Vehicular combat battler Heavy Metal Machines launches on PS4 and PS5 tomorrow

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Vehicular combat battler Heavy Metal Machines launches on PS4 and PS5 tomorrow

Become a metal gladiator in this free-to-play, team-based multiplayer title.

Hello everyone! Hoplon Studio here, from Brazil, and we’re thrilled to announce that Heavy Metal Machines is arriving on PS4 (and playable on PS5) February 23.

Vehicular combat battler Heavy Metal Machines launches on PS4 and PS5 tomorrow

Heavy Metal Machines is a one-of-a-kind, free-to-play multiplayer vehicular combat game where players engage in 4v4 intense battles, controlling lethal vehicles in post-apocalyptic arenas, and I’m pretty sure you’ll love it.

Heavy Metal Machine’s combination of unique vehicles, fast-paced combat, and post-apocalyptic sports arenas will take you to a whole new gameplay experience where two teams of four players fight to pick up a bomb and take it to the enemy base. Deliver the bomb 3 times to be the winner.

Match your best skills with a role

Ranging from a car-crushing Monster Truck, heavily armored Tank, blade-throwing Motorcycle, to a magnetic Tow Truck, each of the many vehicles has a different set of weapons and gameplay styles that bring a wide range of strategic possibilities to each match.

Play as an Interceptor, to chase and destroy enemies, as Support to keep your allies safe, or as a Transporter to take and deliver the bomb to the enemy base.

Become a metal gladiator

You can play Heavy Metal Machines casually, or if you want to spice things up, join the Ranked Mode and aspire to become godlike. You can also create your Team and bring it to the Colosseum, an in-game Tournament, to battle for prizes and prestige.

Golden tips for new players

  • Try different Machines (vehicles), each one has very different mechanics and weapons, and find your favorites.
  • Use the Training Mode to get to know a new Machine, or to learn and sharpen your skills with your favorite ones.
  • Each vehicle has a role (Interceptor, Support, and Transporter). Play according to your vehicle’s role:
  • Be wise when picking vehicles before each match, so that you have a balanced team with all three roles.
  • Play for the team, considering the roles of each team member.
  • Communicate with your team at all times using the quick chat or voice chat.
  • Any vehicle can transport the bomb, however Transporters are the best fit for the job.
  • Be very careful with the droppers, areas in the Arena where you lose possession of the bomb and enemy players can easily catch it.
  • When you are low on health, escape from combat and look for a Repair Charge or an ally support. 

New content all the time

New content is continuously added to Heavy Metal Machines, including new Vehicles, Arenas, Battle Passes (aka Metal Passes), and Seasonal Events. The game is free-to-play and not pay-to-win. Rest assured that there is no way to buy in-game items that give vehicles gameplay advantages.

Every two and a half months a new Battle Pass (Metal Pass) season is released, bringing lots of new items to unlock and missions to accomplish.

Special gift for PlayStation players

As an early PlayStation player, download the game now and enjoy a Free Battle Pass Pack, a special gift available only until March 8, that includes the Battle Pass for the season, 3 characters and lots of cosmetic items. See you in the Arenas.

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  • I’ll try it when it’s free. Crossout with the cartoon graphics

  • No reason not to try it since it’s free. Thanks for the free Battle Pass too

  • So many free to play car combat titles on the store nowadays. Rocket League, Switchblade, Crossout, this, and ofc Destruction All-Stars which is isn’t a free to play per se.

    I’ll give this a shot, but tbh, if you own a PS5 you really should play Destruction All-Stars first. The production value in general trumps every game I mentioned.

    Will this game have native PS5 enhancements? DualSense support and so on? Micro Machines meets Twisted Metal?

    • tyler out here once again acting like he works in the PlayStation marketing department.

    • Mercenary09 out here like “he/she” needs to comment on every PS Blog post ….

      I respect your input dawg, but I had to talk to myself outloud for a moment. No shots given.

      Buut….. ;)

    • @capitoic you tyler’s alt? It’s pretty annoying how he can’t contribute anything to the discussion of Heavy Metal Machines but can waste time always promoting whatever PlayStation exclusive he is fanboying over

    • Please bring back Twisted Metal, the true PlayStation car combat banger!

    • Mercenary09 out here yet again acting like he works for PSBlog, putting more time on it than Sid Shuman. Every article, everyday, no paycheck. Tyler Durden stays in his mouth. How does it taste?

      What exactly did u contribute to the Heavy Metal Machines conversation? “Duhh I’ll try it, thank you so much for the free pack” that virtually every f2p gives when the game releases.

      At least I asked some pertinent questions regarding native PS5/DualSense support, technical performance, and so on. The majority of your posts see you fanboy over the most random, nondescript games while simultaneously dropping to your knees to thank the developer and essentially living on PSBlog. No alts sweetheart. I have no clue who these ppl are in my defense but I appreciate it.

      Since u also mention me in the Curse of the Dead God’s article u can see how hyped I am for that non Sony, multi platform game. Sort of kills your misguided theory that I only hype Sony games.

    • @tyler get a life bud. You post on here FAR more than I and you have no place calling anyone a fanboy with the amount of nonsense you post. Always bringing up some PlayStation exclusive game and saying that the PlayStation community let you down b/c they didn’t support Destruction All Stars, Dreams, Death Stranding, or whatever flavor of the month it is. Get over the fact that people have different tastes than you

    • Pfffft, Rocket League puts that piddly game to shame on every level. Get yourself some taste.

  • It’s not free?
    Nothing is free

  • This looks interesting, kind of a moba, twisted metal and rocket league mashup. I’ll give it a try for sure.

  • hello

  • I remember meeting y’all way back when (I think it was TwitchCon?) – we had a booth next to you. I still have that HMM shirt. :) Congrats on the release, hope it goes really well.

  • I’ll definitely try it out!

  • Thanks, will give this a try. Looks metal 🤘

  • Overhead perspective? Are you for real? There’s a reason Twisted Metal is third person camera. What an absolutely useless excuse for game development.

  • Is this unavailable in some regions? I can’t find it in my store (NZ).

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