Outriders dev reveals new lore video, reacts to demo reception

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Outriders dev reveals new lore video, reacts to demo reception

People Can Fly open up about the demo’s performance, and reveal what happened before Earth’s population moved to Enoch.

On February 25, the Outriders demo landed on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The demo is a huge slice of the full Outriders game, offering the opening chapter and first three hours or so of the game, with all four classes available to try out, single-player, co-op, and the option to transfer progress to the full game. It’s a hefty appetiser for the full course, which arrived on April 1.

As it’s the start of the game, there’s a good focus on story, as the world of Enoch – and humanity’s struggle to colonise it – is introduced to the world. But what were the events that lead to the start of the game?

In a brand-new animated trailer, we can see how the Outriders journey began, as we follow their expedition to Enoch from Earth.

Outriders dev reveals new lore video, reacts to demo reception

And this is where the demo – and start of the game – picks up.

The Outriders demo is tremendous in terms of its scale and scope, and so we wanted to talk to Bartek Kmita, Creative Director at People Can Fly, about how it went down and how it’s helping in the run up to the game’s full release on April 1. 

Toby Palm: At the time of writing, the Outriders Demo has had over two million downloads. What’s been your reaction to the reception of the demo?

Bartek Kmita: It was a real rollercoaster of emotions to be honest. At first, I was excited that so many people wanted to play as soon as the demo was live, but this was followed by a brief panic-moment when servers were not scaling fast enough. When the server situation was resolved we started to see first impressions of the game itself, and the whole team has been watching as many streams, Let’s Plays and think-pieces as we can – it’s been amazing to see what everybody thinks so far. In the end, I’m extremely happy that so many people played the demo and that they are enjoying it.

TP: Some players have managed to rack up, 20+ hours in the game. Several players on the Outriders Discord have played for over 100 hours! Does this surprise you, and what does it say about the size of the full game?

BK: It’s very encouraging for us because a huge, sprawling RPG journey was in essence of our designs. To give people a game with almost endless possibilities around how to build your character and make the whole process of character development as satisfying as possible. And looking now at how people are playing the demo, and how they experiment with all the loot they found gives us a lot of satisfaction. I hope that after the full release, when our players get their hands on all our toys, they will stay with us for a very long time.

TP: The game straddles a really interesting line between shooter and RPG. Are players taking to the game how you would expect them to? Have there been any surprises in terms of how players are interacting with the game?

BK: That has always been a little bit of worry to us – the idea that some people may lump our game into one genre-camp and ignore some of our design-decisions that are integral to the other. Players coming straight from the shooter camp might ignore skills or RPG mechanics – which I fear will make their overall playing experience not quite as compelling. On the other side of things, players only in it for the loot-chase might forget about story etc. That’s why in the beginning of the game we try to tutorialize everything and explain the full breadth of Outriders’ core mechanics. Seeing how players have approached the demo, we are happy with the results, but of course there’s always room for improvement when it comes to onboarding and our messaging here.  

TP: What are your biggest learnings from the demo so far? Can we expect to see any of these learnings make their way into the full game?

BK: We received a lot of feedback from the community. We focused on things that bothers players the most – motion blur and camera-shake, for example – and are putting all our efforts into fixing them. We have already posted information about what we are fixing and what we are planning to improve. We strive to be as transparent as possible when it comes to these initial teething issues, and we see a lot of support from the community in return.

TP: You’ve made some changes to the loot in the game after players started farming a lot. What was your thinking behind that?

BK: We had a long discussion on how to approach legendary gear and their associated drop-rates. On the one hand we could see certain problems and long term consequences with how players were getting items but on the other hand we didn’t want to take away players’ fun from the demo. In the end, we decided that since we are ultimately a game built around a really engaging loot-loop, we should support the farming methods based on that with some additional encouragement to also complete the side-quests.

TP: Some players are spending a lot of time in the demo collecting mods and preparing for the full game, how are these mods going to affect character builds in the full game?

BK: The mods are designed to be the crucial part of the player’s build and the biggest factor of your playstyle. We already see players creating their first builds, but the real fun is yet to come. With four more skills for each class come more combinations, skill synergies and potential playstyles. New skills mean also new tier one mods and even higher degree of customization not to even mention new possibilities unlocked by tier two and three mods and ability to move them around in crafting.

TP: For somebody that’s played and loved the demo, what should they be most excited about in the full game?

BK: This is quite interesting, usually when the game releases the demo or beta players get to see the best part of it to encourage them to purchase the full game. In the Outriders Demo, you’re really only seeing the tip of the iceberg; the starter that only gives you a taste of what’s yet to come.

So whatever part of the demo you enjoyed, I can safely say that there is way more of that yet to come! You enjoyed the story, cinematics, characters and lore? There is plenty more to come. You enjoyed creating your first build? There’s far more depth and complexity to come here. You enjoyed the combat? Oh we definitely have more on this front; the demo encounters are relatively small compared to the rest of the game…

Huge thanks to everybody that’s checked out the Outriders Demo so far. As Bartek said: you’ve only seen a glimpse of what’s to come, and we can’t wait to see you all on Enoch for the rest of the journey on April 1. See you then! 

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  • The demo was ruff and unpolished, the game has potential but needs more work.

    • Exactly my thought. It has some promise, but a lot of issues with stuttering (on a PS5). Once it’s polished it ought to be pretty decent, but it’s not clear how much polish they can apply before release. Way too much stuttering on a PS5.

