Dreams: Presenting your final nominees for the 2nd annual Impy Awards

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Dreams: Presenting your final nominees for the 2nd annual Impy Awards

The shortlists are here, with a glitzy awards ceremony and birthday celebration to follow on February 14.

It’s that time once again. Over at Media Molecule, we’ve spent the last couple of months digging through a mountain of nominations for our annual Impy Awards, during which we celebrate the best, brightest, weirdest, cleverest, and most exciting creations made in Dreams over the past year. You know how Scrooge McDuck dives into a big pile of treasure? It’s been a bit like that, only with video games (and short films, and sculptures, and music, and and and…)

It was tremendously difficult. It’s been almost a whole year since Dreams launched, and so there are more brilliant creations than ever for us – and our special guest judges, many of whom you’ll recognise from around the game industry – to choose from. We’ll be celebrating the coMmunity as a whole – and our 1st birthday! – on February 14 with a wondrously over-the-top awards show that we’ve built entirely within Dreams. Yes, you read that correctly.

But today, we’re finally coming up for air to bring you our selected shortlists for this year’s Impy Awards. Before we reveal all, remember that the following categories are decided by the coMmunity, and that you can vote for your winners here:

Best Curator
Most Helpful Dreamer
Hidden Gem Creator
Hidden Gem Dream
Community Star
Most Improved Dreamer

You have until February 4 to cast your votes for these categories. Got it? Good. And now, fresh from the treasure pile, here are the final nominees:

Funniest Creation

Pig Detective 3 – Death on Detox Island – Team Pig Detective
Push to Open – ParsleyGuy_Alex
“This Halloween” – Music Video – TheRedProphett
Throwing a New Year’s Eve Party With Barry Blobfish – Zach-inator6
Opposite Day 8: It Ain’t Great! – MrCaseyJones

Scare of the Year

The Twilight Shift – RurouniDan
Left to Rot [HORROR] – Denjo92
Vestige – AVNDR_found
Trauma – NauticalSquatch

Best Art Direction

The Snowgardens – HalfUp
Where leaves fall from Serenity – Sparten__X53
Bon Appétit ! [WIP] – Elfiooh
Untitled Space Opera. – ORD6

Best Sculpture

Pumpkin Spice – SootyPinions
Cheetah Head – SuperCatchyName
A Greasy Meal – VitaminG_90
Arashiyama Bamboo Grove – BADROBO82
Silver Elder Dragon Head Sculpt – palscage

Best Animation

The Snowball – byvsen
NOGUCHI’S BELL – Episode 1 Trailer – Cyber_Sheep_Film
Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt! – patekkah
Go Hiking! – arseny3d
Nine Tails Story / DEMO – Esuki

Best Character

8-Bit – Zypher755
*lash – FeyzPS
Alfie (Alfred Elephant) – PuddyDoke
A very Plane character – icecreamcheese
Mrs Meek – Andymationb

Best Narrative

Pig Detective 3 – Death on Detox Island – Team Pig Detective
The Snowball – byvsen
Pollen – TRIX9
The Hermit – Lidlig
The Snowgardens – HalfUp

Best Gameplay

Tiamatan – girlfromcroydon
Octane – Azure_Kn1ght
Press X to Puzzle – Pixel_Gorilla
STEAMBOUND – donut_mutt
Alpine Dream (Snowboarding) – TheOtterbon

Best Music

Pig Detective 3 – Official Soundtrack – ReddishBoat
Grey Song a Day Album – SaucelessOne
MasherButtons – For The Dreams I Can’t Remember (venwave Remix) – Venwave
Morgonblues – byvsen
Splatty’s Adventure – NiloFranck

Best Audio Design

The Snowball – byvsen
Disappearance at Birch Hollow – Mandelbo
Left to Rot [HORROR] – Denjo92
GL/TCH-R [WIP] – Elca_Gaming
Vineland – ZIIQ

Best Innovation

Moldable Maze Testing Levels (WIP) – TannicAlloy
Community Events TV – Bella_Iris
The Entropy Games – Entropy-Tamed
Musicalia – Glitch_Me_Up

Best VR Experience

Tectonic – sanderobros
ESCAPE – A minimalist Escape Room – SlurmMackenzie
Please Press the Button – Aecert
Jungle Bill VR – Nbeyeler
ME – Wargarble

Best Voice Acting

KeldBjones in LOCK
Bella_Iris in The Widow
Zodira in The Twilight Shift
xMightyViciousx in Deeno Teaser Trailer: In-Dreams Cut
SKINNYCHAD in Shuffleboard

Favourite Video Creator


Favourite Streamer


Hidden Gem Dream

Binary Bash – danikaka
RElax unWIND – der_timme
A Crime on Floor 99 – Frostadoodle
Musicalia – Glitch_Me_Up
Grey Song a Day Album – SaucelessOne

Hidden Gem Creator


Best Curator


Most Improved Dreamer


Most Helpful Dreamer


Community Star


Creator of the Year

SebastianTeamPD + Team Pig Detective

Creation of the Year

LOCK – Pixel_Gorilla
The Snowgardens – HalfUp
Alpine Dream (Snowboarding) – TheOtterbon
A Little Perspective – RbdJellyfish
INFINITY JUMP – the_burgervan
TEMPORAL FUSE – DancingEmber
Pig Detective 3 – Death on Detox Island – Team Pig Detective

Wow, what a haul! We’re going to have to increase the security ‘round these parts. Quick, somebody make us a vault door. Or a big bear. Whatever’s easiest.

Well done to all the creators, whether you made it to the shortlists or not. And if you’re still reading, we hope to see you at the event on Sunday, February 14 at 16:30 GMT / 8:30am PT on Twitch and YouTube, where we’ll announce all the winners.

Until then, you can catch us on our social channels – use the hashtag #ImpyAwards if you want to tell us how much you’re looking forward to the show. And why not visit our specially-made in-game hub? You can check out last year’s winners in the gallery, relax in the tea room, and get prepared ahead of the big night with our exclusive Impy Awards swag bag.

There are also two new limited-edition Impy Awards imps to collect. Simply complete the scavenger hunt in the Impys hub, and when you leave the level you’ll receive this glamorous pair – meet Fitz and Renée.

Make sure to install update 2.21 (arriving February 10), otherwise your imps won’t unlock. But don’t worry – if you complete the hunt before February 10, you’ll be automatically awarded the imps once you install the update. Easy peasy. 

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  • Wow! My name is on there in two categories! Wow! Best of luck to all the nominees!

  • Sony really needs to revive this game! They released it incomplete (no vr) at the end of the ps4s lifespan and I didn’t see a single ad for it. I had to drive an hour to a different city to get a copy and it took 4 different stores to find one

    Release a goty edition or a PS5 version with a killer marketing campaign. Or make it free on Plus or… I dunno man, it needs help though. Such a shame

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