Share of the Week: Destruction AllStars

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Share of the Week: Destruction AllStars

These photo mode shares smashed their way to the top.

Last week, we asked you to move through the world as Agent 47 and share dramatic moments chasing targets in Hitman 3 using #PSshare #PSBlog. From moody portraits to witty disguises, here are this week’s highlights: 

Photoingame shares a victory pose.

Everything goes sideways in this share by Photoingame.

JRPyznar flips the competition.

JRPyznar stays airborne in this victory pose. 

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THEME: Control: Ultimate Edition

SUBMIT BY: Wednesday 9 AM PT on February 17

Next week, we’re heading back to the Oldest House and uncovering the mysteries behind Control: Ultimate Edition. Share your favorite reality-bending moments using #PSshare #PSBlog for a chance to be featured. 

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  • Honored to win the cover and to have 2 shots selected. Hana’s breaker is awesome.

    Destruction All-Stars is spectacular. I have 40+ hours in and imo the game is superior to a Rocket League or Fall Guys and deserves to at least be in that same category of success. It bothers me that this game does not receive the recognition it deserves.

    It has beautiful visuals at 4K 60 and battle royale, deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture the flag/zones modes along with 16 distinct characters and 21 distinct cars at launch. Other than Astro’s Playroom it has the best DualSense implementation on PS5. I’ll debate any professional critic as to why this game deserves solid reviews. And it’s just insanely fun, plus, it’s a polished day 1 product with a year of free post launch support already planned.

    Anyone who enjoys any battle royale game would love Gridfall in Destruction All-Stars. I would’ve been happy to spend $70 on this game.

    • The only reason you think it’s better than Rocket League & Fall Guys is b/c you’re a PlayStation fanboy. The game is OK at best. No one will be buying this hardly once it leaves PS Plus. Had no business being $70

    • @Mercenary09 Why write such a pathetic comment? How would you know the reason someone like a game or not. Looked at your profile, you have not even started the game, so how would you know. Grow up ponyboy

    • I agree this game is good fun. I don’t think it has the same broad appeal as Soccer with remote control cars or what Fall Guys does.

      I also appreciate that it is a polished day 1 release product. Their big mistake was locking single player content (challenge series) behind pay wall for what people know was going to be a $70 paid game. IMHO, the negativity it gets is mostly fueled by that.

      Even the daily challenges don’t earn the currency that would allow you to get that content without paying extra.

      If not for that, I think this game would have been promoted / talked about more favorably by the influencer community.

    • I haven’t played the game yet but I’ve seen clips and I can kinda see the comparison to Rocket League and Fall Guys , but not really.

      I think this game’s lack of instant comparative success is due to availability. It’s limited to just PS5 which we all know has a shortage right now. Pair that with not everyone wanting PS5 even if they could get one (Last gen gamers, PC players, and other consoles). I could see this doing really well on the switch and PC as well but there are currently no news on whether they plan on moving the game out to those platforms or last gen.

      Another barrier of entry is the $70 price tag. Fall guys had a long window of being free on almost every platform and is now $20. Rocket league had those same opportunities and is also now $20.

      Lastly, Fall Guys and Rocket League are both great games but they aren’t in the AAA category unlike this game which reflects its price tag. Seeing as this game is $50 more and it’s being compared to non-AAA games (albeit great ones) you start to see the problem of varying price points.

    • For the part about it being $70 I know it’s free but I’m talking about when this inevitably comes off of PS Plus I highly doubt people will pay $70 for this game. Also it’s made really difficult to obtain this game if you’re not already on PS5. You can’t download non-PS4 games in the store on PS4 anymore, the app doesn’t let you download the game either(it worked for maneater but not this one) and unless you have a quick link (at least on mobile) to the web browser ps plus section on the store, it’s incredibly difficult getting to that point through navigation due to bugs on the web browser.

      This is only for people who even know this game is being offered for free. Most of the time I have to remind myself to check the free games of the month because PS5 games doesn’t show for us.

      Great looking game but by the time most of us have access to it, will there be a player base? Will we still be interested in it? Not to knock the game, it’s just unfortunate timing.

    • @Maaden_Swe Imagine calling me a ponyboy when I’m not blinding praising every Sony game. My comment is pathetic? No that would be the person who I was replying too who has to put down any other great game out there not made by Sony to defend what is one of Sony’s weaker games in recent memory. If this game was THAT good it would be blowing up with players but it isn’t. It doesn’t do much to stand out and it has all kinds of design problems.

    • Mercenary 09

      Try playing the game before u pontificate on how mediocre is. Don’t get mad at Maaden_Swe for checking your profile and calling u out. U even go on to say it has major design flaws yet u didn’t play it?

