done a little check through the collection. Farpoint and Arizona sunshine also have movement controls the same as Firewall. So much nicer way to move.

  • PLEASE put teleport movement mode in DOOM 3 VR, so we can move like w do in DOOM VFR. Making the player walk (smoothly float) around the screen makes me instantly nauseous, making the game literally unplayable for me (and a loss of $30 + tax).

  • sir_murder_facee

    Still waiting on my ps5 VR adapter! (Day 39)

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