New details on Marvel’s Avengers PS5 enhancements, Black Panther, and more

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New details on Marvel’s Avengers PS5 enhancements, Black Panther, and more

Learn about new features coming to the game and the content roadmap.

Hi everyone! There’s lots of new features, content, and incredible things to look forward to in today’s update, especially after Square Enix Presents. Clint Barton as Hawkeye has joined our roster of playable characters along with his own Operation: Future Imperfect. His story will take you to a new biome called the Wasteland, where you’ll encounter many enemies, including a new enemy type, the Cargo Runner Synthoid, that will drop items when defeated. You’ll also face off against a new villain, Maestro, a twisted Hulk from an alternate timeline who has Bruce’s wits and the Hulk’s power.

We have been working hard on the community-requested Campaign Replay, and we’re excited to finally roll it out! You will be able to restart and replay the Reassemble Campaign from the beginning as many times as you like, experiencing Kamala’s journey reuniting the Avengers to your heart’s content. We can’t wait to see your new Photo Mode shots.

Additionally, we are also implementing customizable HARM Rooms, so you can tailor your Super Hero training experience with various modifiers like enemy type, number, difficulty, and more!

On top of this, we are giving everyone a free Ms. Marvel Outfit: Night Galaxy! And last but most certainly not least, Marvel’s Avengers next-gen versions are here—read up on the details of the new features and improvements coming to PlayStation 5 below!

PlayStation 5 Features and Improvements

Let’s talk about what new features and improvements you can expect when booting up Marvel’s Avengers on PlayStation 5. Before we begin, we’d like to remind everyone that players who own the PlayStation 4 version of the game will be able to upgrade to the full next-gen version at no additional cost!*

Marvel’s Avengers takes full advantage of the DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers and haptic feedback functionality by giving every Avenger a unique feel that is fully personalized to their specific playstyle. Every skill and ability that uses the adaptive triggers—from readying up defensive abilities, to firing ranged weapons—has had special attention and functionality applied to enhance a satisfying combat-control experience. Imagine feeling the reverberation of charging Iron Man’s repulsors, the kickback of using his rockets, and the building intensity of focusing his heat lasers. Or the fast-paced force of Kate Bishop quickly firing a flurry of arrows, complimenting the tension of charging up that perfect shot. The entire combat system has been retuned and customized specifically to take advantage of the DualSense controller.

Marvel’s Avengers supports the PlayStation 5 console’s improved 3D audio technology that powers its unique spatial audio capabilities. With your compatible headphones, you can hear the fight all around you with the PS5 console’s Tempest 3D AudioTech, which simulates sound from a variety of different directions and sources. Hear Black Widow’s pistols firing behind you and Iron Man blasting his Unibeam as he hovers overhead for realistic surround sound, making Marvel’s Avengers an even more immersive Super Hero experience.

The PS5 will boast speedy loading times to get you into the action fast. Go from the War Table right into your location or mission of choice, be it Substation Zero hidden in the humid and verdant Pacific Northwest or a search for an AIM-guarded SHIELD bunker in the frigid snows of Siberia. AIM won’t even get a chance to regroup before you’re back on their doorstep. Speaking of regrouping, players on both PS4 and PS5 will be able to play together due to cross-generational matchmaking.

With the power of the PS5 channeling directly into Heroics, destruction, graphical fidelity, and framerate, you won’t be missing any of the details. The action will load in and refresh seamlessly for combat and exploration. Thanks to improvements to ambient occlusion and anisotropic texturing, the world will look and feel that much more real than the PS4 version. The high-resolution textures and translucency add that level of exciting, cinematic realism to Heroics, making the blinding torrent of Thor’s lightning as brilliantly striking as the power of a god would be.

New details on Marvel’s Avengers PS5 enhancements, Black Panther, and more

Looking into the Future

During Square Enix Presents, we unveiled a look at the upcoming months for Marvel’s Avengers, including new Villain Sectors like a battle against Monica, mission types, events, and Black Panther and the War for Wakanda.

The entire Crystal Dynamics team is looking forward to providing more details in the future and can’t wait to show you everything we’ve been working on.

We’re excited to herald in the PS5 console upgrades for the ultimate Super Hero gameplay experience! We look forward to seeing you in the Wastelands of Future Imperfect along with Hawkeye, which are available now. Get your arrows ready! 

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  • “we’d like to remind everyone that players who own the PlayStation 4 version of the game will be able to upgrade to the full next-gen version at no additional cost!*”

    Where is the explanation of the *?

  • This game has so much potential, the game play is pretty good, there’s no loot boxes nor pay to win micro-transaction.
    People just looked at the first trailer and saw they didn’t look like the actors in the movie and didn’t give it a shot.
    Square-Enix also marketed the game as a “Game as a Service Title” and gamers immediately avoid these games like the plague rather than saying free season pass are coming and on-going support.
    Other “Games as a Service” are absolute Rip-Offs Casino machine randomized loot-boxes of perpetual crap designed to torment your soul and wallet.
    Yet Avengers did nothing of what the other scam artist games did.
    This game actually deserves a fair shot, even if I might be talking to the void.
    Get it on sale, there’s actual good entertainment to be had.
    If I could add, Square-Enix should have focused more on the Single-Player aspect and main story.

  • I’m fairly certain this is a case of too little, too late. The gameplay design has already been done to death, by much better teams on much better games, and offering a free costume for the least populated character
    in this rapidly drowning game is weak sauce.

  • Too late, the game is dead and people have moved on.

    This was a sad excuse for a “service”

    • Hear hear. When will these companies learn if you are going to go the trash online Destiny route, don’t follow the part where the game is sparse and has nothing to do in it past a week lol.

      All the while they are WASTING human developer lives that could be working on something they actually love and want to make and want US to play.

    • dead game, still has people making videos and streaming…

      just like destiny 1 was dead, or destiny 2, or diablo 3…etc etc. you want dead look at cyberpunk.

    • Hmm.. went to Twitch and there were double the current viewers for Cyberpunk than Avengers… and 4 times as many followers.

      But yeah, let’s call it dead to be a jerk instead of just defending your title by saying it’s still being played.

  • Maybe go back to the drawing board as a studio and see if you can handle a remaster of Pandemonium 1 and 2 or something.
    Because clearly you have no clue how to make a good Tomb Raider game or a great single player super hero epic like Insomniac Games did with Spiderman.

    25 years Anniversary of Lara and you couldn’t even give us something close to 10 mins epicness of the classic games.

  • Why per Chinese version don’t have upgrade to next gen PS5 version??

  • Why ps4 Chinese version don’t have upgrade to next gen PS5 version??

  • Где человек паук обещанный при покупке диска?, вы мошенники!

  • So they announce Black Panther for later in the year but no Spider-Man announcement 🧐

  • I’m just curious as to when Spider-Man will be coming. I thought it was set to release early 2021 or something like that.

    • Probably holding him off until later on, to use as an injection to get Sony players back.

      Since so many others feel burned on the other platforms by this move.

  • Love the game. Can’t wait for BP

  • Nice to see a roadmap on this.

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