MLB The Show 21 presents Stunt on your Rivals with Coach and Fernando Tatis Jr.

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MLB The Show 21 presents Stunt on your Rivals with Coach and Fernando Tatis Jr.

MLB The Show ’21 launches on April 20, 2021.

You’ve probably spent many restless nights awake wondering, “I wonder what Coach is doing right now…”.  Well, we’ve got news for you! 

Not only is Coach back, but he has a new best friend: Fernando Tatis Jr. 

Every Tuesday and Thursday for the remainder of February we will be releasing a new Coach and Fernando Tatis Jr. video that showcases a different area of the game. These fun videos will give you some important nuggets of information about various improvements for MLB The Show 21. These will lead you up to the more in-depth and future looking (next-Gen) reveals. So, for those in the community who are looking for a deeper dive on improvements and new features coming to MLB The Show this year have no fear, we have plenty of content on the horizon for you.

MLB The Show 21 presents Stunt on your Rivals with Coach and Fernando Tatis Jr.

Tailored and focused Gameplay

The first video in Coach and Fernando’s series talks about tailored gameplay. New in MLB The Show 21 are gameplay styles that allow you to tailor the type of gameplay experience you are looking for at any given moment. Are you looking for a casual experience where you can put up some runs? Or are you looking for a more traditional experience that plays more intense and truer to life? Maybe you want a true test of your skills on the sticks, where your abilities with the controller are paramount. 

Tailored gameplay is just the tip of the iceberg. The team has invested significant development time working on other areas of gameplay— our biggest focus being fly ball catches, at the wall catches, (jumping/reaching/rob home runs, crashing in to the wall, etc.), and catches that come off the z axis (which means if you are taking a route that’s not exactly perfect, we have a lot of new catches you’ll see play off the axis you’re running. It feels great and we cannot wait for everyone to try it out). For pitching, we’ve introduced a brand-new mechanic… but more about that and the other gameplay improvements in March.

MLB The Show 21 Technical Test 

Starting on February 23 and ending about a week later, a limited number of users* can participate in the MLB The Show 21 Technical Test. What is the Technical Test? We need your help to stress test: the servers, online match-making, cross-platform play, as well as gather feedback on gameplay. You can sign up here on February 10. The Technical Test will be closed, so we ask that you read rules before signing up and we will see you on the servers soon.

MLB The Show 21 Feature Premieres

This year we will be rolling out Feature Premieres, which will be broadcasting simultaneously across Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Live. Much like our livestreams in previous years, Feature Premieres will give an in-depth look at the new features and changes that we’ve been working on that makes this year’s game better than its predecessor. Clear your afternoon schedules on Thursday afternoons as a new Feature Premiers will air every Thursday at 3 PM PT starting on March 11.

Feature Premier Schedule 

  • Tailored Gameplay, Pinpoint Pitching, and Hitting engine updates
  • Complete Fielding Overall (yes we are specifically talking about plays at the wall 😊)
  • Ball Player introduction, more variety, and ways to play and ever before
  • Franchise and March to October empowers you to make decisions for the future 
  • MLB The Show goes Next Gen
  • Diamond Dynasty streamlined with new paths to rewards

We could not be more excited for MLB The Show 21 coming out on PlayStation and Xbox consoles! Look forward to a new class of Legends, new ways to play, including with your friends! Check, and follow our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts for the latest updates about MLB The Show 21.

For more detailed information on MLB The Show 21 including an important update on year to year saves and more please read our announce FAQ here.

*Users signing-up to participate in the Xbox platform Technical Test will need to be among the first 50,000 sign-ups to participate due to capacity limits. Registrations for the PlayStation platform Technical Test are not capped. 

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