Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Detroit: Become Human and WWE 2K Battlegrounds headline PlayStation Now’s February lineup

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Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Detroit: Become Human and WWE 2K Battlegrounds headline PlayStation Now’s February lineup

Darksiders Genesis, Little Nightmares and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number are also playable from today.

PlayStation Now’s February lineup is here! This month’s huge roster packs in action, thrills and horror across six titles, all of which are available to play today.

 Let’s take a closer look at each game.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Detroit: Become Human and WWE 2K Battlegrounds headline PlayStation Now’s February lineup

In the dark future of Call of Duty: Black Ops III, the lines are blurred between humanity and the technology we’ve created, a world where cutting-edge military robotics define warfare. Tackle Treyarch’s story campaign solo, or squad up with another player in local split-screen or online. When you’re ready for something different, switch cybernetic foes for supernatural enemies with the cooperative Zombies mode, or put comradeship aside for the competitive action of Multiplayer mode. Both can be played either in four-player local split-screen or online.  

●      Available on PlayStation Now until April 29, 2021

WWE 2K Battlegrounds

WWE 2K Battlegrounds

The world of WWE is your battleground with over the top, arcade action as your favorite WWE Superstars and Legends battle in interactive environments around the world. Play through a new story mode while unlocking unique characters and Battlegrounds. Compete using special abilities and power-ups in match types like Steel Cage, Royal Rumble, and more! Compete in Online Tournaments or stake your claim as King of the Battleground against players from around the world! Plus, battle it out in local multiplayer and dominate your friends.

●      Available on PlayStation Now until August 2, 20201

Detroit: Become Human

Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Detroit: Become Human and WWE 2K Battlegrounds headline PlayStation Now’s February lineup

Decide the fates of three lives – and maybe even the future of an entire city – in this narrative-driven sci-fi thriller. Confront tough moral dilemmas and thought-provoking situations faced by a trio of human-like androids – Connor, Markus and Kara – as their stories play out against the backdrop of a near-future America. In this branching narrative, every choice you make has consequences.

Darksiders Genesis

Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Detroit: Become Human and WWE 2K Battlegrounds headline PlayStation Now’s February lineup

Embark on an action-packed quest to take down a demonic king in this isometric dark fantasy adventure. Freely switch between the dual gunplay of Strife or wield the sword of War when journeying solo, or have the two Horsemen unite their powers when playing in local or online co-op. Explore, solve puzzles and battle enemies to uncover a conspiracy that threatens to unravel all of creation.  

Little Nightmares

Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Detroit: Become Human and WWE 2K Battlegrounds headline PlayStation Now’s February lineup

Immerse yourself in Little Nightmares, a dark whimsical tale that will confront you with your childhood fears. Help Six escape The Maw – a vast, mysterious vessel inhabited by corrupted souls looking for their next meal. As you progress on your journey, explore the most disturbing dollhouse offering a prison to escape from and a playground full of secrets to discover. Reconnect with your inner child to unleash your imagination and find the way out.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Detroit: Become Human and WWE 2K Battlegrounds headline PlayStation Now’s February lineup

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is the brutal conclusion to the Hotline Miami saga, set against a backdrop of escalating violence and retribution over spilled blood in the original game. Follow the paths of several distinct factions – each with their own questionable methods and uncertain motivations – as unforeseen consequences intersect and reality once again slips back into a brilliant haze of neon and bloodshed.

 *Certain games featured on PlayStation Now may be made available in the library on a limited-time basis only.

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  • Still waiting for Sony to bring ps now to my country, and also waiting for my preordered Playstation 5. Always good to be reminded how wonderful it is to be a Hungarian 😀

  • Pretty meh compared to other months

  • These are actually good games. This is a pretty solid month. And I’m surprised there’s a CoD game. Sucks that it’s temporary considering it’s so old. I understand WWE being temporary considering it’s less than a year old so that makes sense.

    Still need, 1080p 60 streaming. More devices (phone, tablet, smart TV). And it would be a good idea to add more classic titles. Games that can’t be played on PS4/5. Like GTA IV, Max Pain 3, and Dead Space. And of course. All of PS older exclusives permanently added to the service. (Jak, Ratchet collection, Nathan drake collection, TLoU remastered & more)

    Along with more franchises that made their name on PS. Like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Yakuza. Especially since another subscription service on a rival platform has those games before PS does for some odd reason.

    • You want 1080p 60 then get a Pro or PS5.

    • I said STREAMING. I Y’know cause this is a streaming service. You can read can’t you? And I have a PS5. Thanks for your concern. 😃

    • Errrrrrm yea….. Streaming is 1080p 60fps on Pro and PS5. Clueless.

