Co-op puzzler We Were Here is available on PS4 for free now

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Co-op puzzler We Were Here is available on PS4 for free now

Surprise! We just released the first game in the We Were Here series on PlayStation Store today for PS4, and it’s free to download for a limited time! The rest of the We Were Here series will also be coming to PlayStation 4 on February 23 (and of course all three games are playable on PS5 as well)! It’s a perfect opportunity to try out the game and see if you vibe with our brand of online co-op puzzle solving in a sinister castle. 

So, just what are you getting into?

If you don’t know, our games are cooperative first-person puzzle adventures where your goal is to escape, and all you have is a pair of walkie-talkies. You and your partner will be challenged to work together on the same wavelength in order to solve puzzles and explore. 

Each game is two player online co-op only, in which players take the roles of Antarctic explorers. The first two games We Were Here and We Were Here Too see players forced to seek cover by a blinding snowstorm, when they come across Castle Rock – a mysterious medieval castle in the wastes of Antarctica. Upon entering, you become separated from each other – can you and your friend escape Castle Rock?

Co-op puzzler We Were Here is available on PS4 for free now

Inside Castle Rock you might occasionally see the other player from a balcony or on the other side of bars, but often your only direct interaction will be speaking via walkie-talkie. We find that this actually makes the game more intimate, not less – you really have to listen to your partner, or you’ll never escape. As you explore your part of the castle, describe everything to your partner, and try and see where you can combine knowledge to work together and progress towards the exit.

While the first two games are set entirely within Castle Rock, for our third game We Were Here Together we figured that it was time to change things up. That’s why you start out playing alongside your partner in a new base camp area – close enough to touch! This means you can explore side by side. We’ll give you a hint though… you’ll still need to split up in order to solve the puzzles – it’ll just be by choice! It’s a more cozy introduction than you get in the earlier We Were Here games!

The expedition base camp is a sharp contrast to the earlier We Were Here games, which see you thrown straight into Castle Rock. In We Were Here Together we really wanted to expand the world, and let players explore beyond the halls of Castle Rock. The base camp is a warm, well-lit space which opens out onto a pretty Antarctic scene with a seafront view. Too bad you have to venture forth to track down the source of a distress call which will ultimately lead you to Castle Rock. There’s beauty in the icy, snowy outdoor scenes, but things get darker and more threatening as you progress towards the castle. 

Socially distanced fun

In times of separation, We Were Here connects people! It’s not only possible to play the We Were Here games remotely, it’s necessary for the best experience – which is helpful in these times of Covid-19. Nearly every puzzle in the game revolves around you and your partner sharing information and observations. You might not be physically together, but playing We Were Here games is still an intimate experience! You have to think along together — as they say, great minds think alike! How well you communicate will determine if you escape… or will remain trapped forever. 

You’ll need to talk to each other, but the walkie-talkies in-game allow for complete immersion – although you can also play with any other voice chat system you might like. That said, we’d highly recommend you use the in-game walkie-talkies, to set the mood and for some extra challenge. Remember that walkie-talkies only have one channel so you can’t send and receive at the same time – so try not to talk over each other when things get exciting. Over!

The rest of the series arrives on February 23…

Castle Rock is no ordinary castle, and there’s more than one story to be told here. Aside from being in Antarctica (how?) something clearly isn’t right. While you’re looking out for clues on how to escape, maybe you’ll discover hints about the past of this sinister citadel. 

Have you claimed your free copy of We Were Here, and completed it? Do you want more? Well you won’t have to wait for long! The two sequels will be released on February 23, both offering more puzzles and advancing the story of Castle Rock. There will also be a bundle deal containing all three games! 

While it’s nice to play them in order, every We Were Here game is a complete experience in itself. Think of it like a TV series where the episodes are individual stories, but also tie together in the longer term. In the same way, you can return to the first two games after playing We Were Here Together and still discover new details about the backstory of Castle Rock. Don’t forget that while anyone can claim the game, you’ll need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play since it’s an online co-op experience.

