Hawkeye is coming to Marvel’s Avengers on March 18

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Hawkeye is coming to Marvel’s Avengers on March 18

With a present in peril and a future destroyed, Clint rejoins the Avengers to stop the end of the world.

Welcome back, True Believers! With 2020 behind us, we’re excited to kick off the new year with our newest post-launch hero, Clint Barton as Hawkeye and his own Operation: Future Imperfect! We know how many members of our community are looking forward to Hawkeye and have heard their calls ever since our initial reveal at E3 2019. Now, we can finally answer where Hawkeye is! We first met Clint in Kate Bishop’s Operation, Taking AIM, where she brought him back from the brink of a huge AIM conspiracy involving the manipulation of time itself. Operation Hawkeye: Future Imperfect marks Chapter 2 of Season One, where we continue diving into the consequences of the Tachyon Project and come face to face with a possible future where all hope is lost.

Hawkeye is coming to Marvel’s Avengers on March 18

Clint Barton is the original Hawkeye: a peerless marksman, master swordsman, and proud dog parent. Clint first appeared in Tales of Suspense (1954) #57, and his first solo comic series was Hawkeye (1983) #1. From his humble heroic beginnings in the circus troupe that taught him how to handle a bow and sword, to his life as a crime-fighter operating out of his New York apartment, to a secret SHIELD agent, and, finally, to a member of the Avengers, his skill and devotion to justice earned him recognition, opportunity, and friendship among Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. However, despite his impressive skillset and the trust of his teammates, he found himself grappling with feeling like he couldn’t make a meaningful contribution to the super-powered, superhuman Avengers team. In Future Imperfect, a storyline inspired by Marvel Comics’ Old Man Hawkeye series and the Hawkeye (2012) “My Life as a Weapon” storyline, you will be taking Clint on a perilous journey to a future Earth and stepping into a new biome known as the Wasteland to find the missing Nick Fury, come face-to-face with the villain Maestro, and save the world. Did we mention his canine pal Lucky will also be featured in this Operation?

As Kate Bishop’s mentor and close friend, Clint and Kate have similarities in their skillset due to being mentor and protégé, but nevertheless, they are two different fighters each with their own style. Clint’s bow skills are second to none in the Marvel Universe, and we took inspiration from his Ronin period to create his sword abilities, which makes him a powerful melee and ranged hero.

Whereas Kate blinks around the battlefield as a blur of never-ending strikes to multiple foes, Clint is the steadfast hunter, taking down his foes with powerful, precise hits one at a time until he’s the only one left standing. Clint’s Quick Reflex Intrinsic Ability allows him to sidestep enemy attacks and parry with a fast-staggering bow shot. His Dead Eye Skill allows him to focus his aim on a single target, increasing damage and reaction with razor arrows. With Ranger’s Momentum, snap to targets instantly and zero-in on weak points.

Clint’s ranged arsenal makes him a one-man-army with many different unique arrow types. Grapple Arrows let Clint traverse the environment with ease and is also an intrinsic heavy attack, reeling into enemies before slashing them with his sword. His intrinsic attacks include Boomerang Arrows that seek out targets before returning. Use Implosion Arrows to cluster enemies together or draw them away from you. Tripwire Arrows stagger weaker enemies and push back larger foes with a spread of projectiles tethered together with energy. Parry enemies with Rocket Arrows, which attach to targets, sending them airborne! Pulsar Arrows attach to surfaces and build up energy before exploding. The more they build up, the bigger the boom!

Clint’s Heroics are themselves three different arrow types. His Assault Heroic uses Nightstorm Arrows: launch it into the air and rain down projectiles to decimate areas of the battlefield. Just as important, his Recovery Arrow Support Heroic unleashes nanobots that swarm nearby allies and restore their willpower. The Hunter’s Arrow Ultimate Heroic is an AI guided projectile that flits across the battlefield, piercing through targets. Once upgraded, fire two at once, add explosive charges, or focus damage on player-targeted foes. Count on Hunter’s Arrow to dish out an aerial assault with damage equal to a fleet of arrows, punishing enemies all over the fight no matter who Clint has in his sights.

And for when you want to get up close and personal with enemies, take out Clint’s katana to dish out powerful melee damage. His light attacks are swift, decisive cuts to strike at his foes. His heavy attacks put his full strength behind each blow, sending out powerful slashes meant to strike several enemies in front of him at once. He can use his light attacks in-air to combo airborne targets, or his heavy attacks to quickly slam down onto foes, smashing them into the ground. He has several sword attacks meant to launch enemies into the air so that he can juggle them while they’re vulnerable. By the time they come back down, getting back up isn’t going to be an option.

Like Kate, Clint comes with loads of outfits and emotes to express himself. Keep an eye on our social media for sneak peeks at some of his cosmetics!

Clint shoots into Marvel’s Avengers on March 18. Share with us your awesome fan content—we love seeing the incredible shots from our super talented video game photography community, your different powerful builds, your exciting reaction videos, and, as always, your consistent feedback! We look forward to seeing you there!

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  • Dope!! I’m hyped.

