Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition comes to PS5 March 4

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Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition comes to PS5 March 4

The upgraded version boasts 60fps, DualSense controller features, 4K visuals and enhanced textures.

Hi everyone, I am super excited to tell you about Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition, coming to PlayStation 5 on March 4. Myself and the rest of the team have been blown away by the positive response to Mortal Shell. Our fans have asked us many times whether an upgraded version of Mortal Shell is coming to PS5, so I am delighted to finally have the chance to tell you everything that the Enhanced Edition will bring to the next generation.

Before I do, here is a brand new Enhanced Edition trailer for you showcasing what we’re bringing to next gen. 

Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition comes to PS5 March 4

From the moment we got our hands on the PS5, we have been diving into its power and capabilities to find the best ways to bring Mortal Shell to a new generation. Whether you’re taking your first steps into Fallgrim, or returning to face its most vicious and grotesque adversaries, our goal is to turn up the immersion and make everything feel more brutal than ever. That means fluid 60fps gameplay (targeted), razor-sharp 4K visuals (upscaled, with 4K compatible display), enhanced textures and DualSense controller upgrades that give you more of a physical connection to the game.

From mobs to brutal boss encounters in 60FPS

As soon as we were able to get Mortal Shell running on PS5, we noticed immediately how the 60fps frame rate made a huge difference. Each perilous swing of your sword seems so much more fluid now. Even the Ballistazooka – the heavy shoulder-mounted ranged weapon that launches spears – is far more responsive as you aim your crosshairs onto your target.

Explore Mortal Shell with enhanced textures  

It was incredibly important to us that Enhanced Edition made the most of PS5’s advanced hardware. Our aim was clear to us: provide players with a version of the game that really shows off the PS5’s power. With a 4K resolution running throughout and improved textures, we’re very happy with the difference, check out the video below to see for yourself.

Textures have been enhanced across every part of the game to make the game feel extra sharp. Water glistens, armor shimmers, and your tarnished seal glows in a sleek new 4K resolution.

Strategic combat with a DualSense controller touch

Mastering the weight and feel of each weapon and piece of armour in Mortal Shell was vital when we were focusing on the development of the game, so when we heard about the capabilities of the DualSense controller we knew it would be a perfect fit for a next-gen version. 

We can’t wait for you to experience the whispering sounds and heartbeat vibrations resonating from your controller as you approach a new shell, as well as the adaptive trigger feedback when your character takes that final blow and runs out of stamina. Fighting a Brigand ranger for the first time? Get the edge in combat as you feel the haptic feedback of projectiles shooting past – and the added impact if one of those projectiles hits you!

Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition is available March 4 as a completely free next-gen upgrade for existing Mortal Shell players who have already bought the game on PS4. For new players, this upgraded next-generation version will keep to its last-gen launch price of $29.99 (€29.99 / £24.99).

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  • I was already impressed by the original release, and now I can’t wait to see how it turns out on PS5. Will I tire of the hunt? I think not!

    • Hi there. Great to hear, and welcome back to the hunt!

    • general-alex7698

      So many games and not enough time or money in the world. So annoying. Anyways well since I still haven’t gotten it yet can’t wait to eventually play it and now can play its optimized version on system it was optimized for. Thanks to the devs for such!

      PS: I say eventually cause Mass Effect Legendary Edition and PC parts took up a good chunk of cash.

    • Cheers for the support! Good luck out there Foundling.

  • What is the native resolution compared to the Pro version? Will the trophy list auto sync and essentially double?

    I hyped Mortal Shell pre release but was disappointed to find how downgraded it was compared to pc. I’m excited to play the upgraded version and I’m impressed a small team is giving such a incredible PS5 upgrade for free. Especially when many AAA publishers either charge or do not update their games at all. Bravo Cold Symmetry.

    • Hi there,

      First of all, really pleased to hear you are excited!

      I can confirm the PS4 Pro version is 2560×1440 upscaled to 4K. The base resolution for the Enhanced Edition on PS5 is 3200×1800, upscaled to 4K (3840×2160)

      Also, yes, the trophy list will essentially double (so PS4 and PS5 trophies)

    • I appreciate the reply and I’m thrilled to hear that the framerate is essentially double and the resolution is significantly increased from the PS4 Pro version.

