Forspoken comes to PS5 in 2022

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Forspoken comes to PS5 in 2022

New details revealed for the RPG from Square Enix and Luminous Productions, formerly code-named Project Athia.

When we first announced Project Athia last year, we were overwhelmed with joy from seeing the excitement and conversations shared by fans online. Now, at long last, we’re ready to share the game’s official title and logo with you:

I’m also excited to share a brand-new scene from the game, which you can view here:

Forspoken comes to PS5 in 2022

Forspoken is an action RPG where you will take on the role of Frey Holland, an ordinary young woman who must harness her magical abilities to survive in a fantastical and dangerous land called Athia. As Frey, you will embark on a thrilling, other-worldly adventure and face treacherous trials to unravel the mystery behind the unknown land of Athia and awaken something much more from within.

As you’ll see in the new game clip, Frey is able to traverse the world with incredible speed and fluidity. I can’t wait for players to experience firsthand just how satisfying it feels to move through Athia, scaling cliffs, and leaping across ravines in the future.

Frey takes center stage in Forspoken, and we’re delighted to announce that actor, Ella Balinska is performing the character. We were looking for someone who could convincingly portray Frey’s dynamic character, and we knew immediately that Ella was the perfect person to play her. From the beginning, Ella understood the themes and concept of the game and was able to channel this in her performance to bring Frey’s character to life. Not only is Ella talented and well matched to the role of Frey, but she is also extremely passionate about Forspoken as her first video game project. 

And there it is! On behalf of Square Enix and the entire Luminous Productions team, we hope you enjoyed the sneak peek. The creators are working hard around the world on the development of Forspoken, and we can’t wait for you to experience Frey’s story in 2022.

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  • Looks incredible so far, hope the gameplay lives up to expectations.

    • This game looks absolutely next gen and it’s absurd that the hype meter isn’t cranked to 11. The amount of hype that mediocre third party exclusives like Quantum Break received, juxtaposed with the lack of hype that Forspoken is receiving is disheartening.

      This might be the best looking game, visually, on NextGen as of yet. That luminous engine is highly underrated and say what you will but final fantasy XV on PS4 Pro was truly stunning in terms of visuals.

      PlayStation just continuing to bombard us with quality exclusives while those other guys continue to live off of hype without results. I mean, I know people are excited about Bethesda and somehow everyone seems to think that magically every future Zenimax game will be exclusive (they won’t) but as far as right now in real life Xbox ain’t got Jack. Those poor fans are just getting a new iteration of “wait till next year” or the famous “greatest games lineup”. It’s unbelievable how Microsoft uses manipulation and false hype to Garner sales. To each their own I guess, but, I would imagine at some point fans would get sick of the lies and exaggeration.

      DX12, Cloud tech, VR, greatest lineup, Hololense, Kinect, Play the game not the resolution, teraflops, RDNA, and so on. SX was hailed as a powerhouse unmatched by PS5 because of TERAFLOPS. People literally chose SX instead of PS5 because everybody “knew” third party games would be superior on Microsoft’s console. Not quite. Truth is, games are largely running better on PS5 and on top of that the dual sense controller makes PlayStation the preferred destination for multiplatform titles. Thus far, PS5 has the games, the performance, and the innovation.

      I realize I went into a long-winded rant but it all comes back to the fact that PlayStation 5 is simply delivering in real time and beautiful looking games with release dates should be getting more hype than an interview with Phil Spencer where he says the word exclusives but commits to nothing. Forspoken looks to be the real deal and 2021/2022 are loaded on PS5.

    • I believe it’s a timed exclusive but yes you made your point.

    • The fact that series s isn’t involved in its planning and development is exciting too. Nothing is holding it back. ^_^

    • I need to see more of this game.
      The name reveal isn’t that exiting.
      Still very hyped about this game.

    • It’s early dude. Game didn’t even have a name revealed until now. Hard to start heavily hyping something that doesn’t even have a name. It’s Square Enix. They aren’t just going to forget to do massive marketing on a game. Look how much they’re doing for Outriders right now (and that’s an awful game).

