A Ghost of Tsushima movie is in the works

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A Ghost of Tsushima movie is in the works

Sucker Punch Productions provides first details on the Sony Pictures film, being directed by Chad Stahelski.

A Ghost of Tsushima movie is in the works! The idea of translating our game into a new medium is exciting, and we’re intrigued by the possibilities. We’ve all been brought to tears in a movie theater surrounded by strangers. (Thanks a lot, E.T.) We’ve all gone to a movie on opening night when the crowd is so excited that they cheer as the lights go down. It’s a group experience that isn’t replicated anywhere else. To think that we could sit in the theater someday watching Jin Sakai up on the big screen is amazing. We’d all relive his tense transformation into the Ghost from a whole new vantage point.

We are happy to partner with Sony Pictures to make this happen. And Jin is in very good hands with the film’s director. Chad Stahelski created something special with John Wick. His vision for what could be, backed up by years of experience, combined to create some of the finest action scenes ever created. If anyone could bring to life the razor-sharp tension of Jin’s katana combat, it’s Chad Stahelski.

Also, I’m happy to say we’ve sold more than 6.5 million copies of Ghost of Tsushima now, and that roughly half of those people have made it all the way through the game. Can you believe that? That’s around 3.25 million times the digital Mongols have been kicked out of digital Tsushima.

As a newly appointed ambassador for the real Island of Tsushima, I’d like to formally say- visit when it’s safe to, if you get a chance. The island is beautiful, the people are warm, and the history is all around you. If you’re very, very lucky you’ll spot a Tsushima Cat. Then later, when the Ghost of Tsushima movie comes out, you can tell your friends about how you’ve been to the beach where the Mongols landed.

I know I speak for everyone at Sucker Punch by sending out a massive THANK YOU to Ghost fans. Your support for the game is what makes opportunities like a movie come true. It’s been a sincere pleasure checking out your photo-mode images posted online and fighting alongside you in Legends. We’re so happy to be on this ride with you.

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  • First

    • congrats! Now go buy the game …again lol

    • The best sword play and combat in an open world game to date. Tsushima blows away Ubisoft’s checklist, open world gaming and offers actual organic fun.

      For a studio that created legendary IP such as Sly Cooper and Infamous, Tsushima will be their biggest hit. So happy for Nate and Jason Connell.

      I know the team is passionate about Kurosawa films and I believe this project will be a huge success. This is Sony’s next huge IP. It’s already on pace for 10m units and with a film and continued Legends support we might be looking at a Horizon-like success here.

      What a generation for Sony. Horizon, Bloodborne, Spiderman, Days Gone, Dreams, and Tsushima were all new IP. Three of those will clearly be franchise staples moving forward. This is the product of organic, in-house, game development combined with publisher support and creative freedom. It can’t simply be bought like Microsoft is attempting with Bethesda and this is why PlayStation will always win out. Just wait for Naughty Dog, Bend, San Diego, and Santa Monica’s new IP. It’s only just beginning.

  • Patrick Gallagher has to play the Khan. He was fantastic in the game and has done movies before. There is no excuse not to cast him!

    • 1000%. I really want to see jins actor playing Jin as well (I’m blanking on his name sorry). Both actors portrayed the voice motion capture and face of their character

    • Wow, didn’t realize he also played Attila The Leading Hun in all 3 Night at the Museum films! Cast him NOW!!

    • Completely agree! In fact, I should make a separate post saying as such so hopefully they will see!

    • Was about to post the same thing, Gallagher might not be a ‘star’, or a household name, but he’s a seasoned actor and was instantly recognisable for me. Deserves it imo.

      Part of me hopes they do it subtitled but I’d understand if they didn’t, sadly though.

  • So what is going to fuel Jin’s Rage

    A) Mongols Killing his family
    B) Mongols Killing foxes
    C) Mongols Killing……Tushima Cats.

  • This is going to be epic.

  • Been playing this game all weekend. Jim Sakai is becoming an absolute nightmare for the Mongols to handle.

  • Interested in where this goes. I always felt Tsushima’s approach to action was a lot more methodical and not exactly visceral to the extent of stuff like John Wick. It’s more Akira Kurosawa-esque and I wonder if they’re going to respect that in the film

  • Nice, great job!

  • Absolutely love this game. You guys really did an amazing job on everything including Legends!

    Please please please make more content for legends, it is one of the best multiplayer experiences out there!

  • I’m very hyped about this.

  • Tsushima deserves it. Game should’ve been a 90 Meta. Blows Ubisoft games away. Best sword play/open world combat in a long time.

    I just wonder how they handle the sequel. More Mongol Invaders?

    This game just shows you how a lack of micro transactions and free support/DLC can’t be received by fans. Days Gone was the same thing and if critics didn’t absolutely drop the ball with reviews Sony bend would have had a similar success. Though, Days Gone was very successful in its own right.

  • Let’s hope they don’t ‘Americanize’
    It should have subtitles. And options on streaming/Blu-ray for language dubbing.

    Must be as authentitious as possible.