      1800 native (then upscaled to 2160) is lovely imo, considering the Pro version was 1440/30 I believe? Basically 4K/60. However, the most significant downgrade from PC was the texture quality and that is what I’m most excited about, along with the DualSense implementation. Taking advantage of that 16gb GDDR6 at 448gb/s unified. Big difference from Pro at merely 8gb GDDR5 at 218gb/s or worse the original PS4 at 8gb – 176gb/s. Texture quality has been the most pleasant surprise this gen with standouts such as Demon’s Souls.

      I appreciate the new sound pack and I have a feeling you will continue to add on to this game as it’s become a surprise hit from a team less than 20 is it? Keep rocking. Thank you.

    • Just to confirm, this is sitting at the levels below:

      Base res for PS4 on 4k is 2560×1440, upscaled to 4k (3840×2160)

      Base res for PS5 is 3200×1800, upscaled to 4k (3840×2160)

      There’s a big improvement here, especially paired with the new textures and framerate – let me know if you feel the difference. +

    • Seems like the game shipped with 1440p resolution instead 1800p like stated here…. any fix coming?

  • Thanks for bringing it to PS5 and for offering a free upgrade. Looking forward to playing it.

  • May have to pick this up!

  • Bla-bla-bla can you patch the actual version which corrupt our save files randomly ??
    And I was expecting a 60fps free patch ! Should take 1h to produce !!
    Bye bye first and last game I buy from you.

    • Sorry, I was too upset at you and thought you were selling the upgraded version only..

      So.. I can hope to at least play your game (save file being corrupt after 2-3h of gameplay.. no workaround, and I’m not the only one.)

    • Damn they still haven’t fixed that? It happened to me my first play through when I was 2/3 through. I went back months later and tried again thinking the patches fixed it but I guess I just got lucky the 2nd time (also manually backed up to cloud every single time I stopped playing)

    • Hi there,

      We’re really sorry you had this issue with save data corruption
      This problem has been fixed when playing Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition on PS5.

      Unfortunately, we do not have a fix for the PS4 version when playing on a PS5. The team is still investigating this further. We highly recommend players back up their save files if playing the PS4 version of Mortal Shell on PS5.

    • Really sorry you had this issue. We tried to fix this while looking at the PS4 version running on the PS5 but could not find a solution in time.

      We have run several tests to ensure this issue isn’t present on the PS5 version of the game, which you can download as a free upgrade.

  • Thanks for this, but Bloodborne please! Needs new gen support.

  • My PS5 is broken and has been sent back to Sony :(

    This game,though I’ve not played it looks like one hell of a debut

  • Hi,

    I really wanted to enjoy Mortal Shell but I was getting the corrupted save error and would lose my current game. I could never progress through 50% of the game before this happened.

    Before I purchase this again can you confirm this has been resolved? I was playing the PS4 version on PS5.

    • Sorry, you had this problem when playing the game previously :(

      This issue is fixed on the PS5 version of the game.

    • I don’t think that’s true that it was fixed. I have ps5 enhanced edition and have encountered the corrupted save file problem twice already.

  • The enhanced version won’t recognize my previous save.

    • Heya, Unfortunately saves cannot be transferred from PS4 > PS5. You will have to start the game again if you want to play the Enhanced Edition.

  • There are now 2 versions of this game on the Playstation Store… will buying either one allow me to play this game on PS4 and PS5? I don’t want to buy the wrong version, but I’d like to be able to play on either my PS4 or PS5 with the Enhanced Features. I missed out on this game earlier when it was on sale, but would love to play it now. Thanks!

    • Hello, You should have access to both when buying the game, it is probably just showing you the PS4/PS5 versions as different products, but you will have access to both when you buy it :)

  • Is there ps4 to ps5 save transfert?
    If not, then its a bummer.

  • The resolution of the game on PS5 is 1440p according to VGTech. He confirms he has the native PS5 version (Enhanced Edition ) and in his video descriptions he gives links of screenshots proving his findings.

  • Game seems to be running ay 1440p on ps5 according to vgtech, You stated it was 1800p.

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