  • Why does she look just like the creator woman who introduced it? That seems so….arrogant? I wish people would just create their own characters. Kinda off putting. To bad we couldn’t create our own character. That would be so cool. Oh well. So odd. Looks like beautiful graphics though. Will play it for that alone. Hope I wasn’t a…jerk? What is with that??

    • Are you high? It clearly says that she is the actor.

    • 1) She’s the actress who plays this character. Unless she changed her name to Takeshi Aramaki.

      2) Character creation is seriously overrated and over done. I’m honestly sick of character creators. It’s refreshing to have a developer create a character based on a model or from scratch. Then grounds that character in the world.

      3) yes, you were kind of a jerk.

    • shut up lol

    • Lol “the creator woman” yeah Ok show me a female game creator that works in an AAA company (so no indies) and also show me a female game creator of ANY kinda that looks THAT good.

  • Absolutely gorgeous looking game. I’m glad square continued to develop their own tech. Excited to hear more about upcoming game play and story details. Hopefully the music in the trailer is from the actual game. Just do me a favor and make sure this isn’t a huge open space with nothing to do, but drive through it. I can’t deal with another unmitigated disaster that was FF15, especially when FFv13 has so many great ideas from the little we saw that were just out right missing or chopped up into DLC to explain things a year after I had already finished the game and moved on.

  • This is next gen!

    This looks absolutely fantastic, the main character looks super interesting and the fact that she is an ordinary person catapulted into a fantasy world is intriguing.

    The gameplay also looks king, super fast paced movement in an open world(other open world devs take notes!), and monster design and spells look brilliant as well.

    This just jumped several positions up my most anticipated list of games. 2022 can’t come soon enough!

  • This game caught my eye at last year’s PS showcase, and it continues to intrigue me now. The traversal system looks absolutely sick! This being an RPG game, I’m immediately curious as to how upgradeable those huge leaps, or if they even need to be upgraded. The world looks great, the music sounds great, and if that ‘mofo’ bomb is anything to go by, it looks like Frey will be a very interesting character. Can’t wait to learn more about the story and gameplay.

  • can’t wait to see more! More next gen games please…

  • March 22nd 2023

  • Even though it’s a small sample size for my money Luminous is up there with Decima and Unreal as the best looking engines out there. Frostbite is nice but only in the hands of DICE.

    Forspoken was the best looking game at Sony’s next gen showcase last year in my opinion. This game deserves more hype as it’s a next-gen showcase of Square’s luminous engine and it clearly leverages the SSD tech on PS5/NextGen. It is also an original fantasy script from some of the best writers of the genre. This is the type of new IP we should be promoting. We’ve now seen multiple gameplay trailers, it’s an original setting, and the footage is simply stunning. But I suppose people would rather hype games that have literally shown nothing like Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI.

  • Looks promising, but I still need to see more of it.

  • It looks interesting no doubt about that. Going to keep an eye on it for sure.

  • Looks interesting so far, though the ‘Forsaken’ title is pretty meh for me. Hope the gameplay is good.

  • For years, SE has made many of the most beautiful games released – regardless of what you play on. Yet they somehow manage to outdo themselves time & time again! What a gorgeous game!! Will be looking forward to seeing more of this – so far, great job, SE!! 👏🏼

  • Haven’t been this excited for a game since Horizon. Beautiful, unique, 2022 has a goal now. <3

  • Looks pretty sweet so far. Certainly piqued my interest, as I love games with superpowers. There are far too few of them and even less that are actually good…ill certainly be interested to see where this will go. Just remember: don’t rush and be sure to release a fully finished game! Thanks guys, and good luck!

  • What about the PS4 version? If they want to have more sales PS4 is the better platform.

  • Wow! This looks incredible. If the game is more action-adventure (like Horizon Zero Dawn) and less RPG (stat based gameplay) then I will be there for it day 1.

    • Don’t worry, Square Enix’s “RPGs” are usually in no way RPGs at all.

      Like FFXV (or FFXVI) or Kingdom Hearts, it will be another action game called an RPG to make it sound fancier.

      Though if you like RPGs it kind of sucks.

  • A game that kinda looks next-gen,now that’s a surprise.I remember this from the Athia reveal…looked interesting then and looks good now.

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