Curse of the Dead Gods — 7 gameplay tips for the monster-slaying roguelike, out tomorrow

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Curse of the Dead Gods — 7 gameplay tips for the monster-slaying roguelike, out tomorrow

Survive the trap-filled, soul-corrupting dark Temple with this essential guide.

Hello, explorers! Everyone here at Passtech Games are absolutely thrilled to launch Curse of the Dead Gods on PlayStation 4 tomorrow! We know our soul-corrupting, trap-avoiding, monster-slaying roguelite can be challenging, so we’ve assembled these seven essential tips to help you take your first steps into the twisting darkness of the Temple.

Seek the light

The walls of the Temple writhe under the shadows cast by your trusty torch. Most areas you traverse in Curse of the Dead Gods are filled with groups of enemies and traps hiding in the dark, so make sure to seek sources of light, or create your own by setting fire to braziers, cobwebs, or even enemies before equipping your weapons to fight. Remember: fighting in the dark will cause you to take more damage from every attack. The icon at the bottom center of your screen indicates if you’re fighting in the light or in the dark.

Explore your surroundings

Exploration is key to a successful run in Curse, despite the many dangers that lurk in the shadows. Maximize the amount of gold, weapons, and mystical relics that you find by searching everywhere, and keeping an eye out for hidden rooms. The risk is always worth the reward.

Play with traps

Traps can be deadly, but they will kill enemies too. Scout your surroundings to see what’s available, then push creatures into spikes and poison streams, lure them near a flame-spewing statue, or find other ways to utilize your environment. There are many ways to be creative in combat.

Manage your stamina

If you’ve played a lot of action RPGs, you’ll be familiar with the stamina mechanic. Little white pips under your character represent your stamina, and managing it is key to staying alive. Stamina is drained by performing combo finishers, ranged attacks, two-handed attacks, and dodging. Balance offense and defense, and keep some stamina in reserve, or you may not be able to avoid damage at a crucial moment. A perfectly timed dodge restores one stamina, and there are weapons and relics hidden throughout the Temple that can boost it, too.

Practice your parry

The parry is an extremely effective combat tool, for those who can master it. Tap the parry button just as an enemy strikes to deflect their attack, stagger them, and weaken their defenses. It even works on projectile attacks, does not cost any stamina, and restores two stamina, if successful. The timing can be difficult, but practice on enemies which attack patterns you know, or equip a shield to increase the window in which a parry will be successful.

Manage your corruption

Before the Temple takes your life, it might take your soul. The purple curse bar at the bottom right of your screen is your corruption. Taking damage from certain attacks, offering your blood to a shrine instead of gold to get bonuses, or entering a new room corrupts your soul: reach 100 corruption, and you’ll be inflicted with a random curse. Many curses are a double-edged sword, putting a twist on some gameplay mechanics. For example, one curse causes enemies to explode upon death: this forces you to be more careful, but you can also use the explosion to set off a chain reaction on the enemies. It’s up to you to let your greed for power kill or save you: the more corrupted you become, the more you will find powerful cursed weapons and relics… But reach five curses, and your life will start to slowly deplete. You can remove one of your curses by defeating a champion, but that may only delay the inevitable…

Unlock Blessings and weapons

When you die in Curse of the Dead Gods, you’ll lose all the weapons, relics, and gold you were carrying. Fortunately, you do keep treasures like Jade Rings and Crystal Skulls you’ve collected in a run. Crystal Skulls can be exchanged for permanent, powerful blessings that provide useful bonuses and effects. They allow you to create your own build, with great synergies, so make sure to experiment to find new powerful combinations. Jade Rings are used to unlock new weapons that you may find as you explore the Temple. Look for treasure chests in every dark corner for a chance to find your new weapons.

We hope these tips serve you well, Explorers. We believe you are ready to face the depths of the Temple, so grab your torch and weapon, and take the plunge. The Gods of Wonder await you…

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  • I mean this looks cool, but it would help if the good people at PlayStation would restore the functionality that was gutted from the PS Store with the update prior to the PS5 releasing. Wish lists (with notifications if there are sales), filtering, sorting, etc., aren’t really optional features for an online store. They’re kind of necessary. All of those things need to be updated in the console version of the stores also.

    Right now, this is just going to be another game the disappears from memory because of all of the other games that are at the top of mind.