    • no it’s not it is 720p 60 across the board for streaming. this is not new, pc to ps4/pro/5

      and even then their is compression and noticeably bad lag even on 100mb connection urban.

      i still have my ps3 and nothing about streaming ps3 is that compelling not to mention they have not touched their legacy stuff in a very long time. so don’t hold your breath on streaming upgrades.

      as for being a good month i don’t think so cod 6 years old on a 3 month versus keep forever on plus account, wwe 60 metacritic crap fest. and detroit a game flogged on sale for years. i have it it is good got it for $10 cad.

      this month like the preceding two leave me happy i didn’t reup on sale. the sevice is stale af. they keep pulling the good stuff and adding dross.

    • @GUDGER666 It’s 720p 60 on all platforms. Imagine being so confidentiality wrong.

    • They added 1080p a few months ago… Go educate yourself.. CLUELESS.

    • Gudger you claimed 1080 on pro, i have a pro it’s 720p so you need the education.

    • Are these games gonna be free on playstation 4 and 5
      Or is this only gonna be free for ps plus members
      Idk what this announcement is about, I’m a noob so pls tell me

    • Are these games gonna be free on playstation 4 and 5
      Or is this only gonna be free for ps plus members?

  • A 5+ year old Cod game as the main headline game is extremely bad, that is a very bad sign. Its worse that it was on PS Plus, but its also a PS Plus collection game. Also the game is DEAD! Baffling game to add. Detroit ah another PS Plus game great stuff. Oh and a bad WWE game. Very bad month imo. Also why has The Evil Within gone from UK store, and why hasn’t The Sinking City been added?? PS Now is just getting worse. So annoying that Now games go to Plus and Plus games go to Now…. 1000s of games and you pick those… Pointless complaining tbh because they just don’t care. I think publishers just say no to Sony for Now additions, would explain Ops3 getting added, its like they have nothing else to offer.

    • time to withold re ups for now, they put so little effort into the service. taking great games off and leaving metacritic mediocre.

      at least they added a first party game for a change, bethesda currently holds the bulk of the services value if you actually look.

      6 year old cod for 3months is derisive, i say no $80 cad Sony. make the ps5 available so fans can actually buy one even with no games at least the game collection with plus gives ps5 owners real value esp destruction all stars this month control and concrete genie.

      Now is a joke, end of april will see me letting it die.

      good for a few months and then the library of games lose their appeal and you are waiting on often worse game updates than plus. that is with my son factored in as well. Sony doesn’t care about their service.

      or scalpers

    • Totally agree!

      At least Little Nightmares and Darksiders Genesis are fun!

    • Not going to argue with most of your valid points, but WWE Battlegrounds is a great game. Their best product in years.

    • It’s fun for a little while!

      The many similar moves for each class is making it boring, not even close to great imo!! (Not to mention the bugs and the stupid AI)

  • Just old ps plus stuff. Disastrous month and I’m worried about the future of ps now.

    • Only three of these games have been on PS Plus before. Games like Little Nightmares and Darksiders Genesis haven’t been and are worth playing. You people also forget that there are new PS Plus subscribers every day. They don’t get every game that was ever on the service you know. Just because you may have gotten a game for free on PS Plus years ago doesn’t mean that a new Plus subscriber shouldn’t be given a chance to get it too

  • Black Ops three was on PlayStation plus And Detroit was on PlayStation plus wwe 2k is a bad game this Month is a poor selection

  • I’m gunna have 2 disagree with all the WOMEN that come on here every month to COMPLAIN . And say that kudos 2 u sony all top games . (Except that wwe one)

  • A lot of recycled PS+ games.

    • A. Only 3 of these have been on PS Plus and B. Not every Plus member today was a Plus member when those games were available on the service. You people act like every PS Plus member gets every single game that has ever been on the service.

  • I am another subscriber who will not be renewing when my annual subscription comes to an end. Sony should introduce a combined PS Plus/PS Now sub package at a discount and I might stay with it.

    Service could have so much extra potential but it’s not worth it if you subscribe to plus which is a necessity if you want to access PS Now games online services

    • no you can play online on any now game without plus, it’s one of the few decent values about it. especially for me with tekken 7 sf5 and a number of other games i actually would play online on occasion.

      that being said overall the service is stale and mismanaged with the way good stuff especially first party doesn’t stay available. you have better first party on the ps 5 plus game collection ffs.

      online works on now games full stop.

      japan seems to be universally bad at video game services, us at making first party games.

  • I don’t know if I will ever get PS Now, but it is not something that we can get in my country anyway.

    Is there a timeframe on when it will be rolled to other territories, so as to make an informed decision?

