The epic-sized PlayStation Indies promotion comes to PlayStation Store

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The epic-sized PlayStation Indies promotion comes to PlayStation Store

Starting February 24, Save up to 75% on the likes of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Cuphead, Overcooked! 2, Outlast 2 and more for a limited time

Something epic this way comes. Starting February 24, PlayStation Store plays host to the absolutely massive PlayStation Indies promotion. Save up to 75% on the price of a staggering number of unmissable titles for a limited time*. 

Multiplayer fans are particularly well-served with this sale. Cook up some culinary chaos in Overcooked! 2, compete against a huge horde of players with the game show wackiness of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, or just wallop your way to victory in hilarious battler Gang Beasts. Love the thrill of intricate boss fights and stupendous animation? Cuphead will cater to your tastes. Prefer chills? Attempt to survive psychological horror Outlast 2.  

That’s only a handful of games though. Turn your attention below to see the full list of titles that will be available when the sale goes live on February 24 (don’t try and name them all in one breath). 

*PlayStation Indies promotion starts midnight local time on Wednesday, February 24 and ends 23.59pm local time on Wednesday March 10. 

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  • No Vita games apart from the Cross Buy games :(.

    Plenty of Good Indies on Vita and PS3 that need love too.

    Games that PS4 version are on sale but no Vita version, it just sad.

    • Given PS3 and Vita are no longer a part of the web store, PS3 and vita games will never be on sale again unless they are crossbuy with PS4 or PS5.

  • What a joke.
    Almost none of the 20-30 or so games were actually on sale. Not only that, I have to go to the game page before I get to see the price. You can’t see it from the sale page. And there’s no screenshots, videos, and/or game pages are simply incomplete.

    Fix the damn webstore!
    I don’t know what third party startup company you farmed this out to but it’s just shameful.

  • Baldur’s Gate 1 & 2 FINALLY go on sale! Definitely picking those up and will likely grab some other stuff as well.

  • what truly needs to be done to PS Store is stop taking away the functionality of the app, why take out the function for a one step option to new add-ons, same with new games, now we have to bypass 3 screens to get to new games, why? If Playstation is wanting everyone to go digital, why make it more of a hassle?

  • Noice! Just bought a few games.

  • Would be nice if the webstore still had screenshots or videos.

    A title image (which usually isn’t from the game) and some text doesn’t give you much information..

  • How funny the use of “epic-sized” when most of the games on sale are the shovelware crap which are a cancer on the Store,geez Sony ban those damn ratalaika games from the Store,that would be a helluva start.

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