    • Yep. Unfortunately it falls on deaf ears. They think they know what’s best for us die hard consumers.. Even though it could be further from the truth. It’d be nice if they actually listened to their customers instead of forcing these horrible ideas on us.

    • Yeah most of the time I try use the web store it doesn’t even work properly and the buy button doesn’t even appear. Had to do everything via the app.

    • Try to stay on topic and show the developer some respect. This game looks every bit as technically impressive as Hades and it deserves an audience.

    • I’d show the developer some respect with money if the web store would let me buy games…

    • @iamtylerdurden1 Don’t even try to tell someone to stay on topic. You bring up Destruction All Stars and tell people to go play that in posts about other developer’s games. Just stop

    • Mercenary09

      This is a developer post about a highly anticipated game and the first three comments are technical complaints about Sony.

      If they had mentioned Hades for example, in relation to this game I’d understand.

      I mentioned Destruction All-Stars in a post regarding a smally fry, free to play, car combat game. Same genre, both car combat, and I do mention and discuss the actual game in the post.

      I did find it funny though how u were eager to play Micro Machines, arena based, Twisted Metal nonsense but not so much Destruction All-Stars.

    • I agree about the web Playstation store. It is really a mess. There is no sorting function, filter, it is slow, with no wish list. I really feel we have gone from having a decent web PlayStation store to something useless. The only way to see new games and sort them by new release date is through the PS4 store. Even the PS5 store is unable to properly sort and filter content correctly. I cannot believe since the relaunch of the store Sony has not made an effort to improve what seems to be something many of us are not happy with. What gets shown is what Sony wants you to see and do not even get me started on DLC and add ons.

    • To the poster, your problems have been solved:

      For the developer, I got the game today, and I am really enjoying it. Kudos to a job well done. This was money well spent.

    • Why are so many people still using the website version of the store? “Do you guys not have phones?” Seriously just use the mobile app it’s been better than the web store for almost a decade now.

      And look I agree the removal of the wish list was a bad idea, but really you guys can’t remember a game you’re interested for ONE DAY until it comes out? Come on…

  • On topic.

    Hey Passtech. I have been excited about the full release of your title for quite a while. To me, it appears to be a more skill based and higher production version of Hades, and I’m a Supergiant Games fanboy. However, since being added to the PS Store a month or so ago, there has been no pre-order available. I want to pre-install the game and have it available by midnight. I also would like to know the console price.

    Please allow a pre-order today so I can purchase and pre-load the title. Also, there has been no information on review copies or embargoes in general. I’m promoting the game the best I can, but with no console pre-order and zero information on reviews it becomes more challenging.

    I would’ve loved access to the final build for review purposes, but now I’d at least appreciate some information on price, pre-order, review embargo, etc.

    Also, the game is listed as PS4, but, I’m interested to know if it’ll have any PS5 enhancements or advantages such as framerate, resolution, load times, DualSense, etc. If not, will it have PS4 Pro support? Is it enhanced in any way or do we merely receive the base PS4 build? Will PS4 Pro or PS5 natively improve aspects like framerate or load time times without a patch? Are there extensive post launch plans like we’ve seen with games such as Dead Cells? Paid DLC in the future?

    So for the bombardment of questions but I am promoting this game as I truly believe in it. Any response would be appreciated.

    • Oh reviews will be up soon. Sorry you weren’t picked to cover it lol

    • Will they? Thanks for the insider information..

      Weren’t u the guy who claimed I only hype Sony games and rip non Sony games? I wasn’t aware Sony owned Passtech/Focus Home..

      Bless your little heart.

    • The game is out this week. The fact that reviews will be up soon isn’t insider information, it’s common sense. Then again you lack that so.

  • Cant, wait to play it.

    On the side note, Playstation: please make the indies more visible. Especially before they are buyable. Having 10-15 games only showable in the “coming soon” section of the store is weird.

  • I was looking forward to the game with great impatience, took a day off at work so that they would plunge into the game from the release …. the opportunity to pre-order was not provided, from midnight saddles and updated the store. Why hasn’t the game been released? When will it appear in the store?

  • Hey im in the playstation store on my ps4pro but i dont see the game? Can someone help. Its 6am EST so it should be here right?!

  • The game is not on the Portuguese store and is 6 PM now.

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