  • You people who complain about PS Plus and PS Now overlap need to think of the bigger picture and stop thinking of yourselves all the time. There are new PS Plus and PS Now members all the time and they don’t all own the same things you do. I’ve been a PS+ member since day 1 and have gotten hundreds of games for free. If someone buys a PS4 tomorrow and gets PS+ they don’t own any of those hundreds of games that I do. They don’t retroactively get them all. So if they get PS Now too why should Sony not offer them former PS+ games that they missed out on? Just because you got it? Stop being selfish

    • But what about the people who have been using the services for years?! Shouldn’t they get some value, and now they’re also not allowed to complain?!! Lol

      I’m a new Now subscriber but been a Plus subscriber for years and I enjoy Now more because of the many games it offers but this month is disappointing since I already have all three “main” games, two from Plus… from the thousands of games the PS store has they chose old ones that were offered on Plus… people will complain whether you like it or not because it’s not OK for old users/players…

      If we follow your logic here, new subscribers will find value if they were offered any game since they’re new and will play and enjoy any game they get (that was or wasn’t on Plus) so why not Sony choose new games that weren’t on Plus before so that new AND old subscribers both be pleased? Really it’s not rocket science!!!

    • @mjacobs You are getting value still. Darksiders Genesis, Little Nightmares, and WWE Battlegrounds haven’t been on PS+. Those games are worth more than the $10 that you pay a month for the service. If they aren’t to your liking then that’s on you. Not every game is going to appeal to you every month. Likewise, if you subscribe to both there is going to be overlap sometimes as Sony has to try and appeal to as many people out there as possible. They can’t avoid every game that has ever been on PS+ just to appease the small group who may have grabbed those games during the month that they were free.

    • you are in every blog post either.

      1: shilling for Sorny with mental gymnastics.

      2: Bullying other paying customers in the only official venue to voice opinions on the products and sevices.

      usually though it’s 3: both

      you ain’t no mercenary you are a shill bully.

      Sony doesn’t read or comment in the blog for years anyways so why defend them so hard. Loser.

    • @Skeetlejuice Maybe you’ll grow up one of these days

    • @Mercenary09 oh I already bought WWE Battlegrounds, also not a very good game!!!

      But fair enough, you got a point, I always try to find value in each game I didn’t yet try.

  • I agree with This! Lol

  • Still too much overlap with PS Plus, I have both and not totally pleased thus far.

  • I would love to see the first game I played on PlayStation 1 nightmare creatures.

  • Over the last year it felt like PSNow had a better lineup of games than PSPlus but this month it is clearly the opposite. The PSPlus lineup is a banger while the PSNow lineup is good but nothing great. However, I highly recommend people play Detroit: Become Human if you haven’t already. That game is amazing and easily the best game by Quantic Dream and David Cage

  • PS Now in Australia when? PS Never??

  • These games are missing on PS4 version of PS Now but are still available on PS5 version of PS Now, btw could be more titles missing, these are just some I’ve recently come across. Bioshock 1 & 2 (PS3 version), F1 2014, F1 2015, F1 2016, F1 2017.

    Would be nice if you could break up the alphabet somewhat when looking at “all games” on the PS4’s PS Now, even if you didn’t want to do it by each letter, as you do on the website, you could at least break into fourths. A-G, H-N, O-S, T-Z.

    Could you also consider mixing in some more PS3 games in the future on the monthly drops.

  • Blackops3 is already free . For psplus users.

  • I agree it is a shame its temporary im 15 and have played nearly all CoD games in the franchise btw howd you like my pic

  • I am ok with this months games but I do hate the overlapping of now/plus.
    It’s hard to really complain when my subscription is like 5 bucks a month. Last month was way worse with bio shock , considering the originals were already there. Next month will be shadows of the collous I bet

  • People complaining about poor games… at least you’re in a country with PS Now. Some of us don’t even have the service to get these games (and others)

    • Just make a US or UK/EU account and subscribe using it, it’s not that hard lol

      Some countries aren’t even recognized by Sony and people living there have to make accounts of other supported countries to even use PSN how about that?! Lol

  • Can’t download Call of Duty Black Ops. It stops and says data is damaged. Does anyone know what I could do other than not download it? 🤣

  • so is Detroit Become Human a permenant addition to PS now?



  • Would you please consider adding the Digimon World Series or at least digimon world 3 and 4 since they were the best sellers. And maybe a fight night game? I feel those games were hidden gems and would be played a lot.

    • These are PS1 Games and I don’t think they added either PS1 or 2 games in years to the PS3 System.

      It has been quite some time since a PS2 Game was added to the PS Now Service. I don’t think they are planning on adding anymore games from the PS1 to PS3 Era to any service.

      This is most likely why PS5 wasn’t made with native backwards compatibility with PS3 and earlier consoles. Plus there is the fact it uses the same Architecture that PS4 uses which wouldn’t allow it to play PS3 Games natively.

  • Can y’all add watch dogs 2 to ps plus or ps now again please.

  • Can we have the Final Fantasy 13 Trilogy on PSNow?

    Final Fantasy 13
    Final Fantasy 13-2
    Lightening Returns

    There is no way for us to play them anymore as ps3 games are not backwards compatible with ps5, their great games and would like to play them again.

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