Make your move in Auto Chess when it launches on PS5 March 30

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Make your move in Auto Chess when it launches on PS5 March 30

Details on new content as well as the upcoming Season 11: The Legend of Lamp Witch.

Today we’re excited to announce that our free to play competitive strategy battler Auto Chess is coming to PS5 on March 30! We’ve made sure to pack in a huge number of new features to take advantage of the console’s capabilities. Let’s take a look at each in turn below. And for our ongoing players, good news! We’re also debuting our latest season as well. Read on to find out more about The Legend of the Lamp Witch! 

Make your move in Auto Chess when it launches on PS5 March 30

Hold on for haptic feedback

Let’s talk about the DualSense controller first. We realised that the DualSense wireless controller’s haptic feedback would allow us to give an extra punch to those well-deserved moments of celebration. Star up a chess piece, win a battle, defeat an enemy player: the thrill from performing a successful move or game-finishing victory will be boosted by a corresponding jolt from the DualSense. 

Unreal load times and the power of PS5 

With PS5’s faster load times, you’ll reach the login screen the moment you launch the game and 

be on the battlefield before you know it. Say goodbye to long load times (and sadly the chance to mentally prepare your first move before the match’s start!). See an example below: 

We’ve taken the opportunity to enhance the visuals of Auto Chess. Next-level visuals will bring the world of Auto Chess to life with ultra-clear definition and seamlessly smooth graphics. 

PlayStation exclusive chess player – Date Masamune

Another exclusive for PlayStation players – acquire the rare chess player Date Masamune from the in-game store or PlayStation Store. There is just so much awesome PlayStation-exclusive DLC just waiting to be downloaded for Auto Chess.

Make your move when Auto Chess arrives on PS5 March 30.

Announcing Season 11: The Legend of Lamp Witch

Following the launch of the PS5 version of Auto Chess, the latest Season and Chess Pass will launch on March 28. Season 11 brings fresh challenges and epic implications for your performance on the leaderboard. Forge ahead through Season 11 and improve your rank to qualify for the Global Finals commencing at the end of 2021.

Plus, keep challenging yourself to unlock the seasonal Chess Pass and earn this season’s latest chessboard: Land of Magic Lamp.

A new piece: Space Walker

Introducing Space Walker, a brand-new piece inspired by the ancient legend of the Monkey King. Space Walker offers a unique balance of Beast race with the Martialist Class that will expand the gameplay possibilities beyond what thought was possible.

All new cross-play capabilities 

There’s no need to worry about leaving your favourite Auto Chess allies and foes behind. Auto Chess PS5 can be cross-played across all other devices native to Auto Chess including PS4, PC and mobile. Plus, all data on PS4 can be transferred to PS5 to ensure a faultless transition.   

Prepare to make your move when Auto Chess Season 11 kicks off March 28, and when the game comes to PS5 on March 30.

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