      But I do like that they seem to be embracing single-player as an option in addition to co-op. Too many of these types of games assume we all want MMO all the time. No thanks.

    • @FeistFan

      There is almost absolutely no stuttering on PS5. Your console might be overheating and throttling back performance.

      You can even see Digital Foundry’s video on the demo. It’s a locked 60fps in effectively all scenarios

    • I appreciate the fact that it has a legitimate story and is more viable as a single player game than most Destiny clones, but the quality is low.

      The visuals are not AAA level, the facial animations/lip syncing is atrocious, voice acting is hit or miss, and the powers are simply not fun. The animation for each ability is PS3 quality.

      I expected AAA production and what we have is AA imo. The shooting and controls are solid and the inventory/loot is quite literally a copy of Destiny. While not very original, it is enjoyable to receive new gear and tinker in the inventory. Destiny is among the best to do it with inventory/gear so at least it’s a reasonable facsimile.

      Overall, this game is every bit as disappointing as Anthem and Avengers, but with worse production value.

    • Thats why you dont buy these third party games and just wait until they hit game pass. Which it is already

  • Just would love the ability to pause the game during battles. Oh and pause cut scenes too.

  • Yeah, the camera shakes so much for everything. Really bad for people who suffer from motion sickness. Wish there was a way to disable the shaking.

  • I (we) really enjoyed the demo up until yesterday morning. Since then it’s been almost impossible to get logged in!!! Three different time it took almost an hour before it got past the “signed in” page!

    Initially yesterday it at least three up an error. After rebooting and restarting, then rebooting my router, I FINALLY got past the error by changing my DNS settings. Until this BS is fixed, I am DONE with Outriders!!!

    • I really enjoyed the demo, can’t wait for the full game. I don’t like the cut-scene shaking camera though, it’s really distracting.

  • There’s definitely a lot of story already present in the demo, just either within the optional dialogue options or the codex entries.

    Tanner giving up the last secured spot on the evacuation ship to his daughter (Sarah), and the same occurrence happening to Shira where they were gifted the last spot.
    Jakub having the backstory with the main character of being in a prison camp for years, as well as surviving a helicopter crash

  • I liked it and I am much more intrigued than I was before the demo. I didn’t like the cliche dialogue though. Other than that, I hope this is a success and I hope I can play it for years to come.

  • Outriders has been a game I have been looking to for quite some time. My buddy and I played through the demo and we’re excited for more. We literally just kept thinking “dang, wish we could just keep playing and continue the game!”. The story was actually really cool!

    I do think PCF has a good head on their shoulders (so to speak) as to what a game like this needs to be fun and what they need to do to improve. Yes, the game needs some work, but it’s also worth remembering the game isn’t out yet, and they seem to be communicating well. Offering a demo now and in the future is a good vote of confidence from them too, especially in a world where “bait and switch” for final products have been a big concern as of late.

    I think in a world flooded with GaaS games this is could be a pleasant reminder that “hey, great co-op, loot-driven games don’t HAVE to be service games” which I personally think is quite refreshing. Excited to hop back in on April 1st!

    • Personally I found the story itself to be the weakest link in the demo (next to the low-res image and textures): The pacing moves too fast, some characters are introduced and then killed off just as were getting to know them and above all the whole thing felt like it was trying way too hard to be dark and edgy without the substance to pull it off. Not to mention the subpar voice acting.

      Really hope this is not indicative of the full game’s narrative quality.

  • Arrives on April 1, not arrived. I wish it already arrived lol.

  • I kinda had high hopes for the game back when it was announced so it pains me to say that the demo from what I’ve played hasn’t really impressed me. The way they presented the story was weird and the visual resolution felt 10 years out of date. Combat was fine but the overall level design felt too boxy. The weird stuttering during the cutscenes in which the dialogue and lip synch were delayed from eh other was particularly annoying.

  • I love the demo, my friends and I have about 50 hours into it and can’t wait for the 31st to get here so we can play the full game, its a refreshing break from the staleness of Destiny, and has a lot of potential

  • I downloaded and played the demo on PS5 and walked away after 1-2 hours no longer interested due to general lack of polish in every area for my taste.

    • It was just patched and some of the rougher aspects seen to. It is, afterall, only an early demo. full game and day 1 update could get the game to where it needs to be. I won’t be in day one though, even if I find the game really promising, because I was burned pre-ordering the likes of Anthem and Avengers.

  • I don’t see anyone mentioning loading times, they’re terrible! Going in and out of the menu takes forever on current Gen consoles and even PC’s. Not everyone has a shiny new, fully loaded, PC or a console. Even PS4 and XBOX with the game loaded on a fast internal SSD’s (in my case, at least, and on a 1.5 Gbps fiber Internet) it takes way too long to go in and out of the menu, why? You wanna change something during a battle? You’re dead! 😞

  • I enjoyed the demo! There were a few things that did bother me but overall I am excited for the full game and can’t wait to play it!

  • I like what I’ve played of the demo, but why do the automatic weapons on the PS4 version only fire in 3 round burst? SMGs, LMGs, and assault rifles don’t fire in full auto. I thought it was an upgrade mod that you earned in game, until I played the PC demo, and had fully automatic weapons, that require a repeated “trigger pull” to use the weapons.

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