So that’s the We Were Here series in a nutshell! We hope you’ll take the chance to explore Castle Rock while We Were Here is available to claim for free. Maybe you’ll even be able to escape… together?

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  • Nice, will give it a go :)

  • The link in the PS Store doesn’t seem to be working at the moment.

  • Broken game, doesn’t work.

  • I cant find this on the store using a PS5. Am i just not looking properly?

  • A free, co-op, escape-the-room game, with a platinum!?! I’m SOLD! Thank you, Lucia!

    • Truly a deity among humans!

    • Hey Lucia, my friend and I loved the game! It was a short and sweet experience and we’ll definitely be buying the rest of the games when they come out!

      I had to call him over the phone, because I was playing via Remote Play on my PC, and the app doesn’t transfer the PC mic input to the console…

      It would be nice if we could have cross-play with PC and Xbox friends too.

      We also noticed the difficult Die Hard trophy is glitched in our favor: we only needed to start from the spikes and do a flawless spikes and theater run for it to pop.

  • lol looks like roblox

  • This looks really fun, will definitely be playing this with a friend!

  • I hope a developer sees this. Please fix the checkpoints. I can not start at chess because it will not let me open the door from the explorer side. Therefore it makes me stuck between the gate and the door to get to chess. And I have to quit the game and start all the way over. It makes it so you can literally not die at the chess puzzle because you can’t are locked in between the gate and the door to chess. I am playing on ps5. Please fix!

  • Playing on the PS4, and I have the exact same game-breaking issue. Please, please, please fix this.

  • Those having trouble adding it to your library, try a different browser.

  • It won’t even let me start a game, I tried to play with a friend and both of us couldn’t even join the other’s room.

  • Sony, I’m not being a jerk honestly, but I can’t even be bothered going through the hell that is the new store even to get this freebie. I understand that website redesigns are unpopular even when they are good. People hate change. But this isn’t about that. You have replaced a store that was painful but usable with a store that is genuinely atrocious. Please do something about it. Thank you for listening.

    • I know exactly what you mean, why bother getting rid of the recently released DLC option? I’ve been late in downloading season pass content on games because I didn’t know it was out!

      You’ve taken what used to be a simple check and sometimes nice surprise and changed it to having to check the menus on each of my games at regular intervals in case something something new has dropped

    • If I worked for sony, I would have a difficult time understanding what you want

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  • This seems like it will be awesome, thank you for making it free!

    Love the concept of this. Reminds me of A Way Out.

  • Very much a gem. I’ll admit were using game chat and even sending photos but it’s good coop fun. Will definitely buy the rest. People say online doesn’t work but I got a patch before I played and it’s been perfect.

  • I want to play this with a friend, but can not join a private or public game with either player hosting. We tried troubleshooting steps in case it was a nat issue even though we do not have problems on other games. We were able to find other public games hosted by strangers.

  • To the devs: the menus are very hard to work with. Please make the selection I pick glow or something, black icons is no good. Worse is that restart is light not dark like every thing else. Great game though

    • You’re right. It’s literally impossible to tell what menu option is highlighted at a glance.

    • We also noticed a glitch(?) where the two characters meet in the corridor and can light or put out the torches: each character can manipulate the own torches and see the changes only in their own console. If both characters are in the same hallway, I should be able to see the torches being lit or put off by my friend, shouldn’t I?

  • i can´t inv friends so i mean i can inv them but they cant join some1 can help ?

  • The game is broken, at least for making a private room. I invite a friend and when they accept the invite the game tells them someone else joined first. It’s a private room that can’t be. Please fix this issue.

  • Mmm interesting. Will see what there all about.!! 🤔🤔

  • Playing with friends in the game is pretty broken at the moment, or atleast for me and my friend. We’ve tried joining each other and every time we attempted to join, we’d get an error where is says the join game has been set to 0.

  • This game is 100% broken. Downloaded on day it went free and 1 week later I still haven’t managed to play a single game.

  • In game chat not working

  • Awesome Coop Game.

  • Playing this with my son is not far from the greatest fun I’ve had on the PS4. It was short, but awesome. We struggled to join a server at first, but the problems seem to have been fixed in an update.

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