Psychological horror adventure Sanity of Morris out next week

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Psychological horror adventure Sanity of Morris out next week

Search for your missing father and uncover the secrets at the heart of the mysterious town of Greenlake.

Gamers’ time is increasingly precious. Be you a parent, student, or working a 9-5 job, you may find yourself having less and less time to sink into 60 hour plus adventures. We here at Alterego Games know this all too well. We know we are not alone in this, so with our latest title, we set out on a mission. 

Formed in 2014, our small studio – based in the Netherlands – has a love for storytelling. In 2019, we released the relaxing adventure game Woven on PS4. We aim to deliver experiences for the busy gamer who wants to wind down for the evening or weekend. For those with less time on their hands, games need to be shorter, more compact, yet still offer powerful experiences. And that’s our focus with Sanity of Morris. An average playthrough of our new first-person adventure, launching next week, will take you around five hours, or about the length of two good movie nights.

Sanity of Morris offers an intriguing story steeped in the best elements of both the detective and psychological horror genres and features stealth mechanics and light puzzles. The game tells the gripping story of Jonathan Morris, who comes to the isolated town of Greenlake in search of his estranged father. 

On arrival he finds his father missing and nothing is as he expected it to be. Was his father kidnapped, or has he run away? Armed with only a flashlight and notebook, you must piece together the clues as you quickly realise nothing in Greenlake can be taken for granted. Be warned though: your flashlight is essential to reveal secrets, but its light will attract unwanted attention.  

Curious, and have some spare time in your busy schedule? Or just feeling like playing a psychological horror that’s more than meets the eye? You haven’t long to wait. Sanity of Morris launches March 23 on PS4. 

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