  • You just wouldn’t listen. Fallout 76 and Anthem before you were utter failures. Why did you think that your online enforced game would be any different? Is it too much to take a game like God of War 2018 as inspiration instead of chasing an old trend like Destiny when it was already too late?
    Back to the drawing board. Maybe start with something small like a Pandemonium remake in the same vein of the Crash N Sanity Trilogy. Because clearly Crystal Dynamics are incapable of anything else, especially after that meh Tomb Raider reboot trilogy.

    • Have you taken the time to read what you actually posted? They tried something and it’s not pleasing anyone out there, but they keep working on that project to enventually, TRY, to make it into something worth playing. It’s like you would said to the No Man Sky Devs, hey stop doing what you’re doing and start a new project!

      Your post makes absolutly no sense.

    • You are misinterpreting. This is nothing like No Man’s Sky. That game fell short at launch of what they said it would be and they exceeded it at this point.
      In May 2018, before Avengers reveal it was revealed/leaked that there would be online characters and microtransactions in the game. And that was it for me. I made it very clear I was never going to be touching the game if developer TIME wasting hours were being put in for nonsense integrated online that nobody wants.
      But they did not care. They just ploughed on and released a spectacular flop of a game.
      And it IS a flop. 400 people played it on Steam the past 28 days, that’s 13 people a day averagely, so don’t try and argue the fact otherwise.
      So again, nothing like NMS. And no amount of updates can fix this lol, the online nonsense is integral to the game and mechanics. The time, money and potential was wasted over 2 years before the game even launched.

    • Game was a 6/10, if that, but if they keep updating it turn it into a 8 or 9, then what’s the issue? If you wanted a single player avengers game you are in the minority, everyone wanted multi-player, so quit your crying

    • Your post reads like you have zero self-awareness, let alone a solid understanding of market trends. It must be easy to be condescending when you are so excessively mediocre.

    • Games like God of War for inspiration? Realy? Is that some big unique trying new stuff title?

      It was basically just a rehashed TLoU in GoW land with yet another generic, tired, sad bearded guy plot? One that had no original gameplay, or setting, or basically anything new or unique. I wish Sony stopped taking the same tired inspiration for everything as it made their PS4 titles very, very samey in setting and plot while none of them pushed gameplay at all.

      You also have to remember that had ridiculous amounts of promotion, and was sold for cheap, but didn’t really have that great sales. So following in those same footsteps wouldn’t likely make them a big pile of money either.

      Id take the last of the Tomb Raider Trilogy over Uncharted 4 any day though. Uncharted 4 had stale gameplay (run forward holding X and the game play itself, get into a fight and your teammates shoot everyone), useless stealth (run and don’t get seen) and way to many blah blah blah blah blah scenes. Because action games really need lengthy unrelated scenes of you sitting at home with a boring wife, talking to random people and 200 childhood trauma things. Urgh.

    • @TWODEEEE Did you want Anthem to be online only too? Well then you are the one crying because the 2 year planned revamp of the entire game has been completely scrapped now lol. Another dead game, that didn’t need to be an online game, completely dead now.

      And nobody wanted a terrible flop of an Avengers game i.e a multi-player Destiny style crapfest of an Avengers game. And why would anyone have wanted that?

      @Rehjul Oh be quiet. Calling someone condescending while sniffing your own farts with your own “mediocre” reply, well done you.

  • Any update/news on the next gen versions? A date perhaps? Thats what I’m waiting for to buy.

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  • I really hope the Spider-Man content isn’t too far off.

  • I know your staff might be limited due to corona and because the game didn’t do so well, and i doubt you’ll read this, but my main issue with the game is that there weren’t epic crazy boss fights, just the main 2 reused over and over for multiplayer, if you get some insane destiny style boss fights and some new enemy types that aren’t always AIM i would definitely want to come back to this game and maybe even buy it a second time on pc

  • I know this game gets a lot of hate, but I’m actually really excited for this.

  • I’m sorry but this game is trash because it was built around being monetized! No ps5 upgrade or characters being added can save this game!

  • You had a license to print money. PRINT. IT. But no. You did EVERYTHING you possibly could to eff it up.

    “Oh that thing that Anthem did and everyone hated? Let’s do that!”

    “The thing that Destiny did that everyone hated? Let’s do that too!”

    “Just for good measure let’s make all the heroes look like ass.”

    “Perfect! Why don’t you love our pos game?!?”

    Its just unbelievable that anyone let alone a studio with experience and a huge budget could see what has happened in the past three years and STILL make ALL of the same worst mistakes.

    “But…but… Hawkeye!!”

    Seriously?!? Eff right off a cliff you total wanks.

    • That’s not a very Zen thing to say… :-p

    • Its unbelievable and yet another game from a once great studio will get announced tomorrow with the same crappy online angle……. like we actually care and fall for it.

      No wait, EA will have their own Valheim…………….. in 2024 when its another dead trend.

  • I really enjoyed this game when it first came out back in Sept. I just think this game needs more villains to fight. There are so many great Avengers villains and teams I wish were included. Maybe in future DLC.

  • Which one are you hyped for tho???? Cause that avengers game is WHACK!!!! and that 2k21 TRASH ¿¿¿¿ that’s just my strong 💪🏾 Opinion

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