Immortals Fenyx Rising – Myths of the Eastern Realm launches today on PS4 and PS5

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Immortals Fenyx Rising – Myths of the Eastern Realm launches today on PS4 and PS5

Explore a new world and battle new foes in a DLC adventure inspired by Chinese mythology.

Immortals Fenyx Rising – Myths of the Eastern Realm is out today on PS4 and PS5, letting players embark on an all-new DLC adventure inspired by Chinese mythology and led by the team at Ubisoft Chengdu. Focusing on a new hero – Ku, the last remaining human following a catastrophic event – the DLC unfolds in a new land of clouds and jagged mountain peaks, where players battle to help the goddess Nuwa pull reality back from falling into primordial chaos.

Set against the backdrop of the classic Chinese myth Nuwa Mends the Heavens – in which Nuwa, the Chinese creator goddess, restores balance after a catastrophic war in Heaven – the DLC weaves together elements from the earliest period of Chinese mythology. As they explore the verdant, legendary land of Peng Lai and its rugged, arid neighbor Bu Zhou, players will discover a wide variety of environmental puzzles, formidable monsters, and elements of myths that have largely been unexplored in video games.

Immortals Fenyx Rising – Myths of the Eastern Realm launches today on PS4 and PS5

Meet Ku, a formidable warrior and your new hero  

While he shares Fenyx’s whimsical, slightly naive outlook, Ku is a formidable warrior right out the gate. From the outset, he’s able to immediately wield a Jian sword, an axe, and a bow to wreck the DLC’s new monsters, using a new fighting style and combat inspired by Chinese martial arts. He can climb rocky cliffs with a hefty reserve of stamina; double-jump without wings (although he does get wings early on); and wield godly abilities like Pangu’s Strength, Yi’s Arrows, and Nuwa’s Agility, which strikes enemies as Ku dashes through them. 

Additionally, two of Ku’s powers – the Blades of Huang Di and the Axe of Yan Di, which can launch enemies with upward-thrusting blades and smash them with a giant axe, respectively – can unleash additional attacks as Ku charges up a new, three-tier God Seal combo meter. Get in enough uninterrupted strikes, and the Blades of Huang Di launch a flurry of whirling swords that target enemies directly, while the Axe of Yan Di generates devastating, fiery shockwaves on impact.

New dungeons and puzzles await  

The DLC also features an assortment of new puzzle elements, including windmills that can turn to redirect their airflow, musical chimes that have to be struck in sequence, and morphing cubes that change their size and mass when struck. In the Ruins of Heaven – challenge-filled dungeons similar to the Vaults of Tartaros – Ku will also need to contend with new elements like rideable clouds, which are carried by air currents and dissipate if they hit obstacles; and air rings that Ku can telekinetically yank himself toward to keep up his momentum while gliding.

How you can play it 

Immortals Fenyx Rising – Myths of the Eastern Realm is included with the Season Pass or available as a separate purchase. You can start playing the DLC even if you haven’t finished the main game. 

And if you haven’t yet grabbed the Season Pass or the main game, both are included with the Gold Edition, which is on offer from now until March 31 as part of PlayStation’s Mega March promotion. 

The Season Pass also unlocks the first DLC, Immortals Fenyx Rising – A New God, in which Fenyx faces a gauntlet of new challenges, built by the Greek gods themselves, on a quest to officially join the Pantheon; and will later grant access to Immortals Fenyx Rising – The Lost Gods, in which players will take up the mantle of a new champion with brawler-style gameplay, coming soon. There’s a lot of puzzles to solve and plenty of monsters to fight, so strap on those wings and get ready to do some damage.

If you’d rather get a sample first, you can grab the free Immortals Fenyx Rising demo on PS4 and PS5, which features an exclusive adventure and area not included in the main game.

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