      I platinumed Rocket League. I enjoyed it, but is it truly a great game? No. It’s a fun game that found a quirky niche and took off with the casual community and the gargantuan install base it draws from. It’s a fun indie level game, but the droves of fans who swear that Rocket League is this deep gameplay experience are delusional. Don’t confuse difficulty lining up a shot with gameplay depth.

      I rooted for Rocket League. Jeremy Dunham is a former Zipper Interactive developer and it was a PS4 console exclusive at launch. I listened to Dunham on IGN’s Beyond podcast prior to it releasing. I knew it was the spiritual successor to Super Powered Rocket Cars or w/e it was called. I’m only pointing out RL because ppl love to crown it while taking shots at All-Stars.

      I’m well aware All-Stars will fail. It doesn’t deserve to, but it will. Lack of install base and mixed reviews will doom it.

      As for the argument that I only hype Sony games and trash non Sony games. I like the Fable IP more than Uncharted. I hype non Sony published indies constantly. I was on the Nioh hype train since it reappeared at TGS in 2015? While I recognize the tremendous wealth of fantastic ideas, depth, and quality gameplay on hand, I just haven’t found Nioh fun. On the other hand I had more fun with Control. Supergiant Games is one of my favorite devs. 4A as well. Huge Devolver fan. If u choose to attack someone at least know your subject. Btw, Super Rocket Powered Cars didn’t sell a lick. Success is dictated by many things. Sorry I hurt your feels on Rocket League. U and 30 million 12 year olds can swear it’s the deepest experience out there idgaf. Enjoy ;)

    • Mercenary 09

      This is supposed to be a post celebrating Destruction All-Stars and the incredible photos that were taken. Maybe congratulate the field and stop being negative about a game u hadn’t even played.

      To others:

      The point about $70 is moot atm because All-Stars is FREE for two months. Who cares what it was planned as. It’s free for twice as long as Rocket League was when it launched. I agree that the so missions should’ve been part of the free game, but it is a AAA next gen game being given away for free for two months. The sp missions only lead to cosmetics anyway. If the game was $70 at launch I’d be all over this, but it’s free with plus so..

      I try to balance things out when I feel a game receives a lack of deserved hype or too much criticism. I believe All-Stars is an 8/10. The cosmetics are atrocious and the progression is nearly pointless. Balance is off as well. It’s not perfect, but imo it’s an entertaining product with quality next gen production value. Like all games of its ilk it is a junk food title. It’s a casual experience. But it’s fun. I feel like it deserves to be successful. But then again, I doubt many of the ppl complaining ever played Destruction Derby on PSONE.

    • Who cares that it’s free for longer than Rocket League was. Rocket League went on to be a regular in the top sellers on PS Store as soon as it left PS+. Can’t say the same thing will happen for this game.

  • Kristen, you have last week’s share of the week description at the top for Hitman in there by mistake. No worries, just a heads up.

    And to the PlayStation community, I’m actually ashamed with the lack of support that major PlayStation published games have been getting lately. From Sackboy to neo to destruction All-Stars and even demon Souls you have not come out and support your games the way you should. Destruction All-Stars is a beautiful and thrilling free PS5 game yet people aren’t supporting it like they should. 40 million people played a game like Fall Guys which is very cute and fun but if you want to talk about casual and lack of depth and potentially being corny then Fall Guys is it. I mean, all of these multiplayer games are popcorn titles. These are junk food games that aren’t to be taken too seriously, but compared to games of its ilk destruction All-Stars is of a higher quality. Even rocket League. Rocket League particularly at launch did not have the same polish or production value or depth of modes characters or game design.

    I’ve heard the argument that rocket League takes insane skill and therefore is a game with ultimate depth. core gameplay mechanics are not to be confused with depth. In rocket League it’s extremely difficult to line up a shot and that is much different than extreme gameplay depth. Every 12-year-old with a switch is decent at Rocket League. I enjoyed the game but the way people put certain games on pedestals and rag on others isn’t always Fair.

    Destruction all Stars is a quality service based multiplayer game with fantastic next-gen visuals and performance.nobody seems to be talking about how incredible the dual sense implementation is as well. Everybody just plays grid fall but they seem to lack the mental capacity to understand how nuanced and well conceived a mode like stockpile is. It’s just sad that people allow the media to decide what is good and what is not. Destruction all Stars is a good game. Where is mercenary and all The usual suspects who come out to the blog and support these games?

  • Allstars is a well made poor game.
    Looks great, great animation. The unreal engine looks really really nice but it’s not something that’s designed well from a gameplay point of view.

    I want it to be better

    • Why isn’t it? The gameplay is very casual but it absolutely works. Many of these mp games are casual experiences but it doesn’t stop them from being fun.

    • The Unreal engine itself doesn’t really have anything to do with the gameplay being bad or good.

      People can do with it whatever they feel like and replace every single element. So if it’s poor it’s down to the developers, not the engine limiting them.

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