Destruction AllStars launch day tips: 7 tips to wreck your way to victory

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Destruction AllStars launch day tips: 7 tips to wreck your way to victory

Get your AllStar career off to a flying start as the game launches on PlayStation 5 today.

Hey everyone, Destruction AllStars is finally here on PS5, full game available at no additional cost to PlayStation Plus* members, and we’re thrilled for players to be able to jump into the arena! 

Before you dive in we wanted to pass on a few tips and tricks to help get your AllStar career off to a flying start! Whilst the game is easy to pick up and play, there’s depth to the destruction and our AllStars are far more capable than they first appear.

Destruction AllStars launch day tips: 7 tips to wreck your way to victory

1. Vehicles are disposable

In Destruction AllStars, you’re better off not getting too attached to any one vehicle. During a match, you’ll want to be looking out for the best time to eject and look for a new ride. Mix things up and change your strategy on the fly. Grab one of the heavy vehicles to tank some serious damage or get behind the wheel of one of the smaller, more nimble cars to dodge out of the way or deal out some precision hits! Even your hero vehicle is ultimately disposable as you can get the chance to call it in multiple times during a match. Don’t overstay your welcome behind the wheel.

2. Use the Arena to your advantage

When on foot, you’ll want to be aware of your surroundings as you plan your next move. Our arenas have a lot of verticality with suspended platforms that offer temporary safety from enemy vehicles. Staying light on your feet as you wall run between platforms is crucial for finding a brand new car or getting ready to pounce on one of your enemies vehicles.

3. Use Pickups to turn the tide

Whilst you’re exploring our arenas, you’ll find a variety of pickups that can help charge up your breakers (abilities). Collecting shards from platforms and wall runs will charge your Hero Vehicle and Hero Breaker. Use these to get a head start early on in the game or top off that final charge to get your breakers ready for action! You can also collect Breaker pickups. Collecting five of these pickups will fully charge your team’s Hero Vehicles, making them ready to be called in. This allows you to coordinate some devastating attacks or come back from an early loss.

4. Dodging is more effective than jumping

When an enemy vehicle is driving towards you, performing a dodge (circle by default) can be more rewarding than simply jumping. If you perform a successful dodge, you’ll have the option to jump on top of their car and try to either take or wreck their vehicle! You can use this to secure a new ride as fast as possible or to get a wreck. 

5. Team games are built for coordination

In Stockpile and Carnado, coordination and communication will separate the winners from the true champions. In Stockpile, defending your banks is just as important as collecting gears. Choose the right AllStar to stand their ground with their Hero Breaker and push your opponents off the banks. In Carnado, Hero Vehicles can store more gears than regular vehicles. Keep an eye out for your opponent’s Hero Vehicles and give them a wide berth. Pick your moment to strike to deny them a lucrative deposit for their team!

6. Practise Mode

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by some of the tips above, you can visit practise mode to try out all 16 of our AllStars in the single player environment of our Practise Mode. In this mode, you can learn the rules of our four multiplayer game modes whilst getting to grips with the unique abilities of each AllStar. Practise getting around the arena as well as trying out new tactics until you feel ready to take on the world in our online multiplayer.

7. Challenge Series

Our Challenge Series are a way to learn a bit more about a character’s back story whilst competing in unique single player challenges against their Rival. Each event has multiple challenges to complete beyond just winning the match, giving you more reasons to replay a Challenge Series to unlock all of its rewards. The first pack you can pick up is Ultimo’s Challenge Series! Be sure to bring your game as you face off against his Rival, Jian, culminating in a final showdown! 

That’s all for now but hopefully that’s plenty to get you started! As we launch we’ll be closely monitoring community discussions and engaging with you all to ensure player feedback is integrated  through any updates as we expand Destruction AllStars through content drops, Seasons, events and more!

Thank you so much for your support and see you in the arena!

*Access to game at launch is only available with a PlayStation Plus subscription (sold separately) until 04/05/2021. Internet connection required.

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