    • Considering the game as is already voiced in English I don’t think they’re required to treat the movie as a foreign film, especially since the developers are based in America as is and the movie is being directed by an American director.

      They should definitely respect how the game paid close attention to depicting the cultural themes and stylings of its time period though. Basically treat it like a period piece because that’s what Tsushima felt like to me.

    • Anything Japanese is ridiculous when dubbed, it instantly feels childish and out of touch imo.

    • Well I mean, the main characters name is already terribly unauthentic. Along with most of the armor, and basically everything else.

      So they probably can’t actually go much further down the unauthentic road without setting it in the US (like the Monster Hunter film for some unknown reason).

  • With how long it takes to make a sony video game into a film, I don’t expect this movie to come out within the next 10 years.

  • Any info on casting? Will Daisuke Tsuji still play Jin?

  • I’m cautiously excited about this. PlayStation hasn’t had the best history with film adaptations. Ratchet & Clank bombed, Sly Cooper got canned (his TV show is also MIA), and the Uncharted movie is probably not going to be good (I’m just basing this off of what Tom Holland recently said). But to be fair, no video game adaptation has been good. Plus, everything we’ve heard about The Last of Us show seems very promising. They have a good director for this so I keep my eyes on the project.

    I’m so happy the game sold well! It really is a gem and definitely in my top 10 PS4 games.

    • I’m with you in keeping my expectations in check, especially with how heavily this will be compared to the game. I hope PS Studios and Sony have learned from those past blunders, though and pay attention to details.

    • Sorry but the original Mortal Kombat movie was great and it’s based off a game, other than that tho, yes theyve all been really bad

  • Wow this is unexpected,if y’all don’t put the same actor who lended his voice and face to Jin and the one who did the same for the Khan well this ain’t gonna work.

    BTW just wanna say that I was surprised by how good Legends actually is,being able to play solo and the change in the environments was so great…fantastic job.And ambassador for the real Island of Tsushima?…is this for real?

    • Yes, tons of fans of the game donated money to help restore the real island so they made the devs ambassadors

  • Well its a Samurai/Ninja movie. Japan has been doing those for decades. Theres no way possible that anyone could screw this up

  • This is so awesome!

  • This is truly incredible! I can’t wait to hear about the release date!

  • When this game was released none of my friends had this game so I joined a ghost of tsushima community on the PS4, I made new friends playing the co-op and multiplayer modes. It’s such a shame that playstation is going to get rid of the community’s.

  • So many video-game adaptations have had no-name directors attached to them.

    This right here is pretty awesome. Let’s just hope we don’t end up shooting for some PG-13 abomination.

  • Sony, this game didn’t really need a movie, the game is already better than any samurai movie I’ve seen in years. But I’m sure the John Wick director can do an amazing job with it, he knows action. Hoping for Rated R rating.

  • Y’all some real ones SP! Excited to watch the movie!

  • Yes, fantastic game, deserved of all the accolades. Goes to show you that story is still a powerful engine that makes things run!

    Must haves (IMHO):

    •Patrick Gallagher absolutely.
    •Same composers, or at least they should be included. Definitely need the song at the end of Act II
    •Daisuke Tsuji (though he may have to bulk up some… ).
    •a “Kurosawa mode” (for BluRay/DVD/streaming release)
    •Japanese/Mongol dialog tracks (for BluRay/DVD/streaming release)

    Actually, I’ve been playing the whole game in Japanese dialog, so it might be weird for me to hear actual English! So maybe release two versions?

  • Very good . Thank you. Good luck

  • I care about games, what is this? Columbia studios ads? Don’t mix things up.

  • Brilliant combat and artwork, but the story and characters didn’t really make a huge impression on me. I’ll keep my expectations in check.

  • Nice, Hopefully we see this game on PlayStation Plus Games soon and or even later

  • Best game-great movie!

  • Brilliant! Will be looking forward to it.

  • Ghost of Tsushima movie by director of John Wick? I’m thinking horse-fu will be properly featured.

  • Not every game needs to be a movie or show…

  • Daisuke Tsuji should definitely play Jin Sakai!!!

  • Incredible news, IF it’s done right! Can’t wait! Is there an ETA? 😍

    Hopefully it’s not produced by #Pedowood though! 🤐

  • I’ve literally 100%’d every suckerpunch game since infamous 1, i hope the movie does just as well and they take a lot of notes from you guys and take your thoughts seriously and it doesn’t get “hollywood” ruined like a lot of movies do

  • I just want an amazing sequel to the game! It’s like the ONLY reason I want a PS5! (After Days Gone 2 got canned — what the hell)

    Ghost of Tsushima 2 I want —
    Deeper gameplay systems, new weapons, new customisation options, better stealth and AI and maybe option to choose to play as a female and male characters….
    Also more sandbox style missions.
    And also lite survival mechanics like RDR2. To add to immersion and living in the world e.g hunting and eating to regain health etc.

  • Maybe Ghost is experiencing unreasonable assumptions. All things considered, it is an all around created, if not especially inventive, experience that inspires probably the main movies ever. But on the other hand it’s the last large PS4 elite.

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